Online lottery provider with a American license - lottery provider comparison 2021

The times in which you had to laboriously go to the nearest lottery shop are long gone. There are plenty today state-licensed online lottery providers, which differ mainly in terms of what is on offer. Here we present you the most important lottery providers in comparison and give you useful tips about the games on the online lottery sites.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: We'll show you the best On-line Lottery provider in the web.
  • Chapter 1: With our Checklist you will always find the right provider.
  • Chapter 2: Three Lottery provider stand out as particularly good.
  • Chapter 3: The choice of Lotteries and Game systems should be great.
  • Chapter 4: Many online lotteries can also be used mobile to play.

This is how you can find the best online lottery provider in the Lotto Online Comparison

It is always difficult to get familiar with a new area of ​​online gambling. This is particularly true of the online lottery market.

We have our own for all major providers Experience reports and tests composed. So you don't have to research all the information yourself, you can find out more with our online lotto reviews.


To make your search easier, we have also created a checklist with all the important criteria.

Since even the best online lottery provider in the lottery comparison does not achieve absolute top marks in all aspects, you should subjectively some aspects more weight give.

The aim of the research is to find the right lottery provider on the Internet, not necessarily the best provider for online lottery.

  • What offer do I get?
  • What fees are there in addition to using the lottery??
  • Is the provider serious and secure?
  • How easy can I give my tips?
  • I even get a bonus?
  • How about playing the lottery on the go??
  • Does the provider offer good customer service or questions remain unanswered?


Let's start with the most important aspect of a lottery provider - their range of lotteries.

First of all, the online lottery providers differ fundamentally in their orientation.

While For example, if you go out and buy real bills at kiosks around the world, most of the others only act as a betting platform for lottery results. This is called Second lotteries.

Lotto logo

All of LOTTO's official partners who are state-approved in this country fall into a separate category.

Here you only get the American lottery and tote block This is basically what you can expect from the local lottery ticket offices. So you buy real notes directly, which is simply not possible for you abroad.

El Gordo logoSo do you want EuroMillions, Mega Ball or El Gordo play, then you can only do this indirectly via the Second lotteries to do.


The amount of the fees or commissions differ greatly and are also influenced by your own gambling instinct.

In contrast to betting odds or casino payout keys, with online lotteries your stake is fully invested in the lottery. You only pay one transparently additional fee, which should be roughly between 50 cents and 1 euro.


Who only rarely Play the lottery online would like to, this small cost difference can certainly be accepted if a certain provider convinces, for example, with its wide range or a particularly simple tip.

  • If you play more often, you should But compare lottery prices with us in advance. With some lottery providers you can take out subscriptions, for which there are often discounts and you can save a few euros a year.


Even if we try to tell you the black sheep of the scene immediately, you should always remain vigilant and ensure your own safety.

The candidates presented here in the online lottery provider comparison are all reliable and either have the American lottery license or are about as a second lottery Malta or Curacao licensed.

Malta Gambling Authority logo

You are also welcome to look around in external forums for relevant online lottery reviews. from Lottery providers with various negative customer reports should distance themselves accordingly be taken.

Submission of bets

Even if it is a question of placing a tip on the Internet, of course you don't want to lose the kick and the Placing your bets should be as simple as possible fail.

Ideally, the ticket should be presented exactly as you are used to in the kiosk next door.


With a click of the mouse you can place your six crosses in the individual fields. You also have the option of adding additional games under the lottery ticket, as well as selecting the draw and the duration.

Directly below it you can see in a practical way how high your chance of winning is and, above all, how much the lottery ticket will cost you.

With a click on the submit button, your tip goes to the shopping cart, where you will then be guided through the payment process.

With many lottery providers you can fill out the betting slips even if you are not yet registered as a customer.


Online casinos and sports betting providers often offer first deposit bonuses.

With online lotteries, you often do not have to pay anything in advance, but only pay afterwards in the online shop. Hence the falls Welcome bonus is a little different with online lotteries.

Instead of a sum of money, you will receive Discounts or free rows for your lottery tickets or lotteries. It is therefore worthwhile to compare and use different lottery providers.


In terms of mobile availability, the providers in the online lottery comparison are very progressive and comparable to online casinos.

It should go without saying that you all functions also on the go, at any time and on all operating systems.

Android logo

Sometimes you can find a specially programmed one Online lottery app for download. But usually you will get the mobile Offer via mobile website offered on the tablet and smartphone.


