Play real money baccarat online - best baccarat casinos 2021

Many providers currently offer the option of playing in Baccarat in Online casinos with real money to be able to play. You will learn in the following article Everything you need to know about the different baccarat variants, new baccarat games and the best online casinos with baccarat. We hope that this will also bring those to the tables who have not yet dealt closely with baccarat. 

the essentials in brief
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Online casinos with baccarat

1 Elcarado Casino
  • Various baccarat providers
  • U.a. NetEnt, Pragmatic Play & Microgaming
  • Live and video baccarat
Experience report To the casino
2 SlotsMillion Casino
  • 13 Baccarat Live Games
  • Playtech as a provider for baccarat
  • Baccarat as a menu item
Experience report To the casino
3 AmunRa Casino
  • Extremely trustworthy company
  • over 180 different live tables, including baccarat
  • Wide range of free payment methods
Experience report To the casino
4 Slothunter Casino
  • Online baccarat with maximum stakes up to 1.000 €
  • Great look and attractive design
  • Good VIP program
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5 CrazyFox Casino
  • Brand new casino
  • Evolution Gaming Live Casino with Baccarat
  • Low table limits allow baccarat fun for all budgets
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6 Cadabrus Casino
  • Various baccarat tables
  • Serious EU license from Malta
  • Three different bonus promotions to start with
Experience report To the casino
7 Nomini Casino
  • 15 baccarat tables to choose from
  • Lots of deposit options
  • Only started in mid-2019
Experience report To the casino
8 1BET Casino
  • About 1.000 games from more than 30 providers
  • Live tables from 6 providers, including loads of baccarat
  • Numerous bonus campaigns for existing customers
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These are the different types of baccarat online & their rules 

Baccarat is a classic card game that has undergone various developments and is therefore also in different variants is played.

In order to give you the best possible impression of the different Baccarat variants, we have you five current variants briefly compiled. 

Punto Banco 

Let's start with the classic baccarat, the Punto Banco. The Punto Banco is based on six decks of 52 cards each, thus the baccarat card counting is formally excluded.

You receive two cards from the live dealer at the beginning of the game round and you have to use your cards to do the Score 9 to win the game round.

However, this takes a special position Naturel a. The naturel is a playing hand that can have a point value of 8 or 9 on the first two cards dealt. Both you and the dealer can win the game round with a naturel.


As with classic baccarat, you either bet on your own win, a draw or on a win for the dealer. Should you bet against yourself and on a win for the dealer, you have to 5 percent commission settle your possible winnings. 

No commission baccarat

That No commission baccarat is very similar to the Punto Banco. The only differences are that there are other betting options in addition to the classic bets on a tie. This includes, among other things Pairs on your own hand or the dealer's hand.

In addition, you will be refunded half of your stake if the dealer denies with his hand Score 6 can achieve.


The major difference in this variant of Baccarat is this missing commission. So you don't have to pay a 5 percent commission if you win with your bet on the dealer's victory.

Baccarat squeeze 

That too Baccarat squeeze is played based on the rules of Punto Banco, but receives the extension that you are the players for a certain period of time Peppering cards can.

However, this is very limited in time and only possible if you have placed a bet on yourself or the dealer.


The expansion increases the possible Payouts compared to the Punto Banco. 

Dragon Tiger Baccarat

At the Dragon Tiger Baccarat it is a variant of baccarat that has spread much faster than others in recent years.

The Dragon Tiger Baccarat clearly impresses faster game rounds. This variant has been simplified and is therefore ideal for the live casino.


The dealer shares only two cards from that name Dragon and tiger wear and duel against each other.

Your Bets you only conclude which of the two cards is higher / lower, whether there is a tie or whether there is even a tie with the same card suits. 

Mini Baccarat 

In the Asian area, where the game rounds are dealt with a little faster, this has also been the case Mini Baccarat can establish.

The Mini Baccarat is based on the principles of Punto Bancos. However, you cannot spew cards. The game starts with two cards and according to the basic rules of punto bancos, additional cards can be dealt.

The aim of Mini Baccarat is to get closer to the Score 9 to lie.

If a player can show a natural with his cards, he wins the game round immediately.

According to the shortened game round, the stakes are also adjusted somewhat and are usually lower.

Baccarat with increased stakes

Our last variant is not really a new variant. Rather, this is about the fact that in baccarat the Possible uses vary greatly.

As for many other classic casino games, such as Blackjack, Of course, there are also increased betting limits for Baccarat at some tables. Depending on the online casino, these tables are called VIP baccarat or high stakes baccarat marked.

The minimum stakes fluctuate widely, but in a few cases they are Bets worth 100.000 euros possible.

The salon, on the other hand, is almost completely extinct Privée Baccarat. At Salon Privée Baccarat you take a seat at a private gaming table, which is only occupied by a live dealer. So you play right against the house, where privacy has its price, of course.

the Minimum bets per round range between 2.500 and 5.000 euros and are therefore only for that High rollers suitable among you.

