Casino Craps - Popular Games, the Best Craps Casinos & Top Tips

You love the thrill of rolling the dice? Then casino dice games are a real must! This guide will get you in shape for classics like Craps and Sic Bo, it will also introduce modern alternatives and help you get your dice lucky with practical tips, tricks and strategies. There is also an overview of the best dice game casinos!

the essentials in brief
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  • If you want to play dice games in the casino for fun or with real field, you first need a good provider. To the ranks of best dice game casinos belong u.a. CBET.GG, Nomini or Malina.
  • As the most famous and best casino dice games apply craps and sic bo. But there is still a fine selection new, creative cube games. For example Rocket Dice or Slot Dice.
  • So in Live casino roll the dice. Here Sic Bo and the game shows Lightning Dice and MONOPOLY Live set the tone.
  • Casino dice games not only offer plenty of thrill, but also excellent chance of winning. The RTP value is often very close to the 100% mark.
  • In order to be able to play profitably dice games in the casino, smart bankroll management and the right betting strategy are required. Use this Casino craps tips!

Top provider for casino dice games

1 MalinaCasino
  • Many classics and innovations in the range
  • Craps & Sic Bo available in a variety of ways
  • Live casino with Sic Bo & Lightning Dice
Experience report To the casino
2 Alf Casino logoAlf Casino
  • Craps, Sic Bo, Poker Dice and much more. playable
  • Strong live casino with trendy dice games
  • Modern, fresh design
Experience report To the casino
3 DublinBet Casino logoDublinBet
  • Ideal for dice lovers
  • Popular dice games from top providers
  • Live casino specialist
Experience report To the casino
4 SlotsMillion Casino
  • About 3.600 casino games
  • Popular dice games represented incl. Craps & Sic Bo
  • Lots of dice-themed slots
Experience report To the casino

What dice games are there in online casinos??

On a foray through the Online game libraries you will about one or the other Casino dice game stumble. But apart from well-known sizes à la Craps or Sic Bo There are still various, much less known games in the game ranges, most of which are very young. These are distributed across the various categories such as Online casino table games, Slots or Live casino.

In order to get a better impression and overview of the different casino dice games, you will find a categorized one below Casino Games List the common dice games or. Games where the historic gambling utensil matters.

  • Table games: This includes the real dice game classics. This primarily refers to craps and sic bo. Both have a reputation for being best casino dice games in advance. But so Dice poker (engl. Poker Dice) is a representative of this category. Same goes for gambling like Rocket Dice, 100 Bit Dice, Casino Barbut or Slot Dice to. These are by no means as prominent, surprisingly to be found more regularly in the online casino landscape than, for example, Craps.
  • Board games: Many successful parlor games are also available in online casinos as monetized dice fun. Above all, Monopoly. But so backgammon have some providers like that StarGames Casino in the pipeline.
  • Live Casino: If you are looking for a game of dice in the casino, you should definitely stop by the live area. Here you can reliably roll the dice against real dealers. Usually they are Sic Bo, Lightning Dice, MONOPOLY Live and, with some reservations, also Live Craps available as live dice games.
  • Slots: The machines have a whole range of titles that deal with the dice theme in some form in the gameplay. Examples please? Dice on Fire, Joly Dicers, the Lucky Dice range, Irish Lucky Dice, Dice and Roll or Magic Dice - to name just a few. The well-known game developer WMS even has the popular dice game Yahtzee (also known as Kniffel) donated its own slot.
  • Lottery games: Occasionally, the cube also comes into play in this segment. For example at Dice bingo or Scratch dice. The latter represents a combination of craps and Scratch card represent.

Low range of dice games

Despite this colorful, varied selection, the truth of the casino dice game is unfortunately also that the availability of the games is very poor. The inclined dice (game) lover gets a lot too short overall.

Admittedly almost adorn themselves all online casinos with an XXL range of games, which hundreds or well over 1.000 games. However, dice games usually only make up a fraction. Self best dice game casinos, to whom about that CBET.GG Casino or Nomini Casino only play a dozen or so games that use the dice. Pity! Above all, if you consider that the dice is one of the symbols for gambling par excellence.

At Nomini Casino, the selection of dice games is still one of the best (source: Nomini Casino)

It is particularly disappointing that even many sonorous and large casino houses pay little or no attention to the game of dice. This applies to the high quality Mr. Green Casino. For example, if you want a provider who has both Craps and Sic Bo in stock, you have to search properly. Or my above recommendation from the Ranking for the best online casinos with dice games heed.