As in other areas of gambling, it is of course also important with lottery providers that you a contact person at all times if something doesn't go according to your ideas.

Comparisons should also be made here with the online casinos, which have a similarly structured support.

Live chat is therefore an absolute standard, while a telephone hotline is not always offered.

For American customers, the search for official LOTTO partners is essential here, as these in The USAonly get the license if they have extensive customer service be able to offer an inclusive hotline.

Online providers: Is it legal to play the lottery online??

The abundance of Online lottery provider the internet is great. The platforms can be used in their Licensing divide into two categories:

  • 1
    With a American license of the state-organized lottery companies in this country, partly state-owned, partly privately operated. For example, while is an online game offer of the Lower Saxony Lotto and Toto block, the platforms Lotto24 and Tip24 privately operated by Lotto24 AG. However, this works as a partner and on behalf of the state lottery block and mediates game tickets for the 16 state lottery companies on the Internet.
  • 2
    With license from an EU country, privately operated. The online providers that are not licensed in The USAown Lottoland and Lotto heroes for example an approval of the Malta Gaming Authority. You are therefore bound by EU law.
The American gaming supervisory authorities publish an updated annually List of all online providers approved in Germany. By means of this Whitelist you can check whether the provider of your choice is state-licensed in Germany.

Legal and illegal lotteries are primarily defined by their licensing in American legislation. State-regulated providers are legal in The USAand private providers, strictly speaking, illegal - at least that's how the state lotteries see it, which in The USAwith the approval of private providers for their Monopoly position to fear.

Despite this legal gray area, you can according to European gambling law but also play the lottery online without hesitation in private lotteries with licenses from an EU country - without worrying about fraud or legal consequences. These providers also meet Quality standards Among other things, in terms of payment guarantees, test seals and customer service. You should definitely keep your distance from portals that have no license at all.

Our quality check:
We have to all major online lottery providers - in Licensed in The USAand in the EU - wrote your own experience reports and tests. Here you can find all the information you need at a glance.

Our top 5 best online lottery providers

  1. Lottoland
  2. Tip24
  3. Multilotto
  4. TheLotter
  5. Lotto24

As our list above shows, there are now many providers in the online lottery world. Gone are the days when you had to make a pilgrimage to the kiosk to hand in your lottery tickets.

Now read which three providers we in the editorial team currently consider the best on the market.


Lottoland logoWe never tire of introducing you to virtually every lottery article Lottoland to my heart.

This is not surprising, because you will not only find everything from The USAat the second provider licensed in Malta, but also almost 30 lotteries from all over the world. With more than 14 million players from all over the world one is also one of the largest lottery providers on the Internet.

Lottoland has made the transition from "kiosk sport" lottery to a global internet player and is therefore the best online lottery provider for us.


Logo from Tipp24As a strong representative for a lottery provider with a American license, we have for you Tip24 picked out.

At Tipp24 you buy in online shop mode Ticket coupons for LOTTO, EuroJackpot, the Glücksspirale or the SKL million game. The international highlights such as MegaMillions or El Gordo, however, are unfortunately not licensed.

If you want to make the American lotteries unsafe officially and with real bills, you can hardly avoid Tipp24.


Multilotto logoAnd finally, we take a look at the most diverse providers in the online lotto test - namely Multilotto.

You are also in good hands with Multilotto. There you will find over 60 lotteries, being in addition to the numerous Online scratch cards especially the mobile presence stands out positively.

Like Lottoland and many other operators, Multilotto is one of the second lotteries. So you do not take part directly in the draws, but bet on the respective outcomes.

Playing the lottery online: It's that easy to take part in the lottery

No matter whether numbers, numbers or tickets, no matter which lottery you choose, participating in the game online is that Filling out a ticket, should be intuitive to you. Whether Lotto 6 out of 49 or Eurojackpot with a state-approved online provider in The USAor whether US MegaMillions or Poland's Mini Lotto with a private provider, filling in the betting fields, additional games and your desired date of the drawing is almost identical and also for beginners problem-free to accomplish. Even if you don't actually buy a ticket, but rather bet on the official drawing, the tickets to be filled out look like real ones.

  • OUR TIP:Reputable online providers such as Lottoland, Lottohelden or The Lotter offer you the opportunity to fill out betting slips without having to register beforehand. So you can try out virtually any lottery. Check it out!

