The best online casinos with credit cards for The USA2021

Credit cards have established themselves internationally as the classic method for transferring money to and from the casino. This also applies to the German-speaking area, in which Visa and Mastercard have become an indispensable part of everyday life. In this guide we outline the use of Credit cards in Online casinos and imagine strong online casinos with credit cards.

the essentials in brief
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  • Almost all casinos offer you the option, Pay in and out with credit card.
  • The most common credit card providers are Visa and Mastercard, with only Mastercard is available in online casinos.
  • Even new providers are now entering the market, such as N26 and Revolut.
  • But be careful: more and more banks are charging one Gambling fee for credit card payments in casinos!

Top 10 casinos with credit card payments

1 SlotsMillion Casino
  • Mastercard
  • Regular bonus promotions
  • Free customer service
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2 energycasinoEnergy casino
  • Mastercard
  • Good customer service
  • Live chat
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3 EU Slot Casino Logo 329x100Euslot Casino
  • Mastercard
  • Reload bonuses & tournaments
  • VIP program
Experience report To the casino
4 Cashimashi
  • Mastercard
  • Very extensive FAQ
  • Decent game selection
Experience report To the casino
5 Temple Nile
  • Mastercard
  • Games from almost 100 providers
  • Short waiting times in live chat
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6 FezBet Casino
  • Mastercard
  • Lots of bonus promotions
  • Varied slot selection
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So you can deposit with credit cards in online casinos

Practically all providers from our Online casino rating allow players to top up their accounts using credit cards and make withdrawals, with Mastercard almost always being represented. Visa, on the other hand, has moved out of the Online gambling withdrawn. You can still find Mastercard almost everywhere.

This universal availability makes credit cards so special as you can even use popular methods like that Online casino instant transfer or the paysafecard first have to take a quick look to see whether these payment methods are offered by the casino of your choice. The deposit via credit card or. Mastercard, on the other hand, is almost always possible without any problems and runs smoothly because you basically only have to enter what is on the card in your hand.

These are the steps for credit card payments in online casinos:

  • 1
    Log into your casino account or create a new account.
  • 2
    The menu item for making a deposit is usually clearly visible, usually in the top right corner of the player menu.
  • 3
    Selects credit card / Mastercard as the payment method and then clicks if necessary. on the appropriate card.
  • 4th
    Enter the desired deposit amount (limits should be mentioned here directly).
  • 5
    The first time you have to enter your name, credit card number, card expiration date and the three-digit verification number on the back.
  • 6th
    Confirms the deposit. The two-step authentication may be via TAN or something similar. The money will then usually be credited to you immediately so that you can start playing right away.
It has been official since mid-2020: Online casino Visa no longer works. The credit card company no longer offers its service to American casino players!

Unfortunately, there are often no withdrawals via Mastercard

Since Visa has withdrawn from the gambling market, as already mentioned, Mastercard is the only remaining credit card for payments in European online casinos. Mastercard is even a little older than Visa and, with annual sales of around 12.5 billion dollars, is in similarly gigantic spheres as Visa. If you are into sports, there is no getting around the globally represented company logo during the UEFA Champions League or the FIFA World Cup.


You have probably been a Mastercard customer for a long time without knowing it, because next to Girocard Banks almost always also offer Maestro for cashless payments. Maestro is part of Mastercard and the international foundation of what you probably know as (outdated) "EC card" or "giro card". You should also have no difficulties, one of the many Mastercard online casinos or even Maestro online casinos to find.

Mastercard updates its security guidelines about every one to two years in order to always guarantee you the best possible protection. Basically, many casinos offer Mastercard for deposits, but then process the withdrawals via bank transfers. This is due to increased requirements from Mastercard, which many casinos are not ready to implement. So you should always check carefully whether you also get your winnings booked via the Mastercard.

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Visa has since disappeared from the casino market


Until the beginning of 2020, virtually every reputable online casino accepted Visa cards. The Californian credit card company counts at 15.000 employees and annual sales of $ 20 billion among the world's 200 largest companies. In connection with the "Verified by Visa Service"-Label you can enjoy the highest payment security outside of online casinos, as it has always been guaranteed since 1970.

Visa's withdrawal from the online casino business is simply the result of corporate policy decisions. So it is possible that you will find the Visa credit cards in online casinos on outdated advertisements in the payment area that suggest that Visa payments are still available. In fact, these will no longer work.

American Express - a rarity in European casinos


American Express was founded in 1850 (the credit card came much later) and is at 55.000 employees and annual sales of 33.5 billion US dollars are even larger than Visa. The traditional company, which offers many other forms of financial services and insurance in addition to the credit card (Amex Card for short), almost belongs to the Top 100 companies in the world. American Express issues its cards itself, so it does not switch banks in between, and the Amex card is ubiquitous in everyday life, especially in the United States.

