Delete 888 Slots Account - how you can easily delete your 888 Slots account

888slots logoEvery now and then it happens that players want to delete their 888 account. We therefore provide a small guide on how to cancel and delete an account 888 slots functions. The procedure is always the same, regardless of the reason for deleting your 888 Slots account. Sometimes you want Fans delete their 888 Slots account (or delete their 888 Poker account), because they hope to be able to collect the new customer bonus twice in this way. But, let me anticipate that, it doesn't work that way.

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the essentials in brief
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  • There are just a few steps to have the 888 Slots account deleted.
  • A deletion of the account is, however only necessary in the rarest of cases.
  • Alternatives are one Restriction or letting go of the account.
  • fees do not usually apply to the use of the account at 888 slots.

Delete the 888 Slots account step by step

Customers who have finally decided to delete their account should contact the support of 888 Slots in writing. There is the menu item "Close account" in the help area under "My account", which can be reached when you are logged in. Alternatively, you can also send an email to the support staff. Yet The alternative of using the contact form is easier, which is located on the customer service page. Alternatively, you can use the 888 slots hotline call.

The contact form requires the following information:

  • Selection of which area the request is about: Here you should choose either “888 Slots” or “888 Poker”, depending on whether you want to delete your 888 Slots Account or your 888 Poker Account.
  • Selection of the category: There are various possibilities here - in the context of an account deletion at 888 Slots, the choice “My Account” is appropriate.
  • Registration of the e-mail address: Here you enter a valid email address, under which the employees of 888 Slots can reach you and provide you with further details on account deletion.
  • Choose subject: Here you should state specifically what it is about. So it is best to write either "Delete 888 Slots Account" or "Delete 888 Poker Account". So there is no doubt what you want to achieve with your request.
  • Add description: Finally, briefly state that you want to delete your 888 account. A justification is not required here. At best, you also add your full name and address. Support can use your email address (if it is the same as the one stored in your account) to see which account is involved - but safe is safe and saves you annoying inquiries.

The termination is usually via email or contact form within 48 hours confirmed by 888 slots. The important thing here is that there are a few things to do before the application is submitted. Otherwise the termination of your account will be delayed unnecessarily, as the support will draw your attention to the following steps anyway.

Tip 1 - Empty your player account
  • If you have decided to have your 888 Slots account deleted, then you should first clear your player account. If there is still credit in your account, we recommend that you transfer it to your bank account or bank account. to transfer to an e-wallet. This can be initiated with a few clicks of the mouse or tips on the smartphone. The fastest way to get your money is via the e-wallets mentioned above. Remember that one 888 Slots PayPal Deposit for American customers is no longer available, as the market leader in this country has withdrawn from the online market due to the still unclear legal situation.

    the Payout your money is usually free. Note: If you use the classic bank transfer, the credit can take a few days. You don't have to pay attention to any special features with the final payout. Just carry out them like any transaction via your checkout area.

Tip 2 - Get rid of the bonus
  • Before you delete your 888 Slots account, you should also check whether you still have bonus credits to play through or whether there are any goodies in prospect for you as a VIP that are worth taking advantage of. For example, you can get a rewarding present on an approaching birthday. Especially if you have almost played through a bonus, it is worth considering in our opinion to play it to the end before deleting it. So of course you would increase your payout. Sometimes - for example, when there are acute gambling problems - this is of course not an option. You may then be able to arrange a partial payment - it doesn't cost anything to ask.

When is a termination of the 888 Slots account appropriate??

The 888 Slots has a lot to offer its customers - Nevertheless, it can always happen that a user turns his back on the provider and wants to delete his account. There can be understandable reasons behind this, but there are also reasons that do not justify deletion. Because Termination is not always the best option and there are some sensible alternatives, such as blocking or leaving the account on hold. You should choose the latter option if you only want to play once at an 888 slots alternative.

An account closure is final and the customer can only difficult to return respectively. a open a new account at 888 Slots. This must be taken into account when terminating. If you serious gaming problems in some cases it may be necessary to have the 888 account deleted. In almost all other contexts, however, other measures are the smarter choice.

In case you are not enthusiastic about it and yours Delete 888 Slots Account read our guide.

You have deleted your account at 888 Slots

888 Slots protects itself - like all online providers in our tests too - against abuse and refused multiple registrations from the same customer. Therefore, the account will never be completely deleted, but some data will be retained, as prescribed by law, but more precisely below. Hence is no simple new registration possible. The provider checks the computer ID and checks for duplicate names and residences.