Play successfully with these 5 baccarat tips - a baccarat guide for beginners  

Playing baccarat online with real money is possible in different ways. But which is the right baccarat online casino? And what are the first steps in playing baccarat? Of course, it does not help if you blindly perceive a deposit bonus and thus to the Baccarat tables storms.

With a little planning and foresight, you can avoid the typical rookie mistakes. We'll show you how!

1. Choose the right online casino!

When choosing the right baccarat online casino, you should focus on three things:
  • For one thing, that would be the Availability of various baccarat tables in the live casino.Make absolutely sure that your online casino is sufficiently different Tables with different limits can provide.
  • When choosing your online casino, you should also make sure that the RTP values between 98 and 99 percent and thus the House advantage between 1 and 2 percent lies.As a rule, you should be able to find all the necessary information about the house edge and the RTP values ​​in the FAQs or the general terms and conditions of your baccarat casino.
  • Last but not least, there are those Bonus and wagering requirements. As we were able to show you before, most online casinos exclude baccarat and other traditional casino games in the live casino from their wagering requirements.Therefore, check exactly what the respective provisions of your new online casino look like and whether you can use Baccarat to fulfill your playthrough.

2. Avoid dubious online casinos!

Malta Gaming Authority Logo

The best online casinos for baccarat should be able to offer you one thing without compromise: maximum seriousness and confidential handling of your customer data. But how do you know reputable online casinos?

The best baccarat online casinos should therefore be equipped with the best EU gambling licenses:
  • In the past few years the situation in Europe has changed somewhat, for example the state gambling authority is open Curacao has jumped significantly forward and now regulates a large part of the new online casinos in the gambling sector.
  • However, we recommend that you choose a baccarat online casino that has a gambling license from Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) Is provided. The supervisory authority in Malta not only has an excellent reputation, it also ensures that you comply with all legal requirements of the EU.
  • Online casinos with EU or. Malta license address the issue of gambling addiction and preventive measures much more seriously than casinos based on Curaçao.
At the same time you should check which ones Provider are represented in the desired online casino and which provider operates the live casino.
  • Names like Evolution gaming, Microgaming, Playtech or Net entertainment run your way, after all, these are not only some of the most renowned names in the industry, these providers also signal you with the utmost security.
  • Real money bets can therefore be placed without any concerns about possible fraud strategies or strange game abandons.
Finally, you shouldn't forget another aspect: customer service.
  • The customer service does not necessarily have to be available around the clock, but a good online casino should of course give you one German-speaking support can provide via live chat and email.
  • Ideally, there is also the option of contacting customer service via a free telephone hotline. Unfortunately, this has now almost completely broken down, which is why a detailed FAQ in most cases it is sufficient.
  • We recommend that you also take a look at our strict Online casino rating, which can give you an authentic insight into customer service and possible waiting times.

Let yourselves by no means to a dubious online casino a!

3. Use free baccarat games for your first experience!

Your first steps at baccarat will certainly be a bit rocky. As with any other Online gambling you also have to be patient and should go with them first the lowest possible financial risk start.

What we therefore strongly recommend to you are free baccarat games. It is easy to play baccarat online for free. Even online Baccarat games without registration are easy to find.

Takes place in baccarat games without the time pressure of the live dealer find out what you should improve on your game and which rules you do not yet fully understand. After all, your ultimate goal is to sit confidently at the tables in the live casino.

Playing baccarat online for free is an extremely important step if you have had little experience with card gambling. 

4th. Slowly gaining experience with small real money stakes!

Of course, baccarat strategies also play an important role when we talk about medium and long-term success. Nobody expects you to be an expert from day one. In baccarat, too, one aspect is particularly crucial - your experience.

We therefore recommend the Establishing a financial budget. For example, set a daily or weekly bet limit and build up your knowledge without too great a financial risk.

The goal is that you gains in security and not that you get three-digit winnings per game session on the first day.

5. Develop a baccarat strategy that suits you!

Furthermore, it can make sense that you think about how you want to proceed before starting the game. While it is hardly possible in baccarat to really lower the house edge with a baccarat strategy, personal strategies can be the icing on the cake. A very simple and often played one Online casino strategy is the one-sided setting. You simply commit yourself to either the player or the bank for a certain number of game rounds. Many players use this route, as either the bank or the player are generally preferred. With this strategy, it is important that you remain steadfast and continue to bet on your side even after losing a hand or two at a time.

For some players, however, the opposite strategy is more suitable: You can always determine your bet based on the result of the previous hand. You are hoping on the assumption that both the player and the bank will win twice in a row and therefore always consistently rely on the Page that has already won before. This assumption cannot be supported arithmetically, but for your own gaming psychology it is important that you believe in winnings in this way.

A very special baccarat strategy that you can also use in the online casino is the focus on the side bets. In baccarat, for example, you can bet on pairs for the player, for the bank or generally on a pair on the table. In return, you will receive 5 or 11 times your winnings - which can make the game worthwhile, even if pairs are of course much less common. The overwhelming number of players only use the side bets as an additional addition to their baccarat strategy and do not build it entirely on it.

