Best Online Lotto App - The winners for Android & iPhone

If its about Online gambling goes, Lotto is the German's favorite child. All the nicer that mobile lottery apps enable betting slips to be submitted anywhere and at any time directly on the smartphone or tablet. The only question that arises is: which one is it best online lotto app? Following Lotto apps test explains and reveals what is really important in a good lottery app!

the essentials in brief
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  • Online lottery providers with apps provide you with both mobile jackpot hunting native apps as well as conventional web apps to disposal.
  • You can take part in various lotteries from abroad with a lottery app. Offer a great variety Lottoland, Multilotto or Lottohelden. But also state providers like Tipp24 know im Lotto apps test to please.
  • To the best lotto online app Not only is it important to have a diverse range of products. Also the Usability and convenience functions are of great importance.
  • Who one Install the lottery app does not have to fear any costs. However, there are iOS and Android devices or. particularities of the respective app stores to be observed.
  • Mobile lottery apps enable legal gaming on the go, with the Most of the provider is very serious. However, it doesn't hurt to check common security criteria such as licenses, test seals or payment methods.

The best lottery apps

1 Lottoland
  • Easy handling for mobile users
  • Lots of lotteries from home and abroad plus casino & betting
  • Serious provider with TÜV seal
Experience report To the lottery provider
2 Multilotto
  • Modern design & intuitive use
  • Strong: Around 60 lotteries on board
  • App with a good structure & simple navigation
Experience report To the lottery provider
3 Tip24
  • Very easy to use lottery app
  • Focus on American lottery products
  • Excellent customer service in German
Experience report To the lottery provider
4 Lotto heroes
  • Very easy handling
  • 10% discount for long-term tickets
  • App offers many convenience functions
Experience report To the lottery provider
5 GoLotto
  • User-friendly design
  • App for iOS, Android & Windows Phone
  • Free tip for new customers
Experience report To the lottery provider
6 TheLotter
  • Web app is very easy to use
  • Approx. 50 lotteries from around the world
  • Safe provider with Malta license
Experience report To the lottery provider

table of contents

Which online lottery providers are there with an app??

Almost everyone Online lottery provider - whether state or private - has an app! This is also shown by my experiences during the big one Lotto apps comparison. Because just like almost all online casinos or any Sports betting casino Lottery providers also have to and want to take account of the increasing smartphone usage by players. A virtual “lottery booth” without a mobile offer is simply unthinkable and no longer up-to-date!

However, there are subtle but decisive differences between the lottery apps. On the one hand there is "Real" lottery apps, referred to as native apps and downloaded from the App Store. The alternative are the so-called Web apps. These are websites optimized for mobile use that can be used directly in the browser of your mobile phone. On the other hand, there are small differences with regard to mobile operating systems such as Apple's iOS for iPhone and iPad and Android from Google.

Mobile Lotto Apps: Available as a web app or native app

First of all, an important note: In terms of play or. There are no differences between the two types of lotto offers. As a rule, all functions can be used in both types of lottery apps that are also offered on the classic PC homepage of the respective lottery provider. Starting with choosing and ticking your personal lottery numbers to handing in the lottery tickets to winning notifications, statistics or deposits and withdrawals.

Nevertheless, both native lottery apps and lotto web apps have their specific advantages and disadvantages.

Native Lotto App:
  • Native lottery apps are available for a specific operating system (e.g.B. iOS, Android) and can be downloaded from the respective app store. After the download, an icon is automatically generated on the home screen and the program can be opened directly.
  • The advantage of native apps is that all the resources of the mobile device optimally used will. Thus, for example, direct access to the camera (keyword scan lottery ticket) or various sensors is also possible from the app. In addition, the Navigation is often better / easier and loading times are virtually non-existent.
  • Storage space is lost for this and updates have to be installed regularly. It is also true that not all lottery providers have developed their own download app (for reasons of cost). As the Lotto online app comparison shows, it is above all state providers that are reliably represented with a native app.
Lotto web app:
  • Almost every lottery provider offers its mobile services as a web app. These will directly in the browser of the cell phone and are usually programmed in HTML5. This means that these apps run and function platform-independently on all end devices (e.g.B. iOS, Android, Windows Phone).
  • These lottery apps can be used directly without download or installation and can be easily found using Google or other search engines. They automatically adapt to the display size and screen resolution of the mobile device.
  • The structural structure as well as the content and navigation elements are based heavily on the original desktop version, but can differ slightly from time to time. Web apps are general responsive and allow easy entry of bets. However, navigation is usually not that comfortable.

In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves which of the two types of lotto app is the better solution. It's a matter of taste. For reasons of convenience and ease of use, I prefer the native lottery apps. The required storage space is not worth mentioning and the annoying but necessary installation of the updates can also take place automatically. If your preferred lottery provider enables mobile lottery fun exclusively via the web app, this is and should by no means be an obstacle!