Step-by-step instructions for filling out your lottery ticket

  • 1
    First of all, decide how many Tip fields respectively. how many Lots you want to play. The decision is entirely up to you. Lotto 6aus49 - Ticket slip not filled out
  • 2
    Now you choose yours Lottery numbers respectively. your desireless. How many numbers you have to mark is always shown to you. Is there a Additional number, you choose this too. in the Quick tip you can also easily type in random numbers automatically. Lotto 6aus49 - lottery ticket filled out
  • 3
    Unless a Feature game like the classic game 77 and Super 6 are offered, by ticking the box you decide whether you want to take part or not. Additional games increase your winnings or. Profit opportunities. Lotto 6aus49 - additional games
  • 4th
    There are several Draws per week (or day) you choose when you want to play. You can also determine the duration of your participation. With your certificate you can either take part only once or over several weeks. Online lottery providers also often offer participation in the Subscription or only at a certain jackpot size. Lotto 6aus49 - determine the drawing
  • 5
    A Deadline for submission is usually shown to you in the form of a countdown countdown. Even while you are filling out a form, the costs including processing fees. This is how you keep track of things. If you are not yet registered with the respective online provider, you have to log in after clicking on the submit or. Play button, create a user account. Lotto 6aus49 - Submit your ticket
Scratch cards & Co. - Play instant lotto online:
Number lotteries with instant wins can also be played on the Internet. These include, above all, scratch cards, bingo and other keno variants in different game forms. You don't have to wait for a draw to find out whether and how much you've won. Instant lotteries are entertaining games of chance for in between.

Playing the lottery online: the advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of playing online in Compared to delivery at the kiosk or a local lottery office are obvious:

  • A ticket can be bought online comfortable fill in from home. Even via an app on a smartphone or tablet from anywhere, even while on the go.
  • When playing online, you definitely won't miss any winnings on your ticket. You don't have to check the certificate yourself. have it checked at a collection point. If you won online, you will receive it automatically a profit notification by email or SMS.
  • Since you save yourself a trip to the kiosk, you can literally still in the last second before the deadline fast (e.g.B. fill out another form using the quick tip).
  • The lottery tickets you have played will remain in your user account. This gives you a digital overview of your own Game history, can make your own statistics. And all of this without piles of paper piling up.

On the other hand, the necessary and safety-relevant one falls Registration and identification especially with state-licensed online lottery providers. You first register with the lottery company that is responsible for your state. Using certain procedures - by code or PostIdent - you have to verify that you are a real person, who you pretend and that you are of legal age.

Play the lottery online in the system and in syndicates

With a Partial or full system certificate you can with your favorite numbers several tip fields to be filled in at once and so yours Increase your chances of winning. In contrast to a normal betting field in the lottery 6 out of 49, where only 6 numbers are ticked, you can choose between 7 and 26 numbers for a system tip.

As an an example: At the "Full system certificate 009" you can now 9 instead of 6 numbers choose. This results in 84 different combinations of six with your numbers. If you wanted to play these 84 combinations normally, you would have to fill out 7 game slips and also pay the fee seven times. The total price for the “Vollsystemschein 009” rises to more than 80 euros due to the number of betting fields to be played. Some online lottery providers also offer the Purchase of system components at.

At a subsystem you also bet on more than the regular 6 numbers. However, not all possible combinations are played in the subsystem.

Even when typing in Syndicates different series of numbers are typed, which increases the chance of winning. With a relatively small stake, you give more tips by repeating Shares in a system buys. However, you should keep in mind that winnings are divided according to the syndicate and are therefore lower. Not all federal states, all online providers and lotteries can tap into communities.

Lottery strategies:
Choosing the right lottery numbers remains a matter of luck. Nevertheless, in addition to the popular selection of personal lucky numbers, there are dates of birth and the most frequently drawn numbers statistical and mathematical strategies, which allow a worthwhile look. Behind terms like Cross law, divided field and magic square hide the supposedly best ways to win the lottery.
  • OUR TIP:Avoid popular combinations of numbers! You should be with the most played Play lottery numbers like birth dates from 1 to 31 and also win, you have to expect to share your winnings with other players who have bet similar numbers.

Online lotteries and gaming systems

The number of online lotteries is particularly frightening for newbies among you and can be more intimidating than animating at first.

which Online lotteries So there is and what differentiates these from each other?

