The best slot machine manufacturers: All providers, brands and providers

Whether in Online casino or in the local Play library, the search for the most lucrative and exciting Slot machines is still in full swing. The industry is still booming, as you can see from the increasing number of providers and suppliers of slot machines. In the following article we therefore want to give you a precise overview of the most popular manufacturers of Slot machines for the online casino and also for the most popular Slot machines Manufacturer deliver in Germany.

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The differences between slot machine manufacturers and slot machine developers

Of the Market of providers of Real money slot machines has changed dramatically since the turn of the millennium and is now clearly different from modern ones Video slots dominates for the online casino. In The USAand the neighboring countries of Austria and Switzerland, great importance was attached to simple slot machines for local game libraries. Nowadays, however, these cannot be bright and fancy enough.

Before we give a few examples from the respective casino sectors, let's briefly look at one big difference received:

In our opinion, this difference is also the main reason why the deal all online casinos so attracted and more and more slot machine providers emerge: Your Odds of winning.

While those in American gambling halls best online casino payout percentage is between 90 and 95%, the same RTP values ​​are significantly higher in online casinos. The return to player (RTP) values ​​in the online casino are between 95 and 98%, which of course gives you significantly higher chances of winning (here we have the best RTP slots collected).

In addition, in the online casinos and their slots, the respective Bonus features. These bonus functions are not implemented in this form by slot machine manufacturers. In the gambling halls you will rarely find these slot machine features, in the online casinos they are jointly responsible for increasing the respective winnings.

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Well-known slot machine brands in the online casino

At this point we want you guys to see some of the best Slot machine brands in the online casino introduce. We are aware that the selection (especially for those who are not familiar with the industry) is overwhelming. That is why we have concentrated on three slot machine manufacturers and have used our own quality features for them:

  1. great selection of slots
  2. serious demeanor
  3.  wide availability for new online casinos.

Net Entertainment: innovation and modern slots from

NetEnt logo Net entertainment, since 2015 as NetEnt known, was founded in 1996 in Sweden and is now known as Pioneer in the field of instant play in online casinos. NetEnt games are therefore ideal for mobile use. Therefore you become the NetEnt slot machines found at most, if not all, online casinos you know.

NetEnt has overall more than 125 different slot machines develops and makes them available in most casinos. The range is therefore for new NetEnt casinos given. And as a result, the number of players at the slot machine manufacturer has grown enormously over the years.

Since 2007 the company has been listed on the Swedish stock exchange and achieved a turnover of 170 million euros in 2018.

The slots are particularly impressive innovative graphics and themes. NetEnt is therefore regarded by many online casino players as one of the most modern top providers and also operates progressive ones, among other things Jackpot slots and live casinos. Often you will be introduced to the slots of Net Entertainment through various free spins, so that you can make your experience without financial risk.

Microgaming - massive game selection and many years of experience

Microgaming logoIn addition to Net Entertainment, another name has been able to establish itself among the slot machine manufacturers for online casinos in Europe since 1994: Microgaming. Microgaming can use one long tradition look back and stands for the highest quality. There are numerous Microgaming casinos and the slot machine manufacturer has more than 800 active slots.

While NetEnt is mainly relying on modern slot machines Microgaming more conservative: Graphics and sounds are a bit old in the classics. However, this has a small advantage:

Microgaming can address a slightly older target group and does not have to put too much emphasis on flashy game themes or on features such as "Buy free spins" place.

Microgaming provides our slot machine manufacturer experience based on one ideal entry for those of you who have not yet had any real slot experience in the online casino.

Also to be highlighted are the progressive slot machines from Microgaming: Microgaming is known as the slot machine developer that you can use in online casinos highest jackpots can offer. The current world record is held at Microgaming's Mega Moolah with a breathtaking 17.87 million euros.

Here you can find new Microgaming casinos.

Play’n Go as the ideal introduction for fans of American slot machines

Play'n Go logoAfter much deliberation, we decided on Play’n GO decided as the last recommendation. Also on the market at the end of the 90s, Play’n GO made the leap to become the best slot machine manufacturers relatively late. Especially the fans of American slot machine manufacturers from the local casinos should Play’n GO casinos have on the slip.

