300% casino bonus: Quadruple your deposit with 300% online casino bonus

A 300% casino bonus is a rarity. But we have them for you current online casinos with a 300% casino bonus picked out and tell you what else you need to know.

the essentials in brief
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The best online casinos with 300% casino bonus

1 Cashimashi
  • 300% up to € 30
  • Min. & Max.-Amount: € 10
  • Implement 48 times
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2 Ridika
  • 300% welcome bonus up to 2.€ 000 and 66 free spins
  • We reserve the right to cancel bonuses after 15 days
  • Minimum deposit: € 20
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3 Cashpot Casino
  • 300% until 1.000 € for 1. Deposit
  • In addition, 75 free spins without wagering
  • Minimum deposit: € 20
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4 Royal Spinz
  • 300% up to € 600 bonus + 40 free spins
  • However, only applies to the 2nd. Deposit
  • 1. Deposit: 400% up to € 800
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5 Casino fantastic
  • 300% to 2.€ 000 bonus
  • Turnover: 33x (deposit and bonus)
  • Minimum deposit: € 20
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This is how a 300% casino bonus works

A simple rule applies to a 300% casino bonus: If you use a 300% bonus, the value of your first deposit will be quadrupled (not tripled as some mistakenly assume). - The higher the percentage one Casino starting bonus fails, the more confusion can arise.

For example, let's take an initial deposit of 100 euros:
  • Should you find a suitable 300% casino bonus for you, your deposit will be increased by a whopping 300% and your starting budget is 400 euros. This would correspond to one Online casino bonus of 300 euros - a great starting amount with great profit potential.

In addition to the purely financial aspect of a 300% deposit bonus, you should also pay attention to two things:

  1. Checks whether the bonus offer is a certain number Free spins with deposit contains. Other wagering conditions usually apply to free spins. Yet In our experience, free spins are a good way to financially upgrade a bonus offer.
    Ideally they are you Slots, that have been determined for the use of the free spins are known and the winning opportunities are not too limited.
  2. Read yourselves, as with anybody new online casino bonus also, carefully read through the fine print. Because you want that Do not misinterpret the bonus and get disappointed after your qualifying deposit. This not only affects the maximum bonus value that you can generate with your deposit, but also the receipt of the offer. So clarify beforehand whether you have one Casino bonus code or which deposit methods may be excluded from the bonus activation.

These are the casinos with a 300% bonus

Have to meanwhile all online casinos Being able to present a clear concept from day one, which - in order to be competitive - should of course also include an attractive bonus offer.

While classic deposit offers are in most cases between 100% and 200%, 300% casino deposit bonus offers are rarely found. We have selected two of the currently best offers for you. In both cases it is reputable online casinos, who have highlighted themselves as trustworthy companies in our test reports.

Receive up to 2000 euros at Ridika thanks to a 300% casino bonus!

Our second online casino is a pure casino. You can see that immediately from the extremely valuable deposit bonus. Ridika, equipped with a gambling license from Curaçao, offers you one 300% casino bonus of a maximum of 2000 euros for your first deposit.

For example, if you should deposit 670 euros, you can theoretically start your first gaming sessions with more than 2600 euros.

But be careful, the bonus and wagering requirements are tough:

In total you have to have your bonus and your deposit at least Implement 30 times. Thereby are exclusively Real money slot machines approved and sales must be within 15 days can be achieved. A maximum win of 10 times the value of your deposit amount is also possible.

Source: ridika.com

If that wasn't enough, Ridika also gives 66 free spins on top. However, the free spins must be activated and implemented within 24 hours. You have to wager all winnings from the free spins at least 40 times. A limitation of your Casino winnings however, it is not required here.

Our tip:

How can you recognize a good 300% casino bonus??

You shouldn't take advantage of a casino bonus solely because of the potential bonus amount. A high bonus value is not to be equated with a good bonus. The small details decide how you should rate a casino bonus and whether it fits your gaming behavior and your betting behavior.

The maximum amount of the bonus

Even if the financial value of a bonus should not be a decisive criterion, the maximum amount of the bonus plays a central role. The problem with high percentage casino bonus offers there are usually lower bonus values.

Especially with a 300% deposit bonus, the numbers fluctuate strongly and are partly based on the standing or image of the respective company. While good online casinos rather more cautious approach their bonus and classify their sums in the middle three-digit range new online casinos significantly more aggressive. In some cases, such as with Ridika, you can expect bonus values ​​in the four-digit range.

There is one thing that you should not lose sight of when considering the bare bonus values: possible payout restrictions.

Usually casinos shouldn't give you one Upper limits on profit with your generated bonus balance. Nevertheless, the opposite is the case, especially with extremely valuable bonus offers. Therefore, make sure that the upper limit of your online casino is not too restrictive and that you have enough leeway for big winnings.

Because in our experience there are hardly any annoying things in Online casinos with real money, than to achieve big winnings that cannot be withdrawn due to limitations.

Source: ridika.com

The bonus and wagering requirements

From our point of view, we now come to the decisive criterion of every casino bonus: the respective bonus and turnover conditions that you have to meet before a possible payout.

