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Gambling online enjoy - that's not a problem in The USAeither. But as extensive as the selection of online games of chance is presented in this country, the uncertainty among many American fans with regard to the legal situation is just as great. Questions like “Is online gambling illegal??" or “What is the legal situation for online gambling??" increase. These and other ambiguities are to be clarified below.

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Online gambling law Germany: current legal developments

According to American legislation, online gambling in The USAwas until recently reserved exclusively for state institutions. Although the EU laws - which of course also apply in The USA- expressly allow online gambling that takes place under a European license, the ban was strictly adhered to in Germany:

Free gambling providers have been classified as illegal, but actually weren't under EU regulations. This created a legal gray area.

From this legal uncertainty it was not so much the players but rather the operators for American online casinos concerned who had problems with the American legal conception. We are not aware of any case in which a player from The USAwas convicted for betting in a supposedly illegal online casino.


Over the years there have always been approaches, Legalize online gambling in Germany. The results were unsatisfactory. In 2020, however, there was renewed movement in the case:

2021 becomes, just as planned, a new State Treaty on Gambling come into effect.

Nice in autumn 2020 the state and senate chancelleries of the 16 federal states have according to media information Transitional regulations for online gambling decided. Numerous previously illegal games are to be made legal for the time being.

However, this happens provided that all online casinos already stick to the rules, who will be active in the coming year with the new gambling contract.

Unfortunately, it is still questionable whether all of the previous provisions will actually go through as planned. This is mainly due to the ongoing heated discussions on the topic. The focus here is clearly on player protection and responsible gaming. For example, deposits should be made monthly at 1.000 euros are capped and casino TV advertisements are limited to certain times of the day and are subject to strict conditions.

And what else is new?

The contract provides that From July 2021, online casinos will also receive a American license for the first time can apply. So far there has only been a clear regulation in Schleswig-Holstein as far as online gambling is concerned - this will follow below additional Information.

The most important requirements that online gaming providers must meet for a American license in 2021

As already mentioned:

With such a hotly debated topic as online gambling, a lot can still change by 2021.

At the moment, however, it looks like they will requirements listed below to grab. New online casinos, who would like to have a American license should implement it now.

1. Extended player protection in online gambling

In order to be able to offer online gambling in Germany, the operators of the relevant platforms must especially new guidelines on player protection retain. The following points are central:

  • Provision of the service in American language
  • Exclusion of banned and underage players by sufficient identification and Authentication
  • Prompt at registration, a Deposit limit from 1.000 euros per month to be set
  • Providing information on the accumulated Bets, wins and losses of the previous 30 days to the players
  • Option one 24-hour lock and conduct an hourly Reality checks
  • Ensure that Slot games only five minutes after confirmation of the check are to be continued
  • Education about risks in online gambling immediately upon participation
  • Establishing an automated Early warning system for gambling addiction

2. Advertising is restricted in the interests of player protection

Online gambling providers are allowed to advertise. However, this is strictly regulated. The main advertising guidelines are:

  • It may no excessive advertising occur.
  • Advertising is allowed never to minors or similarly endangered groups.
  • The results of online gambling must not be considered by the player can be influenced by yourself being represented.
  • Using gambling online is allowed by no means as a solution to financial problems mediated.
  • Advertising for virtual slot machine games, Online poker and other casino games not between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m take place - this applies to both broadcasting and the Internet.

3. Slots have special conditions in online gambling

In addition to the above (and some other) general conditions for player protection, providers of online gambling in The USAsome special requirements for Slots fulfill.

The focus here is on the following points:

  • Real money slot machines may only begin with the clear consent of the player.
  • Technical measures must be taken to ensure that not several virtual slot machines at the same time can be played on a domain.
  • A game must at least five seconds last.
  • Of the maximum bet per game is 1 euro set.
  • Virtual slot machines are no longer allowed in the context of the terms "Casino" and "Casino Games" to be expelled.
  • The respective Odds of winning and Payout percentages per euro are to be clearly indicated to the players.

4th. Changes in Poker

Poker games have - much like slots - have always been one of the main points of contention in the discussion about online gambling. It is therefore not surprising that there are some here too special rules are planned:

  • May in the future Players are only randomly assigned to one or more tables will.
  • It is only allowed to at up to four tables at the same time be played.
  • For the eligibility of online poker games it is essential natural persons compete against each other.