During the classic lottery draws at LOTTO partners in The USAare self-explanatory are special Second lotteries a little riddle.

Among other things you will be there on such famous representatives as SuperEnalotto, French Lotto, Swiss Lotto, Irish Lotto, Mega Sena, Gold Lottery, KENO, irish lotto or the legendary El Gordo lottery meet, which is traditionally slaughtered in Spain at Christmas time.

In order to be able to give you the simplest possible insight, we now have the most important lotteries compact summarized.

LOTTO 6 out of 49

Logo by 6aus49The The origin of lottery fun in The USAis of course the classic one Lotto 6aus49, that is pulled twice a week.

For lottery fans of this classic form, we recommend the licensed American representatives, where you can hand in real tickets and place your bets like in the kiosk.

In addition to 6aus49, that also belongs in the classic way Game 77 and the Super 6 as well as the Happiness spiral as further lotteries to the American elite.

Euro Jackpot

Logo from EuroJackpotIn 2012 came with Euro Jackpot a European counterpart to the American lottery on the market.

At the EuroJackpot, the whole of Europe is hunting for millions, which means that the The jackpot amount is of course well above the jackpot of the American lotteries lies.

The standard stake is 2 euros per tip field, where you have to tick 5 out of 50 and again 2 out of 10.


PowerBall logoIn the United States, you always think and dream a little bigger, and so do they US PowerBall-Lottery still go one better.

The jackpot starts comfortably at $ 40 million, but has been up in the past over $ 1.5 billion grow.

The problem for American players? The numbers are drawn at 5 a.m. American time to 5 out of 69 and 1 out of 26.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions logoAnother lottery that works entirely on this philosophy is Mega Millions.

Even with this one US lotteries went well over a billion dollars in one fell swoop.

In theory, the jackpot can increase indefinitely. A little different from the PowerBall, there is a drawing of 5 out of 70 and 1 out of 25.


EuroMillions logoIf you like it a little more modest, go to the EuroMillions, the second big lottery in the whole of Europe.

Three euros are due here for 5 out of 50 and 2 out of 12, which makes for a manageable amount Jackpot between 17 and 200 million euros leads.

In the super draws, which take place several times a year, at least 130 million euros are distributed. Furthermore, there are also many online lottery providers World Millions, the worldwide equivalent.

Payments with the best online lottery providers

The payment policy of the providers in the online lotto list is quite relaxed, but you are compared to many international ones reputable online casinos rather few options available.

Also note that you usually either You can top up your account in advance or you can buy a special ticket and then pay individually.

Smaller winnings go straight to your account, larger transfers are arranged over the phone.


Klarna logoEven more than they are in the casino segment Transfers or. Direct debits available, often combined with secondary services such as Giropay or Klarna, as an intermediary for the respective transfers.

Otherwise, especially here, pay attention to the Lotto costs and terms.

Credit card and paysafecard

Paysafecard logoVISA and Mastercard are represented as usual and can often be charged for lotteries. Any Payouts via the Mastercard are often not possible, however.

the paysafecard instead offers you an anonymous alternative to online lottery providers and can now also be purchased on the Internet.


PayPal logoThe Germans' very favorite means of payment for online payments still seems to be PayPal to be.

That is why many lottery fans certainly want to go to their loved one Lotto online PayPal use.

The extremely reliable payment service provider occurs, however exclusively with the lottery brokers licensed in Germany in appearance.

Alternative e-wallets are with Skrill and NETELLER again to be found at the international providers.

Skrill and NETELLER logos

Lotto provider comparison: chances of winning the online lottery

Which online lotto is the best? Unfortunately, that's a question on it no exact or objective answer gives.

No lottery provider on the online lottery list will be able to offer you a perfect all-round program, so subjective decisions have to be made.

Do you go on the hunt for the largest possible jackpot or do you prefer to try your luck at lotteries instead, which offer you higher chances of winning but also lower prizes?

In any case, it is important:
  • The chances of winning are determined by the individual lotteries and the second providers do not put any further obstacles in your way to make a profit yourself. Everything that goes into the pot in terms of stakes is ultimately distributed to at least one winner.

Play the online lottery mobile

Everyone featured here Online lottery providers can also use the mobile browser from a smartphone or tablet be called.

In some cases you will also find apps for downloading, but they are much less apparent.