Lotto app iPhone vs. Lotto app Android: you need to know that

Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) have different guidelines and requirements for gambling, which has a direct impact on the availability of the lottery apps.

The following applies to iOS:
  • In Apple's App Store are state lotteries only and lottery products like LOTTO 6 out of 49, Happiness spiral, Game 77 and SUPER 6 or Eurojackpot represented. So you will only find lottery apps from state lottery providers for the iPhone and iPad. Among other things, Clever Lotto, Lotto24 and of course the entire range of state-owned companies of the American Lotto and Totoblock (DLTB) such as Lotto Bayern, Lotto Berlin, Lotto Hessen etc. in the App Store. With all of these providers you can only play classic American lottery products!
  • Second lotteries such as Lottoland or Lottohelden, which act as an intermediary for a state lottery and have a seat abroad, are against it not permitted in the App Store. You have to do without a native lottery app for the iPhone, so that the selection for the best online lottery app is limited. If you prefer to play a second lottery, which apart from American draws still have numerous foreign lotteries in their range, you can of course still use the provider's web app on your iPhone.
The following applies to Android:
  • In the Google Play Store, gambling is frowned upon and so there are no apps here that provide access to the Play the lottery online enable. This applies to both the lottery apps of the state operators and the secondary lotteries. Unlike Apple, Android is no exception and has stricter guidelines!
  • Although there is one or the other Lotto Android app for download in the Play Store, these are exclusively so-called "Lite" versions! For lottery players, however, these lottery apps are primarily to be viewed as management and information tools with which you can find out about current lottery numbers, the amount of the jackpots or. Get odds or read newsletters. Ticking a cross and handing in the ticket on the go is not possible.
  • The good news for all Android users: It is possible to manually download the lottery apps onto your smartphones from the provider's homepage. You can use this detour to install the Lotto app and hand in your tickets on your mobile phone (there are instructions below on how to use a Install the Lotto app Android can).

Best online lotto app: These are the winners

You would like to play the lottery on your mobile device, but are still looking for a suitable provider? Then I have a selection for you best online lottery apps on the market, which are really recommendable and could shine in the Lotto Apps test. Below I present my favorites and personal test winners among the mobile lottery apps.

  1. Lottoland
  2. Multilotto
  3. Tip 24

Lottoland app: XXL lottery selection for mobile tipsters

Lottoland has an excellent reputation, especially since the private and TÜV-certified lottery provider counts more than ten million tipsters worldwide and is one of the best-known of its guild. My expectations of the app were correspondingly high.

This could Lottoland even though the Lotto Android Lotto app from Lottoland is only available as a free akp file, while Apple users have to be content with the web app.

The Lottoland app offers numerous lottery products from home and abroad. (Source: Lottoland)

But for that you get the XXL lottery fun. Because with the Lottoland app you not only have access to popular lotteries from The USAsuch as 6 out of 49 or EuroJackpot, but also scratch cards, many Instant lotteries as well as a large selection of international lotteries such as PowerBall, the Spanish Christmas lottery or Swiss Lotto. There is also the exclusive one here brazilian lottery quina, Mega Sena as irish lotto!

You can choose your lottery numbers yourself or use the random number generator. Of course, lucky winners will be informed via the app and should be with one high lottery winnings read the linked guide.

Apart from the lottery section, you can find one in the Lottoland app well stocked reputable online casino with popular slot classics like Starburst or Book of Dead. Also a Sports betting area is in the works.

The bottom line is that at Lottoland you get a comprehensive offer that leaves nothing to be desired. And as a little extra, I was able to enjoy one in my Lotto online app comparison at Lottoland Discount of 5 euros, which came into play when placing a tip via the app.

The modern and tidy design of the Lottoland app is also appealing and the ticket is submitted with just a few taps. Overall very comfortable and easy. Your own lottery tickets are clearly managed and a history can be called up at any time.

In order to settle the virtual ticket, with a manageable additional fee of 0.50 euros per ticket, you can choose from various payment options such as credit card, direct debit, Skrill, Sofortüberweisung or the paysafecard to get voted.

In addition, you play on safe terrain in the Lottoland app, as the Malta-based operator Deutsche Lotto- und Sportwetten Limited (DLSL) can do one MGA license show. In addition, all transactions and accesses via the application are secured with SSL encryption.

If you have any questions or problems, you can also use the Lottoland app, which is very responsive and runs stable, to contact customer service using all common communication channels. A American support is available, but unfortunately not 24/7.

