Roulette rules: The rules of the game for roulette in the online casino

Even if many online casinos are now taking innovative paths and making you happy with many modern slot machines, the Classic in the casino still the greatest attraction. That's why we have them all in the following roulette guide Roulette rules in the online casino screened and would like to make it easier for beginners to get started with our overview of roulette rules. As Online roulette works exactly what you should pay attention to with the probability of winning and the respective payout percentages - we have now summarized all these roulette rules for you in a nutshell.

the essentials in brief
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The course of the game - the roulette rules briefly explained

Let's start with the most obvious rules of roulette, namely the Course of the game. Regardless of the type or variant of roulette, the process before, during and after a game round remains the same throughout. The course of the game is explained in four simple steps.

Before the croupier throws the ball into the bowl, you must first place your bets. Use your existing ones for this Tokens and always pays attention to their value. You can combine different values ​​and tokens to access your desired stake to get. Also make sure that you are at the correct table and that the given options fit your financial budget.

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After all bets have been accepted by the croupier, he exercises his office and starts the game round by throwing the ball into the roulette wheel. Special Roulette dealer rules or you do not have to pay attention to special terms if it is an automatic version of roulette in reputable online casinos Act.

The decision has now been made after the ball fell into a numbered pocket. All bets are settled and all yours potential gains calculated. The croupier will present you the tokens you have won.

After the game round is before the next game round! After your potential gains or losses have been settled, you can now decide how you want to proceed. You have different options according to the roulette rules. On the one hand, of course, you can always use the Leave the table and take your winnings with you, on the other hand you can of course just as well keep playing. For example, the Doubling or increasing your stake possible according to the roulette rules, on the other hand you can keep your stake and place the same bet again according to the en prison rule.

Basic rules of roulette

Now let's move on to the basic rules of roulette. Before you do the step further to the respective betting options and the associated ones Casino payout percentages we want you first two basic terms of roulette.

The cauldron

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Everything stands and falls with the roulette in roulette boiler or also called the roulette wheel - this is where the decision about profit or loss is made. The cauldron is the turntable with numbers on which the balls dance before falling on a number. While the regular wheel according to the classic roulette rules with total 37 number pockets equipped, you will be in new online casinos also find smaller boilers. In contrast to conventional roulette, these guarantee you a significantly faster game process, which is particularly suitable for mobile use. Even with smaller fields, the numbers are not ordered numerically and are instead arranged alternately in red and black one after the other.

The croupier starts each round by throwing the ball in the opposite direction to the spinning wheel along the edge. In order to ensure the randomness of the wheel, the rotation of the wheel is triggered in the opposite direction after every or every second spin according to the individual roulette rules for dealers.

The tableau

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Under the Tableau you understand according to the rules of roulette the playing field or also called the betting field. It is different Arrangement of the numbers from 0 to 36 opposite the cauldron, but the sequence of numbers and the coloring of the numbers can be seen quickly. In roulette, the numbers are in accordance with the roulette rules in the casino three columns of 12 numbers each packed together. In the lower area of ​​the tableau you will also see your available chips in the online casino. You are allowed as many bets on the tableau as the respective roulette variant and the table limits allow.

The respective roulette rules for use will be discussed in more detail in a moment. When studying the tableau, however, make sure that the numbers are arranged in a different way than is the case in the boiler.

The ways to win in roulette

One of the reasons why roulette is still mentioned as one of the first casino games, if you ask about your own experiences and the favorite game in the casino, are the transparent ones Online casino odds. It is true that there are always voices that express themselves negatively and that online casinos accuse online casinos of fraud, but all of these things are pulled by the hair at reputable casinos and cannot be substantiated. So that you have your first experiences all major profit opportunities in the form of a small table, we have the so-called Inside and outside bets summarized.

Inside bets

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The first type of bet in roulette is the so-called Indoor bet. The indoor bet bears its name because it is a bet that you do inside the numeric field placed. As you can see from the odds, the inside bets represent the most profitable betting options in roulette according to the betting rules. the greatest chance of winning is not necessary if you place a bet on a certain number. Here you are offered a payout ratio of 35: 1. For example, if you place a bet of 5 euros on the number 4 and the ball actually lands in the pocket of the number 4, you would receive 175 euros from the dealer according to the roulette rules in the casino. The inside bets accordingly represent the riskiest bets in roulette and are rarely included in progressive betting strategies.

Outside bets

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As can already be deduced from the name, the Outside bets the betting options available on the Outer track of the tableau shown will. Many connoisseurs of the scene also call the outside bets a simple chance, since the outside bet is a bet on a specific case and therefore carries significantly less risk than all inside bets. Because of this, the outside bets and theirs are high chances of winning, but also smaller profit amounts, an essential part of any deployment strategy. Even if the profits are not too high, profits are guaranteed in the medium term. Especially the beginners among you can gain their first experience thanks to the outside bets without having to risk your financial resources too much.

European and American roulette

Of course, we also want to give you a brief explanation of what the Differences between European and American roulette consists. Especially the beginners among you will not know directly which differences exist and why the profit opportunities differ with both variants. Also: what role does French roulette play and why is it differentiated from the European version?

European roulette

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European roulette will do the most common type of roulette be. All terms on the tableau are clearly presented in English and shouldn't cause you any problems understanding the rules. According to the roulette rules, your possible profit is also the highest in European roulette, because the RTP value with 97.3% is specified. This means that theoretically, if you bet 100 euros, you should get 97.30 euros back in the long term.

We should also briefly note that between the European and french roulette there is no real difference. The only differences can be found on the panel. Not only will all The terms are of course written out in French, and the arrangement has also been slightly adapted.

