Gambling Addiction - How To Recognize Your Dangerous Gambling Behavior

Online gambling remains a game of luck. After initial moments of success, it can happen that you fall into a small hole, the streak of success is permanently coming to an end and you have to accept bitter losses. It is now important to act correctly so as not to risk gambling addiction. Our contribution includes characteristics and the first signs of a gambling addiction as well as assistance and possible therapeutic approaches. The aim of this article is to show you possible help and to encourage a more open approach to this very important and personal topic.

the essentials in brief
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Stage 1 of gambling addiction - the first sense of achievement

Contrary to popular belief, the creeping process of a potential gambling addiction begins long before any losses in the online casino. Even the first sense of achievement and first winnings can theoretically trigger the first step on the way to a gambling addiction.

The euphoria that winnings in the online casino trigger for you may no longer be enough in the long term. Then, for example, if you have smaller winnings at roulette in the live casino or on your preferred slot machine for granted. This results in a greater willingness to take risks over a longer period of time, as smaller profits no longer trigger the usual tickling. Bigger Profits have to come. And if you want bigger profits, you have to take higher financial risks in the long run.

Stage 2 of gambling addiction - fun turns into a stressful hobby

The second known step of gambling addiction can be seen as you gradually lose the fun. What was fun in the first few months and was a nice pastime is now more of a stressful hobby. Losses that you previously accepted and saw more as an incentive now bother you significantly more and can provoke an angry reaction.

Instead of taking a break or ending your gaming session in the online casino, you immediately urge compensation for possible losses. This is noticeable in significantly higher stakes and further deposits that exceed your actual budget. You want or have to compensate losses immediately and on the same day.

Something that many ignore is the pathological search for new online casinos and deposit offers. With your urge to win, you are also looking for quick ways to make high deposit offers attractive.

Stage 3 of gambling addiction - loss of control and financial hardship

The last stage of gambling addiction in online casinos is the complete loss of control and reality. What initially captivated you outside of your work now takes up your daily life around the clock. Not only do you isolate yourself from your friends or family, you also get increasingly into financial difficulties and go in search of new financial injections.

In order not to let friends or family into your misery, you invent white lies and thus go further and further into solitude. In the long run, you create a construct of various white lies that will eventually be exposed, and you have to face reality.

The Self-Test - Ask yourself these questions for an initial assessment

We can of course do not make a clear remote diagnosis, but want to give you an initial orientation. It's very simple: the more you honestly ask (!) answered with "yes", the more you should question your casino gaming behavior.

  • 1
    Have you ever skipped work or university for casino games??
  • 2
    Do you have private problems or. there have been negative situations in your private life that can be traced back to your gambling?
  • 3
    Have you ever wanted to play back debts with gambling??
  • 4th
    Do you feel pressured to recoup losses straight away?
  • 5
    Is the urge to gamble still there after a big win??
  • 6th
    You often gamble away all of your money?
  • 7th
    Have you ever played with borrowed money??
  • 8th
    Do you have trouble sleeping due to online casino games??
  • 9
    You often stay longer than planned in the online casino?
  • 10
    Have you ever had the thought of harming yourself?? Did these thoughts arise because of a loss of engagement??

What to do about gambling addiction? Help in case of gambling addiction

No matter how well you prepare, gambling addiction can affect anyone. The biggest mistake you can make is to consistently deny a potential gambling addiction. There is absolutely no weakness in admitting to yourself that something is not right and that your gaming behavior has now taken over your everyday life. But what can you do in this case? What can be your first step? How can you overcome your first shyness?

Be aware of one thing - you are not alone. Many have already suffered from and overcome gambling addiction. You can read about their experiences, for example in one Gambling Addiction Forum. The main advantage for you is that anonymity. If you are still too shy to talk to your friends or family members about your current situation, it makes sense in any case to speak anonymously to experienced experts from the online casino scene.

If, however, you have something in the fight against gambling addiction more professional help wish you stand thanks to the strict EU requirements various Online help platforms to disposal. The UK-based companies are now active throughout Europe and also offer you a German-speaking team. These independent aid organizations are for example:

They offer you next high professionalism extremely well trained staff.

So if you would rather take the professional path and talk to people who have years of experience in the field of gambling addiction, then these organizations are highly recommended.

The last and most consistent step, however, would be the direct route to one of the numerous institutions in Germany. For years - especially due to the rapid growth of Gambling scene in Germany - Gambling addiction therapy is no longer a taboo subject. There is many local Help and advice centers, certainly also in your city or your district.

