Claiming money back from the online casino - is it possible?

When it comes to money, you can't take any chances. In the following article we would therefore like to finally finish with the topic. You can yours Claim money back from the online casino or is it one of the many tears in online gambling? We clarify.

the essentials in brief
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What is the legal basis to claim money back online casino?

At the beginning of our article we would like to briefly inform you about how the topic came about and which jurisdictions brought significantly more dynamism into the discussions.

For many years, many online casino customers have been concerned with the possibility of their Minimize losses to be able to. Not only is the focus on possible tax depreciation, but also an attempt is made to overcome the legal gray area of Online gambling to exploit in Germany.

However, it is not so much the online casinos that are being pilloried, but rather the Payment service providers accepted their responsibility. If a payment service provider should therefore actively participate in illegal gambling without the online casino being able to present a license valid in the EU, there is the possibility of claiming back the illegal money in the online casino.

  • The attempts were fired by a lawsuit on Munich District Court End of 2017. The plaintiff used the argument that the payment service provider he was using was actively involved in illegal gambling and that both parties were therefore equally entitled to the financial damage.The means of payment used was a debit charge, which has since been completely taken out of circulation in the online casino and therefore no longer represents an active danger for online casinos.

Still, this case had a huge impact on many forums and made many customer ears bigger. Since then, you will often find yourself on the Internet Sensational articles from various gambling experts within the lawyer scene come across, which supposedly promise you the best chances of a refund of large parts of your deposit.

But if we take a closer look at the case law and especially the cases from the recent past, we unfortunately have to paint a slightly different picture. Even with a specialized lawyer, you will hardly be able to get your money back in the online casino.

Get money back online casino with lawyer?

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In many reports or opinions of so-called legal experts, reference is made again and again to the allegedly successful lawsuit before the Munich District Court. However, this is only one small part of the whole truth. An important part of the attempt to get money back from the online casino is skilfully swept under the table.

Because even if the original lawsuit before the district court in Munich was upheld, the regional and higher regional court in Munich saw the situation somewhat differently and overturned the judgment in other instances. In the end, the plaintiff received it neither the full nor a partial part of his loss.

So always keep this in mind, you should stumble upon reports on the Internet that hold out the prospect of getting money back from the online casino.

However, this wasn't the only lawsuit Rejected in the past few years and thereby set precedents. Ideally, we can address a current lawsuit in which the plaintiff relies on the payment service Instant bank transfer shot in and tried to reclaim the money he lost in the online casino using Sofortüberweisung.

  • Between the 16th. March 2017 and 15. July 2017 the plaintiff lost a total of 23.997 euros and reclaimed it from Sofortüberweisung. Heated up by the overall mood after the new State Treaty on Gambling in 2012 and the still vague wording, the plaintiff expected good chances.However, the plaintiff did not really like the end of the series of trials.In August 2019, the Munich Regional Court ruled that the plaintiff is not entitled to any damages and that he cannot claim his online casino money back from Sofortüberweisung. An appeal was filed against this judgment, which, however, was also rejected by the Munich Higher Regional Court. In order to avoid further legal costs, the plaintiff withdrew his appeal and his original complaint.

Why is there no money back in the online casino??

  • In most cases, the line of reasoning used is that the payment service is using the MCC codes (Merchant Category Code) would have to classify the respective online casino and accordingly assign it to illegal gambling in Germany.In doing so, the plaintiffs disregard a crucial point. A payment service provider, regardless of whether it is a classic one Online casino payment method or e-wallets, cannot distinguish whether it is legal gambling in The USAor, in the legal gray area, illegal gambling.The decisive factor for this decision-making is the breadth with which all online casinos set up for years. Nowadays an online casino not only offers you slot machines, lotteries or games in the live casino, but also has one own range of sports betting in his portfolio.Thus, it is not clear to a payment service provider for which type of gambling a customer uses his deposit and is therefore not liable for any losses in the online casino.

Accordingly, you are the decisive individual and decide for yourself how you want to use your deposit. Should you decide to play in the online casino, you can legally gamble, but you are solely responsible for all financial losses. As a result, the payment service provider has neither participated in illegal gambling, nor can it determine what you are ultimately doing with your deposit at your gambling provider.

The online casino money back experience in the popular forums

It was also important for us to check the mood in the common forums regarding this topic and which online casino money-back experiences have been shared by other customers so far.

During our research, we were definitely aware that not all reports should be followed with the same degree of care. Still, it was very interesting to see how clear it is Wind turned in the past few years Has. While many customers saw their chances of being able to claim money back from their online casino after the preliminary case law of the Munich District Court in 2018, the tenor has now been significantly softened. | © tartila

What then ended in many discussions on the file number of the final judgment of the Munich District Court (Az.: 158 C 19107/17) is now much more factual and filled with more substance.

Many customers are now aware of why the Munich District Court decided that way back then and not only which steps new online casinos, but also payment service providers have undertaken since then. All other jurisprudence has been clear since then, which is clearly evident in the discussions.