Online gambling Schleswig-Holstein: special position in online gambling in Germany

Schleswig-Holstein license logoThe state has been going since 2011 Schleswig-Holstein when it comes to online gambling The USAis going its own way. At that time, the CDU-FDP government did not want to join the state gambling contract and had unceremoniously drawn up its own legal provisions on licensing.

That served as the basis Law on the reorganization of gambling (Gambling G) as well as the state ordinance on the Approval of the gambling establishment (GMO).

Temporary permits for the operation of online casinos were issued on the basis of these regulations. the American Schleswig-Holstein license However, it currently only applies to players who access an appropriately regulated casino from the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.

The best online casinos with a American license

Online gambling Schleswig-Holstein stands for an absolutely safe and all-round high-quality gaming experience. Due to its strict requirements, the license awarded there is not just for American players exceedingly strong seal of approval: Although only customers who have a place of residence in the state or are there, are allowed to the best online casinos access or. play there, but slot and table game fans from all over The USAalso benefit from the permit.

The operators of the casinos usually also switch one international variant of your platform, which is then accessible to all players in The USAunder a European license - and these casinos that can be used throughout The USAare actually in no way inferior to those with the American license. So they are also highly trustworthy and only bid best casino games.

We would like to introduce you to two of the undoubtedly best addresses among these online casinos in the following.

Wunderino: Gigantic game selection and many bonus promotions

Wunderino Logo - provider of online gamblingAs one of the few online casinos you will Wunderino even found in television commercials. The popular casino impresses with a large selection of slot machine games.

But Wunderino stands out above all with new promotions. Monthly promotions are also offered: You can then take part in these tournaments in your own Wunderino app to play. You can even follow Wunderino on social media. The provider is active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

  • You need more detailed information about Wunderino? No problem, just read our report on ours Wunderino experiences.

DrückGlück: American name, American license, fair overall orientation

DrueckGlueck Logo - provider of online gamblingAn online casino that DrückGlück that means, practically has to have a American license - that's how it is here too.  The company has invested a lot in player protection and the general security of its customers and is therefore ideally positioned for the general American license 2021.

There are also games from the largest providers worldwide, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n GO and many more. DrückGlück advertises it, "Made in Germany" to be and that really takes away from the gaming platform with all its advantageous features, the many security seals and awards and the very reliable support.

What are the dangers of online gambling?

The American law enforcement officers or. Opponents of online gambling have always had the ban over the years with the Dangers of Online Gambling justified. There are undoubtedly certain risks involved, if you want to enjoy gambling online. So some of the arguments are quite understandable.

Nevertheless, they by no means have the necessary strength to mature their through the people right to online gambling granted to the European Union to withdraw.

Through our extensive research, we know that gambling is on the net absolutely enjoyed with care should be. That's why we don't want to withhold some of the central dangers from you. The following specific risks are associated with online gambling:

  • There is only a limited possibility, comprehensive protection of players and minors to operate. Minors and problem gamblers are much more likely to find gambling on the Internet than in the real world.
  • Online gambling is through that mobile internet available practically everywhere. Even on the go and at work, more and more people are playing in the online casino from time to time. It is known from addiction research that high availability makes an addictive substance riskier - and this also applies to behavioral addictions such as gambling addiction.
  • It is possible almost anywhere, Free to use online gambling. Of course, that doesn't work in real casinos or casinos. You do not then play online with real money, but the inhibition threshold to set such is decreasing.
  • If people want to stop playing on the net or limit their online gambling, it is difficult for them with some providers. While practically all online casinos offer this Player protection settings, however, these are differently extensive. Such functions are an important quality feature in our Online casino test.
  • at Online casino table games can Agreements among players reduce the chances of winning and make the game unfair. Such collaborations are much more difficult offline.
  • We are always online and so it is hardly registered as unusual when someone is constantly on their smartphone. If the person not only surfs or chats, but also plays excessively online, partners, relatives and friends do not notice any resulting problems until much later than if the person concerned said goodbye to the arcade every evening.
  • There are a lot of scammers on the Internet - and that includes, of course dubious online casinos. Quite apart from actual fraud cases, which are actually small in relation to the size of the casino market, a lot of people simply don't know what makes a good online casino different from a bad one.

