NKL experiences & test report 2021

  • State lottery
  • Distribution of over 1.6 billion euros
  • Seven-digit ticket number with drawing of final digits
  • Very high and daily profit distribution
  • Full government guarantee and custody
  • 1001 prizes from cruises to private islands
  • Difficult entry into the complex game plan
  • High ticket price
  • Only the NKL lotteries on offer

Lottery offer


Lottery offer

The Northwest American Class Lottery (NKL) was launched as an institution under public law as early as 1947 and thus before the founding of the Federal Republic of The USAand today forms one of the joint class lottery of the federal states (GKL) together with the South American Class Lottery (SKL) Main pillars of American lottery culture. In this article I mainly explain the basic principles of the complex game principle of the NKL, but also take the website apart and divide mine into ten categories NKL experiences with. Let's start.

NKL lottery

First of all, there is the main lottery, which is played twice a year over a period of six months. The 144. Issue started on 1. April 2020. Unfortunately, the NKL is very detailed and divided into numerous individual options that I cannot explain everything in detail here. Fortunately, everything is explained relatively understandably on the site and after a few draws you have it all. Important for you at this point: The lottery offer at the NKL is limited to the NKL lottery and the NKL pension lottery in the next section. You can't do that here classic Play LOTTO online, still participate in one of the myriad global lotteries. There are also no additional offers such as casino games or sports betting.

NKL experiences & test report 2021

During the six months of the lottery, six classes will be played for the main prizes every month. If you have a lot with the seven-digit winning number purchases, this is valid for the entire class. If you buy a ticket when the class is already running, you still pay the same price, otherwise the fixed payment of all prizes would not be possible. Because unlike the lottery, the totalizator principle does not apply here, according to which the winnings depend on the stakes. The possible profit increases continuously from month to month and fortunately is not taxed in Germany.

Once per class (month), the jackpot is played, which is in the 6. Class is 16 million euros. Every Friday the weekly draws take place, which are hard to remind you of Spiel77. And finally, every day there is a drawing that alternates between one million euros and 100 times 10.000 euros will be distributed. If that's not enough, there are still material prizes and monthly extra income waiting for you, and for a little more stake you can also take part in the Million Joker game, in which the million can be bought a total of 230 times. Yes, it's complex and I didn't even mention the retirement joker. But it's also all very lucrative. About 50% of the stakes go back to the players and each lot has a 54% chance of being hit. Every win is guaranteed by the state to be played out.

NKL experiences & test report 2021

NKL pension lottery

Fortunately, with the second mainstay, the annuity lottery, things are much easier for beginners. Here, too, the basics: As the name suggests, you can win pensions that can even be inherited until the end of the term. A basic lot brings up to 10 for 5 years.000 euros per month, a super ticket even for 10 years, and 200 pension prizes are played out per month. The draws are weekly, the winnings increase every week, so that you can enter later with a clear conscience for the same stake. Unlike in the main lottery, there is no arsenal of additional ways to win. In order to make matters a bit more confusing, every second week of the lottery 900.000 bonus tickets have been distributed, which in turn will start the race for you.

Respectability & safety


The NKL is as serious as a lottery can be. The merger with the SKL to form the GKL connects the 16 federal states that provide state guarantees. Data protection is outstanding and you can use the button at the bottom left to make settings and view the complete history at any time. To protect against addiction, the “PlayOff” app and a free hotline are offered, and the enormous range of information is also available for PDF download. The random number generator was tested by the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering. I don't have to go into much more detail. The huge payouts sound too good to be true, but in this case they definitely are. The NKL is as serious and safe as the holy LOTTO 6aus49 itself.

costs & fees


It's quite expensive to be at the NKL, but when you look at the huge payouts, the price is justified. About half goes into the hands of the federal states, which can be viewed as a fee, the other half goes into the guaranteed payout of over 1.6 billion euros. Fall per payment up to 3.95 euros extra for prize list and postage. A ticket costs 160 euros per class (month) and can be split into up to 16 parts, depending on your wallet. So 10 euros is the minimum stake for which you play for 1/16 of the winnings.

You can also combine the shares of different ticket numbers. For example, with a 4/8 you play with four different eighth tickets, which gives you 4 x 20 = 80 euros for a general hit probability of over 96%. The million joker game with its 230 million chances costs 28 euros extra per month. A basic ticket in the annuity lottery costs 10 euros, the super ticket for twice the duration, corresponding to 20 euros.

Payment methods


As you are used to from the numerous LOTTO partners, the payment methods are also included in the NKL test extremely thin. The very large payment portfolio is then only available from the Online casinos or the international lottery distributors. At the NKL you buy your tickets directly, so you don't have to set up a special account that you have to pay into. So it works like at Amazon or Zalando and you can place your order by direct debit (with direct debit authorization by post), bank transfer or credit card (Visa, Eurocard /Mastercard, American Express) pay. The profits then move back accordingly. In the case of prizes in kind, you do not pay any surcharge for postage, transfers, purchase taxes, etc.