  • Yet: Even if the casino dice game is generally neglected and is no more than a marginal phenomenon, at least some dice games can be played online in the casino.

These are the best dice games in online casinos

Enjoy among all casino dice games Craps and Sic Bo in an absolute special position. Because there are the most famous and popular games of their kind worldwide. And even casual gamers are guaranteed to stumble upon these names. Whether this is automatically the best casino dice game is of course a matter of taste. Especially since both Dice Games go through one more complicated, complex set of rules distinguish. But that doesn't detract from their prominence. High time, craps and sic bo including theirs Craps casino rules to present in more detail.

Craps: The classic dice from the USA

Craps comes from the USA and is also known by the name or Craps Shooting Seven Eleven known. Whenever the keywords "Casino Seven Dice Game" case, so craps is meant. Also on the question 'What is the name of the casino game with dice?‘ The first answer you get is craps.

The game is always played against the bank and with two dice drawn by the Shooter (The player who throws the dice) can be thrown onto the field at the same time. Bets can be placed on the different numbers or combinations of numbers, and you can also place bets when you are not the shooter.

The game surface of craps (source: BooCasino)
  • If the total number of eyes on both dice is 7 or 11, the shooter has thrown a "natural" and wins immediately!
  • If the total number of eyes is 2, 3 or 12, the shooter has thrown a "crap" and loses immediately!
  • If the shooter achieves a total number of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the shooter has thrown a "point" and may roll the dice again! The aim of the second throw is to hit the same number as on the point. In this case, the shooter wins. If a 7 hits, the game is lost. On all other numbers, the shooter may roll the dice again.

The specialty of Craps is that, as mentioned, you can also place bets on the next throw as a spectator on various results. These are also always directed against the casino. Players cannot bet against each other. With the additional betting options, the craps playing field is also used, which looks very complicated.

If you bet on “Pass”, for example, you win if the shooter rolls a “Natural” on the next roll. The pass bet is one, by the way recommended craps strategy for all newbies and beginners, as it is easy to knit. If you want more tips and more detailed information about this casino dice game, you are in the guide Play craps online for real money in good hands.

There are now a lot of variations of online craps such as New York Craps, Rich Craps or Crapless Craps. Depending on the variant, one, two, three or even four or five dice are played. But in the online casinos you will mainly find the classic craps, which can be found not only in the instant casino but also in the live casino. The computer-based craps mostly comes from well-known software forges such as Microgaming, Playtech or Betsoft.

  • Since the craps craps casino rules are sometimes complicated, newcomers should definitely use a craps demo version for the time being. Serious online casinos offer appropriate fun modes with play money. You can play craps online.a. in the Dreamz Casino, BooCasino, 888Casino or Elcarado.

Sic Bo: The dice and cage game with a touch of roulette

Sic Bo comes from ancient China and is not only available in numerous land-based casinos (here more about the most beautiful casinos in Germany) a regular seat, but you can also do this in the virtual play temples extremely exciting casino dice game gamble.

  • The aim of Sic Bo, which is played with three dice, is to predict the correct number combinations or total number of eyes.

The betting options are diverse and are reminiscent of roulette. But while the ball goes into the rotating wheel in roulette, the dice go into one in Sic Bo Bell jar (also called birdcage or birdcage), where they are set in rotation. The result of the dice is determined without a hand or a cup.

The betting options on the Sic Bo Board (source: Cashimashi Casino)

Since there are three dice, the total number can be anywhere from 3 to 18. But apart from the sum of the numbers, there are plenty more Sic Bo betting options, which you can place on the somewhat chaotic looking board:

  • Big and Small: The simple bet is as popular as it is full of opportunities. In the big bet, you win if the total of the number is between 11 and 17 and there is no triple. The small bet is a total of 4 to 10. Again, the bet is lost in a triple. There are similar options in roulette, where you can bet on 1 to 18 or 19 to 36.
  • Any triple: A three-of-a-kind makes the simple bet null and void. But if you successfully bet that all dice show the same number, you will receive around 30 times the stake as the winnings.
  • Specific Triple: Here you bet on a certain triple, e.G.B. 4-4-4. This betting option is garnished with the best payout ratio of 150: 1 in the online casino.
  • Specific Double: You bet on a certain number that appears on two dice.
  • Domino Combination: You bet on two specific numbers that appear on two dice.
  • Total Sum Combination: You bet on a certain total of all three dice (from 4 to 17, the total of 3 and 18 can only be hit as a triplet and therefore belong to the Specific Triple).
  • Single do: You bet on a certain number, e.G.B. 3. If the number appears on one die you win 1: 1, if the number appears on two dice you win 2: 1 and if the number appears on all three dice you win 3: 1.

