ecoPayz Casinos - These are the best online casinos with ecoPayz!

The PayPal alternative ecoPayz is on the rise. Also in online casinos. In the following article we want to take a closer look at ecoPayz and ecoPayz casinos employ. How quickly are ecoPayz payments possible and what advantages can you expect from using ecoPayz?? All the answers below.

the essentials in brief
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  • overview: There are some good ones On-line Casinos with ecoPayz.
  • Chapter 1: In the online casino you can use ecoPayz use it quickly and safely.
  • Chapter 2: A advantage is the speed one disadvantage are possible fees.
  • Chapter 3: the Registration at ecoPayz is completed quickly.
  • Chapter 4: At ecoPayz you have several Options, to use your money.

The best ecoPayz casinos 2021

1 Cashimashi
  • Lots of popular slots available
  • ecoPayz available
  • Deposits from € 10
Experience report To the casino
2 7Signs Casino
  • High quality providers in all areas
  • ecoPayz free of charge
  • Immediate deposit and withdrawal possible
Experience report To the casino
3 5Gringos Casino
  • Extensive casino offer
  • ecoPayz available
  • 12 different payment methods
Experience report To the casino
4 Slots Palace
  • Huge selection of slots
  • Deposits from € 10
  • ecoPayz free of charge
Experience report To the casino
5 Robet247
  • Easy and quick Ecopayz payments
  • Ingenious selection of slots
  • Lots of other payment methods
Experience report To the casino

This is how casino payments work with ecoPayz


Some Online casinos in Germany allow you to deposit with ecoPayz nowadays.

Because your about this E-wallet practically as if paid out of your wallet, the money is usually immediately available in your casino account.

So that you know what to expect when making an ecoPayz deposit in the online casino, we now have one Step-by-step instructions with all important steps compiled.

  • 1
    First, check whether you have chosen the right ecoPayz account and that it has sufficient credit. If this is not the case, make a deposit quickly, taking into account any fees that may arise, for example, when redeeming an ecoVoucher.
  • 2
    Now switch to your personal ecoPayz and log in with your details. Immediately after registering, go to the deposit area. Now select ecoPayz as your preferred payment method and set your desired payment amount.
  • 3
    You will now be redirected to ecoPayz immediately. Register here with your existing data and, under certain circumstances, choose how you would like to make your deposits. You can choose between your ecoAccount, your ecoCard and your ecoVirtualcard.
  • 4th
    Now confirm the deposit process and complete your deposit via ecoPayz. The deposit at the ecoPayz Casino is now confirmed within seconds from all sides, so that you can use the deposited amount immediately.

Are withdrawals possible in the ecoPayz online casino??

Even if the rules for the payout vary widely and best in one of our detailed ones counselor be read, we can state that you In the casino with ecoPayz, there are also payouts can perform.

In addition to a complete verification of your personal data after opening an account in ecoPayz Casino of course also a prior use of your ecoPayz account.

With the ecoPayz payout, make sure that the ecoPayz Casino does not charge any additional fees on your payout request and that the payout is processed without retention time. Finally, you should keep in mind that you still have to transfer your credit from your ecoPayz account to your bank account or e-wallet of your choice.

According to the current KYC regulations of American online casinos and the new regulations of the new state gambling contract Payouts are only possible via payment methods that have already been verified by the online casino and have been confirmed.

Which is the best ecoPayz online casino?

We looked at every available ecoPayz online casino looked around and found some top notch providers found, which we have already mentioned and now want to examine a little more closely.

If you ecoPayz as a payment method would like to use, we recommend the following online casinos.

200 euros bonus with ecoPayz at Cashimashi

Cashimashi logoFirst of all, we want to go with you Cashimashi name an online casino that has received extremely good customer feedback in the past few months. The falls Bonus of up to 200 Euro doesn't even look particularly high, but instead you simply present your customers with a great online casino that leaves little to be desired.

The casino offers ours Cashimashi experiences does not offer an enormous payment offer, but ecoPayz is one of the licensed payment methods. Deposits are therefore possible from 10 euros, but withdrawals only from 20 euros. Any deposits also qualify for the Cashimashi bonus offers.

ecoPayz new at LVBet Casino

LVBet logoA new name among the ecoPayz casinos is that LVBet Casino. Available since 2016, the company has recently decided to rely more on e-wallets instead of traditional payment methods. Because of this, with ecoPayz a new alternative to the payment portfolio recorded.

With more than 1.000 different games, there is enough fun in the casino for you in addition to your own sports betting offer. So it can be versatile LVBet experience collect.

ecoPayz payments at Kassu

Logo from KassuIn third place we want Kassu to name. Kassu is a comparably new face among online casinos, which, in addition to a high casino bonus, offers its customers a wide range of games and a solid portfolio of different deposit methods.

Among other things, will be ours Kassu experience listed according to ecoPayz. Deposits via ecoPayz are therefore between 10 and 1.000 euros possible. Any fees will not be charged.

