Non Sticky Casino Bonus 2021: Real money and bonus money separated!

In an online casino you will find many exciting bonus promotions, which can bring you additional capital. However, in most cases tricky bonus conditions have to be met before a possible payout. At a Non Sticky Casino Bonus Your deposited real money remains free of wagering requirements. We explain in detail what this interesting bonus variant is all about in this article.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: the best Casinos with non sticky bonuses.
  • Chapter 1: Details on the Non sticky bonuses.
  • Chapter 2: Tips to the sales a Non Sticky Bonus.
  • Chapter 3: Explanation and properties a Non Sticky Bonus.
  • Chapter 4: alternative Bonus offers.

Casinos with Non Sticky Bonus

1 SlotsMillion Casino
  • 100% Non Sticky Bonus up to € 500
  • Activation possible from a minimum deposit of € 20
  • Additionally 50 free spins on Book of Dead
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2 Viggoslots Casino
  • 100% until 1.€ 000 Non Sticky Bonus
  • Only one time turnover!
  • Minimum deposit: € 20
Experience report To the casino
3 Casumo Casino
  • 100% Non Sticky Bonus up to € 500
  • 30x rollover before payout
  • An additional 120 free spins on Book of Dead
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4 Rabona Casino
  • 100% Non Sticky Bonus up to € 500
  • Activation possible from a minimum deposit of € 20
  • Additionally 200 free spins spread over 10 days
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5 stake7_logo_breitStake 7 Casino
  • Up to € 400 Non Sticky Casino Bonus with the code "FD100"
  • Can be used for first or second deposit
  • 48x rollover before payout
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6 Slotty Vegas Casino
  • 100% Non Sticky Bonus up to € 500
  • Valid for the first deposit only
  • An additional 50 free spins
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7 Intercasino logoIntercasino
  • Triple deposit bonus 100% bonus of up to € 900
  • 30 days to implement the bonus
  • An additional 110 free spins
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8 Simple casino
  • 100% Non Sticky Bonus up to € 500
  • 60 days to implement the bonus
  • 40x rollover before payout
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9 Slot Planet Casino
  • 100% Non Sticky Bonus up to € 222
  • 30 days to implement the bonus
  • 35x rollover before payout
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10 videoslots logoVideo slots
  • 100% Non Sticky Bonus up to € 200
  • Activation possible from a minimum deposit of € 10
  • 35x rollover before payout
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11 Unique casino
  • 100% Non Sticky Bonus up to € 200
  • 30x rollover before payout
  • An additional 20 free spins
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Where's the best Non Sticky Casino Bonus waiting for you?

Non sticky casino bonuses are a fine thing. You play normally with your real money, and when this is used up, the bonus hunt starts immediately. All the details on this are given below, but first we ask ourselves how things are in the casinos with the non sticky bonuses at all.

The rule of thumb should be: ever more serious an online casino, the more likely you are to separate real and bonus money and not subject your deposited money to disadvantageous wagering requirements. Therefore you will find a lot of providers in our casino reviews who leave it at non sticky and are fairer to you.

But we went to look again to find you here three really enjoyable welcome offers to introduce, none of which stick to real money and are otherwise enjoyable Online casinos are at home.


Logo from CaxinoThe gambling provider Caxino has a strong non sticky bonus ready for its new customers. If you register as a new player, you can get up to 200 euros. In addition, ten free spins are released over ten days. The wagering requirements are 35 times. So you can very easily join Caxino experiences collect with a Non Sticky Bonus.


SlotsMillion logoThe Non Sticky Bonus from SlotsMillion is divided into two deposit steps. With the first deposit you get a 100% surcharge up to 200 euros and in the second step 30% up to 300 euros. In addition, 50 free spins for Book of Dead will be given to new customers. At SlotsMillion you can then use it to test the huge slots portfolio. So you can then with a wide variety of providers SlotsMillion experiences collect.


Wildz Casino logoat Wildz there is a non sticky bonus that you can boost up to 500 euros with your first deposit. In addition, 200 free spins will be unlocked for you. Wildz requires a 35-fold turnover, with almost all slots counting with 100% for free spins. To at Wildz experiences Collecting with a Non Sticky Bonus means you can concentrate fully on slots to make things easier for you.

