Online Casino Switzerland: Best Swiss Online casinos 2021

In The USAyou can get one next summer new state gambling contract expect. Our Readers from Switzerland have already done this and now have to live with the consequences. To assess the current situation, we have put together a detailed overview of the situation around online casinos in Switzerland in the following article, "Online Casino Switzerland". We will tell you in detail which casinos stand out and which online casinos in Switzerland have recommended bonus offers.

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Best Swiss online casinos

1 Casino777
  • Top casino for the Swiss
  • Strong live casino
  • Fast live chat
Experience report To the casino
2 JackPots
  • Jackpot focus
  • Attractive welcome bonus
  • Live casino
Experience report To the casino
3 StarVegas
  • Novomatic slots
  • Many payment options
  • Service possible by e-mail and telephone
Experience report To the casino

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The three best online casinos in Switzerland

We would like to start our report on the online casino in Switzerland with a express recommendation for three handpicked online casinos, which we after extensive research found for you guys. All three are of course legal, meet the highest security standards and offer all players in Switzerland a lucrative online casino bonus for their deposits. - A clockwork casino

casino 777 logoCasino Davos has its offshoot on the Internet Casino777 called and is one of the best casinos in the Confederation. The provider relies primarily on the games from Greentube, but also on a live casino. Blackjack is offered by iSoftBet, roulette from provider Gaming1. As a bonus, you have two options to choose from. Once you have the chance, already without getting a deposit up to 100 CHF free. Or you can get up to CHF 777 on top of that with your first deposit. For the No deposit bonus chance decides what amount you get between 5 and 100 CHF. You then have to convert the money 30 times.

 JackPots - Licensed and legal Swiss online casino

Another licensed Swiss online casino is JackPots. JackPots is operated by the Grand Casino Baden and offers you a diverse portfolio Real money slot machines in one of the best online casinos in Switzerland. Basically, JackPots can be counted among the pioneers of its craft. The online casino can guarantee you maximum security, as the Grand Casino Baden is an institution among the Swiss casinos behind the gaming provider.

New customers can get one Casino bonus of up to 500 CHF, although we have to note that unfortunately there are not too many payment methods to choose from and you will also miss some top providers. Currently, the range of slots is limited to slot machines from Evolution gaming, Gaming1, iSoftBet, Novomatic and Red Tiger Gaming. Nevertheless, JackPots is always interested in freshening up its range of games and also presents you with a very great one Live casino, which has been combined with the Grand Casino Baden.

Swiss Casinos - online casino “Made in Switzerland”

Our third online casino is Swiss Casinos. The online casino belongs to Swiss Casinos Holding AG, which has been operating in Switzerland since the 1970s and is the sole operator of the casinos in Pfäffikon, Schaffhausen and Zurich. We can therefore put aside any security concerns very quickly, especially since you are offered excellent customer service around the clock and with a Swiss customer hotline.

Your possible one Casino new customer bonus If the Swiss Casinos are used correctly, bonus offers can amount to CHF 750 and more than 100 free spins. The new customer offer extends over your first three deposits, whereby the maximum bonus value is CHF 250 each and only the different percentage amounts have to be taken into account.

The legal situation for online casino Switzerland

The legal situation in Switzerland has always been different from that in The USAor Austria, for example. The topic of "Online Casino Switzerland" has always preoccupied gamblers and was sometimes explained anything but understandable. Similar to 2012 in Germany, the Swiss government won a new state gambling contract in the summer of 2018 and had it voted on by the Swiss people in a referendum. In Switzerland, for the 1. January 2019 a new state gambling contract came into force. We recommend our guide to the stand in Austria "Online casino Austria".

Are online casinos banned in Switzerland??

In this new gambling contract, the previous restrictions and restrictions have been relaxed. While Online casinos have operated in a legal gray area in Switzerland in the past, they are now permitted to offer their range of games on the Internet. However, in order to be able to do this in a legal way, they must have a concession can submit. And this concession was initially only granted for existing Swiss online casinos.

The A and B licenses are still valid until 2023, which is why it cannot be said that the market has opened up to foreign companies under the Swiss online casino law. For the time being, foreign companies are still prohibited from offering their range of games in Switzerland on the Internet. Only 21 casinos in Switzerland are authorized to do so, of which only eight have the best possible license, the A license. All of the remaining 13 casinos can only offer their games with major restrictions, such as a limit of 250 each Slots, to offer. The market is opened for new online casinos not until summer 2020.

