Undeniably, studies have shown that investing in early childhood education has transformational results. Educating kids at a critical age provides equal opportunities to lay the groundwork for a successful future in grade school, higher education and the workforce.

In 2012, San Antonio voters approved a 1/8-cent sales tax to fund Pre-K 4 SA. Eight years later, the program has positively impacted 25,761 kids through safe and nurturing education centers and millions of dollars in grants.

The reauthorization of the 1/8-cent sales tax that funds Pre-K 4 SA will be on the November 3 ballot.

Your YES vote will ensure this innovative program continues the meaningful progress it has made to ensure all children in San Antonio have access to a high-quality pre-k education.

Vote Yes to Keep Pre-K 4 SA


Higher kindergarten readiness
Higher test scores
Higher school attendance


More engaged, productive and independent citizens

Stronger workforce pipeline for the future

Create real generational change for economic success

“For the past eight years, Pre-K 4 SA has provided access to high-quality early learning programs to children who otherwise wouldn’t have access. To give all kids in our city, regardless of social status, an equal opportunity to learn, grow and thrive from an impressionable age, it is critical to continue the efforts of Pre-K 4 SA.”

Henry Gonzalez III


Early voting

Tuesday, October 13 – Friday, October 30

Election Day

November 3, 2020


Pre-K 4 SA is changing the future of San Antonio’s education and workforce. Join us as we build support behind this monumental program vital to San Antonio’s continued success.

Keep Pre-K 4 SA Blog

Stories from our Pre-K 4 SA families and teachers

Keep Pre-K 4 SA Stories

Rick Cavender Sings the Value of Pre-K 4 SA

We love it when supporters get the word out to vote YES to Keep Pre-K 4 SA. We also love it when they sing it out. Who better to lead us in a chorus or two than San Antonio’s own, and huge Pre-K 4 SA supporter, Rick Cavender. Join us in singing about keeping our kids school and workforce ready in a Rick Cavender original tune about our kids, our city, and our future. Dawn Arrives, It's Pre-K 4 SA As we hold their hands and walk them down to school We can build their hope and make their dreams…
October 9, 2020
Keep Pre-K 4 SA Stories

Pre-K 4 SA’s Grant Program Improves Quality and Increases Access

About ten years ago, San Antonio’s mayor invited a group of educators and community leaders to identify the most effective method for improving the quality of education in the city. He wanted to share his vision and workshop that idea of early childhood education that would come to be known as Pre-K 4 SA. One of the educators at that meeting was the early childhood director of the University Presbyterian Children’s Center (UPCC), Cindi Catlin Gaskins, and she only had one question for the mayor. “I was on one of the initial focus groups with former mayor Julian Castro and…
October 7, 2020
Keep Pre-K 4 SA Stories

Choosing Pre-K 4 SA to Prepare Our Kids for a Better Future

Walnita Smith is a proud mother of six and a very proud military wife. Her husband retired from the Army in 2018, and since San Antonio was his last duty station and they fell in love with the area, they decided to call Military City USA their permanent home. Their permanent stay meant having to find early childhood care for their 5-year-old son, Bryce. And after doing her research into Pre-K 4 SA, Walnita determined the program would be the best for her son. “I’m in a Mommy’s Group on Facebook, and I asked questions about the Pre-K 4 SA…
October 7, 2020
Keep Pre-K 4 SA Stories

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Pre-K 4 SA

A YES vote to reauthorize Pre-K 4 SA will ensure more children throughout San Antonio receive a high-quality early childhood education through a proven program - a smart investment in our kids, our city, our future. Eight years ago, the voters of San Antonio said yes to an investment in early education with the approval of a 1/8 cent sales tax to fund Pre-K 4 SA.Since that time, the program has become a national model with people from all over the country and the world traveling to San Antonio to study its success. A recent cost-benefit analysis of Pre-K 4…
September 3, 2020