In Europe and especially in The USAit doesn't look like that and you can't do one here either American Express online casino use. The reason for this lies in the illegality of such casinos in the USA, which means American Express holds back here elegantly and not compete against Mastercard in Europe want. So we can do you too no reputable online casinos with American Express payments recommend.

Do Diners Club credit cards work in online casinos??

Diners Club is also a global player; it even invented the credit card and has been offering one since 1950 oldest credit card in the world out. The importance of the Diners Club card in The USAis far below Visa and Mastercard, but in terms of security, costs and customer service it is in no way inferior to the others. The main clientele consists of business travelers who use the card for flights and at airports, where there are sometimes corresponding Diners Club business lounges.

Unlike American Express, the American company is represented in some online casinos with its credit card. Since Diners Club is not to be found all that often in Europe, only a few larger casinos accept Diners Club, which is associated with higher costs and effort compared to Mastercard.

The credit card from N26


The direct bank N26 is currently one of the most valuable start-ups in Germany. 3.5 million Europeans are already customers here, more than half of them are younger than 35 years. The high magnetic effect, especially on younger people, is due to the fact that this bench is based on the Account management via smartphone focused and offers all services on the move.

If you open an N26 account, you can get one on request Maestro or Debit Mastercard which can then be used for online casinos as described above. Transferring directly from the N26 app to the casino is currently not possible. Your "N26 credit card" is a completely normal Mastercard, which is why you can use it in all online casinos that offer Mastercard payments.

Deposits are now with fees connected, which is located at N26 flat rate to 3 percent of sales amount. In addition to casinos, the gambling fee is also at Online lotteries and online betting shops.

The Mastercard from Revolut


It has almost eight million customers and a company valuation of 1.5 billion British financial firm launched in 2015 Revolut. Revolut aims to create "a fair and smooth platform for using and managing money around the world," which has resulted in better currency rates and fewer hidden costs.

In essence, that makes Revolut another great option for you, apply for a Visa or Mastercard and to act at least with the Mastercard between the casino and the real bank. Here, too, there is no difference to the Mastercard at an established house bank, only that the licensee is Revolut in this case. So you simply use the card for any online casino with a Mastercard.

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What distinguishes payments by credit card?

Credit cards have not only been intended for use in casinos for a long time, but accompany you wherever money transfers are required, especially in local department stores or at gas stations. Perhaps you are one of the majority of customers who already have a credit card before they register at the casino, so they do not have to explore a new payment option there.

If you don't have a credit card yet, the obvious question is how to get a credit card: Credit cards such as Visa or Mastercard are not applied for directly from the well-known companies themselves, but from the bank you trust. Your bank issues your credit card in the name of Visa or Mastercard and links the credit card to your bank account. So you can get the eponymous credit via the card for a certain fee. This means, when you pay something, the amount is saved on the card, but only debited from your bank account at the end of the month. This can of course be particularly useful in the online casino if you win beyond your deposit and may never have made a real bet.

Pay attention to a possible gambling fee at credit card casinos

Unfortunately, more and more banks are charging the so-called "Gambling fee". Lotteries and online bookmakers are also affected. The number of banks with gambling fees is still manageable, but it is undisputed that more and more credit institutions are jumping on the bandwagon and charging this service fee for transactions.

How high the gambling fee is varies from bank to bank. There is no general value. The comparison shows that the "gambling fee" between 2 to 5 percent of the deposit amount amounts to. In addition, there is often one Minimum fee. The range here is between 2 euros and 7.50 euros! ING DiBa, for example, collects 3 percent of sales, but at least 3.95 euros. At the Comdirect, however, the gaming fee is set at a flat rate of 5 percent. Landesbank Berlin customers, on the other hand, have to pay a fee of at least EUR 7.50 (!) for every payment (domestic) to a casino.

Especially if you are regularly in the Online casino real money funds into your account, the gambling fees at banks with a minimum fee will add up to a not inconsiderable amount. Instead of transferring several small amounts, it is therefore advisable, if possible, to deposit a larger sum in one go. The best thing to do is to find out from your bank before the next scheduled payment whether they charge or not a gambling fee. will raise in the future. A look at the list of prices and services provides clarity. Alternatively, you can contact customer service.

As a rule, the casinos themselves do not charge any additional fees for deposits or withdrawals by credit card. But unlike some other payment methods in the Online casino comparison fall for the credit card itself, however costs at. One stands for it easy and quick to use as well as a Maximum security opposite to. At least in the casinos presented by us, you are safe from credit card fraud and your card details are encrypted and transmitted protected against unauthorized access. In this context, pay particular attention to the casino's license, which primarily serves to ensure payment security. One is very good License from the island state of Malta. A license from the EU should definitely be able to show a casino and at the latest a certificate from the player protection organization eCOGRA puts you on the safe side.

