The best Bitcoin casinos in comparison - experiences & reviews of Bitcoin online casinos 2021

In the meantime it is really easy to pay with BTC, short for Bitcoins, and you can also pay in Bitcoin casinos Online gambling be played with the digital currency. Playing with Bitcoins also means profiting from or losing price fluctuations - both are possible.

Bitcoin Casino
  • 4 cryptocurrencies available
  • Minimum deposit € 10 in cryptocurrency
  • Minimum withdrawal € 20 in cryptocurrency
Welcome bonus100% up to 500 € + 200 FS
Bitcoin Casino
22bet casino logo
  • 25 cryptocurrencies available
  • No fees for cryptocurrencies
  • Small limits for crypto payments
Welcome bonus100% up to € 300
Uberluck logo
  • Payments with crypto currencies possible
  • Minimum deposit of € 10
  • No transaction fees
Welcome bonus100% up to € 200
  • Bitcoin available as a means of payment
  • Other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ethereum are available
  • No transaction fees
Welcome bonus2 bonuses up to 400 € + 150 FS
Bitcoin Casino
7Bit Casino Logo 329x100
  • 5 cryptocurrencies available
  • Very low minimum deposit limits
  • No fees for cryptocurrencies
Welcome bonus4 bonuses up to € 500 + 200FS
Bitcoin Casino
  • 4 cryptocurrencies available
  • Minimum deposit € 10 in bitcoins
  • Minimum withdrawal € 20 in bitcoins
Welcome bonus100% up to € 500
Bitcoin Casino
  • Payments via cryptocurrency possible
  • Bitcoin and Litecoin
  • No transaction fees for cryptocurrencies
Welcome bonus100% up to € 100
Bitcoin Casino
  • 4 cryptocurrencies available
  • No fees for cryptocurrencies
  • Minimum deposit € 10 in cryptocurrency
Welcome bonus3 bonuses up to 1.€ 000 & other bonuses
  • Bitcoin & Litecoin available
  • Ripple is also on offer
  • Ethereum as a means of payment
Welcome bonus3 bonuses up to 1.000 €
Exclusive bonus
king billy logo
  • 5 cryptocurrencies available
  • No fees for cryptocurrencies
  • Transactions via CoinsPaid
Welcome bonus4 bonuses up to 1.000 €
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the essentials in brief
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What are bitcoin casinos?

A Bitcoin casino is an online casino that enables deposits and withdrawals with the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin allows. Most Bitcoin casinos also allow payments with other cryptocurrencies.

How does the deposit and withdrawal in Bitcoin Casino work?

If you only want one Bitcoin Casino no deposit bonus you don't have to worry about paying. However, these bonuses are very rare and therefore you should already know how to make a Bitcoin deposit in the casino. -Payout works.

Actually, the payment methods with Bitcoin work almost the same as with e-wallets, like Skrill other NETELLER. The only difference is that Bitcoin address, which is unique and virtually replaces the login with the email address and password of your wallet.

NETELLER and Skrill logos

You have this address if you have a Bitcoin wallet. The casino also has such an address. You then have to send your deposit send.

You can usually find this in the Deposit menu an address that you can copy (as in the picture using the example of and then send the transaction from your wallet.


It's even easier the other way: To Lift up you enter the sum and your Bitcoin address (see picture, also from Then the online casino will send your payment. It couldn't be easier.

Reading recommendation:
You can now make your deposits in some casinos via phone bill. See our detailed guide "Casino deposit by phone bill Germany"at.

Advantages of BTC casinos (deviations possible depending on the provider)

A major difference to conventional online casinos is usually the bonus program. You can for your deposit much more bonus in Bitcoin receive.

Bonus amounts from 1 BTC to 5 BTC are not uncommon in Bitcoin casinos. Converted with the current rate (as of January 2020) for BTC, at least almost Max. 125.000 euros in bonus money. Strange but true!


