Gamification in Casinos: The Best Gamification Casinos 2021

The so-called gamification casinos are the current trend within the industry. Corresponding gambling operators focus on offering you an even better gaming experience. One or the other reader will probably ask what exactly is the difference between ordinary online casinos and those with gamification. In the following guide we explain what gamification is and what forms it can take. We'll also introduce you to some of the best gamification casinos.

the essentials in brief
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The best gamification casinos

1 playfrank casino logoPlayFrank Casino
  • Daily challenges & quests
  • Choose your piñata & start playing
  • Extra bonus for completing multiple quests
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2 Rabona Casino
  • Lots of gamification elements
  • Missions & Maps
  • Tremendous variety
Experience report To the casino
3 Casumo Casino
  • Renowned casino
  • Gamification in the form of trophies
  • Missions available
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4 5Gringos Casino
  • Fun tournaments
  • High long-term motivation
  • Shop with a point system
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5 Frank & Fred Casino
  • Free spins or small bonuses can be won in the fights
  • Cash prizes & super spins
  • Winners will be published verified
Experience report To the provider
6 Frank Casino logoFrank Casino
  • First class tournaments
  • Different games for tournaments
  • Big jackpot pool
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7 Wunderino logoWunderino Casino
  • Regular rewards
  • Depending on activity & rank
  • Free spins with no turnover
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8 energycasinoEnergy casino
  • Shop with points
  • Energy Points exchangeable
  • Lots of bonus promotions
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9 Dasistcasino
  • Great adventure with federal states
  • Collecting compoints
  • Lots of tournaments & reload bonuses
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What is meant by gamification in casinos?

Gamification is an English term that describes the Integration of game or video game elements in another area or another environment designated. Typical examples of this “gamification” include discount stamps in retail and the payback card used worldwide. Transferred to the world of Online gambling an online casino with gamification is a provider that has integrated game-typical mechanisms into its platform.

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Why is gamification worthwhile for casinos?

The integration of game elements results in various advantages for gaming providers. On the one hand will be active customers more closely linked to the respective brand. On the other hand, the measures promote activity in the online casino. In addition, the presence of gamification elements is of course also an argument for many users to create an account in the respective virtual arcade. In addition, the casinos bring new momentum to the classic system of loyalty points, loyalty points or one VIP casino bonus. What else is more of a laborious or. cost-intensive processing of levels becomes fresh and playful here.

What are the advantages of gamification for players?

Gamification makes this possible Online gaming In a casino, it is embedded in a higher-level game, so to speak. This can be expressed, for example, in the fact that you have to collect points or make progress or have to be at the top of a player list. As a result, gamification ensures that you are not just active in your favorite slot, but also work towards an overarching goal at the same time. If you achieve this, you will receive one from the online casino reward. There are mostly digital prizes, for example free spins, free credit, a deposit bonus or a cashback bonus. So you gamble as usual, but benefit from additional advantages. Of course, this also increases the level of entertainment and the fun of the game, creating a completely new casino experience.

What gamification elements are there?

Gamification offers online casinos various possibilities. The providers usually combine game-typical elements with one Online casino bonus and / or the VIP club, both of which need not necessarily apply. The following paragraphs illustrate which gamification elements the virtual arcades are currently using. Often times you will get one in gamification casinos Bonus with no wagering requirements for reaching higher levels.

Avatars: A personalization of your casino experience

In some online casinos you can get one Create your own character and customize its appearance. The avatar accompanies you on your adventures with the respective gambling provider and ensures a more realistic atmosphere. However, creating a display image does not usually result in you receiving a reward.


At Ridika, your bear avatar even has a city open to you

In the online casino of Ridika you can dress a polar bear according to your taste. This serves as an avatar and accompanies you individually during your entire time in the casino. In addition, Ridika not only offers the opportunity to choose from a few pieces of clothing or glasses, but has also created a virtual city with "Beartown", in which you can buy more pieces of clothing or individualization options with the coins you have won.

Quests: Daily rewards for active players

So-called quests, challenges or challenges are relatively popular among casino providers. Here you have to complete a given mission within a certain period of time to get a reward. These are often free spins, but sometimes different Bonus offers. Exactly how the task looks can differ from online casino to online casino. Often you have to do a certain number of laps on a given slot play, reach a certain multiplier or gamble up to a certain amount of money. In many cases, you will receive an additional reward for completing all of the daily or weekly quests.

PlayFrank sends you out every day

Particularly diligent on the subject Quests is PlayFrank. The casino always sends you daily challenges that you could master. For example, certain sales targets are specified for a special slot that you should achieve. If you meet the sales targets, a piñata will be unlocked and you can use it to receive your competition boost and get more extra rounds.