Highlights of the Lottoland app at a glance:
  • Lots of lotteries from The USAand abroad
  • Online casino and sports betting (planned) can also be used mobile
  • Intuitive design, extensive functions, American support

Multilotto App: Attractive lottery offer in a modern design

Multilotto Also deserves a top position in the list of "Best Online Lotto App". Especially fans of foreign lotteries are pampered by the Maltese lottery broker, who has around 60 different lottery tickets from all over the world in the quiver. Starting with the American PowerBall above Mega Millions up to the Gold Lottery and El Gordo, everything is represented that has a reputation and attracts with multi-million dollar jackpots. Of course, the The USAclassic 6 out of 49 is also part of the party.

Start page of the Multilotto web app. (Source: Multilotto)

All Online lotteries can be easily accessed via the Multilotto app Control them and display them bundled with generous preview images on an overview page. You have the choice between Single game, system game or the syndicate and those who aim for even higher jackpots can activate the “Boost Jackpot” feature.

In addition to the lottery, there are also plenty of options for variety and additional thrills Scratch cards ready. For this, Multilotto has separated from its online casino. The focus is entirely on the lottery and scratch cards.

Anyone who uses Mulitlotto on their smartphone or tablet can use all the functions and offers that are presented to you on the conventional homepage in their personal player lounge. This also includes deposits and withdrawals, contacting the expert service, extensive statistics or the subscription function and current bonus offers.

the Multilotto app was slightly modified compared to the desktop version (e.g.B. there is a fold-out main menu, which is located at the top left behind the three-stripe button). But the fresh, clean design is identical and the app presents itself very well overall compact, clear, well structured and characterized by simple navigation the end. However, there are significant differences in the way the lottery tickets are displayed. The stylized paper notes have given way to a simpler and more abstract sequence of numbers.

The mobile lottery fun on Multilotto takes place either on the mobile website or the free app is downloaded from the homepage. However, this is only reserved for Android users who may leave their mobile phone number in the online form and have the download link sent to them or, alternatively, download an apk file by clicking on the corresponding button. A native iPhone lottery app from Multilotto does not exist.

There is criticism for the fact that customer service can only be reached via e-mail and the translation into American is sometimes a bit unfortunate. In addition, there is a processing fee of 5 euros per week from a second payment. For this, the Multi Brand Gaming Limited, who are behind Multilotto, can offer a good selection of payment methods (u.a. VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, NETELLER, Trustly, Sofortüberweisung) and a high-quality Malta license.

Highlights of the Multilotto app at a glance:
  • Strong: Around 60 international lotteries
  • Very clear and modern design
  • Good structure and ease of use

Tipp24 app: ideal & serious playground for American lottery products

The lottery app from Tip24 can also enjoy a good placement in my popularity scale and confidently be counted among the best online lottery apps. And that although the selection of lotteries with eight games is comparatively low.

But if you are interested in well-tried and popular lottery products such as 6 out of 49 including Spiel 77 and Super 6, GlücksSpirale, SKL, Keno, Euro jackpot or freedom+ satisfied, the Tipp24 app is an ideal, reputable and particularly trustworthy partner for mobile lottery. Big international draws like PowerBall and Co. With their mammoth jackpots you will look in vain in the Tipp24 lottery portfolio, but you can buy one Syndicates and participate in competitions.

Look at the menu of the Tipp24 app for iOS. (Source:
Tipp24, which belongs to Lotto24 AG, relocated its headquarters from Great Britain back to The USA(Hamburg) in October 2019 officially licensed in The USAand is now listed on the white list of the gaming supervisory authorities of the federal states. The days of the second lottery are over, which is also the reason why Tipp24 has a "Real" lottery app for iPhone and iPad gives. For Android, the Tipp24 app can be downloaded from the homepage. Of course it is Lotto app for free and you can alternatively switch to the mobile website.

But how can Tipp24 score in the Lotto Apps test and Lotto Apps comparison?

First of all, the clear and self-explanatory layout and simple operation are convincing. Lottery tools such as the jackpot hunter, automatically generated random numbers, countdown to acceptance deadline, ticket history and quick tips are also practical. Deposits and withdrawals can also be made directly via the Tipp24 Lotto app, with you choosing between direct debit and major credit cards, Instant bank transfer or choose giropay.

Tipp24 deserves special praise for its customer support. So you can contact the competent employees - also from the app - via a free customer hotline reach (Mon. until Sat. from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.) or write an email. The easily understandable help functions and the individual setting options for notifications are also exemplary.

On the other hand, it is annoying that when you call up the price overview for the various lotteries, the terms and conditions and the imprint within the Tipp24 app, an automatic redirection to the mobile website takes place.

