Online casino tips for beginners - 11 tips & tricks for the perfect start

You are interested in online gambling, but have no experience? No problem: The advisor "Online casino tips for beginners“Helps you. I'll tell you the most important tips for online casino beginners and present the best casinos for the optimal start. In addition, this article explains the many advantages of virtual gambling halls as well as the common technical terms.

the essentials in brief
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  • Online gambling offers numerous advantages compared to stationary game libraries. Above all, better chances of winning, a larger selection and a play money mode.
  • Before you start playing for money, there is important tips for online casino beginners to be observed. 1. Lesson: Play for fun and only with the money you have left!
  • Don't worry: gambling in virtual casinos is legal! The new legal basis however, they are very strict and have restrictions.
  • Web casinos are a dime a dozen! Choosing a safe, reputable operator is essential. Find out how Beginners can find the right online casino.
  • Bankroll, Dealer, Payline or High Roller? There are many technical terms in the gambling world. That compact casino glossary get fit.

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Why play in the online casino at all?

Even for absolute newbies, the Internet is the ideal place to get acquainted with gambling for the first time and perhaps permanently. Because just like in a classic casino, you can also use all online casinos gamble very comfortably for real money. There is also the option, to play completely risk-free with play money. Using this option is one of the most important online casino tips for beginners.

Online casinos and their games can be used directly via the Internet browser without any download. And that around the clock and thanks to modern Online casino apps also at any time on a smartphone or tablet and thus independent of location. Unbeatable advantages over land-based casinos. No arrival, no entry, no Dress code and no waiting times at the slot machines and tables are further advantages.

The start of the online gambling adventure is very easy. The biggest challenge is still to find the right one for you from the enormous number of Internet gaming temples. Our Online casino comparison help you with this mission. The rest is a breeze. The registration takes a few minutes and you already have full access to a great variety of casino games, which exceeds those in the earth's gaming libraries and casino houses many times over.

Even newbies enjoy many casino advantages online

So the question is: why not play in the online casino? After all, the list of benefits is long:

  • Lush selection of online casinos - something can be found for every taste.
  • Registration is quick, easy and free.
  • Play from the comfort of your home or on the go.
  • Online casinos are always open.
  • Many portals are very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Gigantic and constantly growing selection of games.
  • The rules of most games are simple and easy to understand.
  • Various games can be played in fun mode without obligation and without risk.
  • Thanks to the low minimum stakes, you don't need a lot of credit to play for real money.
  • Even absolute beginners can win.
  • Significantly higher payout percentages and thus better chances of winning than in real casinos.
  • Lots of attractive bonus promotions.

But of course it should not go unmentioned that gambling in general and therefore also in online casinos has some disadvantages and dangers. This includes:

  • Casinos always have a (mathematical) house edge in all games.
  • It can lead to gambling addiction (with online casinos there can be corresponding problems due to the permanent availability).
  • You always need a good dose of luck to win.

Top 11: The most important tips for online casino beginners

Before betting the first euro, you should make the following 11 Tips for online casino beginners read it very carefully and write behind the ears. These will help you make the right decisions.

1. Tip: Having fun must come first when gambling

To start with, there are the most important of all beginner tips for online casinos: Have fun with the game! Sounds clumsy, but it is of fundamental importance for success in gambling! Online money games are a modern form of entertainment. This is exactly how you should approach it and therefore Dive into the exciting world of online casinos just for fun and thrill.

The prospect of (very) attractive cash prizes is there. And it is precisely the newbies who are kissed by the goddess of luck Fortuna, who have the infamous beginner's luck on their side and who regularly make profits. Sometimes also very considerable. There is of course no guarantee for this and profits are not to be expected. In any case, the goal should never be pursued exclusively, Earn money in the online casino to want. Anyone who enters the virtual arcade with these false expectations can only lose.

  • It is wiser and more advisable to play freely, not to put pressure on yourself and to enjoy the time and the game.

