Are online casinos legal?? Safe and Legal Online casinos 2021

Inexperienced players in particular wonder whether Online casinos legal are. To anticipate it right away: If a gaming provider can prove a license, he can legally offer his service in Germany. In 2020, the countries were finally able to agree and from July 2021 American online casinos will finally be officially allowed.

the essentials in brief
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  • Chapter 1: the Online casinos Legality in the Federal Republic can be confusing, we explain it to you very simply.
  • Chapter 2: Legal casinos are at certain Features recognizable.
  • Chapter 3: the Evaluation criteria for the legality of casinos are very strict.

Agreement of the federal states: Online casinos tolerated for the time being

Good news for all gamblers in terms of American online casinos: In the tough struggle for the official legality of online gambling, the 16 federal states have decided on one Transitional arrangement can agree.

Online slot machine games that have been illegal so far should be tolerated for the time being.

Like various American media - for example the daily News - reported, the federal government in return requires the operators of the online casinos to comply with the rules that will be introduced in the summer of 2021 with the new State Treaty on Gambling (see below) will come into force.

Source: daily

A corresponding decision including Enforcement Guidelines should be published soon. This regulates all the requirements that the online casinos must meet so that no action is taken against them.

Even if some federal states, such as Saarland and Saxony-Anhalt, publicly criticized the existing draft of the State Treaty on Gambling, as they believe that the Player protection not sufficiently taken into account, all countries have agreed to the temporary tolerance of the online casinos.

With the agreement on a transitional arrangement, online casinos are de facto allowed in Germany.

With this decision, the federal states have responded to the demands from the gaming industry. The latter recently criticized the fact that the authorities are taking action against gambling offers on the Internet, which are provided by the new state treaty can be licensed in a timely manner anyway.

What is the current legal situation regarding online casinos?

In this country the State Treaty on Gambling the basis for dealing with online casinos. It regulates that such online offers are legal as long as there is an official license. However, the state did not recognize foreign licenses for a long time, which meant that the online casino industry operated in a legal gray area.

In mid-2021, the legal situation in The USAwill be much more transparent for both online casinos and their customers.

The federal states were able to agree on a draft in 2020, which will officially confirm the legality of online casinos, online poker and online sports betting from July 2021. Until then, the transitional regulation applies. We have listed the most important known cornerstones below:

  • Online casinos become official legal be.
  • American players will be with a monthly deposit limit and a loss limit of 1.000 euros proven.
  • Providers must assign an account to each player and in case of doubt, can provide their data at any time.
  • Casinos need one "Automated" system set up that is dedicated to the early detection of gambling addiction.
  • It will be a central gambling authority of the federal states give.
  • This authority should keep a lock file in which players are listed who themselves or third parties (such as the casino providers) as at risk of gambling addiction get ranked.
  • That IT security concept and the random number generators have to be checked annually by the TÜV, for example.
  • The website must be a .de domain be.
  • It should a clock will always be displayed, which shows the player how long he has been on the site and after 30 minutes of inactivity the player must be logged out.

Because of developments, we have you Online casinos without a American license compiled.

How has the legal situation developed in recent years?

Even before this fundamental decision was made, there was movement in The USAin terms of online gambling in recent years. In this context, it is essential to mention the consistently positive development in Schleswig-Holstein.

Schleswig-Holstein license
The state government from Kiel has several casino and sports betting providers regional licenses granted, so that so many online casinos are legalized and enormously to the liberalization of the Online gambling contributed.

Experts are still arguing about the validity of these permits outside of Schleswig-Holstein. So it happens that in online casinos that licensed in Schleswig-Holstein are officially only allowed to play by people who live in Schleswig-Holstein or have their usual place of residence there.


Since the licenses of the online casinos are also based on the other European countries You don't have to worry if you come from another state.

  • In answering the question "Are online casinos legal?" you can therefore refer to the State Treaty on Gambling or the transitional regulation if you live outside of Schleswig-Holstein.

In our neighboring countries Austria and Switzerland, this topic has been dealt with much more loosely for years (more on the topic in the guide Online casino Austria). In Austria, online gambling is almost completely legalized. There have been some changes recently in Switzerland. Swiss online casinos are also legal - but you must have one Swiss license feature.

Latest developments: American licenses 2021

bet365 logoThe British gambling giant was owned for many years bet365 one of the top addresses on the American market with its sports betting and online casino offering. The group was able to celebrate first-class successes in all product areas in this country.

Nevertheless, the British decided to do so, to withdraw from The USAwith their casino portfolio. Presumably in order to later be able to legally offer your online casino with the new license. Users with a American residence can since 30. December 2019 no longer access the bet365 online casino.

However, you can continue to submit sports bets. Both the menu item “Sport” and “Live” are currently listed at bet365 - only the casino and the live casino are missing. Here's why bet365 Casino does not work.


The bookie's decision is likely to come with a Announcement of the regional council in Darmstadt related. The authority's plans originally provided that online gambling providers would opt for one product - sports betting or Online money games - have to decide, should they want to get a license for The USAin 2021.