The casino dice game Sic Bo is also known by numerous other names such as Big and Small, Birdcage, Tai Sai, Dai Su or Hi-Lo. There are also the English versions Chuck a luck other Grand Hazard.

There may be simpler dice games in the casino, but there is none the less Sic Bo a good choice for beginners. The dice game casino rules for this game are easy to understand and clear, despite the many betting options, but you shouldn't be put off by the wild game board. The fact is: Compared to Craps, Sic Bo is faster and much easier to learn, making it an ideal introduction to the exciting world of the dice.

Get pleasure? Then this is Malina Casino to recommend, where there is Sic Bo from several developers (BGaming, 1 × 2 Gaming, Wazdan) and in different versions. Definitely one of the best dice game casino. Besides, that counts Rabona Casino to the Sic Bo hotspots.

More popular / well-known casino dice games

In addition to the two dice heavyweights Craps and Sic Bo, there is also a small but fine selection of recommended dice games. You should definitely have the following hodgepodge in the back of your head the next time you want to play dice games in the casino.

  • Poker Dice (dice poker)
  • Rocket Dice
  • 100 bit dice
  • Slot dice
  • Casino Barbut

Even if these table games are overshadowed by Craps and Sic Bo, they offer fun, excitement and fun across the board Online casino best chances of winning. In addition, they are characterized by a simpler game concept and simple dice game casino rules, as confirmed by the subsequent quick check.

Poker dice / dice poker

Here the name says it all: Because with this casino dice game you gamble Poker with dice. But not with conventional dice. Instead of numbers from 1 to 6, the symbols of classic decks of cards are denounced on the poker dice: 9, 10, jack, queen, king and ace. Under certain circumstances, however, a normal number which can also be used.

Just like with the Online poker In dice poker, it is important to roll a higher value combination than the opponent. For example a small street (9-10-B-D-K) or a full house. For this purpose, each player has a maximum of three attempts to throw each round. The combinations are analogous to the hands in poker and are as follows in ascending order:

  • Runt: no combination (e.G.B. 9-10-B-D-A)
  • One pair: two identical symbols (e.G.B. two boys)
  • Two Pairs: two identical symbols twice (e.G.B. two tens and two queens)
  • Three of a kind: three identical symbols (e.G.B. three kings)
  • Low straight: the five consecutive symbols 9-10-J-Q-K
  • High straight: the five consecutive symbols 10-J-Q-K-A
  • Full House: Three of a kind plus pair.B. three queens and two aces)
  • Four of a kind: four identical symbols (e.G.B. four kings)
  • Five of a kind: five identical symbols (e.G.B. five boys)

Next to Poker dice, that is played with open dice, there is still that Liar Dice. Here, poker is played with hidden dice, so that you can also bluff. Escalaro is the third variant that is used for Online casino Austria interesting is. In online casinos, Poker Dice, which, for example, the provider has 1 × 2 Gaming in its portfolio, is unfortunately rarely found. The few exceptions include, for example Alf Casino, betsson casino or Videoslots Casino.

Rocket Dice

Is still quite young in the ranks of casino dice games Rocket Dice, which the game developer BGaming launched in 2018. Anyone looking for one is a very simple and entertaining dice game, is spot on with this table game.

Rocket Dice offers simple dice fun (source: Malina Casino)

All you have to do is guess whether the number of pips on the two dice is above or below a value you set. Use the arrow keys to select a number between 2 and 12 and click on "more" or "less".

For example, if you have chosen the 7 and the betting option “less”, you win if the number is between 2 and 6. Practical: The multiplier by which your stake increases in the event of success is displayed directly below the control elements and of course depends on your bet selection. In the minimum case you get paid 1.01 times the stake (for the option over 2 / under 12), the highest profit multiplier of x35.2 is available with "over 11 / under 3".

If you have won, you can also start the risk game by pressing the "Risk" button. Here profits can be increased significantly or everything can be lost in one fell swoop. Just like the main game, the risk factor is characterized by a simple pattern.