Highlights of the Tipp24 app at a glance:
  • Specialist for American lottery products
  • Well done graphics and intuitive navigation
  • Lots of handy tools like countdown or jackpot hunter

Lotto24 App: Absolutely recommendable even without international lotteries

Lotto24 is one of the leading lottery providers in The USAand is very popular among lottery players. Anyone who wants to hunt the jackpot with this state broker can get the Download the native Lotto24 app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

In the Lotto online app comparison, Lotto24 leaves a very good overall impression. Because apart from the great compatibility of common mobile operating systems, the easy to use out. Even newbies have no problems filling in the betting slips in a self-explanatory manner and when you open the app, you will be made aware of the next draws, including all important key data (jackpot, closing date, chance of winning).

Home page of the Lotto24 app. (Source:

Overall, the very clear structure and intuitive handling of the app are reminiscent of Tipp24, which is not surprising, however. After all, the two state lottery brokers are closely linked and belong to Lotto24 AG. Accordingly, the range of games is very similar, although you at Lotto24 can only play state-licensed lotteries. For example, there are Lotto 6 out of 49 (including Super 6 and Game 77), Happiness spiral, EuroJackpot, Keno, American TV Lottery or the two class lotteries NKL and SKL as well as the NKL pension lottery to select.

Reading tip: Everything to ours NKL experiences.

You can play full or partial systems and also on Syndicates take part. The Lotto24 app also has scratch cards in its range. However, lotteries from abroad are not available.

Lotto24 receives special praise for them on the one hand free telephone hotline and on the other hand for the provided and informative Cost overview, which you can view directly in the Lotto app for iPhone or Lotto app for Android. All costs and fees for the (mobile) ticket submission, which incidentally are within the usual range, are listed transparently. Not a matter of course, as the Lotto Apps comparison showed.

Otherwise, you can use all the functions in the Lotto24 app that you know from the classic browser version. You can actively manage your player account, including deposits and withdrawals, with payment options as well as credit cards and direct debit Lotto online PayPal include. In addition, the app informs you about any winnings via push notifications and the countdown, quick tip or flexible settings for notifications are also available on the go.

All in all a good thing and there is no doubt that Lotto24 has absolutely earned a place in the list of “Best Online Lotto App” despite the manageable selection of games.

Highlights of the Lotto24 app at a glance:
  • Top provider for American lotteries
  • Syndicates possible
  • PayPal as a payment method

Lottohelden: full service provider with great lottery variety, casino & betting

Mobile lottery fans can join Lotto heroes challenge your luck exclusively using the optimized website. However, the web app does very well in the Lotto Apps test. Because mobile lottery games are not only particularly cheap with this provider, they are also very convenient and easy to use. We owe the high usability and the self-explanatory functions that you encounter in the Lottohelden app. The optically modern and professional presentation also has a positive effect.

The Lottohelden web app convinces in many categories. (Source: Lottohelden)

The same applies to the wide selection of lotteries that you can play at Lottohelden directly on your smartphone or tablet. Apart from the main lotteries Lotto 6 aus 49, GlücksSpirale, EuroJackpot and Keno, which are popular in Germany, you also have access to numerous international lotteries. So are about US PowerBall, SwissLotto, MegaMillions or the legendary Spanish Christmas lottery El Gordo also part of the party. Each lottery is described and explained on a large scale and in a way that is easy to understand - exemplary and very helpful, especially for lottery beginners! You don't have to do without scratch cards either.

You can get the best overview of the offer in the main menu under the tab "Lotteries", whereby you can arrange these according to various criteria such as popularity, jackpot size or acceptance deadline. Very convenient! Other convenient functions include the jackpot hunter (called "jackpot cracker" by lottery heroes), quick tips, automatic winnings notification and payout, and also the predating of betting slips and a good statistics section.

By the way, you can not only play system tickets and permanent tickets, but also take part in or set up gaming communities. Regular players can look forward to a 10 percent discount for long-term appearances.

The good performance of lottery heroes in my Lotto Apps test is rounded off by the very clear player account in which you can adjust various settings (etc.).a. personal limits, notification options).

But even beyond mobile lottery fun, you will find all kinds of things on offer at Lotto Heroes. The online casino (incl. Live casino) and sports betting, which can of course be used on the optimized website. In the Lotto online app comparison, the provider emerges as a real full provider.

Furthermore, the Security and seriousness impeccable. The operator, Deutsche Lotto- und Toto-Agentur Limited, is based in Malta and is owned by the reputable MGA license. In addition, the Trusted Shop seal of approval is emblazoned in the footer and you will find links to data protection, gambling addiction prevention and a very neat help area.

Also at German-speaking customer service is not spilled. There is a free hotline (Mon. until Sat. between 9.00 to 19.00 o'clock), live chat and email address or. a contact form.

Meanwhile, they are a bit puny and disappointing Payment options, because there are only the payment options direct debit or instant transfer! In particular, the credit cards, which are popular as a means of payment, are sorely lacking.

