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In the search for the best poker offer, you will definitely stumble across the respective real money poker apps with which you can conduct your gaming sessions on your smartphone or tablet. While pure poker platforms who have a clear lead in this area are special Online casinos hesitantly and discontinued their offer together with the mobile poker apps. What role do Real money poker apps at the moment and what are the major differences between poker apps for iOS and Android?

the essentials in brief
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  • Much of the revenue in poker rooms is generated via Real money poker apps achieved.
  • Poker apps are available for both iOS and Android as native apps available.
  • Pay attention to one when choosing serious company, which can show a current EU license.
  • Many online casinos allow regular sales Poker bonus via mobile poker app.
  • So should the Customer service and all conventional Payment methods can be used via the mobile poker app.

The best online casinos with a poker app

1 AmunRa Casino
  • Very large range of slots and live games
  • No native app, but mobile optimized poker
  • Up to € 500 new customer bonus and 200 free spins
Experience report To the casino
2 Playamo Casino
  • Fast and anonymous payments through Bitcoin
  • Online poker with real money on your smartphone
  • Not to be found in the App Store - just play via the smartphone browser
Experience report To the casino
3 Cashimashi
  • Poker can be played completely independently of the device using a mobile browser
  • Live casino from NetEnt and Evolution Gaming
  • Very serious and operated by Gammix Ltd.
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Which online casino has the best poker app?? 

Let's start right away with a clear answer to the question, which online casino and which Poker provider can currently offer the best poker app? Various criteria have to be considered in the evaluation, starting of course with the seriousness of the company, the technical quality of the real money poker app, the game selection and of course the general availability of the respective apps. We looked at two in our research reputable online casinos and a pure poker provider and now want to briefly introduce them to you. 

PokerStars - Attractive poker bonus from the market leader

Pokerstars logoIn second place, of course, we have to PokerStars to be named. PokerStars is and remains the ultimate among poker providers and thanks to you the real money app developed in 2012 an extremely strong mobile offer for your cell phone or tablet. Compared to online casinos, you will notice after a few seconds that the PokerStars app has been designed exclusively for poker players and that you have brought your many years of experience to the table. True, not all are Online money games available through the PokerStars app, but the Casino Games List huge and also offers some exclusive mobile highlights at. In terms of performance, there is nothing to criticize here, and placements are also on more than six tables at the same time possible, which is why the real money poker app could also prove itself among advanced and professionals. And if you have any (technical) problems, the advisor will help you PokerStars app not available Further.

But be careful in the Google Play Store. the PokerStars app for Android must be downloaded via APK file, The variant in the Google Play Store is a poker app without real money. Furthermore, however, is the classic Online poker bonus of up to 500 euros for all new customers also available via the poker app. 

Poker app or mobile website - what to look out for? 

So as you can see, there is a moment two different types of real money mobile poker app. One day there would be classic app and on the other hand there would be the modified website, which can be used identically on all mobile devices. Since there are unfortunately still some ambiguities, we now want to explain in detail everything you need to know about the differences between an app and a mobile website. Both variants have their advantages and disadvantages, which is why the decision for or against using the respective mobile poker app must be made by you personally.

Installation of a mobile poker app

Technical advances have made it possible today that you can start your game session from anywhere in the world on your smartphone or tablet. Real money poker apps may have been less in demand at the beginning, as the card game often prefers to be played directly on the PC, but in recent years the trend has been clearly recognizable that also with the card game Large parts of sales are now generated on the move via an app want. For this reason, it is less surprising that almost all of the big names in the industry have now developed their own online poker mobile apps. There are no longer any noticeable differences to the regular poker offer, although we have to make it very clear that there are quite a change and many of you will have your problems with the small display on your smartphone. 

With the apps were new poker providers of course also challenged and had to innovative ways find around that The game happens faster and the way to the table can be accelerated. Not only are the mobile poker apps in HD quality offered, you can too Innovations Perceive that are not regularly available in this form via the PC. This includes, for example, the Quick Seat function, with which you can join any table from the lobby in no time at all. So crank new online casinos their mobile real money poker app and present in addition to their regular tournaments exclusive tournaments, whose participation requires the use of a poker app.


Of course, we have to briefly touch on the negatives of real money poker Android and the iPad and iPhone Poker apps come up for discussion. First of all: possible security risks are included by no means. In the meantime, the native applications are at an extremely high level, so that you do not run any security risks with a correct download. However, when downloading, watch out for any duplicates in the app stores and only download the real money poker apps that have been officially developed by the online casino or the poker provider. Which areas of your device the app then has access to is completely up to you and can be customized.

The only really negative aspect that we should mention at this point is the lack of downloading a real money poker Android app from the Google Play Store. So continue are Applications for Online gambling not allowed in the Google Play Store, which is why most online casinos do without a native Android app and instead offer it as a download directly from their website. Either you have to scan a QR code or your smartphone or tablet in the security settings to install a APK file to open. A bit complicated, if there are also simpler and significantly less time-consuming alternatives.