Our impression is therefore that the time of emotional actions and the sometimes brazen attempts of some lawyers fall on deaf ears in the present day. When topics are discussed where customers want to get their online casino money back, these discussions are much clearer and, in our opinion, more sustainable.

New State Treaty on Gambling in Germany

Thanks to the discussions about the new State Treaty on Gambling in The USAMany long-standing customers of online casinos seem to be significantly more knowledgeable than they were a few years ago. Not only have numerous articles from our side contributed to this, the discussions about a new State Treaty on Gambling have also been publicly held in recent years.

Gambling, be it online casinos or sports betting, has finally arrived in the middle of our society and is therefore being discussed with more care. With the new State Treaty on Gambling, not only will the entire market in The USAbe liberalized, but it will also be structured more securely for you at the same time. Any questions as to whether you can claim your money back in the online casino will be answered from the 1st. July 2021 will be a thing of the past.

Safe online casinos with a American license

In order to give you a little more security when choosing your next online casino, we now have three for you American online casinos researched that meet the highest security standards.

In any case, one of our criteria was a American license, which means that you can absolutely ensure that it is not just a serious gaming operation, but that your payouts are also being made lawfully. Should problems arise, thanks to the American license Significantly better chances to successfully reclaim your money in the online casino.

You can also use fully licensed payment service providers at the following 3 gambling companies who are well aware of the dangers of gambling:


Wunderino logoIf you choose, at Wunderino you are always on the safe side. Because Wunderino works not only with a European license, but even with a American one Gaming license from the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. Thus, the casino is subject to very strict requirements. In addition, Wunderino works with established and reputable payment service providers: Mastercard, Trustly, Sofortüberweisung are some of them. Accordingly, you can look forward to secure deposit and withdrawal channels here, which are the basis of reliable payment transactions. Here you can find ours Wunderino experiences read up.


Logo from DrückGlückAnother gaming provider that offers games under the flag of the American license from Schleswig-Holstein is DrückGlück. Here you can play relaxed and you can be sure that the provider adheres to strict requirements. The payment service providers at DrückGlück also contribute, because here you can, for example, rely on Trustly, paysafecard, Mastercard, Giropay or Sofortüberweisung. You can find ours here DrückGlück experiences.

FAQ - Claim your money back online

❓ Is it possible to claim money back from the online casino?

This question cannot be answered with either yes or no and depends on the individual case. Basically, you only have a chance to claim your money back from the online casino if it clearly violates its general terms and conditions or withholds your payment for an unknown reason.

✅ Can you claim your online casino money back from the payment service provider??

Only in the rarest of cases do you have the chance to get your online casino money back directly from the payment service provider. Regardless of which payment service it is, as long as it is listed as an official payment method at your online casino, you will hardly have a chance to get your casino money back. If this is not the case, however, there is a good chance of a repayment.

➕ Is it worth hiring a lawyer?

No not true. In our experience, many law firms advertise with solid chances of success due to the legal gray area in Germany, but unfortunately the costs for lengthy proceedings are usually significantly higher than the amount in dispute and with little chance of success. For this reason, we only advise you to involve a lawyer if the online casino is clearly guilty of guilt and if there is clear evidence.

⭕️ What role does PayPal play in online casino money-back claims?

PayPal is one of the few payment service providers against whom a successful lawsuit has been filed and in the course of which several customers have received their online casino money back. There PayPal If the authorities had already indicated that they were participating in illegal gambling in advance, PayPal was ultimately forced to issue a refund. In order to avert further lawsuits, PayPal decided to temporarily withdraw from the American online casino market.

⚠ What effects will the new gambling contract have in Germany??

The new gambling contract in The USAwill not only put an end to the issue, it will also give you additional security. Since from the 1st. July 2021 finally one American license for online casinos will be pronounced by the supervisory authority in Saxony-Anhalt, you can proceed faster and with greater security against online casinos. If there is a clear violation of the new legislation, it is at least in theory much easier to be able to claim your money back in the online casino.

Conclusion: false promises and a safe outlook for the coming years!

Our final conclusion on this topic turns out to be relatively clear after thorough research. As a customer, you will only have a chance to reclaim your online casino money if your online casino is clearly fraudulent. You must be able to prove this in detail and should therefore save any communications on this topic with customer service.

All other types of reimbursements from online casinos, which are now used by law firms and lawyers, should be disregarded.

Of course, it is also plausible and an interesting approach for us that you can claim your money back from the online casino, as it is still legally illegal gambling until the new State Treaty on Gambling comes into force, but the previous jurisprudence is clear.

Thanks to the new State Treaty on Gaming in Germany, which came into effect on 1. July 2021 will come into force, these will be Legal gray areas will soon be a thing of the past. With the new supervisory authority in Saxony-Anhalt, not only will a new gaming supervisory authority be formed, but it will also offer you a point of contact for problems or general questions.

For you this will mean more security and, above all, more transparency on this topic. Our editors are also very positive about the new state gambling treaty.

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