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Megaways slot machine slots

There were times when pioneers shaped like Microgaming the online market with their five-reel video machines. Since 2016 at the latest, that can only elicit a tired smile from you. Because the Australian software pioneer Big Time Gaming brought out a great innovation: Megaways Slots. It is only through the spin that it becomes clear how many ways you can win. This not only increases the thrill, but can also increase the number of paylines up to 117.Explode 649 pieces. How exactly this is done, whether you can actually benefit from it in the end and where you can find the best slot machines with Megaways - all of this is available here and now.

the essentials in brief
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Online casinos with Megaways

1 SlotsMillion Casino
  • More than 70 Megaways slots
  • Outstanding filter function (u.a. Megaways)
  • Own menu item as a sub-category
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2 Wunderino logoWunderino Casino
  • Almost 40 Megaways slots
  • Most popular slots among them
  • Sub-category in the overview of all games
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3 iLucki Casino
  • Almost 40 Megaways slot machines
  • Own menu item
  • Clear design and good structure
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4 Elcarado Casino
  • Filter function for Megaways
  • 20 Megaways providers
  • Approx. 40 Megaways slots
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These are the games behind Megaways Slots

Before going into details, you might want to gain some experience at the Megaways online casino slots yourself. Here is suitable SlotsMillion excellent, because on the one hand you can quickly create an account and deposit or. on the other hand, you can also enter completely risk-free with play money - registration is not necessary.

tip: Here you can find new casino slots!

Pick one of the Megaways slots and just keep clicking the play button to spin the reels. It feels a bit like aliens who want to elicit secrets from the game in this inductive way and unknown casino slots want to try. Don't worry, the deductive path with all the explanations that you can then test in the game can be found in the next paragraph. Now it's time to test it first and best of all on these popular Megaways slot machines:

1. Bonanza - One of the first Megaways slots


Bonanza: The most important facts at a glance
  • RTP: 96%
  • providers: Big Time Gaming
  • Publication date: 07.12th.2016
  • matchfield: up to 6x7
  • Paylines: To 117.649
  • Calls: € 0.20 to € 500
  • Maximum profit: 10.000 times the stake
  • Bonus features: Multiplier, Wild, Replace Win Symbol, Multiway, Free Spins, Scatter
  • Free spins: Yes
  • jackpot: no
  • volatility: high

Bonanza of Big time gaming is one of the first Megaways machines and is practically cult in the scene today. Below we explain the general rules of the game using Bonanza, as most Megaways behave very similarly.

At Bonanza it goes into one for you old gold digger western town, in which dusty lorries (poorly translated as “shopping carts”) drive through the mine. In the best case scenario, you can increase your stake ten thousandfold, get free spins with unlimited multipliers thanks to the GOLD Scatters and replace the gem and playing card symbols with the ominous "wild" symbol.

2. Extra chilli

Extra Chilli: The most important facts at a glance
  • RTP: 96.82%
  • providers: Big Time Gaming
  • Publication date: 04.04.2018
  • matchfield: up to 6x7
  • Paylines: To 117.649
  • Calls: 0.2 to 50 €
  • Maximum profit: 20.000 times the stake
  • Bonus features: Megaways, Free Spins, Gambling, Multiplier, Scatter, Wild
  • Free spins: Yes
  • jackpot: no
  • volatility: high

Up to 20.000 times At Extra Chilli, your coin slot can be multiplied, which can bring you to a whopping million euros. This slot is now one of the Classics, bestows you Feature drops for free spins and has integrated an additional risk game with up to 24 spins. The namesake is of course the chilli pepper, which is available in different colors on the market.

3. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: The most important facts at a glance
  • RTP: 96.24%
  • providers: Big Time Gaming
  • Publication date: 14.11.2018
  • matchfield: up to 6x7
  • Paylines: 117.659
  • Calls: € 0.20 to € 10
  • Maximum profit: 50.000 times the stake
  • Bonus features: Free spins, megaways, mystery stacks, re-spin function
  • Free spins: Yes
  • jackpot: no
  • volatility: high

Based on the RTL evergreen you are on the hunt for the million. Here, too, you will find your way around your bonanza experience and you can even place your stakes - as befits Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - with up to to 50.Multiply 000. Mystery stacks, a re-spin function and also here the possibility of free play let you smell the money.

4th. White rabbit

White Rabbit: The most important facts at a glance
  • RTP: 97.72%
  • providers: Big Time Gaming
  • Publication date: 25.10.2017
  • matchfield: up to 5x7
  • Paylines: 248.832
  • Calls: € 0.10 to € 20
  • Maximum profit: 10.000 times the stake
  • Bonus features: Free Spins, Multiplier, Wilds, Megaways
  • Free spins: Yes
  • jackpot: no
  • volatility: high

With White rabbit Big Time Gaming enters a somewhat absurd world with creative designs. Based on Alice in Wonderland, you get, among other things, the caterpillar as Wild symbol presented and can get a lot of free spins. In the best-case scenario, this will give you the greatest profit 10.000 times your coin stake.

