Online casino strategy guide - this is how gambling works in 2021!

Another Online casino strategy-Guide will ask some people now? There isn't enough of it already? To be honest: If you are after today Online casino tricks or Online casino tips searches, there are some offers on the net. Unfortunately, it is approx. 50% by rather suboptimal or. outdated tactics. In the other half, we partly talk about strategies with which you are sure to lose and which do not have a good online casino strategy experience! In a nutshell: We are now delivering the strategy guide for your casino action 2020, the tactics of which actually work and help to maximize profits!

The most important thing about online casino strategy
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Online Casino Strategy Guide Basics: Know Your Game!

Before we get into the topic Online casino strategy we need to clarify a few basics: Knowledge also means power in online gambling and strategic gaming. D.H., you need to know which games are from the Casino Games List are suitable, for example, for a quick credit boost with which a bonus hunt can be played and which slots are only there to cash in inexperienced players. Only then will you have a positive online casino strategy experience.

Proof needed? For the guide to slots, € 70 was paid in and € 127 paid out after 30 minutes!

So knowledge doesn't just mean that you can tell the different game categories in a casino apart. But also that you know your way around the individual sub-areas very well. So we recommend you if you like ours Online casino strategy Guide, take the time to concentrate on the game category you want to specialize in. If you are a master of his trade in this, you can add other game categories.

House edge - what is it and who benefits from it?

At the Online gambling you have to understand that an online casino or a land-based casino does not offer their services for free. The casino collects the so-called house advantage, so to speak. The cost of running the casino or the Online game library need to be covered somehow. We do not want to go into this topic any further. It is just important that you understand that every time you gamble, there is one sure winner: the gambling provider.

This is how it should look thanks to the online casino strategy (1 20 cent spin with € 13.50 profit)

Volatility & RTP - How do they affect your online casino strategy??

In the case of machines in particular, we now have to clarify two terms. We go to them in ours Online casino slot strategy again targeted. RTP stands for Online casino payout percentage of a machine. It is a percentage usually between 96 and 98%. In the end, it always says two things: At 96%, 4% always go safely to the casino. 96% is paid out to the players. However, this value relates to all games ever played on the machine. Depending on which one Online casino slot strategy If you decide, these values ​​have important guidelines. We are now also introducing them to you. And here you can find best RTP slots and High volatility slots.

A little tip from me: If a slot is completely re-released and only a few other gamers play on the slot, then the RTP is not divided between that many games. In other words, in the first few hours after the release you can often cash in well!

Make it easy for you and use tools like the slot tracker

What have I learned so far? Many strategies on the net are bullshit and only help you lose. There is always only one sure winner in gambling, the provider of the game of chance. A casino secures secure income through the house edge. Payout ratio and volatility play an important role with machines and you should have approximate values ​​in mind for some important slots. We will now convey this to you for a successful online casino strategy with a guaranteed profit.

The best online casino strategy for your slot action

The most important thing about online casino strategy for slots
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There is still a rumor that you will Don't win slots strategically can. I'll prove you wrong. Regardless of whether Bonus hunt, more quickly Credit boost, Tips for multi-slotting or how you can tell when a slot is hot - I'll show you how to deal with the different online casinos Strategy for machine action more wins.In the second part of the tactics for slots, I'll show you, which tactics don't work: Regardless of whether Mom strategy, Doubling madness with risk ladders, Recognize patterns or reverse martingale fun at the machine - I'll explain exactly why you are guaranteed to lose with these "tactics"!

Before we get here into ours Online casino slot strategy we have to point out an essential aspect: Strategic gaming with machines is one of the riskiest games of chance. The luck factor can never be completely eliminated in machine strategies. D.H., Whether a corresponding strategy or tactic works is always a matter of luck. In a machine strategy, you actually want to achieve several aspects:

  1. Minimize or reduce losses. set to a certain value
  2. Keep strategy effort low
  3. Achieve realistic profit

Translated, this means that you have the best machine strategy with a Online casino strategy nothing helps if you are not lucky. Therefore, a loss value is determined in advance with such strategies, so to speak. Try this a little like speculating with Gambling stocks to see at an online broker. If you invest € 1000 in shares, you can determine in advance that your shares will be sold safely if they drop to a value of € 700. So you know beforehand that your maximum loss is € 300.

With multi-slotting, the right settings are important!