Five reasons to transfer money with ecoPayz in online casinos

  1. Convenient payments on many devices, including a mobile app
  2. Highest security standards
  3. Deposits and withdrawals often in real time
  4. Alternatively prepaid card for better cost control
  5. Anonymous payments from the e-wallet

Is ecoPayz better than PayPal? Those are the pros and cons!


In German-speaking countries PayPal a far better known name than ecoPayz when it comes to e-wallets.

On the one hand, this is due to the long history, the links to eBay and the fact that PayPal has simply long since arrived in the middle of society.

However, due to the new state gaming contract and some difficulties, PayPal withdrew from the American gaming market for the time being in 2019.

Among other things, ecoPayz also benefited from this as the ideal PayPal alternative.

Even if PayPal is now on its way back to the American online casinos, we now want you to see the most important ones Advantages and disadvantages of ecoPayz point out.

So you can decide for yourself whether ecoPayz is an alternative for you or whether you would prefer to use alternative e-wallets and payment methods.

The advantages of top ecoPayz online casinos

  1. safety: All your data is safe with ecoPayz. Not only is two-factor authentication used, the company is also regulated by the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  2. mobility: You can not only manage your ecoPayz finances via your PC, you can also do this on the go via your smartphone and tablet. You can download the ecoPayz app for this.
  3. Account opening: The account opening with ecoPayz is also quick. You are able to choose which type of account you want to open with ecoPayz and which data you want to disclose.
  4. anonymity: In ecoPayz casinos only the data of your ecoPayz account is shared. For this reason, ecoPayz is a largely anonymous means of payment, as you do not have to share any other bank details with your casino.
  5. speed: Fast payments are the central point of e-wallets. EcoPayz is in no way inferior to this. This gives you immediate access to your ecoPayz deposits in the casino, while withdrawals should be available within 24 hours.
  6. Additional benefits: Of course ecoPayz is interested in being able to offer its customers more than the competition. Therefore, in addition to your e-wallet, you can also apply for the ecoCard and the ecoVirtualcard, which cover the prepaid offer and simplify payments even more.

The disadvantages in a casino with ecoPayz

  1. fees: In principle, the use of ecoPayz in the casino should not involve any additional fees, but you can expect partly hefty fees at ecoPayz itself. Therefore, make sure that you choose the right account and not pay a euro too much in fees.
  2. Payouts: Although ecoPayz payouts are possible at most online casinos, you should keep in mind that payout amounts are not directly available. All payouts must be paid to your bank account after they have been received on your ecoPayz account.

It's that easy to register with ecoPayz

  • 1
    Starts the registration on ecoPayz. Home page of ecoPayz
  • 2
    Fill out the registration form truthfully and confirm the terms of use. First step of registration on ecoPayz
  • 3
    Complete the registration and open your ecoAccount.
  • 4th
    Now follow the instructions, upload the necessary documents and activate your Silver ecoAccount.

These are the available deposit methods

MasterCard, VISA and bank transfer logos

Now that your desired ecoAccount has been set up, all you have to do is made a deposit in order to subsequently be able to make a deposit with ecoPayz in the ecoPayz Casino.

For this you have the following payment methods to choose from:
  • Credit cards
  • Local and international bank transfers
  • ecoVoucher
  • Pocket change
  • Transfers from other e-wallets

Are there any fees in the casino with ecoPayz??

Even if an ecoPayz casino should not charge its own fees, you may have to assign fees to ecoPayz yourself - not only for withdrawals, but also for deposits to your ecoPayz account.

The respective Fees are based on your account status. However, this should definitely be studied, as in the worst case some euros unnecessarily fall by the wayside and thus your hard-earned winnings in the online casino are reduced.

From our point of view, it is therefore important that you check which type of account fits your financial budget and your money management at ecoPayz Casino before you register with ecoPayz.

High rollers in particular, who operate with large sums of money, will already know that a Difference of 0.5% is a stake of money when with sums in the five-digit range is dealt with in the online casino.


You are so safe with ecoPayz

When you are out and about as a casino player, you not only want to play securely, but above all, the payments have to be secure.

At this point, based on our experience, we can call ecoPayz an absolutely safe and reputable partner.

The last major change to be even more secure was made 2016, when ecoPayz introduced two-step authentication. Once activated, you no longer just log in with your user name and password, but also with a continuously generated code that is linked to your device.

the state-of-the-art 256-bit encryption (SSL or TLS) all processes protect you from access by third parties. Compared to the casino, you are on the safe side simply because ecoPayz does not transmit any additional data, as would be the case with a direct bank transfer, for example.

There are also certificates for data protection and fraud prevention tools that comply with the payment card industry and data security standards.

The payment service operates on the cutting edge of security and was awarded the Payment Award in 2014 and the FStech Award in 2015.

This is how the payment service provider ecoPayz works

Payments in the online casino are worthwhile with ecoPayz.

During our research, we were almost astonished to see how many online casinos now have ecoPayz in their product range. Now we would like to give you a few more key data on the now established financial company.

