Online casino best chances of winning - This is how easy it is to maximize online casino chances of winning

Each of you will pursue the goal of making the largest possible profits in the online casino. Supposedly this venture arises in Online casino with a high chance of winning the easiest. However, significantly more factors play an important role. We therefore show you tips and tricks to maximize profit.

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the essentials in brief
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  • overview: Not every online casino offers high chances of winning.
  • Chapter 1: The variance or. Volatility has an impact on the chance of winning.
  • Chapter 2: Even with that own Gaming behavior a lot can be achieved.
  • Chapter 3: the choice of right Game or Casinos can also polish up the chances of winning.

table of contents

What is important at online casinos with the best chances of winning?  

We want to start our article with an overview of what you can do when choosing your Real money slot machines or keep your casino game in mind.

Of course, things like that play out here RTP (Return to Player) and the House edge important roles, but in the following paragraphs we want to focus on what you can do personally to maximize your personal online casino chances of winning.

The focus is therefore not on the conditions in the casino, but much more on what you can do to maximize your profits.

To begin with, we would like to address two basic things that are obviously at the center of the question when it comes to the best opportunities for profit and the maximum profit in the online casino turns.

The variance (volatility) of the slot

Everyone's variance Slots is one of the key answers when it comes to the question of which slot machine you have the greatest chance of winning.

The variance, also called volatility, is the statistical distribution of profits. While slots with a low variance tend to represent higher chances of winning with smaller wins, the online casino chances of winning are at High variance slots smaller, but the winnings are significantly higher.

In contrast to roulette, where the variance is a clear one Roulette strategy could be developed there significantly more complex ways to win in slot machines, which also depend on the paylines and thus also on your stake.
Here you can find more information like you in Win online casino can.

Which volatility is suitable for the best chance of profit?

Which variance or volatility is the best for yours Play style? We cannot answer this question exactly, because you have to have your personal application possibilities in the back of your mind.

Basically, as the long-standing experts in the industry confirm, are Slots with a higher variance are more profitable in the long run. Slot games with a higher variance have in Online casinos Although the statistical chances of winning are lower in the short term, they are many times more profitable.


If you can afford it, accept a dry spell over several rounds of play so that you can absorb your losses with a larger profit in one fell swoop, then we would advise you to use slot machines with a higher variance.

At the same time, slot machines with a medium or low variance make more sense for players who want to increase their chances of winning in the online casino with the bonus and wagering requirements, because this is the case constant profits and losses are factored in can be.


If you are familiar with a slot machine game, you can also develop your own flair, how the variance affects your financial budget. It would be helpful to create your own Excel table with which you can create your own EV value (expected value) can calculate.

Since the variance is different from slot to slot, we recommend that you do a short research on your desired slot and at the same time check that the volatility you agree.

When researching, however, you should make sure that you have your Information directly from the provider's website receive.

Unfortunately, some websites on the internet give you guys outdated or simply incorrectly researched data. Ideally - which unfortunately happens far too rarely - you should include this information Online casinos with real money can get.

Slot machine, card game or even bingo - what role does the type of game play?

In addition to the variance, of course there is also the Type of game decisive for the chances of winning in the online casino. Here, too, the topic can be approached with mathematical approaches, since all necessary and interesting data could evidently be collected over a longer period of time.

If you want to maximize your profit accordingly, we have to give you games, such as bingo, Keno or Scratch cards advise against.

While we are aware that this is just new casino games are in the online casino, which refresh long gaming sessions, but these types of games count not to the games in the online casino with the highest profit opportunities.

Instead, the focus should be more on classic slot machine games be judged.

Roulette and blackjack in particular are games in the live version that are not only easy to understand, but also high statistical payout percentages can have.


In case of Online blackjack we move here at over 99%, while the different variants of the roulette, such as the French or automated Online roulette, can only be classified just below.

In both cases the The house edge is therefore extremely low, whereby better online casino chances of winning can arise.

Another positive aspect for Online casino table games is the fact that both games, especially blackjack, thrive on your skills and your skills can also be improved.

With every round of the game, which you can possibly complete without any financial risk, you improve your knowledge and thereby strengthen your online casino profit opportunities.

Thanks to various betting strategies or aids, such as a blackjack calculator or a table with the respective game situations, additional Aids can be used profitably.

here best casino games with high odds!

How can your own chances of winning in the online casino be improved?