Overall, we hardly see any difference to desktop performance and in the end it is a matter of taste whether you prefer the big screen or the freedom to be on the go.

American online casinos are more popular than ever. Have a look at our advice article!

Lotto comparison: difference online or acceptance point

For some, it may be almost a religious event to visit the local lottery office on Saturday and chat a little while filling out the form.

Of course, this experience cannot really be imitated by the online lotteries and is therefore one of the main reasons, why especially the older generation forego it.

There are indisputable advantages on the Internet for this, which definitely outperform the local kiosk, which is particularly the case associate the younger generation with the lotteryt.

It starts with the fact that there is no closing time and the range is considerably larger.

You do not have to leave the house, the information situation is much greater on the Internet and you immediately get an evaluation including statistics. Prizes do not have to be picked up separately and no ticket is lost.

Withdrawal of online winnings from online lotteries

You can get yours at the lottery on the internet Prize notification directly by email or SMS. The type of lottery prize payout depends on the amount of the prize and which one Online lottery provider what lottery you played. With online providers licensed in The USAyou can win up to 1.000 and 2.500 euros with your ticket also in the lottery acceptance points of your respective federal state pay out in cash permit. Otherwise you can take advantage of the winnings by Bank transfer to your account or online on your Player account also leave it and just keep playing with it.

From a sum of 100.Winners are entitled to one thousand euros personal profit advisor the lottery company. He will support you in the smooth processing of the payout and advise you on dealing with the sudden wealth.

In the official lottery 6 out of 49 state lottery companies, unclaimed winnings expire within one 13 weeks time limit. This cannot happen to you when playing online, as the winnings are automatically paid out to your player or bank account. With the online provider Tipp24, winnings are paid out, for example, by a Trustee. This collects the winnings from the respective state lottery company.

Even with a second lottery, the reputable online providers with a license from an EU country guarantee you the payout. The private providers have as non-state companies Risk insurance closed to ensure that the company can pay out in the event of a jackpot win.

Do online profits have to be taxed??

In The USAare Lottery winnings are tax-free. This is because it is not possible to allocate lottery or betting winnings to one of the seven types of income on which income tax is levied. However, if large profits have been achieved and paid out, these count as normal capital and must be taxed as such. If you invest the money from a lottery win and generate further profits, interest or other income from it, one falls Capital gains tax at.

When scored online Winning foreign lotteries the whole thing looks different again. There you are partly to the Taxes in the respective country bound, in which the lottery is offered in the original. In the USA, for example, there are high taxes on profits. So you have to US Powerball You can expect that from winnings of 1.$ 500 up to 38 percent of tax will be deducted. Non-US citizens are taxed higher locally. This also applies to the Spanish lottery El Gordo.

FAQ - online lottery providers

❓ Which are the best lottery providers?

Tastes are known to be different and the providers presented here are all reputable. For us are Lottoland, Tip24 and Multilotto the test winner. With all three online lotteries you will be offered a different program and you can be absolutely sure that your personal data is safe.

➕ What is a secondary lottery?

The providers supported by the American Lotto and Totoblock sell real lottery tickets, which are evaluated with the official numbers. All other providers with us, except for (a real broker), bookmakers are on the outcome of the correct draws, who finance themselves with fees instead of odds.

⚠ Can I play the lottery with PayPal??

Yes, it is entirely possible to use PayPal to deposit and play the lottery with the lottery providers licensed in Germany. We recommend you Lotto24 or the official page.

✅ Is there a lottery app?

Some operators offer an installable Online lottery app on, but you can also use all online lottery providers via the browser of your smartphone or tablet and buy lottery tickets on the go.

⭕️ Are fees charged??

Yes. The lottery providers finance themselves through different fees per tip or per ticket. But that is no different and completely normal at the local lottery acceptance point. With certain tricks such as the automatic and weekly purchase of the lottery tickets, fees can be partially minimized.

Conclusion: If you are looking for the best online lottery provider, you will find it with us!

Finally, of course, we hope that we have been able to give some important help to the beginners among you with our guide to American lottery providers.

While we certainly don't have to explain to you how to play the lottery, it is extremely important to show you which lottery providers can prove themselves to be reputable online lottery providers.

Basically, all of our listed official lottery providers should join you Make a large portfolio of different lotteries available and also offer the opportunity to experience your own lottery for the first time to collect on the internet.