On the other hand there is a potential profit of, let's say 600 €. And to get this 600 €, you cannot invest 1000 hours of working time now. Otherwise the effort would be far higher than the return. So you try to set an effort (working time) for your strategy that is offset by a potential profit. That all sounds very theoretical and if there are still a few question marks, that's not a problem. We'll now show you exactly what we mean by these points and just get into our slot machine strategy.

Online casino tricks: which slot machines are worthwhile for strategic gambling?

We start with the first topic, which revolves around the topic “Know your game!". This also applies to Real money slot machines. The best will help you Online casino strategy no further if you are not relatively familiar with the current portfolio. This means: Which machines require less than 120 attempts to free spins? Which machines currently pay out very well in the free spins? What are the current new releases that are going through the roof in particular? which unknown casino slots are only listed in the portfolio to cash in inexperienced players?

Online casino strategy tip: Tools like the slot tracker show when a slot is hot

How do you get the relevant information now? On the one hand, we will inform you here in our Online casino comparison again and again about new releases of the machines. On the other hand, a good casino that implements new releases promptly offers you a category called "New casino games". The new machines can also be found here, for example. One of the most important Online casino tips To stay up to date, you have to take a quick look at the best machine streamers every evening.

These are professionals like Knossi, who make a living from slot machine games and know better than anyone which machines pay off well and which basically just cash you in. We'll give you a few slot names for each tactic. But they are only intended to give a brief overview, we cannot guarantee that they will be up to date in four weeks. The vending machine segment is an extremely fast-moving one. Building up professional knowledge is not that easy. But is the basis before you start with the best online casino strategy cashed!

The bonus hunt - guarantee for high profits or exploitation of the game mechanics?

Anyone who already has some online casino strategy experience will know: One of the most popular right now Online casino strategy for machines is the so-called bonus hunt. With that, machines that have a free spins round are fed until they arrive in the free spins. The free spins are not paid out, but the machine is closed. The procedure for the next machine is now identical. If the balance has been gambled away, all won free spins will be opened. Ideally, more profits are now generated than previously gambled away in credit. In order for this strategy to work, it is extremely important that you come up with a small plan.

Online Casino Strategy - Free Spins Win

To the Online casino tips To be able to explain everything about the bonus hunt, let's use a practical example. We want to use € 100 for such a bonus hunt. We play on the Pragmatic Play machines, that require a bet of € 0.20-0.25. Our wish is to hit free spins at least once every ten euros. D.H., at the end of the hunt we want to be able to open at least ten free spins. In other words, basically we don't intend to spend more than ten euros per machine. The first thing to do now is to determine a loss value. In that case we take 70 €.

Online casino strategy tip: Multi-slotting ideal for bonus hunts

As soon as your balance reaches € 70, at least three free spins must have been achieved. Otherwise, the strategy is terminated here and, under certain circumstances, completed with a minimal loss. If there are only € 30 remaining, you must have won seven free spins. If this is not the case, the strategy would end here. Since not every free game will pay out in double digits, we hope for approx. 30% total profit. D.H., if we finish here with € 130, we are satisfied. Machines are played in the car game and turbo mode with a minimum bet. Each spin only lasts a few seconds. This keeps the time required within limits.

I used these slots for the bonus hunt in October 2020:

Online casino strategy for a quick credit boost: Ideal for everyone with an iron will

Now we have already dealt with strategic slot machine gaming and bonus hunting. Usually you can Online casino strategy watch live on the major casino streamers. So you can experience the just presented again in practice before you try it yourself. In addition to the bonus hunt, which always requires a certain amount of credit, there are of course also situations in which you can Online casino slot strategy is looking for, with which you can quickly increase your credit. One thing in advance: The roulette table is much more suitable for this than machines. In the later course of the guide, we will reveal why and how you proceed with the classic gambling game to increase your credit.

Online casino strategy: 1 spin with 50 cents generates almost € 79 profit - this is how a credit boost works

When we talk about a credit boost with machines, we mean that you play a certain number of spins on certain machines. With the aim of not necessarily getting into the free spins or a bonus game, but rather to pick up a relatively high profit.

That's the trick of the whole thing. And primarily the candidates that you do not use in a bonus hunt are suitable for this. In other words, machines that do not pay out high in free spins or bonus games, but instead offer you the opportunity to cash in on every attempt. As soon as you have generated a slightly higher profit with a machine, you close it and switch to the next one. So you can increase the credit relatively quickly. So that this is among the Online casino tips you need luck too, of course. You really need a lot of knowledge about machines that are suitable for this. And also a feeling for when such a machine is in a dry spell.