If users in Switzerland try to log into their favorite foreign online casino, such as LeoVegas, an access block will apply. Instead of the website of LeoVegas or other foreign companies, a corresponding information page is displayed, even if the casino of your choice has one valid EU license should have. The message simply states that the range of games offered by the online casino in question cannot be used legally in Switzerland.

Note: You can find more on the subject in our guide "Online casinos legal?".

Online Casino Switzerland - Who will benefit from the new gambling contract ?

More than 70 percent of the population voted for the new law that now regulates Online Casino Switzerland. But who exactly are the beneficiaries of the existing restrictions?? From the customer's point of view, the gambling contract and the limited market for Swiss online casinos is certainly anything but ideal, after all, one can see across Europe that competition has a positive effect on business because new companies have to be creative and bring momentum to the market.

Still, we can state that it is two big profiteers through the changes there. On the one hand - even if there is only minimal relaxation - these are potential new companies in the field of online gambling. From summer 2020, more Swiss online casinos with real money will be classified as legal. Accordingly, in addition to the two institutions Swisslos and Romande, you will be able to discover various other companies that will position themselves on the Swiss market in the coming years.

On the other hand, the old age and survivors' insurance (AHV) in Switzerland and the respective cantons clearly benefit from the new legal situation. While all of the statutory casino taxes for the A-concession casinos go to the AHV, 60 percent of the casino taxes from Swiss online casinos go to the AHV and the other 40 percent go directly to the respective canton. The tax revenue is thus used for the good of the commonplace and, above all, for investments in pensions and regional cultural and sports projects.

The restrictions of online casinos in Switzerland

How you choose ours Top casinos in Switzerland you could already recognize, Despite the progress made in recent years, there are still major differences between Switzerland and the EU countries. At this point we want to explain two of the most serious differences to you. This affects both the ability to make deposits and the Online casino payout as well as the availability of your favorite slot machines and slots in Switzerland.

Payment methods in Swiss online casinos

You can tell the first big difference after opening your account. While players from other countries are used to being offered a wide range of payment methods for their first deposit, they are Online casino payment methods significantly more limited at Swiss online casinos. Although e-wallets or even crypto currencies have been on the rise for years, companies in Switzerland keep it a little more traditional. For example, you will have to do without online casinos with cell phone payments in Switzerland.

Paying via paysafecard is however possible. It looks different with PayPal.

The licensed casinos in Switzerland do not cooperate PayPal together. Here you have to focus on alternatives such as credit card deposits. Our tip is therefore relatively simple: Before you register, check whether the respective payment methods are attractive to you!

Restrictions on the online casino bonus in Switzerland

Due to the limited range of payment methods, the respective bonus offers in Switzerland are also staggered slightly differently. Swiss online casinos also offer you free spins without a deposit, but a classic online casino Unfortunately, no deposit bonus is not possible in Switzerland due to the law.

Slots / providers 

The range of providers and, accordingly, of slots is also limited in Switzerland. Since the market has been legalized, but is still dominated by large casinos, the fight for the most popular games and software manufacturers is of course much tougher than it is in other European countries. While customers in The USAor Austria are used to their most popular slots from Net Entertainment or other providers being available at most online casinos, in Switzerland you have to take a closer look when choosing your provider: Not all legal online casinos have the same games and providers in their range.

As a best example, we can name all of Novomatic's slots. Novomatic has withdrawn from German-speaking countries over the years and has now completely disappeared from the scene in Switzerland. Run Swiss online casinos Book of Ra for example no longer in the range. While standing with Book of Dead or other slot machines attractive alternatives are available. If you still want to play Book of Ra, you can only do so in Switzerland in play money mode.

tip: All information on the subject of "Make money online casino“Is available elsewhere.

These are the game manufacturers officially approved in Switzerland:

  • Playtech
  • Red Tiger Gaming
  • Greentube (Novomatic)
  • Gaming 1
  • iSoftBet
  • Microgaming

Playing online roulette in Switzerland: what options are available to you

Swiss casinos usually offer their customers both different versions of classic roulette games and live roulette tables at. In the first case you are playing against a computer. If, on the other hand, you decide to play live roulette online in Switzerland, you are competing against a flesh and blood dealer.


