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Unfortunately, so far there are no providers that really allow you to make an online casino deposit by phone bill in Germany. But at least you have numerous options with which you can Casinos with cell phone deposit can enjoy - for example the Trustly service. Even without paying by mobile phone bill, you are well positioned on the move in Germany. We show you the options for online casino deposits via mobile phone.

the essentials in brief
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  • Customers who pay with a phone bill in the casino or who want to top up their account in the online casino with mobile phone credit have generally had until now little choice.
  • We list you Online casinos with cell phone payment systems on.
  • Pay in the casino with prepaid credit or by phone bill clear advantages.
  • fees If you want to deposit in the casino with your mobile phone, there are only very limited requirements.
  • Payouts are for a casino deposit by phone bill in The USAand also in other countries not possible.

Provider with cell phone payment systems

1 CrazyFox Casino
  • Zimpler as a payment option on the go
  • Credit card, Skrill & Neteller as payment alternatives
  • Fully functional mobile online casino
Experience report To the casino
2 Casino Tropez
  • Payment by Zimpler possible
  • Credit card and Neteller as an alternative means of payment
  • Website optimized for mobile devices
Experience report To the casino
3 Joo Casino
  • Zimpler payment provider
  • Payment by credit card is also available
  • Web app with short loading times and a user-friendly structure
Experience report To the casino
4 SlotsMillion Casino
  • Zimpler available as a mobile phone payment system
  • Alternatives: Skrill, Neteller, Trustly, credit card
  • Virtual Reality Online Casino
Experience report To the casino
5 Queen Vegas Casino
  • Transfer money from your cell phone using Zimpler
  • Qiwi, Yandex and ecoPayz also in the portfolio
  • Merkur slots available
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Pay online casino by phone bill - best alternatives

  1. High Roller Casino - Zimpler mobile phone payment system available

Deposit with your mobile phone in the online casino - preferably via Zimpler

Since you unfortunately cannot access payments via the telephone bill, you at least have the option of using other very good mobile payment services. Our recommendation is the service tailored to mobile users Zimpler.

Here you can very easily make your payment with your smartphone. To do this, however, you need either your bank details or your credit card to hand. You can deposit in these four steps:

  • 1
    Your Phone number enter.
  • 2
    The PIN code that comes from Zimpler via SMS.
  • 3
    Payment method choose (bank transfer, credit card or invoice).
  • 4th
    Deposit Submit and you can get started!

So at least you have that here chance, in the Online casino on account to deposit. Note, however, that there are fees:

  • 0-29 euros payment transfer means a fee of 1.50 euros.
  • 30-59 euros payment transfer means a fee of 3.90 euros.
  • 60-89 euros payment transfer means a fee of 4.90 euros.
  • 90+ Euro payment transfer means a 5.90 fee.

Incidentally, there is service in Austria Paybox, which actually makes payments via mobile phone bill possible. However, as a American you cannot use it. More information on this in the guide "Online casino Austria".

Top up credit in the online casino via SMS or. Pay in by mobile phone bill in The USA- what does that mean?

In principle, it has been possible to pay by mobile phone in online casinos for a long time. Payment by invoice or. but not via SMS. At least not in Germany. In theory, it means that the credit you want to transfer is simple Billed through your telephone provider and the telephone bill will.

The SMS only serves as a means of confirmation. Nevertheless, terms such as "Top up online casino via SMS in Germany" and "Casino deposit by phone bill Germany“Often used synonymously.

In theory, this method makes it particularly easy to deposit while on the move, because all you need is a mobile phone number. There is also no need to register with a payment service provider.

The disadvantage is that one Online casino payout so are not possible. But that is of secondary importance for you anyway, because there are no online casinos that offer the payment method via mobile phone bill for Germans.

Where can you make deposits with SMS in the casino??

American online casinos unfortunately do not offer this service. Which is a shame, of course, because in theory it could be an ideal procedure to pay the deposit by phone bill or SMS if you play a lot on mobile anyway. Because then you could conveniently top up your account with your smartphone or tablet.

In theory, it is not even necessary to open an account to use invoice payment, all you need is a mobile phone number and the billing takes place on your monthly invoice for the smartphone. But, as already mentioned several times, we are talking about the theory here.

the Payment method with invoice is still relatively new and therefore there are no providers that allow you to deposit with it. A casino deposit via telephone bill in The USAis currently not offered anywhere.

We recommend that you just stop by regularly - you will be able to find SMS casinos in our comparisons as soon as they are available.

Paying in the casino with a phone bill or SMS - the theory

So that you are prepared in case the casinos payment by phone bill or SMS into the program, let's go through the theory of how it would work.