Tip 2: Don't put money into what is needed

Only play with money that you really have left in the online casino! Even if most newcomers to gambling bring so much common sense and foresight, this important aspect must be included in the online casino tips for beginners. You should never feed the casino games with money that you actually use to cover your running costs (rent, utilities, insurance, etc.).) or required for an upcoming or planned purchase. The rule of thumb is:

  • If you can't afford to lose money, then don't play at the casino!

The amount that you want to invest for gambling in the online casino should best be written off in advance. If the game session ends without a loss or even with a profit, all the better. But if the money is lost, it cannot be a personal horror scenario. In addition, it is important to avoid the widespread gambling mistake of trying to get back the losses suffered by shooting new money.

Tip 3: Determine the gaming budget: Play with fixed limits & stick to them

When it comes to casino gambling for beginners, it can be observed again and again that many beginners give too little or no thought to handling their gaming credit! Doing so is a smart one Casino bankroll management very important especially when gambling and the basis for long-term gaming fun (and success). But what should you watch out for when managing your gaming credit??

  • Based on your available bank balance in the casino, a fixed amount determined, that you want to gamble away as much as possible. The budget applies to the entire game round. It is important to adhere strictly and strictly to your own loss limit! More may not be wagered and / or gambled away on this day in the online casino. This approach is also recommended for any profits! As a result, you set a target amount before the game starts, which ideally will be won. Once the sum is reached, it's over!

Money management in the online casino is required Self-discipline! But you have to show this when gambling. Who is not serious in Online casino real money better not to gamble in the first place. The risk of slipping into gambling addiction is simply too great.

Conveniently, in every serious online casino you can set your own and different limits in the sense of responsible gaming. This can be both deposit limits and maximum limits for losses. The periods can be selected individually - per day, week or month.

Tip 4: Careful entry: start with risk-free demo versions in the online casino

One of the best online casino tips for beginners is of course the use free and risk-free fun mode! Only play money is used here and you still get a real gambling feeling, even if the adrenaline rush does not occur. Nevertheless, the demo versions are ideal for the first steps in the online casino and extensive testing!

Fortunately, with many providers, almost the entire range of games can only be used in demo versions for fun. Not only the popular online slot machines, but also the majority of table and card games such as roulette, Blackjack and Co.
The live casino - if available - is excluded from this! Live games are always played for real money. However, you can follow the game as a silent and passive observer.

Please also note that not every casino has slots with play money in its quiver and that they can only be used if you are logged in and have set up an account accordingly. As an online casino beginner, only join a provider with a practice mode. Because this offers invaluable advantages for several reasons that you should not do without:

  • On the one hand, you can play completely without risk and without spending a cent! A cautious approach to gambling is thus possible.
  • At the same time, casino newbies do not run the risk of wasting their entire gaming balance in a hurry due to lack of experience or lack of knowledge.
  • On the other hand, the practice mode of the games gives beginners a realistic feeling for the process and the functionality of the virtual game of chance. Because the game play in play money and real money mode is largely identical. Only special game or bonus functions are not always on board the demo versions. But with the general procedure in the online casinos you can get up close and personal.
  • In this way you can also familiarize yourself with the exact rules of the game for individual titles in practice.
Exemplary: Im Cashimashi Casino the play money mode cannot be overlooked (screenshot: Cashimashi)

The fun mode of the casino games can be easily activated. As a rule, it is sufficient if you navigate with the cursor over the preview image of the desired game. There are instructions there that read, for example, “Try it for fun”, “Play for fun”, “Play for free” or “Demo”.

Tip 5: This is how you will find the right game as an online casino beginner

An XXL selection awaits you in the online casinos. Several 100 games are standard, well over 1.000 or even 2.000 not uncommon. The popular Slots make up the mammoth share by far. Such a huge selection of games can really overwhelm beginners in the gaming world. So how should you go about finding the right game??