At the beginning you decide on three of the six available numbers, then you roll a die. So it's a fifty-fifty chance. After each victorious risk round, you can continue to gamble using the same rules or pocket the profit. Really puristic, but pure thrill!

The casino dice game Rocket Dice is well represented online. Playable in Nomini Casino or Malina Casino.

100 bit dice

100 Bit Dice from 4ThePlayer is also a wonderfully simple and very entertaining dice game. You bet on the result of a random number generator with a range from 0 to 100.

In principle, you have two betting options to choose from. With the green bet (Bet Green) you bet that the result of the simulated dice roll will be less than the selected number. Similarly, the blue bet, in which you win if the dice roll is above the selected number. By fine-tuning the numerical value that can be freely selected using a slider, you have direct influence on the multiplier and controls the risk-reward ratio.

The game surface of 100 Bit Dice (source: RIZK Casino)

In keeping with the simple gameplay, 100 Bit Dice does not include any side bets or bonus features. Everything revolves around the one throw of the dice! There is a useful statistics tool for the game progress on the right side of the screen.a. shows your winnings so far as well as the victorious bets (green or blue) clearly. In addition, the autoplay in this casino dice game can be configured in detail with various settings (e.G.B. double stake on win, double stake on loss, slow growth etc.) and you play with a fantastic one Payout ratio averaging 98.94%.

100 Bit Dice, which was released in 2019 and is also playable as a free demo version, is in many established and new online casinos available. Among other things in RIZK Casino, Royal Panda Casino or Vera & John Casino.

Slot dice

Slot Dice is one of my personal favorites and one of the best casino dice games out there. Because in addition to the simple main game with 5 dice, there are a total of four creative and varied bonus games that are triggered relatively often. In the main game, your task is to roll three of a kind. With any triple you go up one level, with a total of 25 levels to climb. As soon as all 25 levels have been reached, you can claim the cashback.

Slot Dice: Four bonus games guarantee varied dice fun (screenshot: Wunderino)

On the way there, of course, there are some clear rounds, which the lucrative bonus games skillfully make up for. The total of four integrated bonus rounds, with which slot dice differentiates itself from the majority of other dice games in the casino, are triggered by certain and well-known poker combinations of the dice.

A street or. Straight with five consecutive numbers takes you roughly into that Crazy Straight bonus phase. In this 2-dice game you have to roll a higher total than the given number. Starting with 2, this increases by the value 1 in each round, with a total of ten levels. If the requirements are not met, you pocket the extra money you have won and return to the old place in the main game.

You also start with a four-of-a-kind (solves the bonus game Lucky Four off), full house (Hero call) and a pasch of five (Golden One) a bonus game. Of the greatest casino profit Incidentally, slot dice is 500.000 euros. For this you have to hit five 1's with the first throw in the Golden One bonus game!

The innovative casino dice game Slot Dice also scores with its simple, futuristic design with 3D elements and an excellent one RTP value of 97.7%. You can play Slot Dice u.a. in the Wunderino Casino or CashiMashi Casino.

Casino Barbut

If you want it to be particularly easy, you should try Casino Barbut. This dynamic casino dice game with two dice has its origins in the Middle East and is known in this country as casino barbut and barbooth. The process and the dice game casino rules are very simple. You can possibly place your bets on the red area (of the shooter), the yellow area (of the fader) or on both areas. Then you roll the dice, with fixed combinations of throws that result in a profit or a loss.

  • With the numbers 3-3, 5-5, 6-6 or 5-6 the bet on the red area wins.
  • With the numbers 1-1, 2-2, 4-4 or 1-2 the bet on the yellow area wins.
  • There is no winner for any other combination. Then additional bets can be made or the dice can be rolled again with the same bet.

All winnings are paid out 1: 1, only the throw combinations 1-1 and 6-6 give you a 2: 1 payout ratio. This casino dice game completely dispenses with additional features.

Casino Barbut you can u.a. in mr. Play Green Casino (Source: Mr. Green)

In American online casinos barbut is not very common. If you still want to put your luck to the test in this traditional table game, our casino test winner Mr. Green or that betsson casino Pay a virtual visit. These popular and renowned providers have Casino Barut in their portfolio.

Hot tip: experience dice games in the live casino too

Fortunately, dice games are reliably taken into account in the live casinos of the online game libraries. In the live segment, just like in the classic instant casino, the motto "less is more" applies. The live dice games are numerically only rare and compared to roulette, blackjack and co. much less represented. Nevertheless, there is the possibility of playing the dice against real dealers or via video stream. Let moderators dance.