More good non sticky casino bonus offers

Find a casino with a Non Sticky Bonus yourself
How do you actually know if a Casino bonus sticks to real money or not? Anyway, you should always get the Read through bonus terms And this is exactly where the important information about the Non Sticky Bonus lurks. The formulations are variable and only rarely is it explicitly said “non sticky”. Check whether the real money is also linked to wagering requirements. The entire profit is forfeited if you pay out early? It is often said that Real money before bonus money and real money winnings can be paid out early. As a rule, however, this is then also associated with the forfeiture of the bonus money. In the bonus conditions there are sometimes more, sometimes fewer details listed, which in the worst case can even make real money winnings forfeit. A reputable casino don't put any pitfalls in your way, but it is very easy to accidentally place a wrong bet somewhere and have to write off the bonus.

Clear the Non Sticky Bonus quickly and purposefully

So if you get into the situation that you get a Non Sticky Bonus activated after losing your deposit, you want to convert it into real money and have it paid out. Then you can make it a lot easier for yourself with a few simple tips. With these five tricks you can convert the bonus balance quickly and safely:

1. Calculate the minimum sales:
  • So that you can proceed in a planned and targeted manner, you should first calculate exactly what amount you have to wager until the Non Sticky Bonus has been converted into real money. Think about that before you do the Credit card pulls out. This is particularly important so that you can adjust your bets accordingly and not spend too much money in one round. But you should always play something about it in order not to get into trouble as a pure bonus hunter.
2. Determine your own schedule:
  • Compliance with the bonus period is particularly important if a new casino bonus is to be implemented. Therefore, think in advance exactly on which days you can play so that you do not get into trouble with regard to the time period. In this way, you can devote yourself to fulfilling the wagering requirements in peace and quiet and enjoy the game in a relaxed manner.
3. Check the approved casino games:
  • Selecting the right slot machines is particularly important so that you can use your bets as efficiently as possible to meet the wagering requirements. For this reason, you should read the bonus conditions carefully and focus on games whose stakes are 100% taken into account.
4th. Short game intervals and regular breaks:
  • So that you can always play with full concentration, we recommend that you play at short intervals. If you get tired or exhausted, you should definitely stop the game. Since you have already worked out a precise schedule in advance, breaks are in any case not a problem and often an advantage.
5. High RTP values, low volatilities:
  • Play the Slots, the ones you enjoy the most, but for the most profitable game, it's best to choose the machines with the best payout percentages. If you only want to have some of the bonus money as real money in the end, then you also take the slots, which pay out often, albeit low. So you tend to stay on your credit balance, while high volatilities may not generate large profits until after the bonus phase (for which there is often a limitation in the bonus anyway).
Often times the bonus will be active directly with the first deposit and you don't have to do anything else. Sometimes you have to enter the corresponding bonus code in the classic way as part of the deposit. Very often you just go through the given steps and click on or click on the desired bonus. marks whether you want to have a bonus at all. Fortunately, activation on your own request in live chat has become rarer.

What is a Non Sticky Bonus anyway?

If you translate the English word “sticky” as “glued”, then you will get a very good idea of ​​the pleasant additional offers you will be dealing with here. With a typical Sticky bonus, As it still appears in numerous casinos today, real money and bonus money are glued together from the start.

Please give an example?
You deposit 100 euros in real money and receive 100 euros in bonus money. Your entire betting account then consists practically at the beginning of 200 euros non-withdrawable bonus money, on which a 25-fold conversion is burdened. You can only withdraw all winnings after you have thrown the amount into a slot machine 25 times. If you request a payout beforehand, it will be canceled or you will fall back to 100 euros real money (or have already slipped under it anyway).

The classic sticky bonus can be worthwhile, but it also limits you a lot. But what does Non sticky bonus? Here real money and bonus money accounts are strictly separated. At first you gamble completely with your own money and win at face value. You can cash out and secure winnings at any time, but at that moment the bonus money is almost always forfeited without ever having been used.

In the event that you gamble your real money, the Non Sticky Casino Bonus acts as a lifeline.

It is therefore often referred to as Parachute, emergency or lifeline bonus (Parachute / Lifeline). Then you get the second 100 euros (or whatever) unlocked and you have to wager 35 times there, for example. If there is anything left over at the end (or even more), you will receive the sum as real money that can be withdrawn.

Note the numerous conditions that are attached to every form of bonus. For example, you are often told how long you have time, what you can use at most, which games are allowed at all and how they are counted, which ones Payment methods come into question or which gambling behavior is prohibited.