In addition, there is always one exclusive casino bonus.

the advantages at a glance:

  • Large selection of HD bitcoin casino games
  • Games that are only available for bitcoins
  • High stakes games
  • Many Bitcoin casinos are suitable for high rollers
  • Bitcoin mobile casino games
  • Integration of sports and live betting
  • In addition to bitcoins, other crypto and fiat currencies are also being accepted
  • Big bonus in bitcoins, fiat currency and free spins
  • Second, third and fourth deposit bonuses too
  • Proof of fair play or. legal regulation possible
  • No binding to national borders

Bitcoin casinos for experienced players only

If you are not familiar with bitcoins, bitcoin casinos are not the right choice for you - at least when it comes to playing in this currency.

you're welcome therefore only choose a BTC casino, if you are already familiar with the cryptocurrency and are really aware of the possibilities and risks.

Alternatively, almost leave you all online casinos Bitcoin also offers the option to play with regular currency.

How can you tell that a Bitcoin casino is reputable? What dangers are there?

Bitcoin casinos are like regular online casinos. A large part of the industry can be classified as serious, but black sheep appear again and again.

Malta license and UK license

For this reason, you should also pay attention to a few things when choosing a casino where you can deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin. These online casinos must also have a license to be used as a serious to be viewed.

So owns a BTC casino no gambling license, Quickly leave the site and look around for another casino!
Reading recommendation:
Guide to the topic "Casino make money".

To make your choice a little easier, we cover in our BTC-Online casino test on which casinos are reputable and where a black sheep is lurking. the casinos listed at the top of this page we have tested them all and can therefore recommend them.

You can get more information from the respective Bitcoin casino test, which you can reach with one click.

How do Bitcoins actually work?

All Bitcoin transactions are made via the Blockchain (blockchain) entered, processed and saved. The saved transactions form the basis for the account balance in your wallet.

Bitcoin casinos: how do bitcoins work?

  • 1
    It is possible with the “Seed” data key, Sign a transaction to verify the owner of the wallet. A transaction cannot be changed by third parties after it has been sent.
  • 2
    When the transaction starts and is about to be distributed, the processing through mining. The transaction may be. confirmed in several steps and then entered in the blockchain.
  • 3
    So that is Transaction ended and the BTC appear as an exit or entrance in the participants' wallets.
Actually, you don't have to worry about the technical functionality. The BTC casino provides you with a Bitcoin address to which you can simply send your coins. To do this, enter the Bitcoin address as the recipient of the payment and you're done. When you withdraw your BTC, the casino sends the money in the opposite case to a Bitcoin address provided by you.

More cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin may be the parade horse among cryptocurrencies. However, it is by no means the only representative, nor is it the only relevant one. There are a few here Alternatives to Bitcoin, which can certainly be considered for your payments in the various casinos.


  • Ethereum, launched in 2015, is currently the most popular in terms of market capitalization Number 2 in the world. As with Bitcoin, the ultra-secure and anonymous blockchain architecture is used here. Ethereum is not just a pure crypto-currency, but is also used as a platform for “decentralized apps” (Dapps), i.e. also real applications in the chain.


  • A little older, namely from 2011 the Litecoin is a technically practically identical project like the bitcoin. Your advantage in comparison: Litecoins are faster because they only take 2.5 minutes instead of 10 minutes to generate. Accordingly, the number of Litecoins also rises faster, which causes a different dynamic in the course of the price.

Ripple XRP

  • The Ripple network, founded in 2012, should one day become a closed global foreign exchange market that supports common currencies and also Bitcoin. In order to avoid network spam, the number of XRPs does not increase, but rather decreases, since a fraction is destroyed with each transaction. Ripple is often referred to as Bridge currency used between two other currencies.