Level systems: the higher your rank, the better the prices

Level systems are mainly used in the VIP programs of online casinos. Every time you move up a rank, the provider rewards you. Logically, the higher your status, the more valuable the rewards. The rewards range from free spins to deposit bonuses and real money credits. In order to advance in the level, you have to solve various tasks in some arcades. Elsewhere, on the other hand, it is only necessary to show activity in the casino and to collect points for it.

Lotteries: Regular chance to win

Some online gambling halls organize a lottery every day or at least every week, which you usually do Win casino credits or free spins can. You can get tickets for the raffle, for example, for completing missions, making a deposit or for gambling in the casino in general.

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At Frank & Fred you take part in the lottery

Frank & Fred invite you to your own lottery in addition to the classic online casino. Every week you play, you get access to the weekly raffle. Here will be especially Cash prizes are raffled off (mostly up to 1000 euros & super spins). The lottery will even be streamed live, so you can keep your fingers crossed for yourself. What is special here is that all winners are listed in a verified manner.


Slot tournaments: Competitions for the entire community

In a slot tournament, the challenge is to generate the highest possible turnover on a particular slot machine, to achieve the largest single win or to hit certain symbols. Depending on the tournament, you have an hour, a day or a week for this. Who is currently at the top of the list can be seen permanently. If you triumph against the other users, you get Free spins and sometimes real money credits.

Loyalty Points: Exchange virtual casino currencies for rewards

Gamification casinos also like to use loyalty point programs. While some providers simply call the points to be collected "loyalty points" new online casinos created their own digital currency. You collect points by playing in the arcade. What use is necessary, however, differs. Sometimes you get a point for 10 euros, sometimes a higher amount is necessary. You can usually use the collected loyalty points against Online casino real money exchange. There are both Internet casinos with a fixed exchange rate as well as those that depend on your VIP status. Some gambling operators also have a special rewards shop with a much larger range.

Virtual jet set life in Casino Tropez

The most classic of all gamification variants is in the Casino Tropez offered. Here the loyalty points are called Comp points. These are adjusted to the money staked at a certain exchange rate. You will receive one comp point for every use. You can then exchange these back into euros by exchanging 100 comp points for one euro. Should you go up to the VIP level, the exchange rate will also get better.

Wheel of Fortune: One spin a day can't hurt

A wheel of fortune is the most unobtrusive of the gamification campaigns. In most cases you can decide whether to accept the offer and take a shoot with you. Often free spins or boosts are offered as winnings. Either you are given a daily spin on the wheel of fortune or you have to load a loading bar with your casino games to get the hang of it. So here you can Earn money in the casino!

More online casinos with gamification

Even if more and more virtual arcades are integrating gamification elements into their portfolio, there are still some providers who are considered pioneers in this area. These include:

  • Casumo
  • Highroller Casino

Casumo: The pioneer in gamification

The Casumo brand is the first from various sources Online casino that has focused on gamification. There is one in the arcade, which has been in existence since 2012 Progress bar, that you have to fill in order to increase your status. When it comes to the ranks, the gaming provider orientates itself towards karate. You start with the white belt and work towards the black belt. The higher your skill level, the more attractive the rewards will be. It also leads Casumo even Slot tournaments through which almost one and a half million euros are paid out to the players every year. It is also worth mentioning that winnings from free spins do not count as bonus money. In this case, you do not have to generate sales in order to be able to cash out the money.


Highroller Casino: Welcome to Metrocity

In the Highroller Casino you have to make your way through Metrocity, a "gloomy metropolis full of tension, tricks, games and bonuses". In order to get to the next district (rank), it is also necessary to fill in a status bar. The speed at which this happens depends on the game. The fastest way to get ahead is with slots. After every level-up, this gives you a gift Highroller Casino you guys with a premium. You also have the opportunity to take so-called stings on your foray. You can steal their coins from inactive users (after just five days). The coins represent the fictional currency of the arcade, which you can collect with real money stakes and exchange them for various goodies in the rewards shop. Some more unknown online casinos also offer gamification elements.

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Conclusion: Gamification will prevail in the long term

In our opinion, the number of gamification casinos should increase significantly in the next few years. There are mutliple reasons for this. On the one hand, the great competition within the industry forces online casinos to constantly improve their offerings. On the other hand, it can be assumed that users will get used more and more to typical game elements and will perceive these as the standard in the future. As a result, in our opinion, gambling halls will have no choice but to promote gamification in their own casinos in the long term.


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