We therefore recommend that you only terminate or terminate the contract. to apply if it is certain that you will never play at 888 Slots again. Otherwise we advise you to do so, prefer to keep the account. Eventually arise no further costs - not even if you no longer use the account. And misuse of the account is also impossible, as long as you have not saved your login data on your PC or mobile phone or wrote it down somewhere.

When is a temporary account lock the better choice??

It's quite common for fans of Real money slots Allow yourself a break to protect yourself. If you want that, you don't have to delete your 888 Slots account right away. It is sufficient to inform the employees in writing that they wish to take a break, whereupon they take the appropriate steps. The duration for this can be chosen freely and is between one day and six months.

However, this is also the case Self-exclusion mentioned procedure during the temporary lock no early return possible. The customer must take this into account when applying. The user can only use the account normally again when the duration of the block has expired. This temporary blocking option is also a good choice if the customer knows that he will not be able to use his account at a certain time. This can be because of a longer vacation trip, but also for a rehabilitation measure. Or also because he wants to take a short break and doesn't want others to have access to the account. This is an option, for example, if you are concerned that you have been hacked, i.e. if you are afraid that someone has spied on your own computer.

888 Slots DisclaimerParticipation from 18. Gambling can be addicting.

Individual limits as an alternative to termination

Someone who repeatedly has to complain about larger losses and for this reason is thinking about having their 888 slots account deleted can alternatively limit themselves. On request, the support of 888 slots will set up the appropriate Deposit or. Loss limits a. These successfully prevent the losses from exceeding a certain amount.

Customers who occasionally tend to bet more money on a losing streak and gamble longer can effectively reduce their risk of losing too much. Setting limits is a effective means of self-restraint and an ideal alternative to blocking or even deletion of the account with reputable online provider.

Delete 888 Slots Account - Limits

In combination with a temporary blocking and the other aids that 888 Slots offers (addiction-prone) players, this is a useful tool for self-help. Because visiting the provider should be fun - even if one or the other game is not won. The losses remain within a reasonable and bearable framework, the user can continue to play without having to delete his 888 Slots account.

What happens to my private data if I delete my 888 Slots account??

888 Slots does not provide any explicit information on its website about what happens to your data if you have your 888 account deleted. At least we did not find any information on this even after a very careful review of the terms and conditions. One thing is certain: As a European gaming operator, 888 Slots is also bound by corresponding data protection guidelines. These require information that is relevant to the 888 slots registration of a user are necessary or. was, are not kept indefinitely after an account has been given up to be allowed to. In addition, it is of course strictly prohibited to pass it on to third parties.

In addition, certain security standards must be guaranteed, which make attacks by hackers largely impossible, and data misuse generally does not give a chance. 888 Slots has to strictly adhere to such guidelines. If there was a disobedience here, sensitive lawsuits would be possible and there was also a threat of withdrawal the European License in Malta.

Nonetheless, there is definitely a data storage and this has - as already mentioned and explained in more detail below - the consequence that players will log out after their account has been deleted cannot log in again without further ado.

Opening a new account is usually impossible or difficult after deletion

Regardless of whether you delete your 888 Slots account or delete your 888 Poker Account, the underlying data disappear - as noted in the last section - not complete. This approach is perfectly legal. Of course, the statutory retention periods must be adhered to. These are from data set to data set or. Application area to application area different.

In fact, practically all online providers make use of their right to data storage. Because if they do not keep the relevant information and always delete the account completely with every request for account deletion, every player could log in again and again and every time Online casino bonus claim.

Even if such bonus offers, of course no free money and are always subject to certain conditions that the providing provider certain advantages procure, such repeated claims would mean an enormous loss. This does not only apply to 888 slots.

Did you plan to have your 888 Slots account deleted in order to quickly open a new account and the very attractive one? new casino bonus to use it again for new customers, we unfortunately have to disappoint you. You will in such a case blocked on the basis of the data you still have.

In cases where there is a good reason for deleting the user account - for example a hack of your computer or. Smartphones or Gambling addiction - You can prevent exclusion when you log in again. In such a context you should tell the support exactly why it had to be deleted. It is best to describe your reasons precisely when you give up your account. This statement is also kept with great security, so that you have a good argumentative basis for any new registration.