Anyone who is familiar with roulette knows that there are different variants of the game. The oldest and probably the best-known type of game is French Roulette or French Roulette. In addition, offer almost all online casinos their customers often also European and American roulette. Even if there are logically differences between the individual roulette versions, these are quite marginal.

The basic game principle is always the same: You place bets on numbers or properties of numbers (black / red, odd / even). The croupier then turns the roulette wheel and throws the ball against the direction of rotation into the wheel. While this rolls around, the dealer closes the round with the words "Nothing works anymore" or, as it is called in French, "Rien ne va plus". If the ball stops on a field that you have bet on, you will now be paid out according to the win rate. Of course there is also an article in which we deal in detail with the Roulette rules employ.

French Roulette: Still the classic today


The French roulette variant has been around since the 17th. Century, which makes it an original. With this version of the game, you can Tap on the numbers 1 to 36 and on the zero - a total of 37 digits. French Roulette offers gamblers the highest chance of winning. With simple chances, the house edge is only 1.35 percent, which means that the im Online casino best payout percentage of 98.65 percent results.

European Roulette: Only minimal deviations from the original version

European roulette differs from the French variant only in two ways. On the one hand, the La Partage and the En Prison rules are interpreted differently, consequently the House edge in the case of simple chances is slightly higher at 2.7 percent fails. On the other hand, you will find English terms on the roulette table.

American Roulette: Play with 38 numbers due to the double zero


Unlike French and European roulette, American roulette - also known as American roulette - is played with an additional field. The cauldron contains not only the numbers 1 to 36 and the zero, but also a double zero. This ensures that the RTP value drops to 94.7 percent. However, the double zero results in new combinations, for example "0,00,1,2,3". The second difference is that the order of the numbers is different.

Best roulette casino in Switzerland: How to find the right provider

If you want to play online roulette in Switzerland, you have to register in a virtual arcade. Before doing this, you should take a look at ours Online casino test throw to the appropriate gambling provider. Even if the Swiss platforms are generally considered serious and very secure, there are small but subtle differences between the individual casinos. We will illustrate below which criteria are particularly important when choosing an Internet amusement arcade.

Game offer: First-class casinos offer you a lot of variety

The portfolio of one reputable online casinos should include a variety of computer-aided versions of the popular classic as well as numerous live tables. But it is not just the number of games that is important. Also check out the limits. Ideally, amateur gamers can play online roulette in Switzerland for as little as 0.1 francs. On the other hand, high-stakes players should be in High Roller Casinos have the opportunity to bet high four-digit or even five- and six-digit sums on roulette.

Support: Often available around the clock

If questions arise or there is a problem, it is good if customer service can be reached immediately - preferably via the hotline or live chat. Exemplary providers provide you with German-speaking support that at best manned 24/7 is.


Seriousness: high security standards in Switzerland

Since online casinos operating in the Alpine republic always have a Swiss gaming license, you can be sure that the providers are trustworthy. After all, the gambling halls have to be right meet strict regulations to obtain a license. The risk that you will be ripped off or your customer data falls into the hands of third parties therefore tends towards zero.

Means of payment: A wide selection is considered standard these days

Top providers provide you with a diversified portfolio of payment methods. Compared to foreign online casinos, there are usually not that many Online casino deposit options, which can be explained by the strict regulations that apply in Switzerland. Usually you can Pay with credit cards, for example, but also use e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller. In Apple Pay Casinos there is even the option of using Apple's payment method.

Mobile offer: Access must also be possible via smartphone and tablet

More and more users are using a mobile device when they play online roulette in Switzerland. Fortunately, there is one at every Swiss amusement arcade Online casino app or even a special one Roulette app Find. How user-friendly the mobile platform was designed, however, differs between the individual providers.

Welcome offer: A new customer bonus is a must

In the casino industry it has become established that new customers from a gaming provider with a special Online casino bonus be welcomed. You can also benefit from corresponding bonus promotions in Swiss casinos. Sometimes the internet gambling halls grant you high bonuses. However, you should also study the bonus conditions. The quality of a promotion depends not only on the amount of the bonus, but also on the wagering requirements, the deadline and the values ​​of the games from the Casino games. In addition, you should inform yourself in advance whether you can use the bonus for roulette at all, because this is not a matter of course, so a new casino bonus may be unusable for roulette.

Customer ratings: Use the casino experiences of other users

It is also advisable to check what other players think of an online casino. User comments you can find it, for example, on rating platforms such as Trustpilot, but also on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. After all, almost every Swiss casino has social media accounts by Online casino experiences be posted.