Highlights of the Lottohelden app at a glance:
  • Lots of international lotteries, online casino and sports betting
  • High usability and very clear presentation
  • 10% discount for long-term tickets

State Lotto: These apps stand out

In order to find the best online lotto app, I also tested them all in the lotto apps test 16 state lottery companies, each of which serves a specific federal state (e.g.B. Lotto Bavaria, Lotto Hessen, Lotto North Rhine-Westphalia etc.) and which together form the American Lotto and Totoblocks.

Every state lottery company has its own online offer. Only small, subtle differences can be found in the overall result. None of the tested mobile lottery apps from the state providers fall apart and none reveal poor results.

But which of the state providers has the best online lotto? The following two stand out from the crowd with their app.

Lotto app Bavaria

Lotto Bavaria covers the mobile sector extensively and in an exemplary manner. There is an iPhone / iPad lottery app and an Android lottery app to download, or the fast Lotto Bayern web app can be used. In addition, SÄPP is a practical service app that is aimed at classic kiosk players and can be used to check winnings.

The Lotto App Bayern leaves nothing to be desired (source: Apple Store)

But back to Lotto app Bavaria. In the Lotto Online App comparison of state providers, this leaves the competition behind in terms of ease of use and offer. In addition to the excellent navigation, the large selection of tip options for the individual lottery products:

With the Lotto App Bayern you have access to the American classics - which all other state lottery companies have in store - Lotto 6 out of 49 (incl. the four additional lotteries Spiel 77, Super 6, GlücksSpirale, Sieger-Chance), Eurojackpot, GlücksSpirale, Keno as well as the TOTO football bet from Oddset.

Numerous lots (u.a. Bayernlos, Rubbel Bubbel, BayernGLÜCK) or the BayernMILLIONEN draw are in the range.

Nice features like Quicktipp or the number generator, With which you can have random numbers selected by shaking the cell phone or based on your current horoscope, are well received.

The wide range of payment methods including PayPal is also impressive, which also applies to the costs and the good customer service (free telephone hotline) and exemplary FAQ area.

Lotto app Hessen

The app of the state lottery organizer is definitely one of the best online lottery apps on the market. why? On the one hand, the typist's heart is spoiled with almost everything it desires. Be it the jackpot hunt or the personal horoscope ticket. There is also no shortage of games on offer, as alongside the most important American lotteries there are also scratch cards, local draws and TOTO in stock. And there is nothing to complain about about the fair cost structure.

The Lotto Hessen app convinces in the Lotto online app comparison. (Source: Apple Store)

With the payment options, Lotto Hessen can even put the top dog Lotto App Bayern in their place debit charge, PayPal, credit card, instant transfer, paydirek and Giropay are offered. And the free telephone hotline, which is mandatory for state lottery providers, is also not missing.

But in terms of clarity and use, the Lotto App Bayern can run better. Especially since the login / out with the Lotto App Hessen is comparatively complicated and cumbersome. But that can hardly detract from my very positive experience and it is definitely one of the best online lottery apps that I came across!

Important: Players cannot freely choose state lottery providers
With the 16 state lottery companies, there is of course one limitation to be observed. Because you can only play with the provider responsible for your state. If you live in Berlin, you can't bet on Lotto Bayern. Not even via the Lotto App Bayern. And no Lower Saxony can play at Lotto Hessen. Your place of residence automatically decides which state lottery service you can use. There is no free choice. For Berliners, Lotto Berlin is the right place to go, for a Lower Saxony it is Lotto Lower Saxony.

What does a good lottery app have to offer? Requirements & important criteria

Around Lotto app test winner different criteria are important. But which requirements must / should the best online lottery app meet?

Free availability

Lotto app for free! These keywords should always be given. This also applies to them Online casino apps or bookmaker apps. After all, the gambling operators earn their money elsewhere. All of the applications presented here are free lottery apps. As it should be and as normal. Because to this day I have not met a provider who charges money for their app. However, if you should come across such a lottery platform, it is advisable to look around for a free alternative and to download the lottery app for free.

Easy registration & quick login

New customers should be able to register with the online lottery provider using an app within a few minutes. This was also the case with all providers in my Lotto Apps test. Entering personal, sometimes sensitive data is inevitable, but you have to make sure that the information is correct. Otherwise there will be problems with the payouts. The best online lottery app is characterized by the fact that you can later make changes to personal data in the customer account at any time.

Most existing customers really appreciate it when they log in via the Lotto app using Touch or Face ID. The prerequisite for this is that your smartphone has the required technology (fingerprint or face scanner). Alternatively, it should be possible to save the access data when registering so that you do not have to constantly enter your username and password.

Good selection of lotteries with no restrictions

First of all, it is important that mobile lottery apps offer the same range of functions and the same range of games as the normal desktop versions. Restrictions are unacceptable and would be a major shortcoming. After all, you also want to have mobile access to all available features and draws.