This has already been founded in 2000, but has only been called ecoPayz since 2013. The company has been working with us since 2009 Mastercard together what the practical ecoCard enables.


The e-wallet ecoPayz is basically comparable to a wallet. Only in digital form on the Internet.

The credit balance in your digital wallet is therefore cash, which of course you not only pay in, but also cash out back to your bank account can.

The three pillars of ecoPayz ecoAccount: The actual e-wallet


The decisive factor for this, however, is initially a complete one Registration with ecoPayz. You not only register, but also create a so-called ecoAccount at.

This account can then be topped up with money, for example with a credit card or by bank transfer, and also emptied again.

Alternatively, a ecoVoucher be used, the comparable to that paysafecard can be purchased and the credit is transferred digitally using an 18-digit code.

ecoCard: the prepaid option


With an existing ecoAccount, you can then work together easily apply for a free ecoCard with Mastercard. This then functions as a prepaid card that is directly linked to your ecoPayz account.

So you don't have to top up anything beforehand, you automatically transfer the credit to the card.

Then you can withdraw money regularly at the ATM or pay in shops with this cash card.

Among other things, you can use the ecoCard for contactless payment use, but make sure beforehand that there is enough money on the card. It is not possible to overdraw the card.

Also note that cash withdrawals are associated with fees, but direct payments are not.

ecoVirtualcard: the one-time money card

There are three main differences between the ecoVirtualcard and the ecoCard:
  • The ecoVirtualcard is only issued virtually
  • It can only be used for online payments
  • It is only possible to make a one-off payment with the ecoVirtualcard

So you can allow access to your e-wallet for a transaction and are also protected.

Become a customer of ecoPayz - the different ecoAccounts

Of course, if you decide to use ecoPayz, you first have to rethink how you want to use your ecoAccount.

Because it is not a single ecoAccount, you can choose from five different account types, which can be divided into three different types.

So that you can make the right decision, we have them here for you three respective ecoAccounts once in a nutshell.

Classic ecoAccount

  • This is the entry level right after registration. You can do this deposit a maximum of 2000 euros and make normal transactions, but you should never have money paid out directly. You will remain anonymous for this, as your personal data will not be checked when you register. The Classic ecoAccount is therefore not really suitable for the online casino.

Silver ecoAccount

  • If you have proven your identity, the actual ecoAccount is available to you. Namely the Silver ecoAccount. Here it is Deposit limit lifted, you can withdraw money and use the ecoCard. A credit check (SCHUFA) does not take place because you will not be granted a loan at any time. The Silver ecoAccount is therefore ideal for online casinos.

Gold, Platinum and VIP ecoAccounts

  • Under certain conditions, above all through high turnover and further steps of identification, you rise to higher levels on. These are essentially characterized by higher limits and lower fees. The Gold, Platinum and VIP ecoAccount can therefore be reached with a VIP program in the online casino and is an interesting alternative for high rollers.

FAQ - ecoPayz Casinos

✅ Is ecoPayz a reputable e-wallet?

Yes absolutely. Not only does ecoPayz expand its security system every year and use modern SSL encryption technologies, the company is also regulated by the British Financial Supervisory Authority (FCA).

❓ Registration with ecoPayz is free of charge?

Of course, you do not take any financial risk when registering with ecoPayz. Each of you will be able to register for free at ecoPayz and open an ecoAccount. You are in control of the situation at all times and you can decide what type of account you want to keep.

⚠ Are high fees to be expected at ecoPayz??

Although no high fees are to be expected at ecoPayz, you should still make sure that you register with an ecoPayz casino that does not charge you any additional fees. For every payout from your ecoAccount to your bank account, a fee of at least 1.90 euros can be expected.

⭕️ What alternatives are there to ecoPayz?

A lot has happened in the past few years, especially in the area of ​​e-wallets. Therefore, there are correspondingly good ecoPayz alternatives. In addition to well-known names such as PayPal or Skrill, MuchBetter or the new mypaysafecard are among the sensible alternatives.

➕ Is it worth depositing via ecoVoucher in the casino??

Maybe, yes. The ecoVouchers are comparable to the paysafecard and offer an extra layer of anonymity in the online casino. It should be noted here, however, that not too much many online casinos enable payment via ecoVouchers.

Conclusion: ecoPayz is a worthy alternative to PayPal!

According to our experience, can Strongly claim ecoPayz and is an ideal addition to the online casino.

With the same speed of payments, you have the advantage with ecoPayz that the payments qualify for the casino bonus against other e-wallets such as NETELLER or Skrill.

Since all ecoPayz deposits and withdrawals can usually be made free of charge, there should be no additional financial costs.

You can see that the American online casinos also see ecoPayz as a good alternative from the growing number of ecoPayz casinos. Meanwhile, can Presenting ecoPayz as a real alternative to PayPal.

In our editorial team, too, the experiences with ecoPayz online casinos so far have been consistently positive, so we would definitely like to advise you to take a closer look at ecoPayz.