Worth reading: Guide to the topic "Win money in the casino".

The goal is not to blindly follow a strategy haphazardly and without mind, but to develop your own baccarat strategies in the medium to long term, which at least give you the feeling of increasing your chances of winning, even if this is not always mathematically correct.


Is a baccarat bonus possible?? Problems with the wagering requirements? 

As with any other game or slot machine in the online casino, of course you also want one that is as attractive as possible for Baccarat Casino bonus received at the start.

Ideally, you should get one Live casino bonus in order to benefit as much as possible when playing in the live casino.

Financially, new online casinos in particular outdo each other in the hunt for new customers, which is why you are in some cases almost immorally high sums Tobe offered.

The big problem is the Bonus and wagering requirements many online casinos. While there is no trouble for Real money slot machines should give, most companies are massively restricting the use of traditional table and card games in the live casino.

Accordingly, your baccarat bets are either barely valued or only too 10 to a maximum of 20 percent added to the achieved turnover.

By doing this you will of course be in front of a massive problem because this makes it virtually impossible to achieve the sales value or it takes significantly more patience.

The following case study shows you what we mean:

Case study on wagering on baccarat
  • Example deposit for bonus: 100 euros
  • Bonus: 100 euros
  • Start-up capital: 200 euros
  • Rollover: 30 x bonus and deposit
  • Sales target: 9.000 euros
  • Baccarat value: 10 percent
  • Blackjack rollover: 90.000 euros

For this reason, do not be dazzled by the sheer number of possible bonuses, but check exactly how they are Stake weights of the respective casino fail.

If you are playing real money baccarat and doing a new casino bonus want to use, you should know right from the start how intensive your game sessions have to be in order to achieve the sales value in the given time.

Mobile online casinos with baccarat

Of course, it is an absolute necessity to have your Baccarat gaming sessions mobile on the Tablet or smartphone can start.

The greatest progress has been made in this area in recent years: while in the early days of the native applications or modified websites even greater cuts in the range of games should have been made good online casinos Nowadays not only offer you all possible games in the regular offer, but also provide a mobile live casino.

This means that you can run your gaming sessions in the live casino without any problems on your mobile phone, without being able to detect any differences between iOS or Android devices.

Additionally are mobile casinos or Casino apps so far developed that you no worries about game interruptions or longer delays in the picture or sound must have.

Best Online Baccarat Game Developers

Since baccarat is a classic table game, so are the two Live casino providers NetEnt and Evolution Gaming to be mentioned first when it comes to good baccarat games.

These two offer various different baccarat versions, which are carried out with real croupiers in the live stream.

If you prefer to play without real croupiers, you should bet on the games from Microgaming or Playtech. Here you are offered good baccarat variants. But NetEnt is also at the forefront of video baccarat. 

Faq - play baccarat online for real money

❓ Can you play baccarat online for real money??

Yes, you can play baccarat online for real money at most casinos. In most live casinos there are tables with different betting options available for you at any time of the day.

⚖️ Is it legal to play baccarat online in Germany??

Again, we can give a quick answer: Yes, playing baccarat for real money is in everyone Online casino legal, who can show the necessary gaming license. 

➕ Are there online casinos with an exclusive baccarat bonus?

Unfortunately, there are currently no known online casinos that offer you an exclusive baccarat bonus. However, there are a few casinos that advertise the live casino with a separate casino bonus.

In this case, Baccarat plays a special role and can be used in full to meet the wagering requirements.

⭕️ Can I also play baccarat on the go on my smartphone??

Yes, almost all online casinos offer their complete range of games, including their live casino, in a mobile version. This can either be a classic baccarat app or a mobile baccarat website.

The regular number of tables in the live casino should therefore also be available on your smartphone or tablet.

✅ Which is the most popular variant of Baccarat?

The most common is Punto Banco. Punto Banco is basically the variant of baccarat that is offered as standard in the live casino. The reason for this is the simplicity of the Punto Bancos, which is based on the basic rules of Baccarat and thus appeals to the largest target group.

Conclusion: Baccarat can be played online with some restrictions

Baccarat is without question one of them absolute classics in the online casino and will continue to do so in the years to come.

However, there are some restrictions if you want to play baccarat online for real money:

Many online casinos offer you various types of baccarat and offer you various tables with different table limits in the live casino. However, in order to venture to the big tables, you should be as experienced as possible and have already experienced a few game situations. Not only one is essential for this complete understanding of the rules, but also several hours of playing time.

With a little luck, any of you can make short-term profits. However, if you want to make solid profits in the long term, then you will have to devote some of your time to baccarat.

First of all, you should play rounds with extremely low stakes or use websites where you Play baccarat online for free can. It's all worth it.

There are many baccarat fans in our editorial team. Here, too, everyone is pursuing their own strategy. The only tip our editors could agree on, is looking for a reputable online casino.

If you want to use a bonus, you should definitely make sure that your baccarat wagers will also count towards the wagering requirements. If this is not the case, deposit offers for Baccarat would be of no interest, as they are almost impossible to implement.

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