Legal as well as Gambling experts recommended gambling providers not to apply for a American license initially in order not to have to restrict their portfolio.

Basically, large gambling platforms are allowed to market casino games and sports betting with us under a license in accordance with the State Treaty on Gambling.

In view of the new regulation announced for 2021, the British provider bet365, like some competitors - for example bet-at-home - decided to take the other way anyway. In general, it is not unlikely that other bookies will follow suit.

Online casinos are also affected by portfolio restrictions

In addition to the bookmakers, the online casinos also had to significantly limit their offer, in order to meet the enforcement guidelines and to be able to secure a American license in the future. Corresponding providers in this country have deleted the following components from their portfolio:

This is how you recognize a legal online casino

Under the laws currently in force, you can 3 criteria with which you can easily determine whether an online casino is legal in Germany:

1. If online casinos are legal, they have an EU license

Is one with the provider of your choice License in an EU country available, corresponding gambling services may also be operated in The USAunder European law. Every member state must adhere to this regulation of the European Union. Accordingly, many casinos operate with the Maltese one MGA (Malta Gaming Authority)-License. However, not all providers operate with an EU license.

As an alternative to the EU license from Malta, online casinos often operate with it Non-EU licenses from the following states or areas:

  • Curacao (Curacao Gaming License)
  • Gibraltar (Gibraltar Betting and Gambling Association)
  • Isle of Man (Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission)
  • United Kingdom (UK Gambling Commission)

You can usually find the appropriate seal very easily on the website of a casino. Mostly it's in the footer appropriate.

2. The online casino adheres to the EU laws on sales tax distribution

Occurred in 2015 new law on sales taxation of online service providers in force. Accordingly, the taxes no longer have to be paid to the state in which the respective company - i.e. the online casino - is based, but to the corresponding location in the country in which the player is located or makes a payout.

Gambling providers who do not adhere to these guidelines will be prosecuted by the American judiciary.

If a casino is criminalized, your balance there is also affected - it may be frozen. So find out exactly whether the legal requirements are being adhered to.

In such matters, of course, the support is always a good starting point. If the online casinos are legal, the staff there will give you precise information. Otherwise you'd better avoid the gambling provider.

3. The terms and conditions of the online casino allow players from Germany

Some Online casinos generally exclude players from Germany, to protect yourself from legal disputes that could arise from the previous legal situation.

Numerous players who made winnings in a corresponding casino were already left behind, but were not allowed to withdraw them due to their nationality. There was no judicial options either, if the online casino has made it clear in the terms and conditions that it does not accept any American players.

So you should always have one take a close look at the terms and conditions, before playing in an online casino.

Sometimes you can register from Germany, but you are not actually admitted. Is a Casino website only available in Englishr, you should of course exercise particular caution in this regard.

Is it legal to register at an online casino and play online at the casino?

Yes, it is legal to play in online casinos. This is not only ensured by the permits from Schleswig-Holstein. The EU licenses are much more important, for example those from Malta.

The logo of the Malta Gaming AuthorityThe regulator of Malta has introduced new safety standards in online gambling in recent years. The inspectors make their own specifications strict and rigorously implemented. Malta has the EU Commission guidelines adopted “one to one” and thus proves its progressiveness.

Legal position
By the way it was despite the vague legal situation No user in this country has yet been convicted just for taking part in an online game of chance.The only disadvantage for American customers is that with In the event of disputes with the casino provider, the claims may not be enforced in court in Germany.

Evaluation criteria: You should check legal online casinos for this

If you don't always have our detailed reviews on hand, you should definitely get one small guideline lay out that always keeps you on the right side of seriousness and security. Therefore, now and here you will get some criteria with which you can independently separate the feel-good casinos from the black sheep of the industry:

1. safety

“Safety first” is definitely your primary motto in online gambling. Fortunately, the times of the really bad rip-offs are over, but by no means every casino just wants your best. You can pay attention to the following four things relatively easily and thus yours Significantly increase security:


  • You cannot avoid a state license. The logic is quite simple: not every unlicensed casino wants to harm you, but no licensed casino can do this. Or at least it is not made easy for the casino, because an official casino license obliges the operator to do some decisive things, which he might not have been keen on. The following points will show you some of it.A state license also protects you from the state at the same time. Because while gambling law is traditionally not that easy to understand, a state with such a license guarantees you that full legality of your doing. We look forward to the new The USAlicenses, but we can still recommend the counterpart from Malta to you.

SSL encryption

  • Since the European data protection regulation of 2018, it has been a must for every website: the Secure Sockets Layer encryption (SSL). In the pioneering days of the Internet, a selection you made or the user name in an HTML document was simply passed on in the address line and was ultimately visible to everyone.This has long since come to an end, because SSL protects you from data theft. Your entries are securely encrypted and nobody can sit between you and the recipient. 128 bits are completely sufficient, but sometimes you can even get 256 bit encryption from the casino. You recognize your protection by this "Https: //" in the address line and the lock symbol Besides.