I used these machines for credit boosts in October 2020:

  • Buffallo 50
  • 100 zombies
  • Release the Kraken
  • Choco Reels (no longer worth it!)
  • Chance Machine 20
  • Punk rocker

Forget this online casino strategy guide: We avoid these slot machine tactics

We want a few at this point Online casino strategy-Receive offers that you will come across online. We took a closer look at many slot strategy guides. In that part of the guide, we primarily go into the strategies that competitors recommend that you are guaranteed to lose.

Doubling strategy with risk ladder is not an online casino strategy that works

The so-called risk ladder or card guessing were once functions that no machine (offline and online) could do without. We're talking about a time when machines generally didn't have bonus games or free spins. The golden age of the so-called purist slots. But the function can still be found today in popular machines such as the Book of Offers. The feature offers you the following possibility: After a win you can double your stake several times by making a 50-50 prediction. Today you rarely use this feature. More so when the Book of Slot pays out single digits in the bonus and annoys you with it. Either you drive the profit up again or you are completely annoyed because you have screwed everything up. You can find good ones here Slots with risk ladder.

Reverse Martingale Strategy: The online casino strategy is a guarantee if you want to lose

This strategy will try to convey to you that you are playing a low stakes machine. If you win now, let's say € 3, then you bet exactly € 3. The strategy then says that if you lose, you should go back to the low stake and repeat this until you generate a large profit with a high stake. At this point I don't even know where to start to explain why this is absolutely not an online strategy with a guaranteed profit.

I'd rather buy a bonus game than play Martingale at slots ..

On the one hand, everyone who regularly plays at machines knows that after a large win outside of a bonus game or free spins, a new win trigger is super rare. That alone makes this tactic worthless. In addition, many of these strategies assume that we can easily win € 35 in a spin if a machine is played with a minimum bet of ten cents. In theory and in practice, this is also possible, but in that case we would be talking about a 350-fold increase in your stake. And to hit these winnings, you need a lot of luck at a machine. Or an extremely high number of spins.

... when they pay off well!

The mother's strategy: Anyone who rates this as an “online casino strategy guide” has understood Gambling 0

We only want to go into this strategy very briefly: Basically, it says that the safest variant in the casino would not be to lose, not to play in the first place. Translated, this also means: You are guaranteed to forego a profit. The mother strategy is so named because a mother usually acts cautiously.

Stupid online casino strategy: If you don't play, you don't lose! And certainly not winning!

You can immediately forget about them at this point: This is roughly the same as telling an entrepreneur to stop taking entrepreneurial risk (investing). Then he just goes broke. Without taking risks, there is no return. For both entrepreneurs and strategic gamblers, the following applies: Can I classify the risk and am I ready to take it??

Recognizing patterns in machines is just as stupid as "stopping the slot at the right moment"

Here, too, a big “nope!“: There are always reports on the Internet that it is possible to recognize certain patterns on machines. Allegedly a Russian hacker also managed to crack a slot software and was able to cash in on certain machines. We can guarantee you that this is no longer possible these days. In the early days of online slot machine entertainment, it might be. Not today. Anyone who tries to recognize patterns on a machine also believes that pressing the start stop button has an impact on the profit. To be honest: Anyone who recommends such crap & who believes in something like that is not completely clean in the head!

Interim conclusion to online casino strategy for slots: Let yourself be inspired and develop your own “Coca-Cola recipe” for gambling

What do you do now with all the information? Ideally, you are so smart that you use it as a suggestion to find the one that is perfect for you Online casino strategy to build. For example, it makes no sense to exclusively bet on bonus hunts or just try to boost your bankroll. Only in the combination of different Online casino tricks you can get the most out of it. We will go into this again in the last part of the guide.

What you understood: A strategic game is also possible with machines. To do this, it is necessary to be familiar with the vending machine segment. As an example - of the well over 4.000 available online slots that are offered nowadays, for example, only half are suitable for classic bonus hunts. Approx. a quarter are the ideal tool to quickly increase credit. And then there is a neighborhood that shouldn't be played at all. These are the machines that are only there to cash in inexperienced players.
A slot that you use for credit boosts has no place in the bonus hunt - and vice versa!