You would settle your bets via your mobile phone bill, which you pay every month anyway - without a required e-wallet account, credit card or registration. Instead of being posted there, yours would transferred amount will appear on the next mobile phone bill, which you will pay when due as usual.

That could be with one too Prepaid contract function. All you need to do is have the appropriate credit on the card. You could also use this payment method with a term contract.

If you would then want to pay with a telephone bill in the casino, you would have to proceed as follows:

  • 1
    Go to the casino's website and log in with your username and password. Go to the customer area and open the cash register.
  • 2
    Among the means of payment that are offered is payment by telephone bill. Click on this payment method. The casino will then forward you to the payment service provider, who will enable such a transfer.
  • 3
    Here you have to enter your mobile phone number. Shortly afterwards you will receive a code via SMS, which you enter at a certain point during the payment process.
  • 4th
    Then you will be directed back to the casino and can play with the money immediately.
  • 5
    The amount you have paid will appear on the next phone bill and is only then due.

How safe would it be to use the phone bill to deposit online casino?

Paying with a phone bill is very sure, because the mobile phone companies only use the most modern security mechanisms. The redirect procedure is used.

This means that before a deposit (in the future possibly also at a casino) the required information is displayed on a hosted page, where you then have to confirm the payment.

You don't have to register anywhere beforehand - except of course for your telephone contract - and no other personal data, such as your address, are requested.

Instead, identification takes place with the telephone number and the SIM card and an SMS code. If you lose your cell phone, you usually have the card blocked, which in turn blocks the possibility of paying with the phone bill.

There would be costs for paying by mobile phone in the online casino?

the Payment by phone bill would usually be free of charge for you. Whether that for new online casinos would also be the case, of course we cannot say one hundred percent. This is because some casinos take fees for payment methods. Most casinos pay the fees that a payment service charges out of their own pocket and very few ask their customers to compensate.

Generally lying such expenses in the lowest area and would only be a few euros. Since there is currently no provider with whom you can make your casino deposit by telephone bill in Germany, exact details are of course not possible. 

What minimum amounts could apply to an online casino deposit via mobile phone??

This question cannot currently be answered conclusively either. However, we recommend in case there is any service in reputable online casinos gives that payments by phone bill or. can only be used for smaller amounts via SMS.

Larger deposits worth several hundred euros or even in the five-digit range should and usually cannot be made with the deposit by phone anyway.

How much exactly you have to deposit at least would then depend heavily on the casino. Because the casinos have iIndividual amounts that are transmitted at least with one payment Need to become. Usually this is ten euros, some casinos also charge 20 euros.

What limits could apply to the payout if customers can choose "Deposit by mobile phone bill" in the online casino??

To avoid any misunderstandings: A payout by phone bill or. by SMS is not possible. If you have the Payment method by invoice would choose, you have to make do with a different payout method. It is not uncommon for casinos to specify this themselves.

For example, it is possible that you have to use the classic bank transfer when transferring your winnings, which of course always takes a little longer. We recommend that you take a close look at which payout services are being considered.

The payout limit of the respective one then always applies Online casino payment method. You can several thousand euros be.


How fast could deposits and withdrawals go if players could pay with a phone bill at the casino?

If the casino of your choice makes a deposit by phone bill or. would accept via SMS, the payments could land in the account quickly. Speed ​​would undoubtedly be one of the great advantages of this method, and other services are great too fast online casino payouts enable.

However, the same note applies here: It would also be from the casino itself or. whose handling of payments depends on how long a transaction takes. Few Game providers wait until a deposit has actually been posted to their account, which can of course take a long time with a bank transfer abroad. For others, the confirmation of the transaction is sufficient for the booking on your casino account.

The payout duration depends on the service through which the Transfer of the winnings back is carried out. Because - as already mentioned in the previous paragraph - you can of course not use the deposit via mobile phone bill as a withdrawal method.

What advantages and disadvantages would there be if you were to send a text message to the online casino. could pay via mobile phone bill?

A key advantage would be that you don't need any other service providers with whom you first have to register. Even those of you who do not have an e-wallet account or credit card could be in Online casinos with real money to play.

This could also be done with a prepaid card, but you would have to buy it first and only then could you use it on your mobile phone. Paying on account would save you a step.

The payment on the phone bill would also have the Advantage of a delayed charge. You would not have to pay the respective amount until you received the monthly invoice from the mobile phone provider and all telephone costs incurred have been debited anyway. A deposit via phone bill could therefore in theory work unbeatably quickly and easily.