Since the Themes and the dynamics of the classics from Novoline or Mercury adapted Play’n GO slot machines are an ideal introduction for fans of American slot machines.

Play’n GO is another Swedish gaming machine manufacturer that we have based on our experience place between Microgaming and Net Entertainment would. Play’n GO also focuses on new casino games and is therefore comparable to NetEnt, on the other hand, Play’n Go also appeals to an experienced generation that is already familiar with various American slot machine manufacturers.

So it is not surprising that some of the manufacturer's slot machines are strongly reminiscent of the Novoline and Merkur classics.

To get started, these slots can also be extensively tested in test mode without any financial risk. In addition to his multi-faceted portfolio of slots the slot machine manufacturer has a whole range of games for the live casino on offer for you.

Other slot machine manufacturers worldwide

There are hundreds of slot machine manufacturers worldwide. Noticeably many come from Scandinavia, many also from Australia. The big manufacturers in particular are innovative and are constantly trying to bring new varieties onto the market. For example Big time gaming as the inventor of the popular Megaway slots, Playtech has many High variance slots and is not found in every casino.

In the following list you will find 25 well-known providers, that you will encounter regularly if you are in a Spielothek plays online. Most of these manufacturers can be found in almost every online casino that is currently available to you in Germany. The slots from these manufacturers are very popular. They are the big players in the market, no casino can get around them. The extremely popular slots Starburst (NetEnt), Book of Dead (Play’n GO), Wolf Gold (Pragmatic Play), Bonanza (Big Time Gaming) All come from manufacturers that are on this top 25 list.

The list is by no means complete, it is only intended to give you an overview of the most important manufacturers.

Well-known slot machine developers in American casinos

After we introduced you to three of the currently best slot machine manufacturers for the online casino, we now want to take a detour American gambling halls do:

While in other parts of Europe a large part of the gambling halls are now almost extinct or have fallen into disrepute, there are a number of them Slot machine developers from The USAand Austria has played an important role for decades. Here are three examples of American slot machine manufacturers and a brief explanation of how much their business model has adapted to online casinos in recent years.

Novomatic - highest quality from the gaming machine manufacturer from Austria

Novomatic logoLet's get to it first Novomatic from Austria. Novomatic is currently one of the largest globally operating gaming groups and has been active in the industry since 1980.

The gaming machine manufacturer's headquarters are in Gumpoldskirchen, Lower Austria. The company's annual turnover is estimated at almost 5 billion euros.

Novomatic initially developed Slot machines for the local casinos and casinos in German-speaking countries. After the turn of the millennium, other concepts were added as well as the area of Online money games and also sports betting. Thanks to acquisitions from other slot machine manufacturers, such as Greentube or Lion entertainment, outweighs the number of slot machines for online casinos.

The company also went one step further with its concept for the best live casinos. In addition to his more than 500 slot machines for the online casino (continue here to new Novomatic online casinos) you can also find the Novomatic tables in various Live casinos find:

In order to stand out from the top providers in online gambling, Novomatic is also going its own way here and opening up a niche. Novomatic has decided to use various of its own instead of well-known classics Online roulette-To develop variants that tie in with the themes and game ideas of your own slot machines.

Merkur - the gaming machine manufacturer of the Gauselmann Group

Merkur logoNo article on American slot machine manufacturers comes without it Mercury and the Gauselmann Group. Originally founded in the 1950s as a company for the import of jukeboxes by founder Paul Gauselmann, the Gauselmann Group with its subsidiary Merkur has been known as a provider of slot machines since the 1960s.

The group initially imported slot machines from the United States, made In 1974 he finally took the step to become a slot machine manufacturer, and opened his first Merkur game library. A series of successes that continues: Merkur closed 2019 with sales of 2.5 billion.

Merkur adapted its business model to the rapidly developing market and observed Industry trends. The development of electromechanical slot machines, which you are probably familiar with as large boxes on the wall, was ended and replaced by financially attractive video slots. Merkur's video slots also have innovative approaches to play, bonus games and other features for higher profits.