This applies above all to Sic Bo and the game show Lightning Dice, which you will find in every good live casino. There is also live craps, but not nearly as common. In return, dice fans can let off steam in the live version of the classic board game MONOPOLY, which in turn is offered in many online live casinos.

Since with Sic Bo and Craps the classic, already presented rules are applied regardless of the software provider, the live games will not be discussed further at this point. Nevertheless, both Sic Bo and Craps in the Live Casino can only be warmly recommended to every gambler with a penchant for dice, as the thrill is even more intense. But now the focus is on Lightning Dice and MONOPOLY Live.

Lightning Dice

Evolution Gaming only let Lightning Dice off the leash in 2019 and landed a real hit with this live dice game. Certainly also because the popular game is based not only on a lot of tension but also on easily understandable rules. But what is the game like??

The game is played with three standard dice with numbers 1 to 6 on each of their six sides. Your task is to guess the total of all three eyes in advance. Similar to the casino dice game Sic Bo. Your desired stake (the range extends from 20 cents to 2.000 euros per round) you place on one of the 16 fields with possible sums of 3 to 18. In order to increase your chance of winning, you can load more or even all number fields with a bet using the Bet on All option - depending on which one Dice game strategy you choose.

Lightning Dice is a real live casino top hit (source: Jackie Jackpot Casino)

After the deployment time has expired, the additional voltage-generating Lightning feature starts. Lightning strikes the field and marks one or more numbers. Each lightning number is given a random multiplier ranging from 50- to 1.000 times is enough and ideally you meet. Then the moderator above puts the three cubes through a funnel into the cube machine. On the way down, the dice pass three levels with various obstacles before the result of the dice is displayed.

A game round at Lightning Dice lasts about 60 seconds. The payout rate is 96.21%, but it can vary slightly depending on the betting option. There are many platforms on which you can play this live dice game in the casino. For example, I'm at Unibet, Jackie jackpot, CBET.GG, QueenVegas, RIZK, Rabona or LV BET Casino came across Lightning Dice.


The software giant Evolution Gaming is also behind MONOPOLY Live Live casino game show one Symbiosis of the wheel of fortune game Dream Catcher and the well-known parlor game Monopoly created. The dice action at MONOPOLY is limited to the bonus game, which is animated in 3D and offers lavish prizes.

View of the MONOPOLY Live wheel of fortune (Source: Casumo Casino)

Nevertheless: The main role is played by the big wheel of fortune. It consists of a total of 54 fields of the same size, 48 of which fall on the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10. You have to type in which field the wheel will come to a stop. The numbers 1 and 2 are represented most frequently and thus hold the greatest probability of winning. However, according to the payout table, they only pay out the smallest winnings.

It gets really exciting in the other six fields. The two event fields with the inscription "chance“That will give you a random cash prize or multiplier. You can also place your bets on the fields "2x dice"Which is available three times, and"4x dice"set. Behind this is the 3D bonus game, the actual Monopoly feature.

Mr. Monopoly himself welcomes you in the bonus game (source: Casumo Casino)

Mr. Monopoly goes to a virtual Monopoly game board and initially randomly distributes houses and hotels - which act as multipliers - on well-known streets such as Turmstrasse, Bahnhofstrasse or the legendary Schlossallee. The latter is also the most valuable at MONOPOLY Live and, for example, pays out 200 times with three houses.

Depending on whether the "2x dice" or "4x dice" field was hit, the dice are rolled. Mr. Monopoly walks along the rolled steps on the playing field and collects the prices for all players who have bet on the fields. But to get to the really big pots of money, up to 500.000 euros are to be won, 4 throws or doubles ‘(to receive additional throws) are a basic requirement. After all, the high-priced streets at Monopoly only lurk at the end of the game board.

  • Tip: The "Bet on all" function, with which you can bet on all numbers and fields, is also integrated and should be used every now and then. The chance of a good hit increases significantly.

You can find MONOPOLY Live u.a. in the modern WooCasino, Casumo Casino or Mango Casino.

Dice slots: slot machines based on the symbol of the dice

There are a number of exciting slots where the dice plays a role. Around Dice slots You should especially look out for the word "Dice" within the game name - the English term for dice.

In what way the cube at the Real money slot machines comes into play is very different. For example, the dice can be used as a wild or scatter, to determine a multiplier or simply as a normal reel symbol to replace the lower playing card symbols. Even if a dice machine is not a conventional casino dice game, it is a welcome change for enthusiasts of the Kubus ‘.