Here you will find a few contact points listed:


Be aware that contacting such a counseling center shows absolute strength. To the gambling addiction in the online casino active and successful To be able to tackle it, you have to be the person who takes the initiative.

Tips on player protection and responsible gaming

Of course there are some Tips, with which you preventively your responsible gaming can ensure. So that you can take the right steps in your new online casino from day one, we have now put together a small list of tips for your player protection.

1. Choose a reputable online casino with financial limits prior to initial deposit

Already when choosing your Online casinos you should make sure that it is a reputable company where player protection comes first. Of course, high deposit offers or free spins are lucrative, but in the long run your health is the most important thing. Accordingly, your choice should be one reputable online casino fall, the one current EU gaming license and therefore actively offers you individual limits. Ideally, you will be offered the individual limits before you make your first deposit.

2. Adjust your gaming behavior

Another tip is to control your gaming behavior. Treat yourself to some time out, not only after losses in the online casino, but also after wins. Be content with profits instead of always striving for higher profits. Based on many customer reports in common forums on gambling addiction, it is also advisable to have your own budget for any winnings. You should also avoid starting long game sessions on bad days. The online casino should never be seen as a way out of the dreary everyday life.

3. Keep the fun

Finally, the most important tip from our point of view: Keep the fun and put it in the foreground. Professionally, you will never be able to count on constant winnings in your online casino. It is still a matter of gambling. So try to have as much fun as possible and test new slot machines in play money mode. Learns card and table games in the Live casino know and don't commit to a single slot machine right from the start.

What is the risk of getting addicted to gambling??


The extent to which gambling addiction has arrived in the middle of our society is shown not least by current studies by the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA). According to the current figures and studies by the BZgA, there are 326.000 people as problematic and 180.000 to be classified as pathological gamblers in Germany. This corresponds to a percentage value of more than one percent in the target group of 18 to 70 year olds in Germany.

Young men between the ages of 18 and 25 are particularly at risk. The study also shows that not only men but also women are affected by abnormal gaming behavior. Nevertheless, the number of pathological male players in The USAis more than twice as high as that of women.

If you compare the available studies by the Federal Center for Health Education, you will see a serious increase in gambling addiction in The USAover the past 15 years. Although we cannot deny that there have already been serious cases of gambling addiction in The USAdue to gaming libraries, a trend can still be clearly identified. The rapid growth of online casinos and modern payment methods, including PayPal, Skrill or NETELLER, have given the gambling addiction new breeding ground and made a young generation vulnerable.

It will therefore be extremely interesting to see how much the new state gambling contract in Germany can counteract this trend. According to the draft contract, it looks like online casinos, for example, have to impose a monthly deposit limit of 1000 euros on you. You would then see how this affects the numbers of the BZgA studies in reality.

However, many researchers do not assume that a monthly deposit limit can solve the fundamental problem of gambling addiction in Germany. Some researchers even assume the opposite and sharply criticized the new gambling contract. Instead of a deposit limit of 1000 euros, which could suggest that monthly losses of up to 1000 euros are the norm, the researchers would like a direct comparison of the losses of the individual users in online casinos. This would have the advantage that you could compare your loss with all customers across The USAand thus get a visual impression of the average loss of other players. Because this would be significantly lower than the 1000 euros prescribed by the state.

Conclusion: identify problems and act quickly

We very much hope at this point that we were able to give you as many details as possible on this difficult and personal topic. From the point of view of our editorial team, it goes without saying, not just from the beautiful sides of gambling too report, but also with you Self-test to give help at hand, when the bad sides open up.

Nevertheless, gambling remains an individual matter. Each of you has different gaming habits and also different financial opportunities. What is therefore important to us are easy-to-use steps and preventive measures, as we have presented them to you in our article. The most important thing is to identify possible signs of gambling addiction in a timely manner and then act quickly. A possible gambling addiction is recognizable and curable in the early stages.

Even small things, such as temporarily blocking your account or adjusting your individual limits, are sensible measures. So always be honest with yourself and try to critically question your gaming behavior. Don't be afraid to visit the many forums on the subject of gambling addiction. Share your experiences there and learn from the experiences of other people affected.

It is not a weakness to admit to yourself that you have problems and that your gambling behavior at the online casino is a little out of control. We as the editors therefore very much hope that you will follow at least a few points from our article and only register with an online casino if it can also offer you appropriate advice centers.

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