Extract from the lottery range at Lottohelden. (Source: Lottohelden)

A good number of different lotteries are of course always welcome too. However, the secondary lotteries inherently have an immense advantage here, as they also have international lotteries in their range, which are often filled with exorbitant jackpots. Good examples of this are Lottoland and Multilotto, where you can choose from several dozen lotteries.

State providers, on the other hand, are only allowed to offer national lottery products. But that doesn't necessarily have to be a disadvantage, especially since many tipsters are content with the traditional American lottery landscape. In addition, regional draws can be reliably found with the state lottery providers.

The most important thing is that your personal lottery favorite is there. It doesn't matter whether it's Lotto 6 out of 49, SKL or PowerBall! You shouldn't make any compromises here. Otherwise, look around directly for another provider.

Good usability & clear structure

No mobile lottery player is helped if the handling of the lottery app on the iPhone or Android device is unnecessarily complicated. Especially since the use is already a bit more difficult given the smaller displays. It is therefore all the more important that the game is smoothly enjoyed and that the desired menu items can be found easily and without long searches.

Fortunately, the Lotto online app comparison shows that none of the tested apps presented the player with any major challenges when filling out the virtual betting slips. Deposits and withdrawals are also effortless.

The tested lottery apps offer a good structure and intuitive handling almost across the board, have a well-sorted menu and, on the whole, everything is self-explanatory. Even newbies to the lottery shouldn't have any problems. However, if you can't get along with your Lotto App at all, you are well advised to look around for another provider from the Lotto Apps test.

Attractive range of functions

In order to be able to set up the crown as the best online lottery app, existing extras and features also play a role. Simply handing in the lottery ticket and simply displaying the lottery numbers are by no means sufficient for this. Rather, the mobile lottery game should become a small experience and the app should be useful companion with added value represent. The Lotto Apps comparison shows that the variety of features is great.

Popular functions include a Jackpot hunter or more integrated Random generator. The latter is not only available in the form of the Quick Tip but also with a shake function (Quick Shake). Simply shake your smartphone and the app will randomly fill out your lottery ticket. With some providers there is also the option to use the random numbers Horoscope base to have created.

But there are plenty of other meaningful extras. This includes Personal and general lottery statistics, chances of winning, a search function including an advertisement for surrounding lottery acceptance points or (adjustable) push notifications about current jackpots, Payout percentages etc. A receipt scanner can also perform very useful services.

A countdown is meanwhile an absolute must! Especially if numerous lottery games are offered within the app. So you will always be kept up to date about the respective submission deadlines. Ideally, an alarm can be set individually.

In the end, it is crucial that the Lotto app meets your requirements and has the desired functions on board. Because what is just a superfluous gimmick for one person can be of elementary importance for another lottery player.

Fair fees & transparency in costs

Basically, online lotto is cheaper than playing at the kiosk and the lottery ticket costs are lower. But long-term players in particular should use the Handling fees note. Because here there is a not to be despised savings potential of approx. 50 euros and more. Second lotteries usually do better than the 16 state lottery companies in the price comparison.

Exemplary: look at the price list at lottobay. The processing fees are also listed. (Source: lottobay)

It should be noted that each federal state has its own fee schedule Has. The fees per game are between 25 cents and 1 euro, while a playing field costs between 1.10 euros and 1.70 euros. The more expensive federal states include Hamburg or Schleswig-Holstein, for example, while Lotto in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hesse or Saxony are cheaper.

If you want to play at low prices, Lottohelden is in very good hands. But also Lotto24 or lottobay are cheaper than the majority of state providers.

A good lottery app is characterized by transparency and provides information about the costs in a fee table. The prices for the various lotteries should also be easy to see.

Install the Lotto app: Here's how

You want to install a native lottery app on your iPhone or Android smartphone? Then there are brief step-by-step instructions for both mobile operating systems below. Because there are differences between Apple's iOS and Android from Google when installing the lottery app.

Install the Lotto App on iPhone: Instructions & Tips

In the App Store there are only lottery apps of the state lottery companies (e.g.B. Lotto App Bayern) or private game brokers with a state license from The USA(e.g.B. Lotto24). However, not all of these providers offer a native lottery app for the iPhone.

This is how you should proceed if you want to install a lottery app on your iPhone:

  • 1
    First open the App Store on the iPhone / iPad.
  • 2
    Enter the name of the desired online lottery provider with app in the search field.
  • 3
    The app should appear at the top or near the top of the results list.
  • 4th
    Click on the "Load" button. The download will then start and the installation will be carried out automatically.
  • 5
    You have now successfully installed the Lotto app and can open it directly. Log in with your access data or complete the registration process as a new customer. Then you can use the existing functions and play the lottery on the go.
  • 6th
    After the download, the corresponding icon of the new Lotto app is on the display.
  • Instead of the manual search in the App Store, you can also click on a link on the homepage of the lottery provider with the iPhone app. This will automatically lead you to the App Store, where you can install the Lotto App as described.