These developers offer the best dice slots

A well-known software provider who likes to combine elements of the game of dice with slots is for example StakeLogic. With Dice Fortune, Dice on Fire, Roll the Dice, Dice Timer or Multi Dice 5 Reels, they brought out several good dice slots.

The dice slots from the house are almost a must for dice fans Euro Games Technology (EGT). And here especially the fruit slots Dice & Roll and More Dice & Roll. Finally, red cubes symbolize the wild symbol, which when appearing extends in all directions to the neighboring fields and possibly covers the entire reel pattern. That makes for decent profits.

In the Dice High slot, the dice is of great importance (source: SlotsMillion)

Even Dice high from EGT elegantly and skilfully bridges the gap between dice game and slot machine fun. After all, the eponymous cube is the scatter symbol, which also opens the door to the bonus feature - the dice feature. In the bonus round you can win big winnings with the luck you need.

Manufacturer Gaming1 Also has quite a few slot machines in the quiver where the dice is at least aesthetically in the spotlight. For example at Atlantis: Wrath of Poseidon. The layout of this 5-reel slot is dominated by the dice, with a trident, mermaids and Poseidon also being part of the game.

The following overview shows other providers and their dice slot machines:

  • Endorphina: Lucky Dice 1, Lucky Dice 2, Lucky Dice 3, Ancient Troy Dice, Sugar Glider Dice
  • Red Tiger: Dice Dice Dice
  • Aspire Global: Roll the Dice, Monte Carlo Dice, Magic Dice, Royal Dice, Astrodice
  • Dice Lab: Jolly Dices
  • Spinomenal: 100 Spinning Dice, Irish Lucky Dice
  • Synot: Dice Rush, Harlequin Dice

Dice slots can be found in almost every online casino. If you haven't found a suitable play temple, our big one will help Online casino comparison guaranteed to continue. We also have specially designed for all Monopoly trailers best monopoly slots collected.

How does dice work in the casino?

Especially newcomers who want to play online dice games in the casino will ask themselves the question: How does dice work in the casino at all? At least it is not necessary to refine your own dice throwing technique.

Because the dice is rolled using a corresponding button, button, play button, etc. caused. One click of the mouse is all it takes to get the dice rolling. Basically like slots or other table games.

The visual implementation of the dice roll, on the other hand, depends on the game. At this point a lance for slot dice has to be broken. Because the makers of this casino dice game went to great lengths to ensure that the dice were thrown extremely realistic. If the throw is triggered, the five 3D animated dice roll over the gaming table and can possibly.a. Tip to another side at the last second or collide with an adjacent dice, which also influences the dice result. Exemplary! Such a detailed implementation of the dice throw increases the thrill, but is unfortunately the exception.

  • But you can be sure that fraud or manipulation in a dice casino game is not to be feared. That guarantee u.a. the built-in random number generators (RNG), which are anchored in all casino games. In addition, online casinos are regularly checked by independent institutions such as iTech Labs with regard to the fairness of the game and given appropriate licenses and certificates.

Casino dice games offer attractive opportunities to win

Anyone who plays Dice Games naturally also wants to win! But what about the chances of winning in casino dice games in general??

Overall, the profit outlook is attractive! Jackpots worth millions or six-figure winnings are not on the agenda at the dice games, but small to medium amounts can be regularly cleared away. The RTP value (return to player), which is synonymous with the payout rate, can be used as a good indicator of the probability of winning.

  • According to my research, most dice games of chance have an average RTP of 95% and significantly higher. Rarely among them.

Even prominent and best casino dice games are not stingy when it comes to winning prospects. For example, you play Craps from developer Playtech with a sensational RTP value of 99.53%! The craps variants from the providers Betsoft and Microgaming are also 98.94% other. 96.92% incredibly high. As a rule of thumb, you can remember an RTP value of 97 to 99% for craps!

Sic Bo's RTP comes on a similar level. On average, the payout ratio ends up at 97.5%, so that the bank advantage is just 2.5%.