Supposedly good tips for online casino beginners, such as the range offered in the Casino Games List To try it out on a large scale to your heart's content in the fun mode, however, are only conditionally advisable. Because once you have tested 10, 20 or even more casino games, you will hardly remember the advantages of the first, let alone all games. Hence mine general advice:

  • Don't make science out of finding the right game. Don't worry about your head! If a game interests, likes and / or excites you straight away, then you should play it too. Leave it to a few casino games for now. And don't forget: read the rules before playing for real money, find out the payout ratio and test it out thoroughly in fun mode. The most important thing is that you understand the game!

Do you have valuable ones first Online casino experiences you can always turn to other games at a later point in time.

Aside from your own interests and preferences, as an online casino beginner you should consider the level of difficulty. Simple games are the best choice. Well-known classics such as roulette and blackjack serve as good examples. Both relatively simple casino games that also come with best chance of winning Curls. The catch: According to the new online casinos regulations Table and card games are prohibited. The range of games is therefore often limited to slot machines. But these online slots are also predestined for your entry into the casino. Because:

  • No specific skills are required or the mastery of special strategies is required.
  • Operation is a breeze.
  • Slots can be played with just a few cents per round.

One of the most important online casino tips for beginners is that for now classic slots should be played with 3 reels. These are particularly beginner-friendly, simply structured and offer a very tidy play surface. A prominent representative of popular 3-reel machines is Triple triple chance from the house Mercury! In addition, beginners should prefer slots with low volatility, for example the classic Starburst or Jack Hammer. The risk is generally lower and on average it is paid out more often, albeit with smaller winnings. The more frequent payouts increase motivation and fun.

These are compared to modern, complex slot machines with 5 reels, which have a wide variety of features (bonus meter, Megaways Etc.) and special games are equipped. Here you get a lot more variety in the long run. However, a certain amount of experience is helpful. Until you have this, your credo when choosing a game should be: Simplicity is the key!

Tip 6: Assess your chances of winning correctly: Online casinos also have a house advantage

All casinos have a built-in statistical advantage in EVERY game called a House edge. This ensures that the casino operators make profits in the long term and thus remain economical. After all, online casinos also have to earn money in order to employ employees, technology and co. to be able to pay. However, this does not mean that you have no chance of winning. Even if the well-known saying “The bank always wins” conveys something different. If so, nobody would be playing in the casino! Rather, it just takes enough players that best casino games gamble.

The important thing to know is that the house edge varies from game to game. Even within a game, the odds of winning can be very different. In European roulette, for example, it is far more likely that a bet on red or black will win (chance of winning over 46%) than if you bet on a certain number (chance of winning under 3%).

  • The following basically applies in gambling: The higher the chance of winning, the lower the possible profit and vice versa!

Even with online slots, the theoretical chances of winning differ from game to game. the Payout percentage is mostly in the range of 93 to 98% and thus significantly higher than in stationary Casinos, Bars or snack bars (mostly only 60-65%), which in turn have to bear higher costs.

Payout percentage? This value indicates what percentage of the stake a player gets back on average. Therefore, the payout rate is also known as the payout rate or in English as "Return to player“(RTP). The payout rate is always given in percent and is always below 100%. Reputable casinos indicate the RTP value for each game so that it is easy to find. Possibly clearly visible directly on the game surface or in the game rules or. the pay table.

  • Important to know: The higher the payout percentage of a game and the lower the house edge (both together always add up to 100%), the higher the theoretical chances of winning for the player!

For a better understanding, the following is a specific example of the payout ratio:

In the legendary Starburst slot, the payout rate is 96.10%. The remaining 3.9% represent the house edge. If you play with a total stake of 100 euros, you theoretically lose 3.90 euros. Since the payout rate is only a statistical average value based on several 1000 game rounds and distributed across all players, it looks different in reality, of course. The lucky ones win 100 euros with a few spins, others lose the entire 100 euros.