Newer cryptocurrencies

  • Technical progress seems unstoppable and you get the impression that every conglomerate of people will soon have its own crypto currency. Become current 8400 different crypto currencies listed, each with an individually tailored functionality.The newer representatives with the largest market capitalization include Polkadot, Cardano, Monero, Stellar or Neo, none of which have so far been able to gain a foothold in online casinos. The tether from 2015 in 3rd place deserves a mention, as well as Elon Musk's early 2021, probably not involuntarily pushed to astonishing heights Dogecoin, which should be just a joke at first.

Best Bitcoin Casinos - Our Top 3!

Fortunately, there are now so many good Bitcoin casinos out there. But there can only be a true one Top 3 give and it comes now!

7 bit

7Bit Casino Logoin the 7Bit Casino It was difficult for us in the review to identify any real points of criticism. That's just true here Total package, that already starts with the fact that you can diligently accumulate bonus money even up to the fourth deposit. In addition to Bitcoin, 7Bit also offers Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Bitcoin Cash, plus numerous traditional methods, so that you can enjoy great flexibility here. Here to ours 7Bit Casino experiences. logoSo at The welcome bonus goes up (as it should be for a Bitcoin casino). We have the bonus code "OSC1K25"Negotiated, which gives you 100% up to 1000 euros instead of the other 500 euros. 25 free spins with no wagering requirement then come on top. Unfortunately, Cbet is purely on the bitcoin on the crypto front. Here to the Cbet Casino experiences.


Rabona logoThat Rabona as a football specialist also has a pleasant casino experience to offer. Almost 2000 games are on the agenda here, unlike in the American online casinos from 2021 here with numerous table games and the large live casino. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ethereum are your crypto options here. Here to ours Rabona Casino experiences.

Will there be new Bitcoin casinos in 2021?

The casino market never sleeps, especially when a completely new player regularly makes headlines with crypto currencies. The established names in the industry are keeping their hands off it a bit, especially since they are hot for the American license, which leaves the Bitcoin out. But unimpressed by this, the Bitcoin casinos are sprouting more and more and so we can see you here for 2021 as well three outstanding representatives of the modern generation present.

Lucky Days

Lucky Days logoOf course we all hope that the "happy days" will come when we enter an online casino. at Lucky Days Is that so in any case, because here a strong casino offer and a convincing bonus (3 pieces up to 1000 euros and 100 free spins) at least well conceal the slight weaknesses (loyalty program, lack of self-limitation). You can deposit via Crypto Card or Crypto Wallet, what u. a. Includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin. Here to ours Lucky Days experience.


Katsubet logoKatsubet is another one of those newbies who only recently set off towards market dominance with healthy self-confidence. We see a few more construction sites on the way there, but we already feel comfortable at Katsubet. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Tether are allowed here, even for deposits without limit upwards. Here the Katsubet Casino experiences read up.

1Bet Casino

1Bet Casino logoAs it is with 1Bet already sounds like the name, you can get some nice ones here too Sports betting with on the way. In the casino and live casino, even beginners can find their way around well, not least because of the modern design. The app runs flawlessly in the smartphone browser and when it comes to the welcome bonus there is 100% up to 500 euros and another 100 euros extra for sports betting. Here to the 1Bet Casino experiences.

Features of reputable BTC casinos

If the “pseudo currency” Bitcoin has become a popular means of payment, but still so some security concerns raises, you should take another look at how serious your BTC casino really is in the end.

In any case, read the test criterion "Seriousness and security“In our detailed reviews, then hardly anything can happen to you. But so that you can get a feel for it even without our help, we have three features by which you can recognize reputable Bitcoin casinos.

The state license

Unfortunately, Bitcoin does not yet fall under any special state protection, which is why you notice it every now and then completely unlicensed BTC casinos can meet. These of course have to adhere to the applicable (general) laws, but it is noticeably easier for frauds.

License from CuracaoSince in many cases the established payment methods can also be used and the reputable casinos themselves have an incentive to get state licensing, you will often see a corresponding seal of approval in the lower area of ​​the page. For Bitcoin representatives, the slightly weaker one is often used License from Curacao used, but even that is usually enough for increased trust.