The best casino dice games in RTP comparison

  • Craps: 97 to 99%
  • Sic Bo: Payout ratio 97.5%
  • Rocket Dice: 99%
  • 100 bit dice: 98.94%
  • Slot Dice: 97.77%
  • Live Super Sic Bo (Live Casino): 97.22%
  • Monopoly Live (Live Casino): 96.23%
  • Lightning Dice (Live Casino): 96.21%

But don't forget: On the one hand, the probability of winning when rolling the dice depends on your chosen bet. On the other hand, the RTP values ​​are a theoretical payout amount that is calculated over the long term. In addition, there may be slight deviations in the payout key depending on the game version.

Before you gamble with real money in a dice game, you should find out the payout rates. These are usually in the dice game casino rules or. Provide game instructions. Otherwise, it is advisable to ask customer service for the RTP value.

Be sure to try the free demo version

All titles from this Casino craps guidebook can be played in free demo mode with the exception of the live casino games. If you do not yet know the corresponding dice game casino rules, you should definitely fall back on the free and risk-free fun version, in which you only play for play money. Especially with Craps and Sic Bo, the rules of which are somewhat more complex, the practice mode is priceless for beginners and newbies. You just have to click on the appropriate button for the demo mode or "Play for fun" when opening the game.

In this way you can familiarize yourself with the rules, get to know all the features, try out the gameplay including the various betting options to your heart's content and gain your first experience. Match practice is valuable and cannot be replaced by anything. Especially since you try out or. can develop.

Try out the best casino dice games before you play for real money! This advice also applies to all other game categories such as slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, etc.

Important tips for dice games in online casinos

Below you will find a few basic tips and assistance for successfully playing dice. But before we start with bankroll management, betting strategies and bonus tips, I'll tell you how you can best find the dice games in the casino.

This is how you can find the Dice Games in the casino

There is no separate category for dice games within the range of games. That doesn't make much sense either, since they only make up a fraction of the existing games. If you want to play classic dice games such as craps, sic bo or dice poker, you will find them in the area of ​​table games or. Table and card games. However, it is faster and more productive to track it down with the search function, which is mandatory for every good online casino. Especially if the casino has a very large range of games, a very practical method.

  • If you are specifically looking for a casino dice game, enter the exact game name in the search field. If the title is available, you will be shown the game directly.
  • Alternatively, you can also type the keyword "Dice" into the line. It is true that only games are listed whose names contain the search term. But that applies to a whole range of dice games such as Rocket Dice, 100 Bit Dice, Poker Dice or the many dice slots. This variant is also useful to get a first good overview of the existing dice casino games.

The search function can of course also be used to search for the available dice games in the live casino such as Lightning Dice, Sic Bo, etc. discover.

Carry out smart bankroll management

who Earn money in the online casino is in good hands with the dice games. But if you challenge your luck blindly and haphazardly, you will fail. Before you play dice games in the casino for real money, you should first play with your own Bankroll management deal. Bankroll management in the casino means nothing else than your start-up capital or. available credit.

  • It is important that you set yourself clear boundaries. A clever money management is, for example 5% rule. This means that you do not use more than 5% of the total available credit per day. In addition, you should get a solid one Daily loss limit set.

Also develops a battle plan for turn-based missions. Under no circumstances you should put too much at once or even put the entire capital in one go. Otherwise there is a risk of rapid total loss. However, the selected stakes must not be too low, otherwise you will only build up your casino credit very slowly. It is important to find a happy medium (see next section) and to stick to it! Manage your gaming budget wisely and always with care.

Even if you make a high profit at a casino dice game, it is important to keep calm and to end the day's activity in the casino immediately. If you get greedy and want more and more, you run the risk of quickly losing your winnings through uncontrolled gambling.

With a progressive deployment strategy to success

In order to control and manage your bankroll in the best possible way, you should work with a betting strategy during a game session. A progressive betting system is conceivable and advisable.

  • If you make a profit at the dice game, the stake is increased in the next round. Similarly, if you lose a bet, this will be reduced somewhat. Invest a maximum of 3 to 5% of the daily credit that you have set yourself per game round.

With a progressive betting strategy, you will stay in the game longer and adapt well to the game. In addition, successful phases of the game are optimally used in this way, while series of bankruptcies are effectively counteracted.

Bonus tip: dice games are usually not suitable for free spins

Regardless of whether it is a welcome bonus, reload bonus or other promotions: If you have one new online casino bonus Have in mind, experience has shown that dice games are not the best means of clearing the bonus.

