There is a 600% casino bonus? All information about 7x credit

A 600% casino bonus sounds almost too good, doesn't it? Why such a bonus offer is so popular and whether there is currently such an offer at all, we have taken a closer look at these and other questions in the following article. In addition, we would like to show you possible alternatives.

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The best casinos with 200, 300 & 400% casino bonuses

1 Nordic casino
  • 200% up to € 200
  • Bonus code: BONUS1
  • 20 wager-free free spins
Experience report To the casino
2 JellyBean-logo-329x100JellyBean Casino
  • 200% until 1.000 €
  • Code: 20SUGAR
  • Min.-Deposit: € 10
Experience report To the casino
3 Cashpot Casino
  • 300% until 1.000 €
  • 75 wager-free free spins
  • Min.-Deposit: € 20
Experience report To the casino
4 Ridika
  • 300% to 2.000 €
  • Min.-Deposit: € 20
  • 66 free spins
Experience report To the casino
5 Casino fantastic
  • 300% to 2.000 €
  • Implement 33x stake & bonus
  • Min.-Deposit: € 20
Experience report To the casino
6 White Lion Casino
  • 200% to 2.000 €
  • Code: FIRST
  • Wager 35x bonus & deposit
Experience report To the casino
7 Vegas volcano
  • 200% up to € 700
  • 40x repositioning
  • Second deposit
Experience report To the casino
8 Wunderino logoWunderino Casino
  • 3 bonuses up to € 740
  • Min.-Deposit: € 10
  • 30 free spins
Experience report To the casino
9 club lounge logoClub Lounge Casino
  • 400% bonus up to € 1500
  • Min.-Deposit: € 20
  • 150 free spins
Experience report To the casino

How does a 600% casino bonus work?

We would like to start our article with a brief insight into what a 600% casino bonus is all about.

A 600% casino bonus is one of the rarest deposit offers in the field of online gambling and enables you to get an extremely valuable bonus amount. In contrast to the classic 100% casino bonus your deposit will not only be doubled, but sevenfold.

So if you should find and ultimately be able to use a 600% bonus, your deposit of 100 euros could theoretically result in an additional bonus amount of 700 euros. Your starting amount would therefore be 800 euros.

However, since we know from the past that many new online casinos You should like to trick a bit with your bonus campaigns and especially want to lead inexperienced players on the black ice necessarily on the bonus conditions respect, think highly of.

Some online casinos add their individual bonus promotions to the welcome package and thereby advertise an inaccurate 600% bonus for the online casino. The bonus and wagering requirements are then also greatly increased. All of this ultimately leads to one Limitation of your possible profit, whereby a 600% casino bonus loses its value.

For this reason, we only recommend online casinos that use transparent and very precise formulations in their wagering requirements.

In which casinos is a 600% deposit bonus available??

The problem with a 600% deposit bonus in the online casino is clearly the availability.

Unfortunately, there are currently no online casinos that have a comparable bonus offer for new customers in their portfolio and that are really a pure 600% bonus.

The situation is similar for existing customers who are on a comparable basis high VIP bonus hope. According to our research, it is up-to-date no 600% deposit offers known that can be noticed by existing customers in the online casino.

Based on our experience over the past few years and the increasingly decreasing bonus promotions of the best online casinos in The USAthere will probably not be a 600% bonus available in The USAin the future either.

What are the best alternatives to the 600% bonus in the online casino?

Even if a 600% bonus does not currently exist, you should by no means despair, but instead join the many attractive alternatives in the American online casinos turn to.

Due to the new State Treaty on Gambling in The USAand the new online casinos that are still pouring into the market, the portfolio of bonus offers is more confused than ever before.
Possible bonus promotions vary from classic 100% casino bonus offers to 250% casino bonus promotions or even 400% casino Bonus payments. Every online casino determines its own bonus promotions. So it's up to you to choose a suitable offer.

In order to be able to show you more concretely which alternatives are available to you, we will introduce you to very attractive casino bonus promotions in the coming paragraphs 3. Of course, all 3 Online casinos concerning Respectability and Customer friendliness beyond doubt.

All 3 bonuses for new customers are different percentage bonus promotions, so that you can ultimately decide which type of Online casino bonus best fits your financial budget and your gaming behavior:

40 euros and 30 free spins with the 400% bonus from Wunderino

Wunderino logoIn the first place we would like to offer you an alternative bonus offer from Wunderino present. This corresponds to a 400% casino bonus and allows you 30 more free spins for three of the most popular slot machines of the past few years.