Is online poker legal / allowed in Switzerland?? - The current legislation explained

For a long time online poker was not allowed in Switzerland. This has changed with the entry into force of the new Federal Law on Gambling - often also referred to as the Gambling Act or BGS for short. The new regulations became effective on 1. Introduced January 2019. As a result, are Since then, gambling has been legal on the Internet (more information in the article Online casino Switzerland legal). This of course also applies to online poker. The law closes the gray area in which online poker providers operated for Swiss until then.

However, the legislature only allows licensed gambling operators to offer online poker in Switzerland. The Federal Casino Commission (ESBK) is responsible for awarding the licenses.

Already knew?
Until 2010, the Swiss gaming authority classified poker as a game of skill. This changed, however, with a decision by the federal court based on a complaint from the casino association.

Online poker in Switzerland: law classifies foreign providers as illegal

If you want to play online poker in Switzerland, you could of course get the idea of ​​simply playing an international Poker provider to register. However, they do not have the opportunity to obtain a Swiss gaming license for the time being. In other words: The government of the Confederation classifies foreign online casinos and poker portals as illegal at the moment.

At the moment, in principle, only local casinos and gaming houses can offer online poker for the Swiss. The acquisition of a license is only possible for companies that already have an ordinary gaming license. This will not change until 2024:

Then are also allowed to new poker sites and new online casinos purchase a license. To do this, they must either have a company establishment in Switzerland or enter into a cooperation with a domestic casino.

Foreign providers are blocked

The Swiss online gaming market will initially be reserved for domestic providers. But not every internet casino adheres to this rule. Therefore, the local regulatory authorities have the option to set up network blocks, i.e. to block the domains of affected gambling halls.

In cooperation with the Lottery and Betting Commission, the ESBK has a Blacklist created, on which more than 100 online casinos are already noted - including well-known brands like that N1 Casino and the Intertops Casino. Anyone who wants to play online poker in Switzerland on a website that is considered illegal will ultimately end up on an ESBK information page that refers to the applicable legal regulations.

Playing online poker in Switzerland: what options do poker fans have?

Currently, users from Switzerland only have the option of playing online poker in one of the licensed casinos. So you can between Video poker and choose the poker tables in the live casino. However, in both cases you are playing against the gambling provider.


In the course of our research, we were unable to find a poker platform on which you can compete against other real users. However, there are already initial efforts, Online poker with real money to offer against real players:

Casino Davos AG, which is involved in the Grand Baden Casino, submitted a corresponding application in May 2019 in order to be allowed to cooperate with the PokerStars platform. However, the approval is still pending. The same applies to a request from the Swiss Casinos Group that has Playtech want to work together.

The casino operators have already criticized the delays several times. From the casino environment it is said that new obstacles keep popping up because the casino commission interprets the gambling law very narrowly. The ESBK announced that the connection of the Swiss casinos to the external platforms is much more complex from a technical point of view than with other games.

However, the Swiss gaming providers are on the Cooperation with foreign partner companies reliant. After all, there must always be enough players online for cash games and tournaments. Establishing your own poker network is not worthwhile for domestic casinos. Because only users residing in Switzerland are allowed to be active here.

Bypass the network block for online poker in Switzerland: We advise against it

Some of you are sure to get so-called VPN tools have heard. These can at least theoretically be used to disguise your own IP and bypass existing internet blocks. However, it is advisable not to make use of this option, and not all of it, for several reasons VPN Casino to play.

On the one hand, online casinos have usually stipulated in their terms and conditions that VPN software is not permitted. If it turns out that you are using a corresponding tool, your credit will be withdrawn and your account will be deleted.

On the other hand, problems arise because poker winnings are taxable in Switzerland. Therefore, you should refrain from playing online poker in Switzerland via a VPN tool.

Online poker provider for Swiss: Which game variants are offered?

Admittedly, it falls Selection of poker games in Swiss online gambling halls not too big yet. The reason for this is that the ESBK checks every game before it is released.