NKL experiences & test report 2021

optics & design


NKL experiences & test report 2021

Look and design play a role in the NKL experiences practically no role, or. you keep this functional and don't want to create great effects. Everything is easy to read black / gray on white, the subdivisions are coherent and here and there a few symbolic images loosen up the matter. Of course, it is especially nice to mention the winnings Decoration with positive photos, which definitely awaken a zest for life in me. The distinctive red dot of the logo can also be found in the main menu, which is always a nice self-reference. Everything works as one would expect, again not much needs to be mentioned.

Registration in a few steps


As already mentioned, you need at the NKL no user account and therefore no registration. You just buy your ticket and it goes as follows:

Bonus for new customers


A NKL bonus for new customers or any kind of bonus offer unavailable and also not provided. So there are specifically no free tickets or discounts. Just see the daily chances of winning and the countless times that a million and more are drawn as the universal one NKL bonus at.

Customer service & Support


I don't have any myself NKL experiences with the support, imagine a knowledgeable person at the side to be extremely helpful to get access to this lottery offer. The information on the site is on general service topics exceptionally extensive and is actually enough to understand the lottery with all its subtleties. Nevertheless, despite the simple design, some confusion remains, which disappears after a few draws. Ultimately, it's a lottery and you don't have to understand all of that. Just activate that Winning numbers subscription by email and you can read directly whether and what you have won, no matter where it came from.

NKL experiences & test report 2021

Worth mentioning is a compact introductory video that explains some things in advance, a good glossary from A to Z and a lot on the history of lotteries in northern Germany, surprisingly starting in the Baroque 1612 with Hamburg's first cash prize payout. For personal support you can always send an email to kundenservice @ nkl.de or edit the contact form. You can reach an employee in Hamburg by phone on 040-63291027, unfortunately only during the week from 8 a.m. to 3.30 p.m., on Fridays only until 1.30 p.m. Since the offer is only addressed to Germans and the draws are timed accordingly, I'll let that go for once -  but not the lack of a live chat.

Mobile offer


Let's end that NKL test with a glance at the mobile offer. Buying a lottery ticket is certainly not as relevant on the go as playing a few blackjack hands on the train, but nowadays accessibility is on all conceivable end devices for a serious one Online lottery provider a must. Here the NKL did not bother to offer an app for download, but limited itself to that Presentation on the mobile browser. Everything works perfectly for that. As always, there have been a few shifts and adjustments to the small touchscreen, but ultimately hardly any noteworthy change that would come unexpectedly for you.

NKL experiences & test report 2021

Everything works, everything is available, pure of mine NKL experiences I would recommend you to try the desktop PC to start and to inform yourself there with a better overview. Getting started is difficult enough because I don't want to have restricted image areas and a lack of multi-tasking, as is unavoidable on a smartphone. But later you can marvel at your lots in the Online lottery app buy and see the winning numbers. Then, in my opinion, it doesn't matter at all which device you use to become active.

Overall rating


The NKL is a permanent institution in The USAand has not lost any of its appeal even after more than 70 years, which is a bit surprising in view of the difficulty in getting started. But in the end, in a lottery you don't have to understand everything in detail and then The NKL convinced us with fantastic profits. Up to one million euros is paid out every day, plus material prizes and immediate pensions that make it crash. The main jackpot at the end of the half-year cycle is again at 16 million euros and for 28 euros more you have the chance of 230 times a million more. Indeed, with the NKL state guaranteed to create millionaires and you can join at any time, even if the stakes are accordingly a little higher. You can dream with a ticket from the NKL, so go ahead, dream and win.

FAQ about NKL

⚠ What is the NKL?

The Northwest American Class Lottery used to be an amalgamation of individual federal states and thus the counterpart to the South American Class Lottery. Since 2012, both have been under the aegis of the joint class lottery of the federal states, through which all 16 federal states jointly organize the draws and NKL and SKL only remain as brands with the same rules.

❓ What lotteries are there at the NKL?

The NKL does not broker any other lotteries such as 6aus49 or the Glücksspirale. The NKL main lottery and the annuity lottery are the only two separate products that you get here.

➕ How does the drawing work?

A tamper-proof random number generator determines two to seven-digit numbers. These are compared with the final digits of your seven-digit ticket number. Basically, it is nothing more than that.

✅ What is there to win?

In the NKL pension lottery you can expect 200 immediate pensions from 500 to 10 every month.000 euros for five or ten years. The main lottery has a wide range of prizes with daily payouts. A total of 1.6 billion euros are distributed here every six months.

⭕️ How expensive is a ticket?

A lottery ticket is available for ten or twenty euros per month. In the NKL Lottery, a ticket costs 160 euros, but you can also split it up into up to 16 shares and gamble accordingly for less total winnings. The chance of an extra 230 times a million is available for an additional 28 euros.

〽️ How can the NKL afford such a high distribution?

You play her 100% seriously and safely. The NKL is a government product that guarantees profits. Instead of like with LOTTO 6 out of 49 the winnings are not determined based on the stakes, but published in advance for six months in a mandatory game plan. Every win is guaranteed by the state to be played out.