Doubling money in the online casino - which doubling strategy is good?

One safe deployment strategy in the online casino - who doesn't dream of it? There are no casino systems with which you can save your credit in the online casino for sure can double. But there are some well-known strategies that you can use Statistically speaking have better chances of keeping your credit in the long term Double up online casino.

the essentials in brief
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  • Roulette and blackjack are different Casino systems known.
  • All online casino doubling strategies are designed for the long term and require constant and disciplined effort.
  • Online casino systems are both in the online casino and in the Live casino applicable.
  • Every doubling strategy in the online casino stakes a high one financial budget with which initial losses can be absorbed.
  • Always remember that there is no strategy for you Doubling your money can guarantee in the online casino.

The mathematical approach of casino strategy for doubling money

Online casino customers are often looking for the best ways to win and the safest Online casino odds.

Since the 18th. Century can be detailed Doubling up and deployment strategies that are still used today. If you have this Online casino strategies However, if it is checked for its mathematical stability, one must ultimately come to the conclusion that the doubling strategy can delay the only constant in the online casino many times over - namely the total loss of your credit.

For you this means: Use online casino systems exclusively for games from the Casino Games List, which are very close to 50:50 chances and are therefore ideally suited for the doubling strategy of the stake. Online roulette is to be listed as the best alternative.

In our additional guide Double the roulette we introduce you to the best tactics especially for roulette.

Overall, however, it should be noted that all of the following casino strategies can only mathematically prove one fact: There are no fixed chances of winning in the online casino. None of the following strategies can be called a safe winning strategy and should accordingly be dubbed as such. 

The classic among the casino systems: The Martingale strategy 

When you talk about the doubling strategy or about doubling your money in the online casino, you are usually referring to the Martingale strategy.

The approach to the deployment strategy is so simple that it is popular with a large target group. The principle can be internalized extremely quickly: Place a simple bet in roulette on a simple chance.

  • Black or red
  • Even or odd
  • 1 to 18 or 19 to 36

If your bet is lost and your stake goes to the online casino, you start the next round with the double use, but on the same easy chance.

You stick to this strategy until the ball in the cauldron lands in the right field and you win or win. provides full compensation for your previous losses.

Conversely, this of course also means that some lengthy and less demanding game sessions are waiting for you. In addition, winnings with this casino system are only possible if you place a correct roulette tip directly with your basic bet. So they fall Profit jumps very small the end. That's what this will be for Delayed the risk of total loss of your credit as long as possible.

For greater profit opportunities, you have to increase your base stake. However, this requires a significantly larger financial budget.

There are different approaches to the Martingale strategy? 

Of course, the Martingale strategy has been adapted and developed over the years. New strategies to double your stake or even your winnings should replace the Martingale strategy. However, this has only been successful in very few cases, so that even today the classic doubling strategy usually refers to the Martingale.

Nevertheless, we want to introduce you to an alternative that is just for all online casinos Seems to make sense, because with this casino system you won't reach the table limit quite as quickly: This is the Montante Hollandaise.

The basic approach of the Montante Hollandaise is identical to the Martingale strategy: In roulette, you place your tip on a simple chance, but the Montante Hollandaise sets different stakes. Instead of the classic doubling of your stake in the event of a loss, you have to place your stakes according to the Fibonacci sequence. The Fibonacci sequence results from the addition of two consecutive numbers and starts with the number 1. So that you can use and test the Montante Hollandaise without a big headache, we have the Fibonacci sequence up to the number 1000 for you:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987

If the ball lands in the correct field and you can win the game round, you don't have to start from 0, you just go two steps on the Fibonacci sequence return. Since this can certainly turn out to be a bit stressful at first under time pressure, we definitely do not recommend testing the Montante Hollandaise in the live casino, but on a classic roulette slot with low betting limits.

Another Advantage of the Fibonacci sequence is the freedom of your commitment. You can therefore multiply the Fibonacci sequence yourself by any value and thus adapt it for use at the roulette table. Depending on the size of the table limit, we recommend multiplying by a factor of 10 or 20.

Tips when using a doubling strategy 

As in many other areas of Online gambling you should get your first casino system experience slowly and with the lowest possible financial risk collect. We therefore recommend a first test phase in Play money mode, to internalize the processes and also to get an impression of how risky the undertaking of doubling money in an online casino actually is.

Furthermore, in the next step we continue to recommend the Minimizing your possible financial loss.

Therefore are particularly suitable Roulette tables with extremely low betting limits for your first doubling strategy experience with real money. Ideally, the minimum stake is 0.05 euros, so that you don't have to accept any major financial setbacks even with longer color series and can continue to pursue your doubling strategy in a disciplined manner.

Unfortunately, we have to note that roulette variants are becoming increasingly rare and are only offered by very few online casinos. Therefore, before you make your deposit, check how the roulette offer in the online casino of your choice turns out and what differences exist between the regular casino and the live casino.

Best online casinos to use casino systems

After we have presented all possible betting systems for doubling your money in the online casino and other tips, we would of course like you too the best online casinos call where you apply your favorite strategies can.

All of our three online casinos are casinos that absolutely serious and safe and offer you top live casino games even without a American license. You do not take any risks when registering or making a deposit.