The bonus conditions show how serious and customer-friendly a company is. A good 300% casino bonus should be demanding, but never give you the impression that you cannot withdraw it.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you an exact guideline, as the inclusion of the deposit also plays an important role here. Still we appreciate Sales requirements of 30 to 35 times the value as serious and in line with the market a. All values ​​that are significantly higher and sometimes scratch the 50s mark are, in our opinion, not in line with the market and should deter particularly inexperienced players. Such providers often land on ours Casino blacklist.

Our tip:

Timing of the sales conditions

Hand in hand with the wagering requirements also go with the time limits that are given to you by your online casino. Here, too, it is not possible to give an exact guideline, as the conditions for the rollover are sometimes very different.

From our point of view it is important that you not under time pressure from day one and thus placed risky and unusual bets for you. We therefore advise you to ensure that the time limits for the sales conditions are not below the 30-day mark.

Here, too, the note on your level of experience: While experienced players are much more confident in their financial management, beginners in particular are prone to rushed assignments.

Our tip:
  • Gain initial experience with simple wagering requirements!

Available deposit methods

In recent years, various criteria have been added to the bonus conditions, including those to be used Online casino payment methods for the qualifying deposit.

While traditional payment methods are not affected, NETELLER and Skrill often have a special position. While this is not the case with all companies, there are still a large number of online casinos that exclude deposits via Skrill or NETELLER from their casino bonus for new customers.

Should you want to use NETELLER or Skrill for your deposits, we recommend that you check the bonus conditions in any case. If payments via NETELLER or Skrill are not allowed, you will have to go for a alternative payment method, such as Trustly or the paysafecard, look around.

Excluded games

Contrary to the assumption that all genres or branches of an online casino can be used for sales, in most cases you have to focus on slots and slot machines. While for example Inserts in Live casino not at all or wagers on classic table games only a few percent be counted only bets on slots with full rating counted.

But there are also exceptions with slots, often with progressive ones Jackpot slots or also with specific game titles such as Blood Sucker.

What are the benefits of a 300% casino bonus?

The advantages of a 300% online casino bonus are of course of a clear financial nature: With a casino bonus of 300 percent, a lower deposit is required in order to be able to start with a high starting amount.

A higher starting amount not only ensures potential longer game sessions, but also significantly more opportunities to test the range of games in an online casino.

Combined with good wagering requirements and possibly even some free spins, a 300% casino bonus can be a brilliant start and get you very far within a few days.

There are also disadvantages to a 300 percent casino bonus?

Basically, a higher percentage bonus naturally means one higher sales value, that you have to reach before a possible payout. Especially newcomers to the scene can reach their limits, because a high sales value means consistent commitment and no days when you can lean back and relax.

Maintaining this tension and at the same time managing the financial budget in a disciplined manner is anything but easy and set great discipline and self-control in advance. We therefore recommend that you only take advantage of extremely high bonus sums if you have the security and sufficient experience under your belt.

FAQ - 300% bonus in the online casino

⚠ What is meant by a 300% casino bonus?

Under a 300% bonus with deposit one understands a deposit bonus in which your qualifying first deposit is extended by 300% by the online casino. For example, if you deposit 100 euros at the start, your online casino will quadruple this value by a further 300 euros. Your starting budget is therefore 400 euros.

❓ There are many casinos with a 300% bonus?

Unfortunately, no. The search for a 300% casino bonus is anything but easy, as hardly any established names have such a high bonus in their bonus program. Nevertheless, you will find what you are looking for in a few names in the industry, such as for example Ridika.

✅ What are the wagering requirements for a 300% bonus??

Due to the amount of the possible bonus value, the Bonus and wagering requirements difficult for a 300% bonus. Even if these are 30 to 35 times the value within the normal framework of the industry and also within 30 days, the sheer height of the rollovers poses a great challenge for many newbies.

➕ What are the benefits of a 300% casino bonus?

The great Benefit of a 300% casino bonus is clearly the low financial risk for an extremely high starting value. Your deposit is quadrupled thanks to the 300% bonus, so that even a comparatively small deposit of 100 euros generates a high starting amount of 400 euros.

〽️ What are the disadvantages of a 300% casino bonus?

Despite the lower financial risk for a high starting amount, the Disadvantage of the 300% casino bonus clearly the height of the rollover to be achieved. The wagering requirements are attracted by many online casinos for higher percentage bonus deposit offers, so that you have to wager a large amount daily in the online casino in a really disciplined manner.

Conclusion: Difficult to find, even more difficult to implement successfully - the misery of a 300% casino bonus!

Even if the market is thirsting for new customers these days, 300% casino bonus promotions are rarely found and are usually linked to very difficult sales conditions. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that a higher percentage bonus naturally stimulates dreaming and allows some mind games. Who would like to take advantage of a 100 percent bonus of 200 euros when with the same deposit amount, thanks to a 300% casino bonus, there is significantly more money in the account?

There was also heated discussion in our editorial team about the sense of a 300% casino bonus. There is definitely a market for such extremely high bonus offers. While some of our editorial staff simply prefer to do their thing without financial pressure Fun pursue and don't want to be bound by long and draining wagering requirements is another part of the maximum profit the end.

If you belong to the second type of casino fan, then the 300% casino bonus makes sense in any case and is certainly a real alternative.

Nevertheless, we definitely recommend one take a close look at the bonus and wagering requirements and a financial plan for daily and weekly minimum sales.

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