Your first deposit at Wunderino to activate the 400% bonus starts at 10 euros. You will then receive 50 euros as bonus money as well as 10 additional free spins each for the Starburst, Lights and Aloha slots within 3 days.


The bonus and turnover conditions are comparatively accommodating. Wunderino requires you to spend 30 times your deposit and bonus within 30 days. For the maximum bonus value and successful turnover of this, an amount of 1.500 euros can be played through at Wunderino. Here to the Wunderino experiences.

Deposit 10 euros and receive 50 euros = 60 euros starting credit and another 30 free spins for Starburst, Lights or Aloha.

300% bonus with Ridika of up to 2.000 euros and 66 free spins

Ridika logoAnother alternative is the welcome program from Ridika represent that with a 300% bonus of up to 2.000 euros waiting for you.

Of the 300% casino bonus is only the first part of the welcome program for new customers, for your second deposit there is even a 350% bonus of another 2.000 euros possible.

In both cases, you must first deposit at least 20 euros in order to receive the Casino welcome bonus to activate. For the full bonus value, however, a deposit of 500 euros is necessary. In addition, there are 66 free spins with which you can easily test some new slot machines.


For a successful payout you have to wager the bonus and your deposit 30 times. Due to the high bonus value, the wagering requirements must be met within 15 days. Check out ours here Ridika Casino experiences.

Deposit 500 euros and 2.Get 000 euros = 2.500 euros starting credit and another 66 free spins for current slots!

250% bonus up to 2.000 euros and 50 free spins at Gale & Martin Casino


As a last alternative, we can offer you the 250% casino bonus in the Gale & Martin Casino suggest.

Similar to Ridika, the 250% casino bonus of the Gale & Martin Casino for part of the new customer program, which gives you a strong 4th.Can bring in EUR 000.

To activate the first part of the deposit bonus, all you have to do is make a deposit of 10 euros, and then you will receive it additional 50 free spins for additional profit increases.

The Gale & Martin Casino specifies two different numbers as turnover values. For the deposit bonus, a 30-fold turnover of your deposit and your bonus is necessary, while all winnings from the free spins even have to be converted 45 times before a possible payout. Here to the Gale & Martin experiences.

Deposit 800 euros and 2.Get 000 euros = 2.800 euros starting credit and another 50 free spins for your favorite slots!

What makes a good 600% bonus in the online casino?

Many of you still assume that the amount of a bonus offer alone is decisive, how the bonus promotion can be rated and whether this offer can ultimately hold its own against others.

In truth, however, other factors determine whether it is a good or bad bonus.

In the following sections we would like to show you these factors and explain to you what we pay attention to when evaluating the various bonus offers.

With the help of these criteria it should be easier for you to better assess different high bonus offers as well as differentiated bonus and turnover conditions. Ultimately, this foundation should help you make a well-thought-out decision in the Online casino comparison meet and find the matching bonus.

The bonus amount: Bonus sums in the four-digit range are possible!

Even if other factors play a major role, the importance of the bonus amount can by no means be dismissed out of hand and thus continues to be a relevant factor.

Although there are currently no 600% casino bonus promotions, the online casinos are still facing great competition and are using all means to attract potential new customers.

Take advantage of this tough competition and compare the respective bonus offers in detail. In our experience, bonus sums in the four-digit range should be possible without any major problems.


The amount of sales: No sales in the high five-digit range!

Your ultimate goal should be a quick payout of your 600% casino bonus. For this reason you should not be misled and accept horrific wagering requirements from online casinos.

Our own house rule says that sales values ​​of 25-30 times the value can be assessed as serious.

If certain sales requirements are drastically higher, we strongly advise against this.

You should also make sure that you know exactly how high your daily and weekly sales must fail in order to be able to meet the requirements without difficulty.

The stake weighting: which games can be used for revenue?

Make sure that your gaming behavior is not too through serious restrictions on the weighting of the stakes is impaired.

You should play any games in the live casino or progressive Jackpot slots write off, nevertheless games other than slots should be able to be used to achieve the respective turnover.

The corresponding assignment weightings should also be communicated transparently and openly.

The deposit types: Be careful when choosing the deposit method!

Skrill and NETELLER logos

Due to stricter controls designed to help fight money laundering in online casinos, the use of e-wallets such as Skrill, NETELLER and ecoPayz, but also from prepaid means of payment like the paysafecard clearly restricted.