Information and regulation sub-pages

A BTC casino can say, “Here are the games, give us your money and go for it.“That's not serious. Pay attention to the following in particular Content available transparently and written in good language, clearly and clearly and openly: General terms and conditions, data protection declaration plus cookie policy, contact options (maybe even a real imprint), information on responsible gaming and, best of all, helpful FAQs that save you from reading all the provisions.

A quick look and turn on your mind

You can get a first glimpse of the seriousness with a look at the address bar: Depending on the browser, a lock symbol or something similar appears (or you read https: // Instead of https: //), then the casino will at least once use modern encryption technology and have thought about it accordingly.

But before you work through a real checklist in your head (we have it for you after all), the best tip of all:

Use your common sense! Be as careful online as you would in real life.

Imagine if this online casino as you see and perceive it now is a small shop somewhere on the other end of the world. Does that seem to you right now as if you would, without any residual doubt, give the person behind the counter a hundred because he tells you that he will bring your goods to you tomorrow? Seriousness has to do with trust. If you don't trust you right from the start, there are still plenty of other Bitcoin casinos out there.

Is it safe to pay at the BTC Casino??

Transfers via the blockchain are completely secure and anonymous, which is why this type of payment system was introduced at the beginning. The money transfer takes place via numerous nodes with evidence on each participating computer. Everyone in the chain monitors everyone else in the chain without access to your data.

  • When it comes to Bitcoin casinos, at least it should some caution is advised because no state license is issued for gaming with cryptocurrencies and accordingly less monitoring takes place. Of course, the usual laws also apply to Bitcoin payments, but this additional protection at the casino level does not apply.

Since Bitcoin makes it easier for black sheep to do money laundering or set up manipulated slot machines, you should pay a little more attention to ours at the BTC casinos Reviews look. There are a lot of highly reputable operators, but in general something can always happen easier with Bitcoin than with giropay and co.

The best Bitcoin Casino bonus offers for new customers

A casino operator has it much easier with Bitcoins to offer you juicy bonuses, as the entire process is not only simpler and more direct, but also the Costs considerably lower are. It often happens that the welcome packages in Bitcoin casinos are lavish.

  • at it can go up to 1000 euros with 100% and 25 free spins on top. That Rabona has 100% up to 500 euros and even 200 free spins. There is something more to it Loki Casino with 100% up to € 1000, 50 free spins and a crisp € 10 no deposit bonus.

But you should also pay attention when it comes to Euromoon about three bonuses up to 3000 euros ParkLane even up to 6000 euros. There are correspondingly hard bonus conditions behind it and it is then no longer really serious.

Which funds and currencies are currently still accepted in casinos with cryptocurrency?

There are Bitcoin casinos that can be licensed primarily in Curaçao and, in addition to crypto currency, also accept the common real currencies of the approved nationalities. There is that Euro at least always represented.

But then there is also the same Crypto casinos, in which you only work with Bitcoin and Co. can pay. In some cases, however, you can still convert euros to BTC directly in the casino. Such casinos can give you a completely different ambience, but are also less monitored.

Common cryptocurrencies in casinos besides Bitcoin are:
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Dash
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Tether

Disadvantages of Bitcoin casinos

It exists no license in the EU, which regulates Bitcoin in casinos. Specifically, you are not protected by a Malta license and you are a little more dependent on the casino taking care of your well-being. These are not only direct disadvantages in terms of lost funds, but also a lack of measures in terms of player protection or requirements for support.

An extremely big disadvantage of Bitcoins lies in the Risk of complete ruin. Anyone who misplaces their log-in for online banking will find a way. Anyone who loses their access data to the crypto wallet will lose all their money irretrievably. So be careful and even a Bitcoin sent to a wrong address is gone.

That the value of bitcoin is sometimes considerable fluctuates, must be aware of every user. So you might still be able to hit the jackpot today, but tomorrow it will be worth considerably less when it is paid out. Or more ..