The best online casino strategy guides for the roulette table

The most important thing about online casino strategy for roulette
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Now that we are dealing with the Online casino strategy have dealt with all aspects of machines, we also want to offer a little insight into the roulette table. The biggest difference between a digital machine and Online roulette is that when you bet on the correct number you have 37 options. That means a 1 in 37 chance of hitting the right number. An automat however, has a lot more winning combos. In other words, the ratio is much greater here, to hit a full screen and thus cash in at the maximum. For this reason alone, for example, playing at the roulette table is more worthwhile for a quick credit increase than, for example, increasing the credit at certain machines. With the machines you need this professional knowledge again, with which it currently works well and which should be avoided. This is not necessary on the roulette table.

German, French., americ. Roulette - which variant is worthwhile for strategic gambling?

But before we get into ours Roulette strategy we have to briefly differentiate the game variants in roulette. When you play roulette in an online casino or live casino today, German, French or American roulette awaits you there. The language markings do not only stand for the language version, such as the placement options on the roulette table Roulette rules to be discribed. The language version also shows how many zeros there are in the role-playing game. While American and French roulette have only one zero, American roulette has two. American and French roulette are most suitable for strategic games. the Online baccarat Strategy looks different again. But for that another time.

Play money training for real money action in the live casino

Usually offers you guys good online casinos also classic table games without moderation. They are ideal for using a baccarat strategy, for example, or a Online casino strategy to try out at the roulette table. Here you don't pay real money and play with play money. Otherwise everything stays the same at this table as for normal ones Online casino table games. So that you understand the next part of the guide, we recommend that you open such a game without moderation with play money.

Doubling strategy for sure profits: Martingale or Fibonacci?

Because especially when playing roulette there are among the Online casino tips the so-called Doubling strategy. We'll put them to you in Advisor "Double the roulette detailed before. If you intend to work with this roulette strategy, please read through the appropriate professional advisor. We cannot reproduce all the information here and limit ourselves to the most important details. The doubling strategy is based on a potential 50/50 chance (red-black, evenly odd). Every time it is lost, the stake is doubled here.

As soon as one has won, the player wins the starting bet. The system can therefore safely be used to win. It is simply a lengthy system, the profit possibilities of which are clearly limited. In general, it is not possible to win big here, since in that case you would have to start with a high stake. Here, the use of a doubling strategy prevents the table limits for the betting option. You don't have to remember everything. What is important for you: The doubling strategy is still suitable for a small credit boost. Martingale always doubles and you don't have to think along. In Fibonacci, the stakes are increased using a series of numbers. This helps not to hit the table limit so quickly. As a result, both come out the same. If you need a few euros quickly, this is the first choice.

Hit the exact number? With the 6 number coverage with 0 / 12th protection you increase your chances significantly

But if it is yours with yours Online casino strategy about not only increasing the balance at the roulette table with small winnings, but also hitting exactly the right number, there are of course also suitable ones Online casino tips. Take a closer look at the roulette table. The 36 numbers are divided into three 12-digit fields. With this strategy you will choose a field of 12. In that six numbers are covered with one bet. At the same time you place a safety bet on the zero and on the other two 12-digit fields. The hedging bet on zero and the two other 12 fields minimize your loss. Covering six numbers in a 12-digit field is basically 50% of the possibilities.

Provided you are able to do the following: Based on the numbers you have hit so far, you try to determine in which 12-square will be hit next. For example, if the last win was drawn in the first 12, you could now, for example, place your winning numbers in the second 12 or the last 12 field. This is the risk part of this roulette strategy that requires you to get a feel for the roulette table. And that's not so absurd: There is a ton of literature on how professionals can use the numbers drawn so far to predict which future numbers will be hit with relative certainty.

This is exactly the system that is basically used. The second trick in the whole thing is that you choose the individual bets appropriately: Of course, it makes no sense if your hedging bets have stakes so high that, even if you hit the correct number, your profit will be minimal. So every time you don't win here you have a certain loss. You're just trying to minimize it so that you have more attempts to hit the right number. This is a very risky approach, but ideally it pays extremely well if you hit the right number. You should also practice this tactic at a play money table.

And how high should the individual stakes turn out??

A good question. If you face them, you have already understood a lot. There is no specification here for the perfect stake. You have to do the math. And you have to set your loss limit. Hitting the exact number offers a 35x increase in profit. You have to pay this stake 7 times (incl. Zero). The two tips on the 12 squares ensure that the stake is doubled when hitting. This means that if you now decide that you always play with € 50 per number tip, you will pay € 350 for the seven tips alone.