Responsible gaming

  • Nobody needs all the advice on responsible gaming. Until you suddenly needed them. Anyone who does not pursue his passion for the casino in a responsible manner risks losing his house and yard and a real and often long-term medical condition called Gambling addiction.
  • Since here too the windy casino operators have little incentive to keep their customers from gambling, good state licenses are required sufficiently large range of information including contact options if you or a casino employee notice behavior that is at risk of addiction.There should be options for Limitation of funds and playing times be available and maybe even a self-test in the form of a questionnaire. Of course, responsible gaming also includes the exclusion of minors from gambling. However, when online casinos operate legally, this is a matter of course for them.

seal of approval

  • Test seals are always good, but watch out, because the casinos simply invent some seals themselves. You can usually find everything relevant to this in the lower section of the page. A seal from eCOGRA, iTech Labs or GLI stands for quality. Independent institutes test the games for fairness and publish the actual payout percentages.The TÜV also awards a seal of approval for successful data protection. Internationally recognized awards like the EGR Awards are of course always a seal of quality.

2. Customer service

If there is security, however, excellent customer service is still required for a high level of reliability. After all, you shouldn't be left out in the rain in case of difficulties. the Contact options to trained employees as a link between your passion and the rollers should ideally meet all requirements.

Deposit and withdrawal

From a purely legal point of view, a lot is allowed when it comes to money transfers, which is morally questionable. You can hang out for days and weeks, you can introduce fees, you can invent high deposit and low withdrawal limits or Simply freeze funds with an excuse. In short: make sure that none of this is the case.

Serious payment methods

With all the crooked payment terms, one thing is clearly non-negotiable: The money has to be transported reliably and must not just disappear in the casino. Therefore, both reputable payment service providers from Mastercard are licensed giropay towards Trustly as well as the strict use of externally stored accounts. So you never put money virtually on the counter in licensed casinos and then trust that the casino employee will handle it carefully.

3. Additional fees

Deposit fees must be a thing of the past, unless the casino allows you to use an "exotic" payment partner, which is associated with increased fees for the casino itself. The same applies if you want to deposit below the minimum amount, because only from this point on does the operator operate solidly. Apart from the stake and the internal deductions of the rake, the games themselves should of course not cost any extra entry fee.

When it comes to withdrawals, things are a little different. Many operators forego fees here too, and of course that is how it should be. Withdrawal fees are still fairly common, however and also correspond to what modern e-wallets, for example, often require. It is fair if the first payment of the month is free and then something is deducted for the additional work.

4th. verification

It's a chore for most gamers, but believe us, verification is clearly a benefit for you at the end of the day.


Due to the licenses, the casinos are obliged to store all of your data from a certain cumulative payout amount (in Malta around 2.300 euros) and the corresponding Copies and photos to request. Often this is expected of you right from the start.

The process is usually once only necessary and sometimes completed on the same day. Of course, you confirm your identity and recognize the legal interest of the casino in it, but on the other hand you can also be sure that there are only verified people around in the casino. This makes money laundering and fraud much more difficult.

FAQ - Online casinos legal

❓ Which payment methods are generally recommended?

The best online casinos offer a great deal diverse portfolio of payment methods at. With German-speaking users, e-wallets in particular are on the rise. The American financial group PayPal has withdrawn from the casino business. But there are still very good alternatives like NETELLER or Skrill.

⚠ What types of dubious casinos are there on the internet?

If you get into a dubious casino, you could run the risk of losing your money, playing on manipulated software or falling for unrealistic promises of bonuses. So that you can never get to the wrong provider, we have one for you Online casino blacklist creates and updates them constantly.

〽️ How many customers are estimated to be active in online casinos??

An exact number of regular online casino players is not recorded.However, based on some figures from the market leaders, one can assume that the Total number of players in the multi-digit million range emotional.

❌ What causes allegations of fraud in the forums?

Hardly any online casino provider is spared from negative reports in the Internet forums. To what extent this belief can be bestowed, however, is very questionable. When choosing the right one Internet casinos you should the Consult forums on the sidelines. Of course, some of the comments in the forums may be accurate, but the vast majority are certain subjective opinions.

➕ What is gambling anyway?

In The USAthey basically count all games of chance where luck is the main factor, where one's own ability or knowledge has only a relatively minor influence.

Conclusion: There are numerous legal online casinos

Finally, we would like to state once again that online casinos in The USAare currently tolerated and on the basis of the new one State Treaty on Gambling can receive an official American license from July 2021. This allows online casinos in The USAto become legal.

What the legislative changes will bring in 2021 cannot be 100% estimated at this point in time. But we already know that the topic Player protection is high on the list and above all the deposit limit of 1.000 euros per month is a very strict requirement. What will happen before the resolutions and whether large casino operators will withdraw from the American market, remains to be seen. However, one thing is already certain: The coming months will be exciting for both players and casino companies.

You shouldn't play carelessly until then. It is important to always take a close look at the casinos in which you want to play. Only in this way can ultimately be guaranteed, no nasty surprises to experience. If you follow the requirements described in this article hold, however, you should not experience any problems. And when the new regulation is there, the slots can also officially legally go to the slots from July 2021.

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