Therefore, make sure that your preferred Casino payment method is usable and whether a deposit via this is qualifying for the respective casino bonus. Furthermore, make sure that you do not have to pay excessive fees that would minimize your possible winnings.

The time limit: minimize time pressure and practice healthy money management

Last but not least, the time restrictions of the online casinos remain.

In order to force you to make mistakes and short-circuit actions with pressure, the online casinos specifically set strict time limits in their sales conditions.

So that you are not under too much time pressure and can reach your daily and weekly budget, the bonus and wagering requirements should give you at least 21 days.

Sales conditions that have to be concluded within 7-14 days are, from our point of view, to be classified as dubious.

What are the advantages of the 600% casino bonus?

The higher the casino bonus, the higher it is Your own financial risk is generally lower the end. Compared to a classic 100% casino bonus, your deposit can be significantly lower, but you can still generate a high bonus amount and thus receive an attractive start-up aid.

A 600% casino bonus is therefore suitable ideal for getting to know new online casinos and for the first promotions with new slot machines.

In addition, any free spins, which are usually an important part of a high bonus program, must not be lost sight of.


What are the disadvantages??

Of course, not all that glitters is gold, which is why one 600% casino bonus obvious drawbacks brings with it.

Two things stand out particularly negatively:

  • First of all, this concerns availability. Because this is the greatest strength of a bonus offer as well as the possibility of weighing up availabilities against each other. Unfortunately, 600% casino bonus promotions are so rare that currently no bonus offers in this form are available, let alone can be compared.
  • Higher bonus and deposit offers also mean a higher risk for the online casinos. In order to protect themselves against too large payouts, many online casinos resort to an unpopular means - namely extremely tight sales conditions or strict profit limits.

Step-by-step instructions for the 600% bonus

Should you find a 600% casino bonus in the future, you should know exactly how you can use it without complications. Therefore we have one below step-step-by-step instructions put together for you:

  1. Go on a search for an online casino with a 600% casino bonus and open a new account there. Pay attention to the Account opening Make sure to avoid any typing errors or rotated numbers so that you don't have any problems verifying your data and there are no delayed payments later.
  2. Now carefully read through the details on how to perceive the 600% bonus. Choose an approved one Payment method and pays at least the amount of Minimum deposit a. Also pay attention to how the bonus is to be activated and whether a bonus code is required.
  3. After the activation is before the fulfillment of the Bonus and wagering requirements. Read these carefully and tackle them immediately. Try to work out a strategy with which you can see exactly how high your daily turnover must be in order to be able to achieve the turnover level without great time pressure. Only use the casino games for which your entire stake is counted.
  4. If you have fully met the wagering requirements, you can now have your winnings paid out! Pay attention to possible profit limits from the 600% casino bonus and choose one Withdrawal method, which can be used free of charge. Also make sure that your account and your data have already been verified.

FAQ - 600% casino bonus

❓ What is a 600% casino bonus?

A 600% casino bonus is a deposit bonus with which your deposit sevenfold will. Since this leads to an extremely high new customer bonus, it is a very rare casino bonus. Basically, a 600% casino bonus is only intended for new customers.

➕ Which casino offers a 600% deposit bonus?

Unfortunately, to the best of our knowledge, none at the moment. In our experience, a 600% casino bonus is one of the rarest bonus offers in online casinos.

✅ What alternatives are there to a 600% bonus??

We recommend using alternative bonus offers. In our estimation, the 500% casino bonus the most sensible alternative. Although your deposit is not sevenfold, you would still start with a 500% bonus with six times the value of your deposit (plus your deposit).

❌ What are the best alternatives to the 600% casino deposit bonus?

You can find the best alternatives to the 600% from our point of view here.

⚠ A 600% bonus can also be used on the go?

Basically yes. Theoretically, it would be absolutely no problem to use a 600% casino bonus from your smartphone or tablet. At the same time, it is possible that you generate the necessary sales through mobile deployments via a native casino app or a mobile casino website.

Conclusion: No 600% casino bonus promotions available, but attractive alternatives are available

Finally we have to state that it is currently not possible to receive a 600% casino bonus. Many online casinos have turned away from such a welcome bonus and instead offer you other attractive bonus offers.

We also want to note that the pure bonus amount in no way determines how good or bad a bonus offer is to be rated. Read through all the details of the respective bonus offer and then make a decision as to which casino bonus is best for you personally.

200% up to 1000 €