Tip 7: Increase your chances of winning with strategies and systems

A lot of gambling depends on luck. But luck can certainly be given a helping hand. Online casino strategies make it possible! Especially in roulette and blackjack there are a lot of strategic and tactical approaches. These betting systems are usually not complicated, easy to understand and easy to use. So valuable online casino tips for beginners. Even for the slots, on the other hand, there is the popular opinion Slot machines, tips and tricks, with which strategic profits can be achieved.

A very simple, but very promising approach for casino beginners is, increasingly on titles with a high payout ratio or. Games with a low house edge to bet in the online casino. This includes:

  • Roulette (especially the European version)
  • Blackjack
  • Craps (dice game, also known as Seven Eleven)
  • Baccarat (card game)

Best RTP slots are also a clear recommendation in casino gambling for beginners. For example, slot machines with a payout ratio of 98% and more offer high winning probabilities, so that you can regularly expect at least smaller wins. Painfully long series of bankruptcies are the exception with these slots.

  • A strategic way of playing in the online casino is not only interesting with regard to possible winnings. Because at the same time losses can be minimized. That in turn means that you stay in the game longer!

But the truth is also: The house edge of online casinos can be significantly influenced in your favor by means of suitable strategies and reduced overall so that the best possible can be extracted from the chances of winning. But you can never completely eliminate the house advantage! Even the supposedly safe, perfect and sophisticated system has at least one weak point somewhere and cannot guarantee winnings in gambling!

You see, there is a lot to learn about online casinos and their games. But don't make yourselves crazy. You don't have to study specific gambling strategies or certain betting systems to get started. Luck is and will remain the most important component of casino fun.

Tip 8: Correct use of bonus promotions: Do not strike blindly

"100% bonus up to 100 euros", We triple the first deposit "," Receive 250 euros bonus ": Typical examples of the lucrative welcome bonuses that online casinos use to attract customers. However, such new customer bonuses are not gifts of money!

The tempting welcome bonus from SlotsMillion Casino (Screenshot: SlotsMillion)

The casino operators honor your first deposit and let you jump in bonus money and / or free spins. But almost all bonus offers are tied to certain provisions. And they can really have it, because a wager-free casino bonus is rare. The bonus received or the sum of the deposit amount and the bonus usually has to be converted into games within the casino several times. Usually between 25 to 50 times. That means around 100 euros Free casino bonus to be able to and to have the money paid out, you would have to 2.500 to 5.Have wagered € 000 in the casino. And that in a fixed time frame.

One of the most important online casino tips for beginners with the welcome bonus is therefore: Don't strike blindly right away! Always read the bonus terms carefully and make sure that you understand them! Weigh up whether the specifications are even feasible for you. And if you have any questions or if anything is unclear, it is best to contact customer service directly.

The following criteria make it clear what characterizes fair and beginner-friendly bonus provisions:

  • low wagering requirement (e.g.B. 30x deposit),
  • long play-through time (e.g.B. 30 days and more) and
  • one low minimum deposit (e.g.B. from 10 euros) to activate the bonus.

If the specific bonus rules seem too difficult and demanding to you, then stay away from them! Otherwise, of course, nothing speaks against it Online casino welcome bonus perceive and its financial added value to use. Especially when it comes to free free spins no deposit or a so-called No deposit bonus (in German: bonus without deposit) acts.

These basic online casino tips for beginners also apply to all other bonus offers that are regularly available for existing customers. These are available in a wide variety of forms. Ranging from free spins over Cashbacks Everything is included up to further deposit bonuses.

Be aware, however, that bonus promotions a) primarily aim to encourage customers to play and b) are particularly worthwhile for players who play regularly and a lot over the long term.

Tip 9: Don't miss the right time to quit

Even very experienced and active gamblers struggle to find the ideal moment to end a gaming session. How are newcomers supposed to do it?? Plus some online casino tips for beginners.

A simple rule of thumb states: Stop when it is most beautiful! For example, if you are in the middle of a lucky streak and have generated good profits. But easier said than done. Because whoever wins naturally has no desire to quit. But that is exactly where the art lies. Even if it is extremely difficult. You shouldn't overstrain your luck in the casino. Because this happiness is finite and the tide can turn extremely quickly.