5. Great Rhino Megaways

Great Rhino Megaways: The most important facts at a glance
  • RTP: 96.58%
  • providers: Pragmatic Play
  • Publication date: 21.04.2020
  • matchfield: 8x6
  • Paylines: 200.704
  • Calls: 0.20 to 100 €
  • Maximum profit: 20.000 times the stake
  • Bonus features: Free Spins, Multiplier, Wilds, Megaways, Scatters
  • Free spins: Yes
  • jackpot: no
  • volatility: high

The game company Pragmatic Play has already launched Megaways Slots on the market. So too Great Rhino Megaways. Thematically you immerse yourself in a safari motto and meet flamingos, gorillas, crocodiles, cheetahs and hyenas. The versatile free play functions incl. You can also multiply without it Big time gaming let off steam. Many known and unknown online casinos have the slot on offer.

You should start with these five rock-solid highlights, but of course the end of the flagpole is far from being reached. Here are more good 10 Slots from the Megaways slots list:

  • Holy Diver Megaways
  • Vikings Unleashed Megaways
  • Primal Megaways
  • Genie Jackpots Megaways
  • Machina Megaways
  • Battleship Direct Hit! Megaways
  • Diamond Mine Megaways
  • Gorilla Gold Megaways
  • Beetlejuice Megaways
  • Survivor Megaways

This is what sets the Megaways Slots apart

So the question still remains: what are Megaways slots? Your secret of success lies in Variability of the number of symbols. The Australian provider Big Time Gaming came up with the brilliant idea in 2016 that nowhere is it written that the same number of symbols always have to appear in slot machines. There were the classic slots with three or five reels, but often three symbols appeared on each reel and the paylines were always the same. With Bonanza, the characteristic sixth reel came into play and with it the flexibility in the symbols. When you virtually pull the lever, not only do the rollers turn, there is also a draw to determine how many symbols appear on each reel.

Instead of the classic 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 = 243 ways to win, everything is suddenly between 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 64 and 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x7 = 117.649 in the raffle.

This magic number appears in almost all Big Time Megaways and represents the maximum number with 7 symbols on each reel, while there are always at least 2 of them. In between there is of course a huge spectrum and the associated hope for even more chances of winning gives you the extra thrill.

Intense gaming experience with Megaways slot machines

You can usually throw between 10 and 20 cents into the Megaways casino games and increase yourself up to 20 or 50 euros, rarely even risking 100 euros in one fell swoop. With over 100.You can have 000 chances of winning (“mega” is the Greek prefix for the factor one million, “ways” for the ways to win) with a small stake huge casino winnings drive in - in some cases there is even an additional jackpot connected!

tip: Many Slots with free spins also have many paylines.

Megaways have accordingly often high volatility and if you look around a little, you will find the front runner White Rabbit an incredibly strong payout rate of 97.72%. The additional features with cascading reels differ a little from game to game (coming soon), Free spins options, Scatter and wild symbols, risk modes or profit multipliers. It is advisable to take a quick look at the briefly listed rules before playing. Sometimes it sounds a bit more complicated at the beginning than it actually is. It is important for you that whenever you see “Megaways” you can adjust to variable roller sizes.

If you are looking for Megaways online slot machines, you can and should think outside the box. Big Time Gaming is the inventor of the whole thing, but the big hits are a bit behind. Instead, they started to distribute sub-licenses, which above all Blueprint gaming has used to create the best Megaways slots at the moment and to spice them up with further innovations such as the all-action slots. You can find more Megaways at iSoftBet, WMG, Relax Gaming, Storm Gaming, Fantasma Games or Red tiger.

The gameplay explained in detail (Bonanza tutorial)

In the last section of this guide, things get a little mathematical, but don't worry: If all of this is not that important to you and you just want fun and action, then the slot does all the work itself. But some certainly want to delve deeper into the matter, so we now go through the Megaways Slots explanation, how a profit at Bonanza is calculated.