We recommend that you always keep these dangers in mind. Do you play consciously and just bet within your budget, your risk is comparatively low.

What should you pay particular attention to when choosing providers in online gambling??

We always recommend you guys to choose an online casino best the same strict evaluation criteria which we also base. However, some very important points are summarized below:

Online casino evaluation criteria
  • Security and Seriousness: A valid license and modern encryption of your data are absolute must-haves.
  • Game Provider: Renowned providers offer safe, fair games. Therefore, you should always pay attention to which brands are represented in the online casino of your choice.
  • Payment options and processes: The situation is similar to that of the developers Online casino deposit options the end. Those who offer Trustly with a American TÜV certificate or Apple Pay are at the forefront when it comes to trustworthiness. Similar to PayPal, these companies do not work with every casino. PayPal has withdrawn from the American casino market due to the uncertain legal situation. In addition to the quality of the payment providers, it is important to ensure fast processing within the casino, especially when it comes to distributions of winnings.
  • Bonus terms: A Online casino bonus must be fair and manageable, i.e. implementable. Some online casinos still lure with high numbers, but the rules are so strict that hardly any player can play them through. Then you have nothing of the bonus in the end. Often the bonus conditions are a reflection of the overall customer orientation of a casino.
  • Support: At best, customer service is available around the clock and quickly. Because when it comes to online gambling and your money, even small questions often cannot wait long. If there are serious problems at any point, customer service is your first point of contact. Competent and friendly contact persons are worth a lot.

If you play it safe and don't do one yourself detailed analysis you should always use our respective online gambling provider before choosing a provider Experience report read. You can also find the testimonials on our home page in our great online casino comparison. We rate each provider in ten categories and show you the strengths and weaknesses of each casino.

FAQ - Online Gambling

⚖️ Is online gambling legal??

For a long time we were in a legal gray area with regard to online gambling in Germany. With the new gambling contract and the American licenses in 2021, however, it will be clear Regulations give. Even now, according to EU law, it is in fact not illegal to use gambling online in this country if the provider of your choice has a European license.

❌ Will the American licenses for online gambling 2021 bring disadvantages for players?

Yes, unfortunately there are actually some drawbacks that the new online gambling regulations will bring with them, primarily the gaming options. For example, from now on you will only be allowed to bet a maximum of 1 euro per spin in slots and there will be deposit limits that are required by law. So above all High rollers highly limited.

⚠ Which are the best addresses for legal online gambling in Germany?

That is hard to answer. But if you stick to the big players who may already be licensed for online gambling before the American licenses come into force in 2021 Schleswig Holstein you are on the very safe side.

✅ Is online gambling with PayPal still possible in Germany??

No, unfortunately PayPal has withdrawn completely from the American casino market due to the uncertain legal situation and can no longer be used for online gambling. When it comes to sports betting, however, you can still pay here and there with PayPal.

❓ Online gambling brings with it special risks?

Yes. Aside from the ever-present risk of losing a game round, there are actually some special risks associated with online gambling. For example, the inhibition threshold is a lot Online casino real money to bet much less online than in a real casino. We therefore recommend that you always play carefully and never over your budget and only bet in high-quality, customer-oriented casinos.

Conclusion: Online gambling is legal, but should always be enjoyed with caution

Even without a American license that is valid throughout Germany, it is completely legal to use gambling online in this country, as long as the provider has a Europe license. The EU has clearly regulated this.

With the entry into force of the nationwide gaming license 2021 from now on you will only be allowed to bet and deposit comparatively little. The increased monitoring of gaming activities is also unlikely to please every customer. It can also happen that your favorite casino is then no longer represented in Germany, because it has not taken the trouble to obtain the license and is dedicated to other target markets.

But: The American license will make the market safer for you in 2021. The casinos with a American license have to act in a serious and customer-oriented manner, but so do other online gambling providers who may be one License in Curacao are increasingly based on the new standards in order to be able to remain competitive in Central Europe.

It is still important to consider which platform offers the best possible conditions. We will of course be happy to help you answer this question. We recommend you, also at Online gambling with a American license always read our reports. Also, play carefully and never over your budget!

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