In addition, is Merkur also went to the online casino with its classics (here you can find the best Mercury games). The number of slot machines for its own amusement arcades still dominates, but every quarter it can be seen that Merkur has selected additional game ideas from its gambling libraries new Merkur online casinos can bring in Germany.

Bally Wulff - gaming fun comes first at the slot machine manufacturer

Bally Wulff Online casinosIn addition to the two big names in The USAand Austria, we are now coming to Bally Wulff, perhaps the most traditional slot machine manufacturer in Germany. After the end of the Second World War, the founder of Bally Wulff, Günter Wulff, found that the American nation should get a little more joy in its everyday life. Said and done.

This philosophy is still clearly recognizable today and makes Bally Wulff unique on the American market. The slot machine manufacturer attaches great importance to the appearance and contemporary themes of the slots in Bally Wullf Online Casino.

The Bally Wulff development team is now part of the Schmidt Group, the more than 180 active game libraries across Germany can show. The core business of Bally Wulff is still in the area of ​​the amusement arcades. Therefore, in contrast to Novomatic and Merkur, the company has so far been hesitant to bring its classic games to online casinos:

The first attempts were sluggish. Only very few online casinos offer you licensed slot machines from Bally Wulff. In most cases, it is a matter of copies or slots that are only reminiscent of the Schmidt Group's originals in terms of appearance or subject.

Some games, like the classic Ramses Book, are offered for online casinos by the partner company Gamomat. Gamomat operates a large part of Bally Wulff's online portfolio.

FAQ - All information about the best slot machine manufacturers

⚖️ Which slot machine manufacturers from The USAare popular?

In The USAyou will particularly know the slot machines from Novomatic and Merkur from the local game libraries, which subsequently also successfully made the step into online casinos. Slot machine provider from Germany However, in contrast to their European counterparts, they are better known for classic offline activities.

❌ Which other countries do well-known slot machine providers come from?

Other providers of slot machines come either from other European countries or from overseas. Well-known countries are Malta or Great Britain. But our neighbors from Austria are also known for their varied slot machines. Novomatic should be mentioned in the first place.

⚠ Are there slot machine providers who only operate offline??

No, the market has changed. No slot machine provider can operate on a single track for the game library or the offline area. The other way around, it is absolutely possible for developer studios to focus exclusively on the online casino.

✅ How can slot machine manufacturers make profits in online casinos?

All slot machine providers in the online casino make their titles available free of charge. Online casinos only have to cede a percentage of the turnover achieved with the respective slot machine to the slot machine provider. So if it is an extremely popular slot, the profit of the slot machine manufacturer is significantly higher.

❓ How transparent are the respective manufacturers of slot machines?

Even if the vernacular still assumes that there is no right thing to do with slot machines, slot machine manufacturers are now forced to provide transparent information on the respective RTP values, the variance and the possible uses on their website.

⭕️ Are dubious slot machine manufacturers known?

Basically, we can confirm that slot machine manufacturers are considered serious nowadays. If a provider has licensed their slot machines in the online casino, you can be sure that they also comply with current safety standards and EU regulations.

Conclusion: A mix of established and innovative providers for slot machines enables a great gaming experience!

Let's hold on: the Selection of varied and financially lucrative games from the Casino Games List has seldom been as big as it is now. Not only have the dinosaurs of the scene, such as Merkur or Novomatic, successfully made the leap from gaming libraries to online casinos, but new and above all progressive studios are added every year. Thanks to the solid wagering requirements in the online casino, you will also have opportunities to win as many of the best casino games to get to know.

Surveys within our editorial team have also shown that even colleagues who were able to gain their first experience in the toy library many years ago, meanwhile their favorite games from days gone by Online game libraries to play.

The transition has been successfully made, which is also proven by the numbers of the Merkur and Novomatic slots. Due to the bonus options and the higher chances of winning, the slot machines in the online casino are also the more sensible variant in the coming years, even if you have to forego the classic atmosphere in the gaming hall with your friends. It is to be hoped that Bally Wulff will also be able to fully license his iconic slots for the online casino in the coming years.

Even more advice is needed? Then look into ours Online casino comparison!