On which Versions of the popular card game Swiss casinos focus on the following overview:

  • Probably the most famous version of poker is Texas Hold'em. The game usually available in the live casino has a total of four betting rounds - preflop, flop, turn and river. The player and the dealer each receive two cards. In addition, both parties can use five open cards (community cards). The highest combination of five cards wins.
  • at Jacks or Better you compete against a computer. The game is based on Hold'em, which is why you have to put together the best possible hand from five cards. However, it should contain at least a pair of jacks. After the dealer has dealt the cards, you can decide which ones to keep and which to swap. You win if your hand is better than the computer's in the end.
  • American Poker II by Novomatic is also a slot machine game. You get five cards and you now have the option to swap some or all of the cards. To win you need at least one pair of jacks or two pairs. However, the following applies: the more valuable the combination you have collected, the higher the payout.
  • At the Caribbean Stud Poker you gamble at a live table. Since this is a version of Texas Hold'em, the aim of the game is to use five cards to create a better hand than the croupier. First you have to place your bets, after which you receive five face up cards. You will only see one of the dealer's playing cards. You can then decide whether your hand is good enough to defeat your opponent.
  • Three Card Poker can also be found in the live casino. In contrast to Hold'em, a hand only consists of three cards dealt here. After looking at your hand, you decide whether you want to play the round or pass.

Best poker provider for the Swiss: Find the best casino for playing poker

In order to be able to play online poker in Switzerland, you have to create an account in a Swiss online casino. But how do you find the optimal provider for online gambling?? Of course, personal taste also plays a role here. Nevertheless, there are some criteria that appear in every online casino test and should therefore be observed by you. Even if the differences are not too great, differences can still be made out between the individual casinos.

We will explain to you which variables are important in the next sections.

Games on offer: A varied portfolio is a must

If a casino wants to provide entertainment in the long term, it has to offer its customers make different poker variants available. However, it also depends on the ESBK responsible for the certification of the games which games from the casino games list the casinos can add to their portfolio. In general, the offer should include both video poker and live tables.

Also, take a look at the limits. At best, the minimum and maximum stakes are aimed at both amateur players and high rollers. In good online gaming libraries, you can get active for as little as 0.01 to 0.10 francs, but you can also bet four-digit amounts.


Customer service: Available around the clock on multiple channels if possible

Ideally, you can reach an online casino via email, chat and a free hotline regardless of the time. After all, a problem can arise at night too. Good gambling providers also have German-speaking customer service.

Seriousness: Fraud excluded from all Swiss providers

You don't need to worry about the trustworthiness of a Swiss casino. Finally are all providers licensed by the state gaming authority, which works very precisely. In addition, the domestic internet gambling halls have to follow a strict set of rules so that the ESBK can issue a license. As a result, you will by no means be ripped off in a legal online casino.

Means of payment: There are often numerous options available

In top casinos you will find a wide range of online casino payment methods. Due to the strict regulations, there are usually fewer options available than with international gaming providers. Even so, the portfolio must both classic transaction methods and the Credit card payment as well as modern payment service providers - for example e-wallets like NETELLER and Skrill - include. In addition, you should make sure that there are no fees for deposits or withdrawals.


Mobile poker offer: Access must also work when you are on the go

The number of mobile users has increased steadily in recent years. If you want to play online poker in Switzerland with a smartphone or tablet, you can do so without any problems. As a rule, Swiss online casinos have theirs Website optimized for mobile users or provide a Online poker app to disposal.

As a result, all you have to do is open your browser to be able to gamble at a local gaming provider. In terms of the usability of the platforms, however, there are significant differences between the individual casinos where you can play online poker in Switzerland.

New customer bonus: Sometimes high sums for new players

Almost all casinos now welcome their new customers with an online casino bonus. In our experience, all Swiss gaming providers have such a bonus campaign.

In addition to the bonus amount, you should definitely inform yourself about the bonus conditions. After all, the sales target, the deadline set by the casino and the value of the games have a major influence on whether the bonus can be cleared. Also find out if that Bonus credit for poker can be used.

User reviews: take into account the opinions of other players

Before you create an account in a casino, you should always take a look at some customer reviews. You can do this Use rating platforms such as Trustpilot or take a look at social networks. After all, the ratings of corresponding players provide information about what to expect in a particular online casino.

Conclusion: There are good online casinos in Switzerland, the selection is limited

It is anything but easy to keep track of all the misinformation that is circulating. In any case, one thing is certain: Online casinos in Switzerland can be used legally. We recommend that you do a little more research before registering, because the differences between the payment offers, bonus programs and the availability of the providers or. Slots at the individual online casinos are serious. We have already made a preselection for you, maybe yours is new Favorite among the Swiss online casinos yes there!

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