In addition to the aspects mentioned, which are fundamentally important when choosing the game from the Casino Games List or slot machine game, you are and your gaming behavior is the other variable, of course, which contribute to higher profit opportunities.

We want to offer you now some approaches, with which you your check your own gaming behavior can.

Eventually you will recognize things, which not run ideally at the moment and should be adjusted in the future.

However, it is not our goal to offer you one Style of play to impose.

Rather the opposite is the case. High profit opportunities in the online casino also depend largely on yours individual abilities and your self-confidence in certain situations the right decision hold true.

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Careful use of the financial budget

The basis for successful months or even years in the online casino is a healthy use of your financial budget.

It is completely irrelevant which one new online casinos have the highest chances of winning, yours Financial budget must be set by you and honestly adhered to will.

This starts with choosing the one you want Casino bonus, for any further deposits and also for the fulfillment of the bonus and wagering requirements.


All of these are important points in the search for an online casino with a high chance of winning that only you can answer. You are in control of the situation and have your finances under control.

Be honest with yourself and use the opportunities to do so individual limitation of your account, which should offer you good online casinos with serious chances of winning.

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Gain experience at the slot for free

Another point that is unfortunately used less and less is that Play money mode in many online casinos. Here you do not necessarily have to resort to an online casino with a high chance of winning.


Many of you are wondering what kind of sense it would make if you were without Real money bets plays in the online casino. In truth, this is the core of the problem for a lower chance of winning in an online casino that you don't have in an online casino with a high chance of winning.

Of the Fun is and remains the driving force, which is why you should find one or, in the best case, several slot machines that you really enjoy. So test what it takes, look for new slot machine games and, thanks to the play money mode, don't take any financial risks.

Learn the small details and tricks of the slot know and thus gain security and the necessary self-confidence to be able to make the right decision in difficult situations.

Have open ears and eyes for new approaches to play

Last but not least, we should point out to you that Stagnation and listless gaming sessions, which have practically become routine and hardly aroused any interest, are the absolute Achilles heels of every casino player.

Not only should you sprout with fun, you should never fall into a game pattern.

The developments in the online casino are serious and will always be new approaches to different slots and casino games.

They are also getting on in years Online casino strategies and tips on using new data and analysis updated.

All of this does not have to be greater profit opportunities lead in the online casino, but it can help you to increase your personal chances of winning.

Therefore, be open to new analyzes and strategies even before looking for an online casino with a high chance of winning and keep up to date with us and in the usual forums.

Among other things, we have put together some of the new trends from the past few years:

Reputable online casinos with the best chance of winning

In conclusion, we have to point out to you that not only the Choosing the right slot machine game plays a decisive role in the online casino probability of winning, but also the choice of the actual online casino.

An online casino with a high chance of winning wants well chosen be.

Make absolutely sure that you give your financial resources into the hands of a reputable company and therefore no nasty surprise in the event of a possible one Online casino payout have to experience at a later point in time.

We have put together a few small criteria for you, what to look for when choosing your reputable online casinos you should definitely pay attention and when you should refrain from registering in any case.

In our Online casino comparison you are sure to find one suitable provider.

The best online casinos with the best chances of winning in the market in 2021 - Our top 5!

  1. Slotsmillion Casino
  2. Cashimashi
  3. LeoVegas
  4. AmunRa Casino
  5. Caxino

High bonus unequal to the best online casino chances of winning

One of the most well-known and common mistakes is choosing an online casino based purely on the casino Amount of the casino bonus offer.

A high one VIP casino bonus does not correspond to any quality feature, it is only a sign that an online casino is urgently dependent on new customers.


If you look around at the big names in the scene, you will quickly see that a high one new casino bonus rather corresponds to the rarity.

Instead, established industry leaders are more likely to cooperate Free spins or long-term bonus programs, from which you can also benefit in the further course.

A Medium or long-term bonus program in the online casino guarantees you good long-term chances of winning and lasting fun.

Best chances of winning only at online casinos with a gambling license 

Before you can even think about a deposit, you should of course also take a look at the footnotes of the online casino.

There you will next to the licensed online casino payment methods especially a reference to the current one Company gambling license obtain.

TÜV logo

In the meantime, this part of the online casinos is more than worn out and you can hardly understand it. Which license is the best license for online casinos with the highest chances of winning? There is no correct answer to this question, as many gambling authorities now meet the highest standards.

Nevertheless, from our point of view it is safer if you have an online casino at least one current EU gaming license selects.