Likewise, we made sure that you have a solid bonus program can perceive and also that Portfolio of roulette meets the requirements.

No matter which of the following three online casinos you should choose, you will not regret your decision.

Rabona Casino

Rabona logoSince you want to stay in an online casino with a good live casino selection when using systems, the Rabona Casino is a great address. You can in Rabona Casino experiences collect with roulette or blackjack because Here you will find variants such as the Speed ​​Roulette from Pragmatic Play, Blitz Blackjack from NetEnt or the classic roulette live from Evolution gaming.

A total of 65 live casino games are offered, most of which cover roulette or blackjack.


SlotWolf logoSlotWolf is a new provider that has not been on the market for long. Nevertheless, it is in no way inferior to established competitors. In the live section of the casino you will notice a clear focus: Here the concentrated roulette load is waiting for you.

The provider Authentic Gaming is featured. The provider offers you 15 different roulette variants. So you are spoiled for choice, where to apply your systems and where to use them SlotWolf experiences want to collect.

Quickly double the money with a casino bonus 

Before we get to the most frequently asked questions on the subject of this guide, we would of course like to point out that in principle you have already paid your money in the online casino through a Online casino bonus can double. With a 100% casino bonus doubled Your deposit is either automatic or by entering a Casino bonus codes.

Accordingly, you can double your money with just a few clicks at the start of your new online casino and then vigorously tackle the bonus and wagering requirements.

But exactly these bonus conditions are the crucial point. We recommend using a doubling strategy in roulette only if it is your bet  Online casino real money and not a bonus balance.


Doubling strategies are slowed down by the wagering requirements

If you click your way through the various bonus and wagering requirements, you should be able to see a clear pattern at all online casinos. Even if the house advantage prevails and the online casino secures the profit purely mathematically, no company in the field of online gambling has even one euro to give away.

Because of this, your bonus balance will go through tight wagering requirements limited, which is particularly noticeable in roulette and other casino classics in the live casino: namely while your bet is on Real money slot machines 100% is added to your final stake value, this looks a little different with classic card and table games. You will get a maximum of 30% of your stake counted per spin or hand, which clearly lengthens the already draining turnover of the bonus conditions.

Accordingly, we recommend that you use one Doubling strategy only with real money, which is not linked to any wagering requirements. Of course, it is tempting and certainly also useful to use a higher amount as a base value for a betting strategy in the online casino. However, this should not be a bonus balance.

Even with the greatest discipline, you will be faced with major problems to achieve the final sales value only with bets on roulette. And if one thing jeopardizes a successful deployment strategy, it is increasing time pressure and adjusted deployment values. A successful betting strategy for doubling your money must be pursued consistently and in a disciplined manner, otherwise your statistical chances of winning will decrease.

Alternatively is a wager-free casino bonus recommendable.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about doubling the money in the online casino

⚖️ Are doubling strategies in online casinos legal??

Yes, doubling strategies are legal. Although some online casinos have tried to counter the doubling strategies with adjusted table limits in roulette, this does not change the legality of the betting strategies. The doubling strategies in the online casino are expressly legal.

⭕️ What influence do bonus and wagering requirements have on casino systems??

An influence that should not be underestimated. Thanks to the tightening of many wagering requirements, it is rarely possible to use the betting strategy profitably with bonus credits. We therefore recommend using the casino systems only when using real money.

➕ How long do you have to hold out a doubling strategy in the online casino?

Each of the doubling strategies presented is designed for constant and long-term use. Short-term gains and losses are possible, but all casino system strategies require disciplined use. So stick to the guidelines and don't let your emotions lead you to higher stakes.

❌ Is there a guarantee to double the money in the online casino?

No, even if we have introduced you to different systems in the casino, none of them can guarantee you a profit or even doubling your balance in the online casino. Therefore, see the strategies presented as tools that you can use to orient yourself.

✅ Which casino betting system is the best strategy?

Which betting strategy in the online casino is ultimately the best strategy is of course primarily based on your own preferences.

While some of you prefer roulette, others of you are more on it Online blackjack focused. Casino systems can be used in both cases.

❓ Is it possible to double the money in the live casino??

Yes, thanks to the large selection of tables for roulette and blackjack, you can of course also use your casino betting systems in the live casino. Optionally, you can choose between the automated form and tables with croupiers.

Conclusion: Useful tools, but no absolute profit promises

Any betting strategies in the online casino should be viewed with great caution, but they can also be a useful tool represent. All casino systems can be used legally, but should first be compared with the terms and conditions, limits at the respective tables and any bonus and wagering requirements. Small profits are quite possible, but the risks of loss clearly predominate.

Our editorial team also has a clear opinion on the possibility of doubling the money in the casino: Basically, the approaches are relatively easy to understand, but it is simple ruled out that there is a certain profit constant in the online casino in any form.

We therefore recommend that you deal with the doubling strategies until you understand them or even be able to apply them in a targeted manner. However, you should never fill your entire game session with it. In the long run, as it is unfortunately also in online casinos, the house always wins.

tip: You can find our extensive one elsewhere Casino guide.