If you have justified your termination in detail, you will still not get another one New customer bonus credited. Just that Big player in Online comparison, 888 slots are undoubtedly one of them, and they are extremely accommodating in many respects. However, the possibility of receiving a welcome bonus again never exists. Incidentally - to make this clear - even a sound justification is no unequivocal guarantee for the new opening or. Reactivation of your player account.

Don't worry about fees for a dormant account

Inexperienced players in particular are often concerned that they will open an account at 888 slots or whatever unknown online provider have to pay a certain membership fee or account management causes other (regular) costs. This fear is not entirely unfounded, because elsewhere in the network absolutely must such fees are paid, if you have an account but don't use it. This is the case with online banking, for example.

However, this does not apply to your player account at 888 Slots. Both when opening the account and with one dormant account await you no fees. In fact, 888 Slots benefits more than enough from the provision of its services than a basic payment would be necessary / appropriate.

On the other hand, the games available there are even rolled into one Demo mode offered so that in principle you never have to deposit and still could always play - completely free. Since you can't really win cash in this way, the free play is of course much less exciting than stakes with real money and therefore only in certain cases - for example to play in one slot - an option.

Those who do not gamble regularly and who leave their account dormant from time to time should, however Always withdraw your real money balance before a longer break. First of all, it is not the point of a player account to park money there, and then 888 Slots can actually charge administration fees on such long-term holdings in individual cases.

Delete 888 Slots account mobile via the app

Like everyone else new online providers 888 Slots also offers the option of playing on the move using a smartphone or tablet. In the meantime, most accesses generally take place via mobile media. Nevertheless, the apps are still limited in some ways on quite a few gaming platforms. So some portable variants sometimes offer fewer support options and also account deletion or a temporary block or. Limiting one's own possibilities cannot always be initiated using a mobile device.

You don't have to fear any of that with 888 Slots. You get access via mobile phone and tablet via a modern resource-saving 888 slots app, which corresponds very exactly to the design of the version for PC and Mac, but is tailored to smaller displays with enlarged buttons and slightly different structures. Here you can find all games of chance of the desktop variant and you can also delete your 888 slots account. Just proceed as described above - this also applies to the 888 Poker App.

What are the arguments in favor of creating an account at 888 Slots??

888 Slots is one of the absolute veterans in the online provider business and continues to be one of the big players. They have been involved in games of chance since 1997, and have done so with great success: 888 Slots itself puts its membership at a whopping 25 million. The company has been behind the Spielothek since 2005, the 888 Holdings, even listed on the London Stock Exchange. In addition, investments are made in charitable work and 888 Slots has already won countless prestigious prizes for its services. These are all very good indications that if you play with this provider, you do not have to fear any fraud or other dishonest machinations. Otherwise we would be the provider in ours Provider blacklist take up.

In addition, they speak European licenses in Great Britain, Gibraltar and Malta Security-specific in itself and also in terms of encryption, nothing is left to chance with 888 slots. All areas are secured by state-of-the-art SSL protection from GoDaddy and the gaming provider works exclusively with well-known payment service providers who, for their part, do everything possible to protect your money and your data. These services include, among others Apple Pay as Trustly (with American TÜV certificate) - and these do not actually work with every provider. There is also good support available in German, as well as seals of various watchdogs, which show that you take care of your customers here, even beyond the normal small problems of the players.

And of course that shouldn't be forgotten as an argument for opening an account at 888 Slots lush and very high quality game portfolio. You will not only find games from here NetEnt, Yggdrasil and other top brands.

Many worthwhile bonus offers and an often used, well-priced VIP system complete the program.


888slots logoThe 888 Slots makes the termination easy and fast for its customers. For this the customer has to only report to customer service and provide the required data. This can be done informally by e-mail, using the contact form or in the help area with the corresponding menu item.

However, termination is not required in all cases. Because especially the 888 Slots offers one Variety of self-restraint measures. These options start with the temporary lock and go through to the setting of individual limits for losses or a 888 slots deposit. If you have massive gaming problems, you may still have to delete your account at 888 Slots.

For all other customers who might just want to take a break or try an 888 slots alternative, deleting their accounts is a rather unwise decision. This is mainly due to the fact that a Termination is final and no longer undone can be. Anyone who has terminated their account once is at the mercy of the provider if they wish to log in again at a later date. Therefore, even an unused account is better left in place. After all, it is enough to withdraw the real money from the account or to temporarily block it.

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