Install the Lotto App for Android: Instructions & Tips

Google does not allow real lottery apps in its own Play Store. Only light versions are available, but you cannot play the lottery with them. You have to download a native and comprehensive Lotto App Android in a different way. This usually starts on the website of the lottery provider and a few settings must be made on the Android device in the further course.

This is how you should proceed if you want to install a lottery app on an Android smartphone:

  • 1
    Click on the link for the Android Lotto app on the lottery provider's homepage. This will start the download.
  • 2
    The downloaded Lotto app file (apk.File) and a dialog box appears stating that no apps from unknown sources may be installed.
  • 3
    In order to be able to install the Lotto app, you have to activate "Access from unknown sources" in the security settings.
  • 4th
    Now you select the downloaded file. A screen opens for the installation, which you have to agree to. This is the only way to legitimize the download of an app that does not come from the Play Store.
  • 5
    The full version of the Lotto app is now available to you and you can use it to the full extent, including submitting your betting slip.
  • 6th
    After the native Lotto app for Android has been successfully loaded and installed, you should check whether the changed security settings are still activated and, if necessary, undo them under the settings.
Clever Lotto instructions for installing the Android app. (Source: Clever Lotto)
  • The process of installing a Lotto app on an Android device can vary slightly. That depends on which Android version you are using or which manufacturer your smartphone or tablet comes from.

Although the effort involved in installing the lottery app on Android is somewhat greater than on iOS, it is nowhere near as complicated as it supposedly sounds. Especially since you are well guided through the download. In addition, unlike iPhone owners, Android users have the option of downloading lottery apps from private providers. But don't forget: Downloading from external sources always carries the risk of viruses and malware ending up on the smartphone. In order to avoid this, the seriousness and security of the lottery provider must be meticulously paid attention to. Read in the next section how you can control the seriousness of lottery providers:

Which lotto app is reputable?

Even if only rarely to be found, there are black sheep among the large number of private lottery providers. The good news: All representatives from my Lotto Apps Test and Lotto Apps Comparison can be classified as safe and reputable and clearly recommended without hesitation. You should take a closer look if the provider does not provide official authorization through Lotto. Here the chances of winning are not infrequently worse or possible profit payouts are at risk.

Who asks the question "Which lottery app is serious?”, You will find in the following some tips and assistance with which the seriousness and security of a lottery provider can easily be checked. Basically, it is the same criteria that we value in our online casino reviews.

Check licensing:
  • With state-licensed lottery providers from Germany, you always play with the highest level of security. But you don't have to worry about private providers based abroad either, insofar as they are from the Maltese Gambling Commission or MGA British Gambling Commission regulated and controlled. These high-quality licenses are to be seen as an excellent and reassuring security criterion. Which licenses are available can usually be seen in the provider's footer.
Check imprint, terms and conditions and data protection:
  • These three points should also be available and, if possible, be accessible in the respective Lotto app. Checks the content and information for any discrepancies. The terms and conditions should also indicate with whom you are entering into a contract when submitting a tip.
Check required security:
  • Since you store personal, sensitive data with the online lottery provider, they should be protected accordingly. Serious providers prove to be willing to provide information when it comes to security. It is important to have a safe SSL / TLS encryption and firewall is used. Test seals or safety certificates, for example from TÜV or Trusted Shop are reliable indicators of seriousness.But be careful: Black lotteries are very resourceful when it comes to suggesting a safe and reputable range of games. One popular means is to use unknown seals of approval for gambling providers. If you are unsure of something, you should check the imprint on the website of the testing organization mentioned.
Take a look at the payment methods:
  • Existing payment options also provide valuable conclusions for the seriousness. Payment methods from trusted providers such as VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, Apple Pay, giropay etc. are a good security indicator. However, you should definitely check in the banking area whether the payment options are really available or not. can be used by you in.
Easily accessible customer service:
  • Support for the service staff should be provided as far as possible on all common communication channels (live chat, hotline, e-mail) and, if possible, offered in German. A positive finding from the Lotto Apps comparison is that state and online lottery providers licensed in The USAin particular have a free hotline and offer American support. However, good customer service does not automatically mean that it is a safe and reputable lottery app. But if only unsatisfactory or no support is promised, your alarm bells should ring.
Pay attention to sponsoring & advertising media:
  • If a familiar face from the sports or media landscape smiles at you on the homepage, that promises additional security. Celebrities are always welcome advertising ambassadors (more on the subject of "Celebrities promoting gambling“) And serve as an indication that the Lotto app is reputable. The same applies if the provider places advertising.
Lotto24 also leads in the foot area u.a. various seals of approval. (Source: Lotto24)

If there are still remaining doubts, then I can recommend the current “White List” to you as the ultimate safety tip. All approved, legal gambling companies are listed here. The corresponding PDF document can be found on the homepage of the Hessian Ministry of the Interior Gambling provider with a permit from Germany can be retrieved. The “White List” includes.a. Commercial gaming agents listed for lotteries that are officially approved, recommended and consistently reputable nationwide.