Malta Gaming Authority Logo

UK Gambling Commission logoIn Europe, the Gambling authorities Malta, in Gibraltar and Great Britain as well as establishing the American TÜV license as an industry leader.

One Curacao gambling license is now common practice, but it does not fully meet European standards.

Logo from Curacao

In the future, the new one will be especially here state gambling contract in The USAplay a crucial role. Some casinos have already been granted the provisional license. In the future, it will therefore be interesting to see which companies can stand out from the crowd by receiving the license.

Good customer service is essential for online casinos with the highest chance of winning  

Every online casino with good chances of winning should also have one first class customer service able to offer.


You have not only earned this, but in our experience it is absolutely necessary. After all, there can always be problems with the payout, yours verification or give your login details yourself.

Therefore, you should only be registered with an online casino that you 24/7 contact with customer service to record. This must be done in the Live chat as well as email to be possible.

We also recommend keeping an eye out for a free telephone hotline, but ours Online casino experiences Unfortunately, these are dying out more and more.

Also make sure that it is a German-speaking customer service and one detailed FAQ is present on the website.

Good chances of winning in the online casino also depend on the software

Last but not least, there are those Provider, who make the software available to you in your online casino. These also have an impact on an online casino with a high chance of winning.

Play'n Go logo

NetEnt logo

Here, too, trends can be identified as to which provider best RTP slots offer as well more paylines and finally a higher variance for their slot machines.

Mixed with the possible uses, some providers can stand out from the crowd.

Nevertheless, we would like to point out that especially nowadays many copies of slot machine games in circulation are, which is why we advise you to only use well-known and reputable providers and their software.

Merkur Gaming logo

Logo from Bally Wulff

All reputable providers must therefore also Withstand demands and regulations in Germany and must also submit themselves and their games to the strict controls.

FAQ - Online casino with a high chance of winning

❓ Is there an online casino with the greatest profit opportunities?

No, you can easily find out which online casinos have the highest payout percentages, but unfortunately this does not say anything about your chances of winning.

✅ Which slot machine do you have the best chance of winning??

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this question. The best opportunities to win are based on various requirements, such as your financial budget, your style of play, your experience at the respective slot and of course the variance and volatility of the slot machine.

⭕️ Are the RTP values ​​critical to high profits?

Not quite. It cannot be denied that the respective RTP values, which are published by the respective providers for their slot machines, provide information about the attractiveness of a slot. However, this is not the decisive factor, but only part of the decision-making process which slot machine game has the highest chance of winning.

〽️ Increase playing strategies the chances of winning in the online casino?

Yes, the use of different game strategies can certainly lead to an increase in the chances of winning. Experienced connoisseurs of the scene know of the advantages of the strategies, but are also aware that a certain financial budget must be available. Strategies are exposed to long-term gains, but higher losses must be taken into account in the short term.

⚠ Can strategies be tested without financial risk?

Yes, as a rule, your online casino should offer you the opportunity to test at least large parts of the range of games in play money mode. This allows you to test possible strategies or tricks without financial risk and to improve your skills on the various slot machines.

❌ Are there certain games in the live casino with extremely high profit opportunities?

Here, too, we have to point out that the chances of winning in the live casino are also directly influenced by you and your gaming behavior. Nevertheless, the average payout percentages can be seen that especially Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat are right at the front and offer you the most attractive profit opportunities.

➕ Is the choice of the online casino important for high chances of winning?

The choice of online casino has no effect on the amount of the respective chances of winning, but the right choice is crucial for a successful payout. As a rule, high winnings can be paid out much easier and more smoothly at reputable online casinos.

Conclusion: The right selection of the slot and the online casino are of decisive nature!

Our final conclusion can you no exact answer on which slot machine you should use for the highest online casino chances of winning, but rather give directional tips and tricks on the way.

There are just too many factors at play, too many individual aspects are crucial for medium and long-term success in online casinos.

Therefore, from our point of view, it is also necessary that you are meticulous some slot machines and games should concentrate in the online casino.

Nobody can be an absolute expert on every slot like im Live casino.

In our editorial team there were also many discussions and different approaches, like yours, during the article Increase chances of winning in the online casino can.

In the end, all we can do is give you the path to your own path and a develop a certain security have to live without being beyond your financial means.

Find out exactly what they are Slots, their variance and RTP values, the various possible uses and, of course, strategies that are recommended by other players.

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