But there are also some disadvantages. First of all, you would miss the direct overview. You would only see at the end of the month how much money you have really invested in the casino or. how high the next cell phone bill will be. Of course, this could lead to more money being lost than you can actually handle in the end.

Impulsive players would run the risk of falling into a cost trap or. to take over financially. In this context, you should always set specific limits in your casino account anyway and, if possible, fall back on providers with whom you can track your game history in detail.

Quite apart from that, this payment method is not yet ready for use. Anyone who wants to make a casino deposit by phone bill in The USAwill (still) be disappointed. In some countries, the transaction method is well established. These include, for example, Great Britain or Scandinavia. However, it has not yet established itself across Europe.

The theoretical Advantages and disadvantages of depositing by phone bill summarized:

  • No bank details necessary: All you have to do is provide your cell phone number.
  • Low spread: Topping up your account in the online casino via SMS has not yet been an option in Germany.
  • Difficult overview: You may only be aware of your gaming costs when you receive your phone bill.

There are good alternatives to online casino deposit by mobile phone bill?

If you'd like to pay by cell phone, you don't necessarily have to use your phone bill. There are actually many other transfer methods that make this possible.

The e-wallets NETELLER and Skrill

The popular E-wallets can of course also be used for a deposit and a withdrawal via the smartphone or tablet. PayPal is no longer available to American customers in casinos, however, as the service provider in this country has completely withdrawn from the casino market due to the uncertain legal situation. NETELLER or Skrill Incidentally, contrary to popular opinion, charging with a mobile phone bill is not possible.

Credit cards - also reliable on the move

visa logoWith a Credit card you can also deposit via your smartphone. This is a very easy and quick method, Transfer money, but you have to provide your credit card number.

The fast transfers via Trustly and Sofortüberweisung

These services are modern variants of the classic bank transfer or of Online casino Klarna. They also offer prompt payment transactions on the go, with only Trustly also for withdrawals is usable. Trustly even operates under a American TÜV seal.

Google Pay and Apple Pay - The online giants on the rise

Apple Pay logoThe web giants Google and Apple also offer convenient online payment services that also work on the go: Google Pay and Apple Pay. Here you can, for example, store your credit card and then use the service as a kind of e-wallet. However, these two services are still very rarely represented at online casinos.

So if you're on the road and suddenly realize that your casino account is empty, you can Choose from numerous good alternatives to paying by cell phone bill.  If you want to pay with your mobile phone, you can alternatively use any of these payment methods, who have either developed a special app for cell phones or act online with a web app and thus work on the basis of a website optimized for mobile devices.


The best online casinos now offer numerous payment methods to enable their customers to pay on the go. Even if there is currently no provider in Germany, where you can make the payment by phone bill, this service can also be released in The USAat some point.

FAQ - Casino deposit via mobile phone in Germany

❓ There are online casinos that allow in deposit by phone bill?

no. In Germany, these payment methods are generally not widespread and there is currently no online casino that offers this function.

〽️ Are there casinos where payment via SMS is possible??

Paying via SMS is also not possible in online casinos for American players.

❌ Why is the telephone bill not widely used as a means of payment?

In this case, the payment methods are very cumbersome. The deposit can be done quite quickly, but it gets complicated at the latest with the withdrawal. After all, you cannot load several thousand euros of winnings onto your mobile phone as credit.

 ⭕️ How can you deposit with your mobile phone in the online casino??

There are a few alternatives that you can use to take advantage of mobile payment. Zimpler, for example, is a payment service that has optimized processes for cell phones. Most other services (e-wallets, credit cards & instant transfers) also work on the go.

➕ Is there a payment via telephone bill in Austria or Switzerland??

In Austria the system will be yours Paybox offered. This enables payment via telephone bill and a few casinos also support the service. However, it is not available in The USAor Switzerland.

Conclusion: The casino deposit by phone bill in The USAis not yet possible

If you were looking for "casino deposit by phone bill in Germany" or "top up online casino via SMS in Germany", we unfortunately had to disappoint you a bit in this guide. In this country, a corresponding payment option is not yet available from any game provider.

In view of the convenience that payment by invoice offers, this is also very surprising for us as experienced casino fans. It should not be forgotten that The USAis one of the strongest casino markets of all.

Still, we are confident that there will be American players too very soon it will be possible to make deposits in the casino via SMS respectively. via mobile phone bill. When the time comes, you will of course be informed about it by us first.

We therefore recommend ours to you on a regular basis Online casino test to be examined - even outside of this topic, they provide very useful information for safe, low-risk and efficient gaming. Until then, you can also rely on Zimpler to make payments with your mobile phone.

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