Our reviews clarify the key points, but cannot reproduce every detail.

What advantages does the Non Sticky Casino Bonus offer?

The Non Sticky Casino Bonus is one of the best bonus offers that you can secure yourself in online casinos. You first use your real money in these bonus promotions and can have all winnings paid out directly from your account.

The obvious benefit arises from early high profits: you can immediately deduct all income as well as your previous deposit from your account.

So you don't run the risk of having to continue playing and losing your winnings again in the following rounds.

When you have paid out your casino real money winnings, it is usually the case that the bonus balance is not activated in the first place and the bonus never existed. But since you are already in the plus, this is bearable. But if you have lost your entire deposit, you will get yours with the bonus money second chance (which is then of course subject to conditions). Maybe this is how you can get your money back.

Overall, your advantage is that Real money just stays real money. You play normally, as if you had never activated a bonus. This obligation to play behavior that you actually do not want is the reason why some players (if possible) consciously forego their sticky deposit bonus.

A major disadvantage

If you have the choice, you should always opt for a No Sticky Casino Bonus. But there can always be a catch: You may not even get the bonus. Because once the bonus period has expired (often 30 days) and you've never gone broke, you've never seen the bonus money.

With the conventional Sticky Bonus you have to play a lot and keep going even with big wins, but you often play with additional money from minute 1 on. If you then also go bankrupt, then your lifeline was there from the start. But in the end you can also go out of the number with generous bonus money winnings in order to be able to pay them out in the end.

If we take a cross-section of the current bonus offers, the sticky bonus seems to be the more unfair variant overall, but the rollover volume tends to be a bit lower.

Other bonus promotions besides a Non Sticky Casino bonus

With many of the best online casino providers you can not only secure the popular Non Sticky Bonus on your own, but also benefit from many other bonus promotions. The most popular offers include, for example Free spins, which you can use for many different slots. Here you often have to convert the winnings as bonus money.


These promotions are usually offered to new customers, but also to existing customers when a new and popular slot machine has been added to the portfolio of an online casino.

Existing customers also have the option of purchasing a Reload bonus to increase further deposits with bonus money at regular intervals.


In many cases, you also have the option of using an online casino VIP program to benefit. All bets that you have made with real money will be counted towards this program. This gives you the opportunity to exchange your loyalty points for further bonus promotions or even for attractive prizes in kind or cash.

FAQ - Non Sticky Bonus

➕ What is special about a Non Sticky Casino Bonus?

The special feature is that you can withdraw all real money winnings from your casino account immediately after they have been credited. As with other bonus promotions, you don't have to wait for the relevant wagering requirements to be met in full. The bonus money only becomes active if you are completely bankrupt.

⚠ Where to get a Non Sticky Bonus?

There is a roughly balanced relationship between sticky and non sticky in casinos. More serious casinos often have the fairer non-sticky version ready for you. Our reviews show you the way.

❓ How can the Non Sticky Casino bonuses be activated?

In order to take part in these interesting bonus promotions, you must first make a deposit into your account. As a rule, these offers are issued to players who are on the platform of a for the first time new online casinos have registered. Check carefully beforehand which deposit amount is required so that you can make the most of the Non Sticky Bonus.

〽️ Can the Non Sticky Bonus be activated multiple times?

No, as with any other bonus, you can only activate the Non Sticky Casino Bonus once. Registration with multiple accounts is not permitted and automatically leads to the cancellation of all activated bonus promotions.

✅ It is mandatory to activate a Non Sticky Casino Bonus?

No, these bonus promotions are entirely on a voluntary basis. You are not forced to take part in a bonus campaign at any time and you can only play with the amount of your deposit if necessary. If there are problems, you just pay out and lose the bonus one way or another.

⭕️ For which casino games should the Non Sticky Casino Bonus be best used?

You can usually get this bonus for many different Casino games use. However, we recommend that you focus on games that qualify 100% for meeting the wagering requirements (usually most slots).

Conclusion: The Non Sticky Bonus is the bonus promotion of your choice

When real money and bonus money merge, you may win big and have to spin the reels many, many times before cashing out. With the Non Sticky Bonus you have it there considerably more pleasant, even if this bonus money is often not active at all. We clearly recommend looking out for the non-sticky version, which will serve as a rescue parachute if you fall back to zero in the beginning. The right providers can be found in our detailed reviews.

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