If you go through town with your credit card in the real world, it can of course be lost, which theoretically means that thieves have all the means for direct debits in their hands. In this case, you are insured with Visa and Mastercard and can have unlawful payments canceled. This also shows that trusting credit cards is not only important for you, but that the casino also takes a certain risk if it allows card payments. If, on the other hand, you lose the access data for an e-wallet, you will probably be left with the costs.

Tip: Save fees by switching providers
If your credit card is affected by the gambling fee, then a change of provider is recommended! However, it is to be expected that sooner or later all banks will collect the fee across the board.
  • Serious, safe and fast
  • Easy payments
  • Worldwide distribution online and offline
  • Money does not have to be available (yet)
  • Chargeback option and insurance against abuse
  • In many casinos there are no additional fees
  • Very easy to use and cheap for the casinos
  • No limit on casino bonuses (as is often the case with Skrill and NETELLER)
  • Sometimes even an extra bonus for credit card payments
  • Monthly statements for cost control in paper form
  • No further registrations necessary
  • Bookings can also be made on the go on your smartphone or tablet
  • Limits set by the bank protect you and the casino
  • Debit cards debit directly from the account
  • Since the bank checks your identity, you can sometimes avoid further checks, at least with small winnings.
  • Percentage costs on deposits (more and more banks are charging a gambling fee)
  • Additional costs for monthly or annual billing
  • Issuing of credit cards only with creditworthiness
  • Mandatory contractual relationships with banks or dealers as intermediate service providers
  • the Online casino payout is often slower with credit cards than with e-wallets (usually several days)
  • Withdrawal via credit card only if previously paid in via credit card
  • Sometimes withdrawals via Mastercard are not possible
  • Lack of overview of actually available reserves (over-indebtedness)
  • More sensitive handling of gambling addiction is necessary, as there are apparently unlimited assets
  • No Pay'n'Play as possible with Trustly
  • Payments not anonymized

FAQ - Credit Card Online casinos

➕ Does every online casino offer payment by credit card?

In almost every online casino you will have the opportunity to use Mastercard to deposit. A few casinos also offer Diners Club. Unfortunately, Visa no longer supports payments to casinos. If you want to deposit in a Pay N Play casino, you also have to do without Mastercard and Diners Club.

⚠ Can you make withdrawals with credit cards at online casinos?

Most casinos also offer you payouts via credit card. In some cases the online casinos solve the payment of a Mastercard deposit via the bank transfer.

❓ Why is it no longer possible to deposit at casinos with Visa??

Visa withdrew completely from the online casino market in mid-2020 - just like PayPal did before. Unfortunately, this means that payments with Visa are no longer possible.

〽️ Are there any fees associated with credit card payments at the casino?

If you choose the credit card as a means of payment in the online casino, you will rarely have to pay fees. However, there are sometimes general casino fees. Fees that are specific to the credit card, on the other hand, are the fees that your bank would like to have for account management. You shouldn't forget this or just look for a credit card with no fees.

✅ Are there online casinos with American Express??

Unfortunately not for players with American residence. The low acceptance of the Amex Card in The USAis also reflected in its prevalence in online casinos. In any case, we are not aware of any reputable online casino that offers payments via American Express.

Conclusion: Depositing via credit card is the absolute classic in the casino

There are so many different online casino payment methods currently available that it is hard to find the best one. Direct bank transfers and eWallets are a good choice, but pre-paid cards or cryptocurrencies also have their advantages. But if you don't want to familiarize yourself with this and already have your credit card at home, you should use online casinos with credit cards. This is the classic way, which has the great advantage that at least Mastercard is accepted in almost every casino. The search for a Mastercard casino should not take too long, although unfortunately you will have to do without a Visa casino. Other credit cards in online casinos are more difficult to find.

You pay with the card in the same way as with Amazon or Zalando, you don't need any further registrations and no extra PINs. You link your credit card with the casino once and enter your credit card details, send a blackened photo of the card for legitimation and can then make deposits and withdrawals in the simplest way.

On the negative side of credit card payments are the regular costs to the bank as well as the quite new gambling fee that more and more credit institutions are charging for transactions at online casinos. But the tempting possibility to gamble beyond your means and the mandatory credit check to even get a credit card are disadvantageous.

In our editorial office, the credit card is one of the most popular means of payment in online casinos. That's why we're glad that despite the withdrawal from Visa, a few alternatives are still being offered, especially Mastercard.

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