Play in bitcoin casinos

The range of games can be made more variable with Bitcoins, as Bitcoin in this regard treated like play money and the machines are not regulated by the state. The casinos we recommend do not take advantage of this.

Otherwise you will get the usual picture thousands of slot machines, Lots of table games from blackjack to roulette to poker, scratch cards or bingo, but also the popular live casino games and game shows. The lack of a American license can be seen positively here, as it is known that only slots are currently allowed.

Alternative payment methods in Bitcoin casinos

Some casinos limit themselves to cryptocurrencies, but it's usually the other way around established payment methods have priority and the Bitcoin is also offered. Here we take a quick look at which methods stand out again and again.

The usual information at this point: It is currently not possible to pay via PayPal in any online casino.

Credit cards

MasterCard logo

The classics are Visa and Mastercard, but you can also find Diners Club and American Express. With credit cards you can even without credit deposit and receive a collective statement at the end of the month.

Direct bank transfers

Giropay logo

The traditional bank transfer works in pretty much every casino, but is considered to be rather unfavorable due to the longer running times. It is faster and almost exactly the same with providers like Klarna (instant transfer) and giropay, with whom you too via online banking, but makes the transfers instantly.


Skrill logo

Who knows how one Wallet works, he can also understand e-wallets. Here a wallet is filled electronically, from which money can then be moved out of (and into) as desired. Well-known and widespread providers are Skrill and NETELLER.

Prepaid cards

Paysafecard logo

The paysafecard is the alternative for everyone who does not want to use a bank account or at least not for casino gambling. You go into Shop (Gas station, kiosk, supermarket ...) and buy a card with a code printed on it. This is enough to fill your casino account and have fun.

FAQ - Bitcoin Casinos

⚠ Which is the best Bitcoin casino in Germany?

There are now many very good Bitcoin casinos where American players can play. That Cloudbet Casino, mBit Casino and the Betchain Casino are certainly three of the best.

✅ Are casinos with bitcoins safe??

Absolutely. You can always tell from the licenses that the online casinos show on their pages. The license from Malta or UK, for example, is always a sign of seriousness and security.

⭕️ Do you get a bonus at the Bitcoin Casino?

Yes. There is almost no online casino anymore that doesn't offer a bonus and so you also get bonuses in Bitcoin casinos. In some cases, your deposits will be doubled up to 5 BTC.

➕ How does the deposit in Bitcoin Casino work?

Depositing at the casino is extremely quick and easy. You can usually deposit money in the casino either via QR code or by entering the wallet address. The payout is also extremely fast in the other direction.

❓ Are Bitcoin casinos anonymous?

With Bitcoin you can always pay anonymously. However, not all casinos are entirely anonymous. Because you usually have to register an account and confirm your identity. But this is more of an advantage for you and offers more security.

Conclusion: Bitcoin casinos are still rare, but the industry is growing

The Bitcoin casinos are a recommended alternative to the normal casinos with Online gambling. Some of them offer alternative casino games that can only be found in Bitcoin casinos.

The Bitcoin casinos are hard to beat in terms of promotions and promotions. Here bonuses are paid that are over 100% and can reach maximum amounts of around 5 BTC.

So you can get one in various BTC casinos Online casino bonus which is many times higher than in regular online casinos.


Bitcoin Casino apps are just as rare as apps from conventional casinos, but here too you can play at any time via the browser of your mobile device and use the functions of the respective BTC casinos.

At this point, however, I should like to point out that you should only play with the cryptocurrency in a Bitcoin casino, if you are already familiar with it and the strong fluctuations Know. If you have informed yourself about Bitcoins and trust you to deal with it, you are also in the game Crypto casinos nothing in the way.

Editor's assessment:
Our editorial team has had good experience with Bitcoin casinos. The anonymity of the payment methods is an absolute plus point for the new generation of online casinos. We can definitely recommend the Cloudbet Casino to you, because it stands out in the Bitcoin Casino comparison above all for its versatility.


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