View of the French Roulette table with the outside bets (source Mason Slot Casino)

You can win a maximum of 35 × 50 € = 1750 €. After deducting the number bets, there are still 1400 €. If we now assume a stake of € 200 each for the two hedges, the possible profit is reduced to € 1000. You pay € 750 per round as stakes. If you don't hit a number, you will earn a profit of € 200 with the € 200 stake. So in the end the game cost you 350 €. As soon as you hit the number and collect it, you have to check whether you are now in the profit zone with the profit (how many bets have already been paid?). If so, you stop. If not, it continues in the same way until an exact number is hit again.

Interim conclusion on online casino strategy for roulette: Train and then cash in the live casino

Even if the classic games such as roulette or blackjack are currently not ahead in the live casino, because the new ones are currently Live casino game shows who run out of rank, roulette in particular is one of the games with which you can gamble strategically. Either to make small profits quickly. Or, with appropriate mathematical knowledge, by cleverly covering several betting options, you can achieve a high profit by hitting the right number.

The best online casino strategy for your blackjack action

The most important thing about online casino strategy for blackjack
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  • In the part about the best online casino strategy for blackjack, I'll show you how you can win more with the classic card: No matter if Blackjack chart or that Play at two Places - there aren't that many tricks that you can imitate here. I'll introduce you to the two that actually work for me!
  • I use part two of the online casino strategy for blackjack to briefly show you why strategic card counting is not possible in the online casino.

Now we want to tell you very briefly about available blackjack Online casino strategy-Inform options. There aren't that many of them. For example, it is not possible to work with a simple doubling strategy here. What Goes: A somewhat complex Martingale adaptation. Also the myths about card counting am Online blackjack-Table belong to the Online casino tricks, which no longer work these days. Therefore, this part of the guide is now a little smaller.

Learn the blackjack chart by heart

In order to be able to play successfully at a blackjack table, you use a so-called blackjack table. It also goes by the name of Blackjack Chart. You can find this on the net. If you use them regularly, you will start to internalize and memorize their guidelines. Basically every possible player and bank hand can be found in this table. The table then tells you exactly what to do with which hand combination. Say whether you are raising or not. Just using this table will help you avoid making strategic mistakes when playing. Unfortunately, it cannot undo the luck factor. Also don't minimize. It just prevents improper gaming behavior. Incidentally, all information about the Blackjack rules. We'll also show you how to proceed with an adapted Martingale. But that's not mine. In general, I want to be honest: Black Jack is just too low-bob, boring and old-school for me.

Online casino strategy tip: Play live at two places

If you work with this card in the live casino and are now relatively safe, you can sit down in more than one place. We recommend that you start with two seats. In contrast to multi-tabling with Online poker, you play at the same table in that case. So both games are displayed in one window. This makes it much easier to use two hands. But even that is no guarantee of secure winnings: Dual play offers the chance to absorb losses of one game with the other. Of course, you can also win twice with it. Just as you can lose twice with it.

You can forget about card counting in the online casino

On the subject Blackjack strategy We don't even want to go into the details of card counting. You can't do that online. And even offline, large casinos are now relying on technical possibilities to prevent this. It's basically just too Casino fraud. Since the topic of card counting is always in others Online casino strategy Advisors is addressed, we have to go into it briefly.

Interim conclusion on online casino strategy for blackjack: Not a 24/7 job for everyone

If you ask our editor when and how he uses this blackjack, he will tell you that he is not playing strategically here. Instead of one Blackjack strategy he prefers to play a few rounds in the occasional for a change best live casinos. For him, the strategic possibilities with machines or roulette are simply more extensive. This is an important reason: The best casino strategy doesn't help if you don't enjoy it or if it doesn't suit your personal gaming behavior. This is exactly what the last part of the guide is about.

This is how you get the most out of every online casino strategy

If you are our Casino guide all about strategies have read this far, then we want to give you a few professional tips with which I am successful. As you have noticed when reading the guide, strategic play is extremely much about math. IYou don't have to be a math ace to be successful with strategies in the casino. But without basic mathematical knowledge, it will still not work. Calculate with a rule of three or deal with percentages! You will notice that you need math at the latest when several outcomes with different stakes are to be covered in roulette.

A professional combines different tactics and games

Very important, and what I keep pointing out, is that there isn't one strategy that always works. It is more a matter of finding out how different tactics and best casino games can be sensibly combined in order to achieve efficient profit maximization. For example, if you plan to do a 2nd.If you play a € 000 bonus hunt and notices during the runs that a special, new machine pays out extremely hot, you would then stop sticking to the strategy and the bonus hunt and bet on a single session at the slot.