Use of a mobile poker website

If you are not interested in downloading an app on your mobile device, a few offer you mobile online casinos thanks to her modified website the possibility to start the real money poker app directly from this mobile website. The big difference is that you guys do not download have to. It is also an advantage that you have all the different offers together at online casinos and, among other things, you can transfer your financial budget from the casino to the poker rooms. Furthermore, there is absolutely no security risk, as thanks to the modified website you can use the accustomed security standards your provider or your online casino. Accordingly, the entire data transmission is secured using SSL encryption technology and protected from third parties.

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On the other hand, however, you also run the risk that the Performance lags a bit behind a native app. This is particularly true of the casinos, which have an immense number of genres and Real money slot machines pack into their mobile website. It should therefore come as no surprise to you that you will have to do without some types of poker or tables, especially when using a mobile website. It is essential to check this in advance so that you are not faced with any uncomfortable surprises and can use all your favorite types of poker on your mobile device.

Poker bonus available for online poker apps? 

For many of you, using a poker app only makes sense if all the features of the original offer are available. In addition to things such as the full range of types of poker and tables or customer service, we're talking about a possible one mobile poker bonus. As a rule, after extensive research, we were able to determine that all professional and reputable online casinos should also provide their exclusive poker bonus via the poker app. We are mainly talking about the possibility of registering via your smartphone or tablet and especially the options for mobile payments. All of these play an essential role in using a poker bonus. So make sure that all of this is possible with your poker provider and your online casino.

In the end, it doesn't matter how high the actual poker bonus is or whether it is one classic Online casino bonus or so-called Freerolls acts. In both cases, it is important that the bonus and wagering requirements allow you to use mobile devices. Although there should be no problems with reputable companies, it has been known in the recent past that some online casinos adjust their mobile sales conditions for exclusive mobile offers. Therefore, make sure that the usual turnover of your playing hand is counted towards the turnover conditions and that any freerolls can also be used at all marked tables using the mobile real money poker app. 

Financially, we are here with some seriously different bonus offers. While you at Established names in the scene tend to have lower deposit offers You can expect for your first deposit, especially new companies are extremely aggressive in the search for new customers and offer you not only freerolls but also extremely high bonus amounts in the four-digit range. Our tip here is simply that you don't blindly depend on a financial promise, but rather evaluate the provider. A large poker bonus is all well and good and will keep you satisfied for a short time. In the long run, however, other things count, such as the quality of a real money poker app.

FAQ - Everything you need to know about mobile poker apps

❓ Do all online casinos have their own poker offer with a poker app?

No, only very few online casinos nowadays offer their own poker offering, including a specially developed poker app. Although the market has seen some boom phases, some companies have now been able to position themselves clearly and have been able to build up large customer bases thanks to their good real money poker apps. Unknown online casinos unfortunately hardly have a chance.

✅ How can you recognize good real money poker apps??

Not every real money poker app is recommended. First of all, make sure that the online casino or poker platform is a reputable company with a current EU license and other important partnerships. Also check the size of the poker rooms and make sure you can use the poker app. Here design, game selection and performance should come first.

⭕️ Must have an online poker app enabling a poker bonus?

Yes of course. Every online poker app should allow you to use the regular poker bonus on your mobile phone or tablet. It should be ensured that mobile deposits are also possible and that they qualify for the respective poker bonus. Also checks whether the wagering requirements have been adjusted for mobile use.

〽️ Are there any differences between iOS and Android??

Normally, a reputable online casino and a trustworthy poker platform should be able to offer you an identical native poker app for iOS and Android. Unfortunately, some companies still have their problems with this and although they make the iPhone Poker App available in the Apple Store, they offer their poker real money offer for Android as an APK file for download.

❌ The complete range of games is made available via app on a mobile basis?

Unfortunately not, no. With the mobile poker app you have the advantage that innovative features, such as the Quick Seat function, have been implemented, but unfortunately you have to fall back on a limited range of rooms and tables. Therefore, check before a possible registration that the mobile poker offer has not been excessively limited.

✉️ Can the customer service be reached via the poker app??

Yes, customer service should be regularly available via the poker app. Since a poker app is nothing more than an extension of the conventional offer, you can of course also use the customer service in the usual way and submit your questions to the support as soon as possible.

➕ Which payment methods are offered by the real money poker app??

Basically, you shouldn't have any problems with mobile deposits or withdrawals. However, it should be noted that although all classic payment methods, such as Neteller, Skrill or credit cards, can be used on the go without any problems, other means of payment have to be dispensed with. After all: additional fees for mobile transactions are not to be expected.

Conclusion: Great options and extremely interesting features for mobile use!

In summary, we can only say that there is a good selection of good poker apps nowadays and that not only pure poker platforms are to be mentioned, but also established poker rooms of online casinos play an important role. Thanks to new features that can speed up your mobile game sessions, the game sessions are also more pleasant. The days when you had to make several clicks to take a seat at your desired table are definitely over.

However, we should note that we found in our editorial team that not all of the employees on our team were able to get along with the poker apps. It is a clear change that is a challenge, especially on the smartphone. We can therefore only advise you to test the respective real money poker apps yourself and make your own experiences with them. A little tip from us: use the free poker app without real money to carry out your test runs without financial risk.

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