  • My advice: Secures part of the profit during a successful gaming session. There is nothing wrong with transferring this directly to the bank account! There is nothing more annoying than having earned a nice sum of winnings only to briefly lose it back to the casino.

Analogous to the lucky streak, you should also act during a series of bankruptcies. Don't make the big (beginner) mistake and chase after your losses. Some players are of the firm opinion that if you just keep playing long enough, they will sooner or later be rewarded for “bravely enduring” a painful dry spell. Or higher stakes are made in order to make up for the losses suffered as quickly as possible. Of course, it can work out, but this basic assumption is simply wrong and reliably backfires!

  • Because no game outcome in the online casino is influenced by past or future results. Each game round is a new, completely independent sequence, the result of which is determined solely by the random number generator. This means that the probabilities for red or black always remain the same in roulette!

Online casino beginner tips generally recommend that you draw a line under the gaming session when you reach the fixed budget and loss / win limits! If you were able to celebrate good winnings or have had to cope with larger losses, then a break from gambling is also appropriate. Regardless of whether it is for several hours or a few days.

Tip 10: Psychologically valuable: allow for losses

As already emphasized in the online casino tips for beginners, winnings are always possible. But losing is also a constant in gambling. It is the constant and unpredictable change of winning and losing that makes casino games so appealing.

So that you do not lose the fun in the course of lost game rounds in addition to the use, you should use a simple trick:

  • Be prepared from the start that you will lose money in the online casino and that defeats are part of everyday gambling! True to the motto: expect the worst, but hope for the best!

So you are mentally well prepared in case things don't go at all. Especially among newcomers it can be observed that after the first big defeat they throw the gun in the grain and turn their backs on the casino permanently. Calculating losses is extremely helpful from a psychological point of view alone.

  • On the one hand, it will keep you from taking unnecessary risks.
  • On the other hand, it reduces disappointment when you actually lose a few laps. In addition, the positive feeling of winning is reinforced.

Tip 11: No emotions, no pressure, no alcohol

No question about it: When you play in the online casino, things can get emotional on the home PC screen or mobile phone display. Series of bankruptcies go hand in hand with anger and frustration, limitless joy and drunkenness are meanwhile side effects of profits! Prepare for an emotional roller coaster ride. But there is one thing you should avoid as much as possible according to the best tips for online casino beginners:

  • When playing, emotions should never determine your actions! The cooler and more level-headed you play, the better! Otherwise, you are guaranteed to make unfavorable decisions.

It is a great advantage if you keep a cool head. Avoid alcohol while playing in the online casino, if possible. If you look too deep into the glass, you tend to get one cocky style of play, which only leads to losses.

Pressure or hectic pace also have no place in your gaming session. It is well known that strength lies in rest! Do not stress yourself when choosing the casino or game and certainly not while playing. Wanting to clear away a large sum on the fly with high stakes and bet everything on one card is definitely the wrong approach.

In short: If you play emotionless, relaxed and sober, you have good prerequisites for a successful casino stay!

Current legal situation: Is playing in the online casino allowed at all??

American gamblers have always been exposed to a legal gray area when it comes to gambling on the Internet. But I can reassure you: Online casinos are legal in The USAand therefore gambling is also allowed! You are not breaking any law, nor are you making yourself liable to prosecution!