Develops a feeling for the slot & combines that with the statistics

If he then arrives again in a dry spell, you switch back to the bonus hunt. In the end, you have now, so to speak, alternated two different strategic game behaviors. You did that because you adapted your strategic game to the situation. We come straight to the next important point: Your feeling plays a role in that Strategy online casino.

Online casino strategy: get a feel for your gambling!

That may sound a little strange and especially annoying people who try to teach you to play strategic games exclusively with mathematics: Professional strategies for casino games also have something to do with feeling. Ihr develops a feeling for machines. This enables you to recognize early on when a machine no longer pays out properly and can no longer be fed. For example, you learn to control the release of endorphins in your head. This is the psychological function that drives the average gamer to keep playing and gamble away their bankroll. Just to train this iron will and to develop an understanding of this endorphin release is a small challenge.

My tip: give it a try the next time you're happy (e.g.B. about a gift, or because you found a great series on Netflix) to suppress the feeling. It's tricky and only works after a few tries. And that kind of makes you unhappy because your brain doesn't understand this behavior. That is why strategic gamble is also exhausting. But it doesn't work without it. And the long-term damage you can do to your brain if you do this regularly, the psychotherapist you trust can explain to you later! 😉

4x demo: This is how I test whether a new slot is worthwhile for a credit boost or whether it is hot!

For example, if you are at risk of gambling addiction, you don't even have to worry about it. And even if it doesn't make mathematical sense, there are quite a number of players who bet on certain factors before playing strategically. For example, I always like to run a few machines in the car game in the morning. Only when I already have the feeling of having a lucky day because the slot pays off properly in play money mode do I play a so-called bonus hunt on such a day. Even if that contradicts every mathematical and statistical requirement: You have to develop a feeling for your gambling at the online casino strategy.

The same applies to gambling: knowledge is power!

And as you can already see from the length of this guide, the following applies to strategic gaming and especially to strategies for casino games: Knowledge is power. It starts with knowing which machines are hot today and which should be avoided. It continues with the fact that a blackjack player gradually learns the blackjack table by heart. Or just for players to read guides like this one and thus acquire new knowledge. And because weekly new casino games the building of expert knowledge never stops!

Plan your success: Documentation & bankroll are important

Anyone who plays strategy online in the casino should see it like investing strategically with stocks. Even if you invest in stocks, you have appropriate documentation for this. Say a portfolio at your house bank. You may also be able to see this online. When playing strategically in Online casinos this documentation is also mandatory. You have to keep a record of the deposits and withdrawals you made in a particular casino. You want to have an overview of whether your strategies are working and how your bankroll is increasing or decreasing. And last but not least, your available credit also helps you with a good one Casino bankroll management determine the stakes at which you are at home.

Now you can create your own online casino strategy & start winning

Enough of the dusty theory. You have found enough suggestions in the guide that you can now imitate. Now try these for you personally best online casino strategy to find and practice them with play money for the time being. Then come up with a strategic plan. Just as you don't just walk into the bank and buy stocks, you also plan your strategic games. You determine potential profit levels and risks. You document your profits and losses. And although you begin to develop a feel for gaming in order to perfect your strategies, you are able to ignore the endorphin spills when you win. These are all the basic prerequisites so that we can also use them here in the future Casino game strategies more profits can be made.

One last piece of information is important to me: I can gamble strategically because I am not at risk of gambling addiction. The control of the endorphin release is difficult and exhausting for me. I don't keep this concentrated for more than 60 minutes. And that also explains why I don't play 24/7! Also be honest with yourself when it comes to strategic gambling. If you notice that gambling addiction is looming or that your tactics are losing out, then this is not the hobby for you. My guidebook reads loosely - this is how it works 100%. And the tactics work for me too. Even so, we're talking about gambling. This should be enjoyed in moderation and there is no way to make a living from gambling alone! Unless you write about it 😉 Please forget that and don't try it. I want to help gamblers with my advice to win more. But don't encourage anyone to gamble away their house and yard! In the end, you are responsible for your behavior, no casino, no editor, not our comparison and no adviser like that - just you!

Passionate gambler with a lot of expertise will gamble through the colorful online casino world for you. My goal: I'll show you how you are smarter than the casino with strategy, brains and out-of-the-box thinking!