American roulette

At the american roulette you will see a big difference at first glance. Namely two green fields with a zero and a double zero. This has a serious impact on the house edge, as well as RTP value known that of 97.3% goes down to 94.7% and therefore reduces your chances of winning. Of course, the double zero is also available as a bet, with a payout ratio of 17: 1. Due to the added number pocket, however, you have a new betting option, which is known as the top line bet in American roulette. In this case you would place your chips on five different numbers and get a 6: 1 chance of winning.

You have to look a little more closely on the tableau for the second difference, which, however, has no effect on the roulette rules. If you look closely, you will see that the order of the numbers on the American tableau is different than on the European tableau.

En Prison and La Partage - the roulette rules at 0

The rules of the roulette are somewhat more advanced En prison and La Partage. Again, you shouldn't be put off by the terminology, in both cases these are simple roulette rules in the event that the ball remains in one of the zero pockets. Both special rules, which are available for both French / European and American roulette, are nothing more than Safeguards for your commitment.

En prison
This is clearly en prison complicated variant of the roulette rule at zero in the casino. As the French term will probably tell you, your original bet would be trapped on the tableau if the ball landed on zero. Your stake and your bet will remain active for the upcoming spin. Should the next round of the game also be lost, you would lose your stake for good. However, if your tip works, you would at least have the chance to use your stake for a new bet. However, the stake must remain completely on the panel and cannot be taken down. Your final fate will be decided in the second round of the game. If your tip works out, you would be finally released from the ‘prison’ and the croupier would pay out your full winnings to you. In the case of a wrong tip, however, you lose the entire stake. The advantage of the en prison rule is definitely that, despite the originally lost bet, you not only get your stake back, but even make further profits from it and try a creative approach in the second course.
La Partage
In contrast, the La Partage Roulette rule is much simpler. Should you play a variant of roulette with the La Partage rule, you will secure at least half of your stake by activating it. So if it happens that the ball lands on the zero or double zero, you will automatically receive half of your original stake back and you can immediately start a new game round. In contrast to en prison, the amount retained can be used freely and is not linked to any further placement.

Tips and tricks for the respective roulette rules and betting strategies

Before we answer briefly and succinctly the most frequent customer questions about the roulette rules in the casino, we would like to give you a little hint about possible tips and tricks for roulette. Of course we can do this for you no absolute profit promises make, nevertheless it is absolutely possible by one Confident setting behavior and stable basic knowledge To be able to achieve success at the table in the medium term. The very simple set of rules is also an essential component for various setting strategies, such as progressive bets on the same color. Coupled with the use of the appropriate variants of roulette and, for example, the rules of En Prison and La Partage, you can at least minimize the advantage of the house. Accordingly, keep a record of your daily gains and losses and be in control of your financial situation at all times. This is one of the golden rules of roulette.

Should you also pay more attention to the rules of roulette and the possible ones Roulette strategies of the absolute experts in the scene, we would recommend you take a look at the library. Various experts and connoisseurs of the scene have written entire books on the rules of roulette in the online casino and offer you an advanced overview of the respective betting strategies.

FAQ - Roulette rules in a nutshell

❓ In which casinos can roulette be played??

Roulette is one of the oldest and most traditional casino games and is therefore either in the single player version or in the Live casino offered at every online casino.

⭕️ The rules of roulette are easy to understand?

Yes, even if there are small differences between the different types of roulette, roulette with its simple roulette rules is also suitable for beginners. the Winning opportunities are communicated transparently, so that it is not necessary to study the rules for too long.

➕ What is the difference between European and American roulette?

While there is only one green field with the number 0 in European roulette, there is another green field with the number 00 on the American roulette wheel. Because of this, the House edge in American roulette something that minimizes your theoretical chances of winning a little.

✅ What happens when the ball lands at zero?

In the event that the ball lands in the zero pocket, you either lose your entire bet or you use one of the two Safeguarding the roulette rules. These are known as En Prison and La Partage. Make sure that one of the two rules of roulette is activated at your table.

⚠ What is meant by a house edge?

The house advantage is understood to mean that Margin between the RTP (return-to-player) value and that of full profit opportunities. For example, if we take the RTP value of European roulette (97.3%), the house edge would be 2.7%. The house edge indicates that 2.7% of all bets are won by the online casino.

〽️ What role do the roulette rules play in the wagering requirements?

Even if roulette is enormously popular, the casino roulette rules do not do anything good for the turnover of a possible bonus. Many casinos now allow you to use roulette for a possible event Online casino bonus, However, only 5 to 15% will be credited to the respective sales conditions.

Conclusion: Basic knowledge of the individual roulette rules must be available!

Finally, we very much hope that our guide was able to answer all of your open questions about the respective roulette rules. If you too medium and long term winnings in roulette would like to drive in, we can only give you on the way to study the respective rules of roulette. Of course, this is still a game of chance with Online casino real money, nevertheless, you too are part of this game of chance. If your knowledge is available, you automatically reduce the margin of loss, which is negatively influenced by wrong decisions.

In direct Online casino comparison the roulette can also be very well received in our editorial team. According to many colleagues, roulette simply belongs in an online casino. Thanks to the high-quality broadcasts, there is a subtle feeling of a real casino in your own four walls. According to the experiences of colleagues Roulette extremely easy to understand, Many of them reported that they had the table with the probabilities lying next to them in the first game sessions in order to develop a sense of security and to become familiar with the roulette rules. In matters more transparent profit opportunities there are hardly any better ones Online casino games than roulette.