Last but not least, the provides clarity new gambling contract. This will come into force in The USAin July 2021. But the harbingers are already taking effect, as after much back and forth the federal states were able to come up with an interim solution to regulate the Internet casinos some. If online casinos want to continue to offer their services in this country, they have to around 30 new, strict rules were observed will. These also have an impact on the players and their gaming habits. Here are the most important features:

  • For players in Germany, a maximum deposit and loss limit of 1 applies across providers.000 euros per month.
  • The maximum bet per game is 1 euro.
  • Table games such as roulette or blackjack are (for the time being) no longer permitted. The popular live casinos have also been switched off.
  • Slots and Poker are still available, but new terms and conditions apply. So z.B. only one machine can be played at the same time (no more multislotting) and a game round must last at least 5 seconds. In addition, there is no longer an autoplay function that allows many game rounds to be played without interruption. In poker, on the other hand, you can only play against real opponents and at most four tables at the same time. A random generator decides on the allocation of tables.
  • The play money mode can only be used by registered and verified players.
  • The online casino must be connected to a new nationwide player lock file that contains all of the player's data.
  • Extended player protection and responsible gaming are the focus of the new regulations (e.g.B. through automated early detection system for gambling addiction, the option of a 24-hour lock).
  • Players are regularly informed of how much money has been lost / won.

Reading recommendation: You can find more information on the current legal situation in the following guides:

This is how beginners find the right online casino

Before the gambling fun can even start, you must of course first decide and register for an online casino. Not an easy undertaking, there are hundreds of casinos to choose from and see them regularly new online casinos The Light of the World.

Take your time to make decisions. Don't rush into anything and certainly don't register with the first provider! These are well-intentioned online casino tips for beginners that you should consider. But you can be completely relaxed. Because it suits you, yourself Register at several online casinos. This is definitely to be taken into account if you have shortlisted several portals.

It is important that the first impression of the casino is positive! Is the homepage clear and user-friendly? I like the presentation and the design? You can find your way around quickly? If you are impressed by the online presence and immediately feel comfortable, then you should consider a few more decisive criteria when choosing the right online casino:

  • Which gambling license is present?
  • What about security?
  • Which payment methods are available?
  • How is the customer service and support??
  • Help is offered to prevent gambling addiction?

Attention: If you want to save yourself the work, you will find u.a. in our list of best online casinos or reputable online casinos loads of reliable recommendations!

Control the gambling licenses

The respective gambling license with which online casinos can adorn themselves is the first very important clue as to whether it is a reputable, trustworthy provider. Above all, licenses from the European area are a reliable indicator, as they specify particularly strict guidelines. The most renowned approval authorities include:

  • the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Their license is considered the ultimate in the industry, as it offers particularly high standards. Malta issues the most licenses in Europe.
  • The UK Gambling Commission
  • The Gibraltar Gaming Authority
  • The Isle of Man

Many online casinos are licensed by one of these authorities. Caution is advised if you only have an offshore license. For example from Curacao or Costa Rica. They are by no means automatically dubious providers, but if you want to be on the safe side, opt for an online casino with an EU license. Safe terrain as the players enjoy European legal certainty.

MGA: The Cashimashi Casino informs about the existing Malta license in the footer area (screenshot: cashimashi Casino)

The casinos usually indicate which license is in place in the footer of the homepage. Check that. The online casino beginner tips also include the Check the validity and up-to-dateness of the gaming license. This can be done quickly on the websites of the responsible authorities. Keep in mind, however, that you can lose money with even the most trustworthy providers! Of course, we also check the status of the license in each Online casino test.

Check important security features

Safety first! Since you not only deposit money into the online casino, but also leave sensitive data behind, absolute security and confidential handling must be ensured. Checks whether the page is encrypted. This can first be seen by looking at the browser line. Pay attention to the "https: //" and / or the lock symbol. In addition, modern security standards such as 128-bit encryption or a firewall should be used. The operators provide information about this in the “About Us” section or in their own “Security” section.

Of course, gaming must also be safe and fair. For this purpose, independent institutes regularly scrutinize online casinos. The best-known testing organizations include eCOGRA and TST. If their seal of approval is deposited, usually at the end of the website, there is nothing to worry about.

Another good indication of security and integrity are those Slot machine manufacturers, who are represented in the casino. Well-known industry giants, who are often listed on the stock exchange, are meticulous to ensure that their software products are not used by windy providers. There are casino games from top providers like NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, Yggdrasil or Play’n GO in the range, that's a good and reassuring sign.