Lotto App Bonus: There are special promotions for mobile players?

Of course, every lottery lover is interested in whether what is believed to be the best online lottery app offers special and exclusive bonus promotions for app users. For example free lottery fields, bonus money or participation in raffles be.

As the Lotto Apps test shows, there are actually a few specially designed for the app Lotto bonus promotions. In this way, the operators not only want to make the app use more attractive to potential new customers, but often such promotions are launched as an advertising medium to draw attention to an improved / revised app version.

I have a suitable example in the GoLOTTO App found. At the time of my investigation, there was a new customer bonus especially for the iPhone Lotto app in the form of a free series of tips. Apple users only have to use the Bonus code Enter "Appstore".

But admittedly, a special lottery app bonus is not the order of the day. But you can neglect that with a clear conscience. Because mobile lottery players naturally have access to regular promotions like all other customers Casino welcome bonus or bonuses for existing customers. If you don't want to miss an attractive lottery bonus, you should regularly compare the lottery apps.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about online lottery apps

In the following you will find the most important answers to the most frequently asked questions about the lottery app. I hope this will make it easier for you to find the best online lottery app for your needs.

✅ What is the best online lottery app?

In the Lotto Apps test, the private providers Lottoland, Multilotto and Lotto heroes convince with a diverse selection of national and international lotteries. They are also user-friendly and secure.

If you are satisfied with American classics like Lotto 6 aus 49 or GlückSpirale, you will find the Lotto Apps from Lotto24 and Tip24 in good hands.

From the state lottery providers cut the Lotto app Bavaria and Lotto app Hessen best off.

➕ Are there lottery apps for the iPhone??

Yes! However, only lottery apps from state providers (e.g.B. Lotto Bayern) or private gaming agent with a state license from The USA(e.g.B. Tipp24) approved. Second lotteries without a American license, however, have been banned from the App Store. Here iPhone users have to switch to the mobile-optimized websites.

⭕️ Are there lottery apps for Android devices?

Yes! Many lottery providers offer a lottery app for Android. In the Play Store, only light versions are available - if at all - that cannot be played with. Comprehensive lottery apps are usually made available for download as apk files on the lottery provider's homepage. Alternatively, you can use the web app.

❓ Which lottery app is reputable?

All state and the mammoth number of private lottery providers offer secure and reputable lottery apps that you can use for mobile lottery games without hesitation. Seriousness can be achieved on your own by the Checking objective security criteria check. This includes licenses, test seals (e.g.B. TÜV), lottery products, payment methods, imprint, player protection (set limits), data protection or sponsoring.

〽️ Lotto apps are free?

Yes! At least all known and popular providers offer their mobile lottery apps for free. Providers without a native app are meanwhile represented with a free web app. Anyone who comes across a paid app should think twice. After all, numerous lottery apps can be used free of charge - by both state and private operators.

❌ Which lotteries can you play with the app??

Basically all that are also offered in the lottery kiosk or on the homepage of the respective operator. The range extends from popular American lottery products such as LOTTO 6 aus 49, GlückSpirale, SKL, Eurojackpot and Keno. With private operators, American players can also take part in international lotteries such as Powerball or EuroMillions and hope for the monster jackpot.

⚠ Is mobile lottery legal?

Yes! If you play with a licensed lottery provider, playing via the app is completely legitimate.

Conclusion: There is a lottery app for every taste - guaranteed!

A general statement as to which is THE best online lottery app is difficult to make. They are too different personal requirements and needs of every lottery player. In the Lotto Apps test, I came to the result that I liked the Lottoland app best overall. Although there is no real lottery app for the iPhone from this provider, the web app is in no way inferior to a native download app. Lottoland also scores with a great variety of domestic and foreign lotteries, a very user-friendly design, simple operation and high security standards.

But Tipp24 and Multilotto are also among my favorites. However, this does not mean that the other mobile lottery apps presented here do not deserve a recommendation. On the contrary. I am sure that there is something suitable for every taste. Of course, every lottery app presented here is free of charge.

It is also of great importance that there are not only many online lottery providers with apps, but that they offer you a serious and safe environment. Mobile lottery fun is legal if it is backed by a licensed provider. Regardless of whether it comes from the state, a national gaming agent or a private company.

All that remains for me is to wish you all the best in hunting jackpots in the big lottery universe!

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