The basics of the slot

First go to the strong Megaways Casino SlotsMillion and open Bonanza in fun mode without registration. In the middle is the actual machine, to the right of it you set the coin value between 20 cents and 20 euros (it's only Playmoney anyway, so go for it). Underneath, the autoplay can be activated, in which the opinions differ, whether it gives away fun or brings more action. You start the spins with the triangle highlighted in green and there is not much more to do. Bonanza is wonderfully simple and yet so exciting. We let the reels spin and received the following picture:


The Megaways principle

This is how it will be immediately Megaways principle clear: In the left reel there are 5 symbols, next to it 4 (the cart above it counts), then 6, 4, 6 and 2. A value from 2 to 7 is always possible. At the top, the machine in gold tells you directly that this corresponds to 5760 megaways. How does he come up with it? Well, according to simple stochastics, every possible combination of those six reels from left to right counts as a winning path. This is calculated by multiplication, so in our case 5 x 4 x 6 x 4 x 6 x 2 = 5760 individual chances of getting the largest possible chain of symbols. Easy, right? At least impressive, but unfortunately we weren't lucky with this spin and we lost the € 2 play money.

Symbols and ways to win

Your goal is to come up with at least three, ideally six, of the same symbols in a winning path (or many) from left to right. Because then it is cashed according to the payment plan, which sees the diamond as the leader of the pack (factor up to 50), while with the 9 you get a maximum, but at least 0.8 for six reels. If there are only three, four or five identical reels from left to right, there are correspondingly fewer. You can then add up the factors of all successful paylines (let's say you have four kings, three emeralds and three aces, that makes 0.4 + 0.25 + 0.2 = 0.85) and then the total for the win multiply your stake. In this case, that makes 0.85 x 20 euros = 17 euros, so you would have lost 3 euros. This also happens, especially with such high volatility.

More functions of slots with Megaways

It still doesn't stop there with Bonanza and many other slot machines with Megaways. Because once this accounting has been completed, it comes Cascade function in the game. Any symbol that was part of a won line is blasted out of the mine. From above, like in Tetris, new symbols rattle down (the number remains the same) and the carts (shopping carts) move up from right to left. This is then an additional round that is settled exactly as before! In theory, this can go on indefinitely, but of course every game has a certain upper limit for winnings.

That is particularly powerful Wild symbol in dynamite form. This is practically the wild symbol and can substitute for any other symbol. Sometimes you also find golden scatter symbols. If you get four at once, there is a free game. From five scatters there are always five more on top. In the free spins you increase your winnings enormously, because with every successful settlement an unlimited multiplier takes everything first with 1, then with 2, then with 3 etc. Nobody comes along that fast and suddenly a great win is displayed. This is the dream.

Megaways Slots FAQ

What are Megaways Slots?
Megaways are slots with one very special and damn it action-packed mechanism. The number of reels is fixed (usually 6), the number of symbols on each reel is not. So between 2 and 7 symbols can appear and you get up to 117.649 winning options.
What about the payout ratio at Megaways Slots?
There are hardly any differences here compared to the traditional machines. RTP values fluctuate very roughly between 95 and 97%, whereby White rabbit as the front runner shines with 97.72% payout.
You win more with Megaways?
Yes and no. The fun of the game is increased enormously by the variable reel sizes, but the payout remains subject to the respective RTP values. It gives you satisfaction when one cascade follows the next, but the payout is subject to the same calculations as in each Video slot machines. Since Megaways games are highly volatile by their nature, you can win a large chunk of money with just a few cents. Some Megaways are connected to a jackpot network.
How can the Megaways be calculated?
the Formula for your chances of winning is simple: Multiplied simple the number of symbols on all six reels together. You can find an example of this above. In the machine you can usually read the result right at the top in the middle.
How do you get free spins bonus rounds at Megaways Slots?
Every game has a slightly different concept here, but it is often like with Bonanza that you get scatter symbols every now and then, which lead to free spins from 3 or 4. The unlimited multipliers are striking, those with the cascading rollers accompanied. It starts easily, but when the first billing is over, it is then double, then triple, and so on.
Can you implement the welcome bonus at Megaways?
As a rule, the Megaways are also among the slots that contribute 100% to the rollover. Exceptions are always difficult to find in the respective conditions of the Online casino bonus or summarized at a glance in our detailed field reports.

Conclusion: Megaways slot machines give you a fantastic gaming experience

We hope that in this guide article we were able to relieve you of the fear a little Megaways slots to take. Old hands can't do this, but as a beginner it can be a bit tricky at the beginning, when everything spins, then flashes, then explodes and at some point a profit appears. Fortunately, you can't go wrong with the simple handling, but of course you want to understand why you are at 10.000 euros became richer.

What you should keep first of all: Megaways slots are so special because each reel is flexible in size and you never know how many winning opportunities you will get before shooting. Big Time Gaming is the great pioneer behind it, but today there are best Megaways Real money slot machines also from Blueprint and others. If you choose an online casino from our portfolio, then it is very likely that you will come across one or the other Megaways there. So feel ready, get started right away and defeat the machine!

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