Check existing payment methods

The online casino beginner tips also include the existing ones Online casino payment options to examine more closely. Because one thing is certain: If you want to gamble for real money in a virtual game library, a deposit must first be made. At the same time, everyone wants to be able to securely cash out their loot if they win.

Trustworthy providers are not only characterized by a variety of payment methods. It is also important that popular payment methods are available. In addition to credit cards (mostly VISA and Mastercard) or traditional bank transfers, services such as Giropay are also included, Apple Pay or immediate transfer to it. The eWallets Skrill and NETELLER are also widespread in the banking sector of online casinos. The very popular payment service PayPal has, however, said goodbye to the American casino market.

Great variety, well-known sizes: the payment methods in the Platinum Casino are convincing (Screenshot: PlatinCasino)
  • Tip: Which payment methods customers from The USAcan actually use can often only be recognized when they are logged in. Deviations from the advertised offer, which visitors can usually see on the casino's homepage (see screenshot), are not uncommon. Ideally, your favorite payment option is available.

Other important tips for online casino beginners are to pay attention to possible fees and the payment duration. Deposits should always be credited to the casino account immediately and without any additional costs on the part of the casino. In the Online casino payout, which should be easy to carry out without a long search, there may be bigger differences. The money shouldn't be long in coming for more than three days. With eWallets, debits are usually made free of charge and without waiting times. So I can do you guys Skrill casinos and NETELLER casinos Recommend for a quick and free money transfer in both directions.

Take a close look at customer service and try it out

Unfortunately, many users pay too little attention to customer service. Competent and friendly support is an important criterion. If any problems arise, good customer service is worth its weight in gold. But what is important? Recommend the online casino tips for beginners,

  • to ensure that customer contact is easy to reach. Ideally, 24/7.
  • to pay attention to different and modern communication channels. Apart from regular e-mail, a live chat or a free hotline is extremely helpful. This is the only way to ensure fast and uncomplicated support.
  • Pay attention to German-speaking employees. This is especially true if you only have rudimentary knowledge of English.

You should try out customer service. If the employees take a long time to answer, if it is not expedient or if you feel that you are being treated unkindly, this is not a good sign. Because how will the communication only take place in the event of a possible conflict?

Help to prevent gambling addiction

Exemplary and conscientiously working online casinos do not just leave it with a reference to the risk of gambling addiction. Rather, they offer an extensive section on the topic of responsible gaming. This should contain important information and contact options for competent support organizations. In addition, the self-regulation function is an absolute must. Players must be able to set their own limits for deposits and losses for clearly defined periods of time. The option of self-exclusion should also not be missing.

Glossary: ​​Online casino beginners need to know these terms

Anyone who plays in the online casino stumbles again and again over "technical terms" with which one does not know what to do. So that you are not lost, I have put together an overview of the most important casino terms:

  • Bankroll: The amount of money a player has in their casino account.
  • Bet: Synonymous with (game) stake or bet in a game round.
  • Cash-Out: Refers to the withdrawal / withdrawal of money from the online casino to the bank account. Also called payout / pay-out.
  • Comp points: A virtual currency as part of a casino's loyalty programs / VIP clubs. The player receives / collects this by playing for real money. Comp points can then be used, for example. exchange for money. Particularly interesting for loyal, frequent gamers.
  • Dealer: Casino employees who are responsible for game management (e.g.B. Poker, Roulette) is responsible. Also under the French name croupier known.
  • Deposit: Refers to the deposit of money into the online casino account.
  • Paylines: Are the lines used to make winnings in slot machines. Also called winning combinations. They can run horizontally, vertically, diagonally or in a zigzag shape and come in different numbers. The winning amount depends on the specific payline pattern. However, winnings are only possible if the player made a bet on them at the beginning. Therefore, one of the online casino tips for beginners is to activate all paylines on the slot machines.
  • House advantage: This is the casino's mathematical advantage over the player in each game. Ensures that the casinos stay economical and make a profit.
  • High Roller: Players who play very high stakes and usually a lot or professionally in the casino.
  • Lobby: All available games are listed in the online casino lobby. The aim is to give the player (e.g.B. filter functions) to facilitate game selection and finding the "best" game. From the lobby, the player can also access all other areas such as bonus promotions, casino accounts, etc.
  • Low Roller: Players who only play low stakes in the casino. Usually cautious, defensive players with little casino balance. Opposite of high rollers.
  • Payout table: A clear table that shows the potential winnings for each individual bet / winning combination within a game. The payout table is usually located in the rules and regulations and can be viewed by every player.
  • Random Number Generator (RNG): English term for random generator. A software that is installed in every casino game and randomly determines the next game result. The RNG guarantees the user a fair game.
  • Slots / slot machines: English term for slot machine or. One-armed bandit. Belong to the most popular games in the online casino.
  • Stake: Stands for use or. Bet. Another word for prayer.
  • Video Slots: Modern form of slots, which are characterized by dynamic graphics and animations, offer significantly more (sometimes flexible) paylines and contain many bonus rounds. This makes it more complex, so that it takes longer as a player to internalize the gameplay and the rules.

FAQ: Online casino tips for beginners

❓ What are the best online casinos for beginners?

The choice is yours! Every online casino can also be used by gambling novices without hesitation. The main thing is that it is a reputable and secure provider. Ultimately, your personal taste and your individual preferences decide. Recommended addresses include.a. SlotsMillion or Platinum Casino, but also new casinos like Cashimashi or Caxino.

⚠ Is it safe to play in online casinos??

Even if there are a few dubious providers, there is no need to worry. Above all online casinos with a valid license from the EU area are absolutely safe and reputable gaming temples. This is especially true for all of us recommended casinos.

❓ Can I really win in an online casino??

Yes! From small wins to life changing wins, anything is possible. XXL wins are very rare. Independent auditing authorities such as eCOGRA check and test that realistic chances of winning, which vary from game to game, are given. In addition, the gambling industry would not boom if there were no winners, because otherwise nobody would gamble.

➕ Which are the best slots for online casino beginners?

For absolute newbies, traditional 3-reel slot machines are the ideal place to start thanks to their very simple structure and simple way of playing. Otherwise, casino beginners should pay attention to low volatility, such as that offered by the classic slot Starburst. With these machines the risk is lower and there are more frequent small wins.

⚖️ Is it legal to play in an online casino??

Yes, provided the provider fulfills the strict requirements of the transitional regulation that apply until the new State Treaty on Gaming comes into force. Besides, you can rest assured. Because there has never been a player for gambling in one Online game library prosecuted. If so, the operators must fear legal consequences.

⭕️ What are the best online casino tips for beginners?

Having fun always comes first and you should only use money that you really have left! Also always use the practice mode of the games. You should only play with real money when you have mastered the rules and understand the gameplay.

Conclusion: Don't be shy and go to the casino!

As an absolute gambling greenhorn, you quickly feel that you are lost in the virtual gaming world. The XXL selection of online casinos, which also offer a gigantic selection of games, can be overwhelming for beginners. But you shouldn't let that deter you!

The entry into the modern online game libraries is child's play and with the ones in this one Casino guide The online casino beginner tips shown lay the foundation for a good, successful start in the gambling adventure. The most important rules that every newcomer to casinos should remember are that the Fun The focus is on you with the help of the demo versions and rules of the game familiarize them with the games as well as possible and when you feel ready for the real money game mode, enter serious money management operates. This includes, in particular, strict adherence to self-imposed limits!

Bloody beginners are generally well advised to take it easy and relaxed. Consider gambling in the modern virtual game temples as a nice pastime with the prospect, if things go well for you, of earning some pocket money on the side. But you shouldn't expect big winnings. And if you haven't found a suitable provider yet, ours are ours Online casino reviews, Test reports to all casinos and various leaderboards guarantees useful help!

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