Often the wagering requirements stipulate that the stakes in table games (which include classic dice games) only contribute a very small proportion to the fulfillment of the rollover requirements. Usually only 25% of the stakes are counted, often much less (5 to 10%) or not at all. This applies in particular to the Online casino bonus. The Live Casino and thus Live Craps, Live Sic Bo or Lightning Dice are also regularly on the index and do not contribute, or only to a small extent, to fulfill the wagering requirements.

Extract from the bonus terms and conditions at Rabona Casino (source Rabona)

But of course you can use the best casino bonuses Also find promotions in which dice games are not excluded and these are fully counted towards the bonus turnover!

  • Hence the appeal: Read the bonus rules carefully before activating the bonus! These must show which casino games are allowed for bonus free spins and the percentage of the stake that is counted.

To one Implement casino bonus slot machines are traditionally recommended. These are almost always rated 100%. Dice friends can jump into the dice slots.

Casino dice game app: You can also play mobile dice games?

Yes! The exciting dice games in the casino can not only be used on the desktop PC or laptop, but can also be played around the clock and completely independent of location. Every modern online casino is represented with an app. There are also normal download apps that you have to download. However, the majority of casino apps are so-called Web apps. Using them is very simple.

You can call up the mobile websites of the casinos directly in the browser of your smartphone or tablet. It doesn't matter whether you have an iPhone or other iOS device from Apple or are an Android user. A big advantage of the web apps is that they are compatible with all operating systems.

Sic Bo on the phone (source Nomini Casino)

In addition, good casino apps run very quickly, smoothly and stably. This is the foundation for a unique and, above all, trouble-free gaming experience at mobile casino dice games given. As long as your enjoyment of playing is not spoiled by the smaller mobile phone displays. Of course, you can also use the Online casino real money and use all other functions and services of the online casino. Starting with the registration via the input and Online casino payout up to contacting customer service.

In exceptional cases it can happen that the browser version of your favorite casino does not have the desired dice game ready. The web apps are a kind of mirror image of the classic desktop versions. However, there is no guarantee that the operators have taken over the entire range of games one-to-one in the web app.

If you are still looking for a suitable platform for mobile use, you will find it here best casinos apps.

FAQ - Casino Craps

⚠ Which is the best casino for dice games?

A general judgment is difficult and always depends on personal preferences. However, the CBET houses are definitely recommended.GG Casino, Nomini Casino, Malina Casino or Alf Casino. The best dice game casino is generally characterized by many table games. This increases the chance of a good variety of dice games.

❓ What are the best casino dice games?

Craps and Sic Bo are considered the best dice games because of their popularity. But that's a matter of taste. Especially since both games are based on a comparatively complex set of rules. With Rocket Dice, 100 Bit Dice or Slot Dice there are some attractive newer games, while the game show Lightning Dice is also very popular.

⭕️ Which casino dice game has the highest chances of winning?

Basically all online casino dice games offer very fair and attractive chances of winning. The RTP value usually ranges between a strong 95 to 98%. Playtech's craps version even offers an average payout percentage of 99.53%! However, your chances of winning always depend on the bet you choose. And XXL winnings are few and far between when rolling the dice.

➕ Is there an effective strategy for playing dice in online casinos?

There are promising strategies for craps and sic bo that promise regular profits. A progressive betting strategy, consistent bankroll management and adherence to self-imposed limits are also advisable. BUT: In order to post particularly high profits, you need a good dose of luck. Rolling the dice is a game of chance par excellence.

➕ Are dice games also represented in live casinos?

Yes! In addition to the two classics Craps and Sic Bo, Lightning Dice and MONOPOLY Live have established two other games in the live casinos. Both are set up in the style of a game show, with MONOPOLY Live focusing on a wheel of fortune. The dice are only rolled in the bonus round.

Conclusion: Casino dice games as an attractive, versatile & lucrative change

Casino dice games are an absolute asset to every gambler and must be used! why? There is variety in everyday casino life, they guarantee great and exciting gaming fun and the whole thing is garnished with extremely good chances of winning. Admittedly: The very manageable selection of dice games in the online casinos surprised me and is a bit sobering for every dice lover. On the other hand, the limited range of games is all the more colorful and diverse.

The complex classics of craps and sic bo games with very simple rules such as rocket dice, 100 bit dice or slot dice are contrasted. In addition, the dice games have also made it into the live casinos and, if necessary, a slot machine with a dice theme can be used. So you can be sure to find something for every taste.

It is worthwhile to try out the games presented in this guide and to get an idea for yourself. But be sure to use the free and risk-free demo versions first, before you throw yourself into the luck of the dice with real money.

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